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Mangatal  - susan@ariousentertainment.us 

Welcome Mr. President!

President Barack Hussein Obama, we are pleased to have you as our new President.  

This past week in Washington DC was outstanding.  Peaceful, exciting and simply amazing for the millions who traveled into DC to witness the changing of power and the historic inauguration of our 44th President.  I saw Millions of beautiful smiles, and had several great conversations with many who were elated about the change (that is coming,) the hope, the unity and most importantly elated about our new President.

Even though it was a jubilant atmosphere, there was not a tearless eye on Tuesday, January 20th as I walked around Washington DC observing all the "going ons."  The breathe-taking site of miles and miles of people of all races and ages sitting and standing side by side witnessing one of the most stunning and remarkable day in history was awe-inspiring.   When President Obama took the oath of office "I, Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear" the cheers, comments and prayers I heard around me touched me deeply.  Everything became "full circle" and I just couldn't believe this was taking place.   Such a striking man and his beautiful family are now the 1st Family of the United States, and they are the reflection of me.  Oh yes, finally someone in THE HIGHEST POSITION...is a reflection of me and represents me.

President&WifeParade.jpg (22519 bytes)As many of you know his inaugural speech was awesome.  He addressed just about every issue one can think about, and he expressed his words with great confidence and strength.  Throughout his inspirational speech he talked about "we" and "we can do it together," which had many responding emotionally.  

President&WifeBall-2.jpg (22435 bytes)Since, I have been ill with the flu my time in the cold was limited, so I didn't stick around for the parade.  However, from all accounts it was great.  As for the balls, all the reports I received indicated they were fantastic.


On a more personal note, this past weekend was a real "tear jerker", everything that took place had me tearing up, I suppose because of the historical aspect of all that was taking place around me.  The first African-American (black) President taking control of America.  You see, I hear folks saying they expected this to happen in their lifetime, but I didn't because it has been clear that America had not moved passed the racial issues.  Actually, it was only a little over a year ago we were fighting for justice with the Jena 6 issue, nooses, and marching around the Justice building fighting to be heard to acquire equal/fair justice.  

How can one be prepared for such an amazing transformation in such a short time.  Don't get me wrong - I wanted it and even conceived it, but never thought it would happen now, or anytime soon, nor even in my lifetime (which is what keeps me tearing up.)  Actually, what troubles my mind a great deal is the thought of the hard fight our civil rights leaders endured not so long ago...the marches, the injuries, the killings, the deaths; it was not in vain, it all paved the way for President Barack Obama. 

Now, that all the festivities are over the work has just begun for the New President and his Administration, and indeed it's going to be tough.  He has a lot to do to get us back on track and out of the awful recession we are experiencing.  Most importantly, he has to take some steps to reconciling the obvious race relations.  I say "race relations" because it is pitiful hearing more and more reports about death threats, and hateful words against the President because of the color of his skin. 

Indeed he has a lot to do, and it seems he has hit the ground running.  Therefore, as I close I say to President Obama...Congratulations, and I know in my heart you will make sure things get better in the United States for each and every one of us.  May God keep you and your family safe from all evils, and may you always be blessed!!!!  WELCOME TO WASHINGTON DC AND TO YOUR NEW POSITION.

I leave you with a song entitled "Sweet Victory", written by Earl Sullivan one of our on-line family member who resides in the island of Montserrat.


It was a difficult journey

Now you made history

First African American

To realize Martin Luther dream

All color race and class

Finally voted at last

Barack Husain Obama

You now president of America



Victory sweet victory

November 4 you made history

Proudly together we stand

We admire your ambition

To govern the greatest nation

Itís power to the black man


Your victory to some itís a miracle

Because of many obstacles

The plight start with Jeremiah Right

But they didnít win the fight

John McCain and Sarah Palin

Try all kind of mud sling

Last thing they try was Joe de plumber

But they couldnít stop your success Obama


Celebration all over the world

Tears of joy to see history unfold

 White, black, brown and Indian

Your message gives hope to the nation

Positive right to the very end

Was your slogan yes we can

Michelle, Malia and Sasha

To de white house follow your leader.


Earl Sullivan (aka Acci) from Montserrat a Caribbean island of the West Indies . A former calypsonian.  Although not actively competing, he is still involve in cultural activities mainly during the festive season and writes many compositions for other performing artist in Montserrat .  Mr. Sullivan stated: "President Obama inspired a lot of people and makes them realize that they can achieve anything once committed. His election followed by the inauguration was a very proud and historic moment for me. I wish him and his family god guidance always"

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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