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Greetings On Line Family:

This past Monday we celebrated/observe the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and thanks to the many of you who informed us on how you celebrated.  We got many nice responses about the quotes we included in our last week's e-mail by Dr. King .  However, we received a few thought provoking comments particularly regarding Dr. Condolessa Rice.  Some felt I should not have included her as an example of "our people's" accomplishments, per Dr. King's dreams.  One on-line family member in particular indicated that Dr. Rice "is a betrayal to her race".  I am thankful for this comment and opinion because it's always nice to weigh out all sides of an issue.  In this situation one thing we must remember is (whether we agree or disagree) this whole thing is all about growth and opportunities.  We have got to respect the fact that she is the first black woman to become Secretary of State whether if (as my on-line family member stated) "she is the mouth piece for those who seek to capture hegemonic power around the world by any means necessary".  Please look beyond this because we must realize she was appointed by the current administration to do a job,  and this job is to represent their interest around the world.  Her main obligation now is to fulfill the requirements of her job as Secretary of State.  

Personally, I have been battling with some conflicting thoughts about this issue, and at times I find myself being a bit cross with Dr Rice, but I must look beyond this...we all must look at the positive in this situation.   Additionally, I do not fully agree with some of you about Dr. Rice "being a little more obligated to doing something for her race", because I feel she has.  For one, she is an inspiration to many young woman because it shows them there is no place they can't go, or there is no job too high to obtain.  Remember, this is one of the highest jobs in the land.  Another important thing we must understand is, if for some reason she was to speak out against the current administration she would not be performing her job properly.  So I guess she is really a "mouth piece", but again remember this is her job.  A few short years ago it would be unrealistic and only a dream to think such a high position would be filled by a black woman.  This is another hurdle crossed, and is a major accomplishment for her people!!!!!  Again, thanks for your comments!!!!

Along the same lines of accomplishments Baltimore has just inaugurated it's first black female Mayor - Sheila Dixon, and of course DC has it's youngest mayor - Adrian Fenty.  Congratulations to these 2 mayors,  but they have a major job ahead of them since both cities have major crime emergencies taking place now.  Hopefully, both of them have formulated plans to concur this crime crisis.  Anyway, check out what Todd feels about this below.


  These two cities are close in proximity only about 35 miles apart.  Washington DC is the Nation's Capital which is a small city, but a very beautiful one.  Washington DC and its surrounding suburbs has one of the highest per capita income in the entire country.  It's the seat of Government so as long as you are paying taxes the Government will operate.  The Federal Government is the largest employer in Washington DC and they also occupy many of the buildings in the downtown section of Washington DC.  Therefore, Washington is a city where jobs are plentiful and is definitely filled with upward growth.  You may be aware that they are building a new stadium for their newly acquired baseball team, which will transform the entire neighborhood and raise property values in this once depressed section of DC.   

Washington DC used to be known as the Chocolate City because the population of the city was majority black, however this is changing rapidly.  The Hispanic population is growing in record numbers here, and many other races are moving in and changing the color of the neighborhoods.  Actually, the "Vanilla suburbs" has now become the "Chocolate Suburbs", and the city is rapidly becoming the "Vanilla city".  A lot has really changed in the last 20 years!!!!  All in all though DC is a city on the move, but the crime is on the move as well.

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and it's very historic.  It has a great downtown area known as the Inner Harbor, which is an area that has been transformed from an industrial harbor to a shopping entertainment and business district.  About 40 years ago Baltimore was a thriving city growing and prospering, fueled by industry.  The Baltimore harbor was one of the busiest seaports on the East Coast, the largest employer at the time was "Bethlehem Steel" who was a gigantic steel processing complex located in an area called Sparrow's Point.  Baltimore also had a large General Motors Truck plant, plus many other factories and industrial complexes.  Baltimore was a proud city, and one thing they were famous for was keeping the door steps on their row houses sparkling clean, which was a tradition in early Baltimore.  In recent years technology changed many of these industries, and factories either closed, moved overseas or became outdated; so with this, much of the employment dwindled and so did the character and spirit of the city.  Many of the once proud neighborhoods died, poverty and depression set it, and of course this brought crime.  

However, with the growth in this metropolitan area, I think Baltimore is a city on the move, but there is one thing that these 2 cities (which are so different) have in common...and that's the crime and senseless killings of/or by our young people.  Baltimore has a record of 17 killings in the first 18 days of this new year, and I'm sure DC and its surrounding counties are close behind in number.  This is a major issue that needs to be addressed and corrected, I believe this is worst than war.  Actually, this is war and it's happening right in our neighborhoods!!!  You never know when it will spread to yours, so before it does, these issues have got to be taken care of.  

As you can see these two mayors have a lot on their agenda regarding this problem.  A message to both of these Mayors, come together and address this regional issue and problem as a team.  The ball is now in your corner and you can make a difference, you both have the support of Arious Entertainment.  In closing we congratulate you on your new positions.

 Until next week, please have a great weekend and thanks for all your support!

Susan Mangatal


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