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Greetings On Line Family:  

Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

  Todd Mangatal

This is an exciting time for all of us here at Arious Entertainment...we are celebrating 4 years of being connected with you our on-line family. 

4 years ago we started our weekly "What's Happening" e-mail blast, and its been a building process ever since.  When we started we had an idea to build a network to promote our events, music and other projects we were involved in.  We had no idea that in such a short time our network would grow to over 35,000, and we also didn't realize the power of the internet at the time.  However, over these last few years we have had the opportunity to make contact with a lot of new friends around the world and we are very appreciative to those of you who continue to receive our weekly e-mails, and those who tell us how much they appreciate the work we are doing.  Many of you have had the opportunity to get to know myself and Susan through our weekly commentaries, and we have had the opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions of the many issues plaguing our communities and lives.  Many of you also have offered your comments on numerous topics and shared your concerns.  This is great, especially the fact that it's a wonderful new form of communication.  Without it all of our thoughts would have never been heard!!!

This whole process has been a major learning experience for us since the internet was not our main business source.  Arious Entertainment was initially a marketing and promotion company, however these e-mail blasts has opened up a whole new market in itself.  It has been very time consuming to build, develop and maintain a clean list of subscribers and finally it has been perfected.  Now we are ready to move on and continue with our original plans, as well as build upon our weekly e-mail blast; which can be a great low cost way to share events, businesses and other information from you - our on-line family.  If you have a business or upcoming event that you would like to expose please contact us to learn about how inexpensive it is to market your business, product or service!!!!

Our main goal is to become a driving force in the music and entertainment industry.  In the past, it has been very difficult to break into this industry, but we have diligently worked to build a network of the right people and the right places.  Also, the industry has changed drastically over the last few years...just think a few years ago if we wanted to hear the music of our favorite artist we would have to purchase records (which was a lot of fun for me since I was a DJ at an early age, and of course I had to buy a lot of records), but now records are obsolete...a thing of the past.  Actually, one of the largest record stores in the country "Tower Records" has shut it's doors.  Many people under the age of 20 probably have never seen a record except for maybe something stored away in their parents attics or closets.  

Records were the main income source for the recording artists, but in the last few years things changed and along came CDs or Compact Discs, which for me as a DJ was great since I always embraced new things.  Actually, CDs were lighter and a lot easier to transport from place to place.  However, for many DJs this was a drastic change and many vowed they would never make the switch from records to CDs, but as they say "never say never", because now most have made that switch.  

As technology progressed so has the way we listen and purchase music, now we are on the verge of CDs becoming obsolete, and again DJs will have to make a switch.  Currently the new thing is music downloads, which is a good thing for the industry, because there is no cost for manufacturing.  The music is downloaded directly from the source to your computer or IPod in seconds.  The cost is low...most downloads now cost approximately 99 cents.  This is becoming a new income stream for the music industry.  

Another new income stream which has taken off over the last year or 2 are musical ring tones for your cell phone, this is absolutely "blowing up", and I'm sure there are many other new ways right around the corner to deliver the music of your favorite artist.  Also, a few short years ago the only way to see your favorite artist/s were in concerts and live performances, or from the rare appearance on Network TV (this was a time when there were only 3 major TV Networks), so there were not many opportunities for artists to receive TV exposure, unless they were really popular.  

In the early 80s something that change the music industry came along, which was MTV and music videos.  Not only could we hear our favorite artist/s music, this gave us the opportunity to see our artist/s daily in our homes and it was also to expand the creativity and the song by adding a story line to it.  Shortly thereafter BET was founded, which was a great step for urban music to be exposed (because at the time MTV played very few videos by black artists.)  Of course they played a few, and one artist that sticks in my mind was Michael Jackson...his videos at the time were creative and he had a string of videos such as Thriller, Billy Jean, and Beat It  (personally, I think those videos are what made Michael Jackson the pop star that he became.)  BET was an outlet to promote many up and coming R&B and Rap Artist of the day.  Now videos can be downloaded directly to your computer or you can watch and create your own music videos and air them on sites such as "You Tube", Google Video and others.  "You Tube" has taken off in the last year and has changed the way we watch videos, so with all of these new and innovative achievements we are looking at a new music industry that is completely different than the music industry from a few years ago.  

We at Arious Entertainment has position ourselves to utilizing all of these new sources as well as the traditional sources to expose our product to the public. Over the last 4 years you have witnessed the growth of Arious Entertainment and you will continue to witness our growth through our e-mail blasts, website, our "my space" page, and we hope many of you will continue joining us on our journey.  

Presently as it was initially, our main focus is positive music with a message.  We intend to continue creating a full service entertainment company.  We have noticed, presently one of the problems in the music industry is lack of guidance for artist and their projects, so we intend to provide the needed guidance that is necessary to create new mega stars.  Our process will start with Artist Developing and grooming which are very important because first impressions are one of the main "Keys".  Currently, there are to much negativity associated with artists and music, which we intend to help change.  Additionally, we also intend to expose the artist to the business of music, because like anything "this is a business."  On the outside it looks glamorous, and on many occasions the artist gets caught up in the excitement that is created to expose their product...clearly this happens because they are truly not aware of the business end of things.  A well rounded artist is a successful artist!!!  We have no intentions of venturing off our main goal of promoting Caribbean music as well as urban music (rap, neo soul, r&b, etc.).  These musical communities need a boost of positivity though, because we believe music can change the world and if you don't believe that, just look around because a few short years ago major labels started promoting gangster rap and the thug life...notice now we have a generation of gangsters and thugs.  You can dispute it if you like, but it is clear...the music indeed played a major role in this transformation.  We also have a generation that doesn't care or respect themselves or others, because of the music that they have grown up listening to.  Currently, we are at war at home and abroad,  we absolutely need uplifting music, music of change, music of revolution, music that will carry the next generation along a positive path, and we at Arious Entertainment are dedicated to making this happen, and we truly hope you our on-line family will continue being dedicated to supporting our efforts.  

If you are an artist who would like to work with Arious Entertainment, please contact us with a sample of your music and a brief bio.  Remember we are looking for positive, uplifting artists who are willing to invest the time, effort and money it takes to be all they can be  We are also looking for people in the Baltimore/Washington area who would like to be part of our team with an interest in the music business.  If this describes you, and if you are willing to work and grow as we grow, please contact us with a brief summary of your experience and how you think you can help achieve the goals we mentioned above.   This is a once in a lifetime ground floor opportunity.  

Additionally, if you are an investor who would like to be a part of a company dedicated to positive growth, success of others, with a stable upfront and trustworthy record, as well as a strong passion for the music and the business, and most importantly being a part of the multi billion, constantly growing music industry and have at least $5,000, (who would like to receive a large return on your investment,) please contact me so we can discuss all the details  Remember the music industry is a billion dollar industry!!!

We will keep you informed with the latest happenings at Arious Entertainment.


  Susan Mangatal

This week the Caribbean Community lost another member of its foundation in the U.S.  

  Mr. Carlos Lezama (83) passed away earlier this week.  Mr. Lezama was a major icon and a major asset for providing an outlet and a means to expose and unite the Caribbean and American Communities in Brooklyn New York.  He was the founder and former President of the West Indian American Day Carnival. Mr. Lezama did a great job building the largest Caribbean event in the U.S.  In the mid 1960s he and his friend Mr. Rufus Goring transformed a five-block affair into one of the city's biggest event, now over 4 million people attend the annual event.  Mr. Lezama must be commended for this major achievement, and a job well done for bringing the international community the true meaning of Caribbean Carnival and culture.  If your are aware of the business end of Carnival, you must know that Carnival is a labor of love, and it was certainly a labor of love for Mr. Lezama.  From all the nice things folks say about him, what keeps being re-emphasized is that Mr. Lezama simply loved his culture, and loved bringing people together...all races, classes and creeds.  For him Carnival was a beautiful thing and he had a dream and was passionate about exposing this beautiful thing as well as this beautiful culture.  We at Arious extend our sincerest condolences to Mr. Lezama's family and friends, and we hope they get comfort in the wonderful memories he has left behind, including this very successful West Indian American Day Carnival in Brooklyn New York .  For more on Mr. Lezama and his Eulogy read the article, courtesy of -  Please click the following link: The Caribbean World News Network. 

Black History Month is upon us...this is the time we celebrate our Black Historical People/leaders.  Please join us in celebrating the many who have create, invented, have fought to pave a path in this society, and even died for us all.  As we do every year, we will begin in February our series of highlighting many of our leaders.  This week though I will like to begin by congratulating the African-American winners of the Golden Globe Awards: Jennifer Hudson (Best supporting actress "Dreamgirls"); Eddie Murphy, (Best supporting actor "Dreamgirls"); Forest Whitaker (Best Actor-Drama "The Last King of Scotland"); Grey's Anatomy Creator/Executive Producer (Best Best Television Series Drama); and Prince for winning the Golden Globe award for Original Song "The Song of the Heart' from "Happy Feet"

Historical fact...Did you know that Jennifer Hudson is only the second African-American Actress to win a Golden Globe in a feature film category.  The first African-American Actress to win a Golden Globe in a feature film was Whoopie Goldberg who won twice (1) in 1985 for "The Color Purple" and (2) in 1990 for "Ghost"


 Condolences to the family and friends of Mamadi Nyasuma (the leader of "2000 Black Jazz Ensemble) who passed away this week.


Finally, to Todd...thanks for 22 wonderful years of marriage.  Happy Anniversary!!!

My Tribute to you- "a Phenomenal Man” 

You the foundation of my life is strong, wise, and far beyond your years.  No doubt you are a fabulous friend, teacher, manager, partner, and most importantly a messenger, a messenger placed here to enlighten and open the minds of many.  Your willingness to help make dreams become a reality is fascinating.  Your quite, patient, and intriguing demeanor is inexplicable.  Because you are determined to rise, you are persistent in gaining success.  I am blessed to have a partner as superb as you, to walk with, work with, build with, dream with, and rise are truly Phenomenal!  



Until next week, please have a great weekend and thanks for all your support!



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Date: February 8, 2007

Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Hi Everyone

Many of you expressed an interest in going on the charter and some of you have already made your deposits. There were, however, several requests for more time for payment of deposits and we were able to negotiate and extend the due date to Thursday Jan. 25th. Hope this helps! See below for more details.

$490 Includes All Taxes and Fees

Deposit of $200 due Thursday Jan. 25th!!!  Contact me about this deposit deadline was yesterday at or  I'm sure I can work something out for you!!!

Departing from DC 1 stop.

Dates and Availability:

April 24 - May 8 - 7 seats left
May 1 - May 8 - 0 seats left
May 3 - May 7 - 8 seats left



Balance due March 27th.


Birthdays, Shout Outs and Congratulations!!!

Todd...thanks for 22 wonderful years of marriage.  Happy Anniversary!!!




Special Birthday Greetings to Mr. M. G. Miller, you are the true meaning of success!!!


We would like to extend special birthday greetings to Nicole, Tammy, Billy, Shelly, Benny, Pinky, Ian and Sherita.

May you all have a very happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends

Belated Birthdays: Tracey from Trinidad, Kimberly Thomas "K.I.M", Ash-o-lee, Anita Angelica, Amaliris, Lorenza aka "Sista Iris",

Autumn-Joi 93.9 WKYS,  MONDA, Nicole, Mr. Byrd, Stephanie, "SHUG the CEo" of N.L.C (fashion), Terra "Queen Dimples", "Poetic Me", Demetrius, Kerensa, "dont let my innocence fool", "Sweetpuss" from Barbados, Maria (CEO) La Bella Street Team Marketing, Shawn, Meyli, "Jiraporn", Benari, "purple and shades of blue", "I'm hot cuz I'm fly"

Thanks for all your support!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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