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Greetings On-Line Family!

This upcoming week we celebrate 5 years of connecting, sharing and networking with you our on-line family, as well as promoting and marketing many events through this means we call our "What's Happening Weekly E-mail blast".  You have shared your comments, topics and concerns with us, and we in turn have had the opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions on many issues with you.  For this we thank you, and we thank you for helping make these 5 years interesting, and full of excitement - through this new way of connecting with people.

  Also, in our personal life we celebrate 23 years of marriage this upcoming week.  It surly doesn't seem like 23 years, it's absolutely a true statement: "time flies when you're having fun", the time just seemed to have breezed by, and they have been really nice.

My Tribute to Todd for 23 years of marriage
"A Phenomenal Man” 

You the foundation of my life is strong, wise, and far beyond your years.  No doubt you are a fabulous friend, teacher, manager, partner, and most importantly a messenger, a messenger placed here to enlighten and open the minds of many.  Your willingness to help make dreams become a reality is fascinating.  Your quite, patient, and intriguing demeanor is inexplicable.  Because you are determined to rise, you are persistent in gaining success.  I am blessed to have a partner as superb as you, to walk with, work with, build with, dream with, and rise with...you are truly Phenomenal!  


    So many of our friends and associates are heading to Trinidad for Carnival, and I wish them a safe and fun-filled time in the place I still call home "Trinidad".  This Carnival thing is so hypnotic and truly a wonderful experience.  To many it's simply magical, a time when many forget their troubles, cast away all their inhibitions and loose themselves in the euphoria of the festival/celebrations.  

As a child and young adult growing up in Trinidad, for me it was a season full of excitement, the soca and calypso music, the sweet steel pan music, the mas (costumes), the fetes (parties), the feeling of freedom and a time where many say "forget all your troubles and just have fun".  

Carnival itself "The Greatest Show on Earth" as we call it, is a festival that is approximately 169 years old, which was originated in the clash and mesh of African and French cultures on the 18th century sugarcane plantations of the West Indies.  The history states (briefly): the French-Creole planters spent the two months between Christmas and the day before Lent indulging in life's pleasures, then covered themselves in ash and repented for their sins when the 40 days of lent began...African, emancipated from slavery in 1838, used carnival rituals to commemorate their sufferings on the plantations and at the same time lampooned the lifestyle of their former masters through costumed characters.  Which has been well preserved throughout the years.

Some important highlights of Carnival is as follows: Steel Pan competitions, Calypso and Soca artist Competing for certain titles (Soca Monarch, Calypso King, queen and even Jr, king and queen, etc.), and the climax begins on the Sunday night before carnival with the "Dimanche Gras", which is where judges choose a king and queen of the masqueraders in an open air stage at Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain.  Each competitor's costume must convey the theme of their bands, and they must demonstrate their technical prowess in handling the costumes.   Judges also look for the technical expertise in designing and arranging the costumes.

For many there is no time for sleep, so after the Dimanche Gras many attend fetes and lime (hang out) at different events or even on the streets during the entire night until morning as  "J'Ouvert" Morning approaches.   J'Ouvert (opening day), the festival begins with a reenactment of the "Canboulay" (meaning burning cane) which history states: were riots that took place in 1881, when British colonial soldiers were beaten back with sticks and stoned by African masqueraders for attempting to stop them from taking part in Carnival.  During the early hours in the dark of J'Ouvert masqueraders take the form of huge bands of revelers, liberally daubed in mud, black oil, different colors of paint (blue is most popular), powder and even chocolate (which is very popular now-a-days).  Many wear costumes or make themselves up to look like caricatures of notable figures and even devils, just drinking, reveling and partying in the streets throughout the early morning on the Monday of Carnival - "Carnival Monday.  This is an important time for Steel bands, many of the bands consists of steel pan musicians, beating and playing their steel pans.

The "fete-ing" continues throughout the night and it carries through to the big explosion of Carnival that takes place the next day - "Carnival Tuesday".  The color and spectacle of the creativity from costume designers is exposed on this day.  Thousands of masqueraders assemble at designated spots around the city adorned in their beautiful costumes dancing to the latest soca compositions pumping  thunderously by DJs on huge trucks, that head to the contest on the savannah stage.  Once they arrive, the tens of thousands of men, women and children cross the vast savannah stage moving to seductive and rhythmic soca music showing off their costumes.  Note:  Masquerading also takes place in many cities across the Island.

The celebrations promptly ends at midnight on Tuesday, and the next day rings an astonishing return to normalcy.  You will find many visitors and locals the next day (Ash Wednesday) converging on to numerous beaches to chill out and relax before they go back to their daily routine, while you will find many thousands making their way to Catholic Churches to have their sins absolved with  promises to be good throughout the rest of the year (at least until Carnival the very next year).

Me trying to give you a glimpse of this event/festival/celebration from a more historical perspective simply does not explain the excitement and fun taking place on this small rich island.  Just imagine the entire island at a party...a huge street party, where everyone simply forgets about their daily troubles, they are drinking, eating, dancing and being consumed by music all around them.  When one party or event ends you are making arrangements to attend another.  For the locals the partying begins right after Christmas (now-a-days it begins before Christmas), and continues for months and finally climaxes on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.  It explodes on the Monday and Tuesday (before the day lent begins - Ash Wednesday); with masqueraders parading through the streets and even folks who are not in costumes, just dancing and partying at this huge street party.  At times it is unimaginable for many, but it's truly the best relief from the hard day to day stressful life for the tens of of thousands who converge on to the island from around the world.  Everyone must try to get to Trinidad to experience Carnival!!!


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To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support.  All The Best to your and yours this New Year!



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Birthday Greetings

Special Birthday Greetings to Mr. M. G. Miller, a very successful gentleman!!!

 We would like to extend special birthday greetings to Nicole, Tammy, Billy, Shelly, Benny, Pinky, Ian, Jeff and Sherita.

Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends, some are listed below.

Tracey from Trinidad, Kimberly Thomas "K.I.M", Ash-o-lee, Anita Angelica, Amaliris, Lorenza aka "Sista Iris", Autumn-Joi, MONDA, Nicole, Mr. Byrd, Stephanie, "SHUG the CEo" of N.L.C (fashion), Terra "Queen Dimples", "Poetic Me", Demetrius, Kerensa, "dont let my innocence fool", "Sweetpuss" from Barbados, Maria (CEO) La Bella Street Team Marketing, Shawn, Meyli, "Jiraporn", Benari, "purple and shades of blue", "I'm hot cuz I'm fly"

May you all have a very happy birthday!!  From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!



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We wish you a great weekend and we thank you for all your support.  Please remember we do appreciate you being a part of our on-line family and know that without you there is no us!!!  

Until next week and please be safe!  Again, thanks for all your support!


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