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Arious Entertainment Group E-Newsletter  - January 22, 2010

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January 22nd

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Todd Mangatal

Susan Mangatal 

(Picture courtesy of Antoinette Charles)

Greetings On-Line Family

It’s been 1 week and 3 days since the 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti, and what a heartbreaking, worrisome and terrifying 10 days it has been.  Due to 30 seconds of the earth shaking Port-Au-Prince crumbled and approximately 200,000 people lost their lives, 100s of thousands have been injured, approximately 1 million are homeless, and thousands of children are orphans.

Honestly, I have gotten angry, I have cried, I have sighed in relief, and smiled at what’s been taking place in Haiti.  You can imagine how pleased I was that the food, water and medical supplies arrived and was on the ground, but it seems these are not getting to those who need it.  It is apparent that there is no effective plan to distribute the supplies and I am baffled and question why a proper plan has not been established and implemented.


Anger raced right through me when I saw the goods being dropped to the ground from helicopters earlier this week. Gosh…darn…doesn’t these people realize how dangerous this is? And most importantly, it is not an orderly way to distribute food and water.  What angered me more was the Reporters talk of looting; and from my eyes I don’t see looters, I just see desperate people in a desperate situation trying to survive whichever way they can.  What was most upsetting is seeing the reports about folks being killed by the Haitian police because they are presumed to be looters.  That is unbelievable; why would Haitian police officers kill their own people????  I heard earlier this week rubber bullets were being used to stop looters, but just today I have read and heard reports of people being shot and killed (obviously rubber bullets are no longer being used).HaitiCrisisFabienne-Shot-s.jpg (12966 bytes)  

Actually, I read and saw photos of a young school girl who was shot dead for allegedly taking some framed pictures.  It hurt my heart to see her blood had poured out of  her head as she laid face down on one of the pictures. (Apparently, she was shot in the head.)   Additionally, I saw some of the footage on CNN of 3 men who were shot because it was presumed they were looting (they had taken some bags of rice).   One of these men died and was left laying in the street for hours, while the other 2 survived.  One survivor was a Christian minister who stated he was applying for a police officer job, and the other survivor stated the rice was given to them; even eye witnesses indicated that the young men were not looting.  How could the Haitian authorities just shoot someone for food presuming they were looting?  No one in such desperation should be shot even if they were looting.  Truly, all of this is mind-boggling!!!.


On the positive side of things, I have been inspired and my heart has been full of joy seeing so many children and adults that have been rescued.   It is quite clear a higher power is working miracles in this country…yes, without a doubt miracles are certainly taking place!  You have to wonder how a human being that is buried under dirt and rubble can survive for so many days without food, water and the HaitiRescuebabyElizabeth.jpg (10857 bytes)air they breathe is full of dust.  I was so happy to see a 3-week old baby girl "Elizabeth" who was buried under the rubble, was found alive after seven days and is doing very well.

HaitiRescueKiki-s.jpg (35802 bytes)I laughed and applauded the rescue of little 5 year old Kiki and his sister Sabrina who were buried under the rubble for 8 days.  Little Kiki was HaitiRescuEna.70.jpg (6644 bytes)ecstatic  when he was found and threw his hands up as if he just won a race.  

Finally, a 70 year old woman was rescued some days ago, which just pleased me greatly.


Now, I find myself awake at nights wondering about the injured kids and adults who are laying in hospitals without the proper medicine, and worrying about the infections that must be infesting their bodies and the pain they must be in without the medicines.  I worry about what’s going to happen to all the children who before the earthquake had parents, and now they are orphans.  Yes, what’s going to happen to all these orphans? 


I pray for all the survivors of this earthquake in Haiti; I pray that many are rescued alive and soon; I pray that survivors are kept safe and receive the medical assistance they need right away.  I ask you to keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts as well, and keep up with the donations of money, supplies and clothing, because it will be quite some time before this country would ever heal and rebuild from this major disaster.   Don't forget that you can donate $5.00 via texting to Superstar Rapper Wyclef Jean’s organization “YELE HAITI.  Despite all the negative talks about Wyclef's Foundation, keep in mind that he is passionate about his people and his country, and has done a significant amount  of work to expose the troubles of Haiti to the world.  Truly he is a humanitarian, and clearly cares about his people.  Therefore, don't get "twisted" with the crazy talk about Wyclef’s organization!   I feel strongly that the funds donated to Yele Haiti will benefit THE PEOPLE, and no one else including the  dysfunctional and corrupt Government.  Therefore, go ahead and donate $5.00 by texting “YELE” to 501501.   Additionally, you can also donate $10.00 to the Red Cross by texting “HAITI” to 9-0-9-9-9 or log into  www.redcross.org.  


Don't miss the Televised Fundraiser/Concert "The Hope for Haiti" organized by actor George Clooney, whose goal is to raise funds for the Haitian earthquake victims in a global telethon tonight (Friday, Jan. 22nd @ 8:00 on CNN, MTV and several other cable and local networks).  The 2 hour event will be hosted by Wyclef Jean, and top stars in the music world will be performing such as: Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Shakira, Sting, Beyonce', Justin Timberlake, Dave Matthews, John Legend, Stevie Wonder and many more.

 Please Click Here for all the fundraising events, vigils, and foundations that are working to help in some way with the Relief efforts of Haiti. 





These past few days I have been very concerned about the unusual amounts of earthquakes taking place around the world.  Of course, I am aware several earthquakes occur in different parts of the world  in a day; but now that we are days away from traveling out of the country I am a bit distressed with the intense activity.  After the7.0 Haiti quake, of course there have been many strong aftershocks there.  However, several more intense quakes have occurred around the world.  On Thursday, Jan. 14th a quake measuring 6.1 on the Richter Scale hit South of the Marina Island (Close to Guam) and a  5.3 quake struck Santa Cruz Islands (group of island on the Pacific Coast).  On Jan. 15th Venezuela (Sucre) was rocked by a 5.5 quake along with dozens more that measured under 5.0 on the Richter Scale.  On Jan. 17th a 6.3 quake occurred in the Drake Passage (A strait between Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands, it connects the southern Atlantic and Pacific oceans).  The next day, Jan. 18th a 5.8 quake occurred in Guatemala and parts of El Salvador.  On Jan. 19th a 5.9 quake shook the Cayman Islands Region.  Wednesday, Jan. 20th another earthquake rocked Haiti again measuring 5.9 on the Richter Scale; and on the same day a 5.2 quake struck Argentina.  Additionally, there are several quakes taking place around the US, but they are not very sizable when measured on the Richter Scale.  However, I understand there are swarms of earthquakes taking place in Yellowstone National Park (primarily in Wyoming but expends into Montana and Idaho,) that began on Sunday, Jan. 17th, and continues today, plus they have been  increasing in magnitude. Scientists are stating that the increased activity is nothing to worry about, but all I can say about their statement is hummmm!!!!  I suppose we must keep praying that nothing major happens again. 


The hands of time has made its full cycle and this past Wednesday, January 20th made it 365 days since President Obama has been in office.  Congratulations to him on making it through this difficult year.  Although, I am not surprised about the amounts of negative e-mails that have come across my computer regarding the President, and his 1st year in office; I find it weird that it seems many are not fond of him (especially since he won the election with the highest percentage rate of any other President.)  Some of these e-mails were so awful that I found them very offensive and it is definitely unworthy and unproductive sharing them with you.  Recently, a colleague (Ms. Shea) became very upset when she received a particular negative e-mail about the President, that she discussed with me in great detail.  She was so disturbed that she vowed she will respond to it, and she did.  After drafting her response she sent it to me for review, and I must share her response with you.  Ms. Shea stated in part: "...Michelle Obama was right about our country when she said we can be "mean spirited".  People of color see our country with more realistic eyes.  There are plenty of murdering Cartels, White Collar thievery, Lying and Cheating to suit one's agenda and so on.  Being President of this Nation is no joke.  It's a shame President Obama can't seem to please everybody all the time.  This is the first year that President Obama is in the driver's seat and we must remember he is not running this country by himself.  After the way Mr. Bush left this country, it's a wonder that any of us have money left in our bank accounts at the rate that these thieves running the banks were stealing.  President Obama is not unpatriotic, he is just a realist.  We should all continue to pray for him because probably the worst is yet to come (Racists and over the top Patriots)...."  


I must further say though, we all must keep in mind President Obama did not create the problems that America has been going through, the mess was created long before he took the oath of office, and I don't believe he will ever be able to fully fix the problems plaguing this country especially in his first term. We must be conscious and understanding of what he walked into; and patient while he works with his administration to fix these massive problems that is plaguing America.  Definitely keep President Obama in your hearts, mind and prayers!



Condolences to the family and friends of JOHN "MUMBLES" GRIFFITH who passed away quietly in Trinidad this week. "Mumbles" as we fondly knew him was a great asset to DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc. (DCCC).   For years he was one of the head Marshal's for DCCC, where he was in charge of mobilizing/organizing the mas bands on the parade route and made sure as they traveled to their destination that everything was perfect.  Mumbles loved his culture, and loved Carnival dearly, and this was evident by his undying commitment to Carnival.  I have seen throughout the years (even when Mumbles became sick and was not able to move around as he did in the past) how committed he was to Carnival.  I was humbled on many occasions watching him work intensely on the thing he loved dearly.  We will miss Mumbles dearly!!!


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