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  Greetings Online Family:

This week (January 17th-21st) here in Washington DC, it’s all about the Presidential Inauguration, however it seems we as a people are so distant from all of the inaugural festivities.  I say this because for the past few nights driving in and around DC, all you see is young and old republicans just partying and celebrating, having a joyous and grand old time over this inauguration.  I guess it would be all right to feel what they are feeling, but it’s simply not there for me, I’m just not feeling it.  It seems their world is far different from mine.  I wonder where did all the monies come from to put on such elaborate and extravagant inaugural events?  I understand the cost was approximately 40 million dollars, and it was all raised privately.  Now, you have to ask, 40 million for this event, and we need money for several other important issues and causes, including the funding of the war?  Privately raised or not, this unnecessary use of 40 million could have been put towards funding this bogus war.  As we drive through the streets we see countless barricades approximately 7 miles long, (almost 100 blocks) barring any kind of traffic.  I understand manhole covers along Pennsylvania Avenue were sealed shut, and Dogs were/are monitoring the train stations and trains.  Also, you see aircrafts monitoring for poison air above, military jets, and helicopters monitoring the “no fly zone” for any terrorist threat or activity, snipers on rooftops, and I even heard Air Marshals are located on commercial flights.  Additionally, on the ground 25 miles outside DC the secret service is monitoring from a command center.  From reports I understand the Security Force is approximately 13,000.  What a secured event…huh?  All through Bush’s speeches, he has been stressing on “Liberty and Freedom”, it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  Why all the security if indeed he was honestly elected?  Why would the people who elected him, harm him?

As for the protestors, approximately 40,000 of them are here in the city, including several anti-war groups, however they were not allowed to line the streets as they did in 2001, but they were designated to protest in certain areas (behind some security fences and barriers).  The protestors and activists have complained that most of the areas reserved for them are behind bleachers or set off hundreds of feet from the street. Of course, their rights have been violated.  Why did they thing they would be able to protest Mr. Bush Freely?   Don’t they realize this man is truly a “bad man” and he does what he wishes, regardless of what they feel, think or say?   According to reports, Police sprayed tear gas to disperse demonstrators who hurled debris and tried to break through the security fence.  Several dozen protesters threw themselves toward the security fence, lobbing bottles, trash and snowballs as oppose to Eggs and Tomatoes that was thrown in 2001.  Small groups of anti-Bush demonstrators overturned the metal security barricades, and a handful of protesters broke through them, many were chanting "Liar...Liar" and "No More War", even a small fire was set close to the barricades.  As you see, so many are upset with the state of America.

Of course, the Corporate businesses and lobbyists are here as well “wining and dining” the “big wigs” of the Bush Administration.  I believe the top donations came from Ameriquest and Marriott who donated 750,000 dollars each, along with donations of $250,000 from large companies such as Exxon Mobil Corp, Ford Motor company, Rival Express Delivers, FedEX Corp., UPS, and even the Altier Group (Philip Morris the tobacco company), plus another 52 companies and individuals have chipped in $250,000.  In addition, about 100 companies donated $100,000 each.  All of these companies are claiming that the “contributions are normal as voting in a democracy”.  While laws govern what individuals can give to a campaign, clearly there are no limits on inaugural gifts from corporations and individuals.  Apparently, political participation by companies and associations in the U.S. is a normal course of business.

I was very surprised to see the massive amounts of people attending the inaugural swearing in ceremony in the bitter cold, and walking along the snowy/icy streets.  There were thousand and thousands (young and old, many walking and rolling along in wheel chairs).  Now I see why Mr. Bush won the election.  The amount of folks I saw in the streets heading to the ceremony actually reminded me of the Million Man March.  What a sight to see, it was a bit overwhelming!

What can I say…another event to go down in my memory!  In my humble and honest opinion, this Presidential Inauguration week was filled with lots of  “hoopla” for no reason!  Here in America they are all celebrating (drinking and partying), and so many of our own are dying in Iraq, fighting for this “Liberty and Freedom”, Mr. Bush talks about.  I guess we can do nothing but live with it, because there is so little one can do when the powers are too enormous to fight! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan Mangatal susanmangatal@ariousentertainment.com 



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This Friday

January 21, 2005

CeeC Promotions and Zig's presents a night filled with originality and zest.  Coming to you with the raw energy and positive vibrations of roots, dancehall reggae and a strong DC pocket beat.

"Ras Lidj"

Is back on the scene with his unique style.  You must see this positive artist at Zig's in Alexandria.  Showtime 10:00 pm.  For additional information click the STAR above, and to Check out Ras Lidj log on to www.crosstudio.com/raslidj.html  

For Additional details e-mail ceecpromo@aol.com


February 5, 2005

ICE Entertainment and Radio Boyz


"Carnival Experience Fete"


The T&T Clubhouse

5123 Georgia Avenue, N.W. WDC


DJ from NY Natural Mystik & from DC and Baltimore: Mystic Vibes 6.0, Demolition Dex & Mr. Musik

For More information e-mail icemadness@aol.com Adm. 10.00 all Night long & fete from 10 pm until.

Click the STAR above and scroll down to upcoming events for additional details.





February 19th 2005

 @ 1pm-4pm

Author and Poet Ms Denrique Preudhomme reads and signs from Stranger Then Fiction, a collection of short fiction, "Relection on Realism and The Heart of Truth", a collection of poetry. Born in San Fernando, Trinidad, Ms Preudhomme resides in Washington, DC and New York.  www.denrique.com

Taking Place at: Ellington’s on Eight Restaurant – Lounge and Patio, located at 424A 8th Street, S.E., Washington, D.C. 2003 (Capitol Hill/Eastern Market/Barracks Row/SE


Books and Refreshment will be on sale.  For more information call 202-546-8308


Caribbean Vibes Radio (Internet 24-7 radio)

SIZZLING THURSDAYS!!!  Be sure to join the rejuvenated and energized maestro "Fabulous" for the first "Sizzling Thursdays" of 2005. Showtime Thursday 9:00 pm until 12 midnight at www.caribbeanvibesradio.com.  Share the link with friends and family across the globe.  Email your requests, shout-outs to caribbean@im4radio.com or call toll free 1-866-ONE-VIBE.

i4mradio has launched their own tsunami relief effort.  Check their site for details or contact Reggie Gaskins, Tel: 301-772-0513 or Fax 301-772-6221; E-mail rdg@livemusic4you.com

If you live in the Washington DC, bring your donations to the iM4Radio.com office at: iM4Radio.com, 1300 Mercantile Lane, Suite 150, Largo, MD 20774.  If you live outside Wash. DC, please mail monetary donations to the above address, or log on to any of the following three (3) iM4radio.com websites and enter your credit card info.:  M4Radio.com; iM4Radio.com/gospel; or CaribbeanVibesRadio.com.  All food, clothing and materials will be delivered to the non-profit Kyle Jay Foundation. Makes checks payable to: Kyle Jay Foundation and indicate on the check: "Donation is for Asia tsunami relief effort.  For info. about the iM4Radio.com/Kyle Jay Foundation, call (301) 772-0513 or toll free 1-877-lordswork (1-877-567-3796). Email James Strong at jlstrong@im4radio.com or log on to

CaribNation TV

WHUT - TV  - Ch.32,  6pm - January 24-31 Schedule

Monday, January 24

  Caribbean Biz in the US: Interior Accent, ETC with Dennese Guadaloupe Rojas

As Silver Spring MD. downtown emerges and customers take advantage of new restaurants and stores, the success of small businesses just outside the redeveloped portion of the downtown has been a mixed shopping bag. Dennese Guadaloupe Rojas, owner of Interior Accents on Wayne Avenue, came to the downtown two years ago with the promise that Silver Spring was going to be similar to Bethesda, with a wide variety of retail and restaurants.



Monday, January 31
Financing Your Child Education… College Savings Plan


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