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  Greetings Online Family:

This week instead of preparing our usual commentary, I decided to write a few words to commemorate my partner of 20 years.  I couldn't think of a better way to say these few words, than by just placing it on our weekly e-mail.  Please forgive me for being a little personal. 

“Tribute to a Phenomenal Man” 
                                    By Susan Mangatal

You the foundation of my life is strong, wise, and far beyond your years.  No doubt you are a fabulous friend, teacher, manager, partner, and most importantly a messenger, a messenger placed here to enlighten and open the minds of many.  Your willingness to help make dreams become a reality is fascinating.  Your quite, patient, and intriguing demeanor is inexplicable.  Because you are determined to rise, you are persistent in gaining success.  I am blessed to have a partner as superb as you, to walk with, work with, build with, dream with, and rise with...you are truly Phenomenal!  

Happy 20th Anniversary…Todd!!!!!  

Last week, I received so many responses about my commentary on the Presidential inaugural festivities, and I thank you for your responses.  Out of all the e-mails I received, there was one very interesting e-mail from an  individual who seemed to be a bit upset with my statements, and indicated that they had to write me back to enlighten me on some of the positive things that has occurred as a result of Mr. Bush being President, and the positive things that occurred as a result of the inaugural festivities.  I must admit some points are very valid, but I still can't stop thinking and feeling for the many families and friends that have loved ones in Iraq, who is being killed on a daily basis to (1st) retrieve weapons of mass destruction, and now that no weapons were found, (2nd) to obtain freedom for others in a foreign land/country.  Why do our families and loved ones have to be sacrificed. Please read (below) and let me know your thoughts.    

Normally, I do not reply to the Bush Bashers/Haters because everyone is entitle to their opinions, that's freedom in America.  In your case, I felt that I should respond, because of what your article implied, and I hope to broaden your prospective and give you another point of view.
The people in Washington DC, should be grateful for what the inauguration brought to the workers of the city. One report stated that, people that worked as bartenders, cab drivers, maids, cooks, general labors, security guards, and a hold host of others had more work than there were people to do the jobs.  Many came in from out side the city to fill the positions. Of course, those were people that wanted to work.
In fact it is also reported that the Inauguration brought over $100 million dollars to the city, of which a great deal went directly to the inner city workers. Many cities would have loved to have that type of windfall, and the people of Washington DC, should be thankful that they were the beneficiaries, especially this time of year. I am sure that the money that was spent there did a whole lot for the people in DC .
I guess with so many people just hating the war, Bush or Republication, that they loose site of what it is like to live in America even under the poorest conditions. Many people complain about the many people that have been killed in the War in Iraq.  Right now I believe the count is around 1,400 and 10,000 injured. I did 3 tours in Vietnam where 50,000 Americans were killed and 250,000 wounded and most of us were drafted.
The people that are fighting in Iraq  volunteered to join the Military to fight and protect our rights, and other people in the world to have and live in a free society. And the majority volunteered to return after their tour of duty. This does not mean that I am saying that all lives are not precious because they are. Just using pointing out what is going on in the War around us from people that are our neighbors and friends for most parts.
The election in Iraq will be held in 9 days even with the out side terror insurgents trying everything they can to prevent it from happening just as they tried in Afghanistan. The people their should have the chance to have a democratic way of life and make their own choices as to how they want to live. When the election is over, then we can judge if it was right or wrong to be there. I do not say that the reason that it started was correct or that it was just Bush's fault for going to War, the UN also made the decision, but I am glad that he has the Guts to see it through.
I thank that those who are so concerned about the man and woman that have been killed in the War over in the Gulf should be aware that we here in America are just as much in danger, if not more of being killed/murdered each day, for little or no reason. Statistics state that more people were killed/murdered in 2004 in the Cities of DC, NY, Dallas, Boston, and Philadelphia (over 2,500 of then have been killed in 2 years of the War in Iraq.)  Not counting those that were maimed or disable from attacks in those Cities. If you add up every major city murder rates it is shocking. Yet because of the media's play and spin on the war for rating and such, these things are over-looked. We need to make our self safer from ourselves before we get so carried away with what is going on in a war that the people fighting made a couscous choice to do, and we must look at what is and has been going on around us in every city for years.
I did not mean to write this much but that is the way it came out, but I hope you realize that there are others that do not share your, or others points of views on Bush and the War, and how he is running  the Government..
Vietnam Veteran
United States Navy 1965- 1971
Special Services, Special Forces

Next week February begins, which is "Black History Month", we intend to highlight some of our leaders during this month, so look out for our commentaries on our Black leaders.

For those who have traveled, and who are planning to traveling to Trinidad for Carnival.  We hope you enjoy yourself immensely.  You must have noticed lately not to many events are taking place in the Caribbean Community here in our area, and it's because folks are all preparing and leaving for Trinidad for Carnival.  However, once everyone returns, things will begin to heat up again.

Until next week, please have a safe and wonderful weekend!




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February 5, 2005

ICE Entertainment and Radio Boyz


"Carnival Experience Fete"


The T&T Clubhouse

5123 Georgia Avenue, N.W. WDC


DJ from NY Natural Mystik & from DC and Baltimore: Mystic Vibes 6.0, Demolition Dex & Mr. Musik

For More information e-mail icemadness@aol.com Adm. 10.00 all Night long & fete from 10 pm until.

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February 19th 2005

 @ 1pm-4pm

Author and Poet Ms Denrique Preudhomme reads and signs from Stranger Then Fiction, a collection of short fiction, "Relection on Realism and The Heart of Truth", a collection of poetry. Born in San Fernando, Trinidad, Ms Preudhomme resides in Washington, DC and New York.  www.denrique.com

Taking Place at: Ellington’s on Eight Restaurant – Lounge and Patio, located at 424A 8th Street, S.E., Washington, D.C. 2003 (Capitol Hill/Eastern Market/Barracks Row/SE


Books and Refreshment will be on sale.  For more information call 202-546-8308




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SIZZLING THURSDAYS!!!  Be sure to join the rejuvenated and energized maestro "Fabulous" for the first "Sizzling Thursdays" of 2005. Showtime Thursday 9:00 pm until 12 midnight at www.caribbeanvibesradio.com.  Share the link with friends and family across the globe.  Email your requests, shout-outs to caribbean@im4radio.com or call toll free 1-866-ONE-VIBE.

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Monday, January 31
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Shout Outs

Special Shout Out To Qadree El Amin (Music Mogal/Producer/Manager/and Maker of dreams for many).  Very nice hearing from you!!!!  We hope your new group's performance at the inaugural festivities went well.  Remember we are always here for you to help in any way possible!

Happy Birthday Mommy Marva.  I'm sure you are at home in Trinidad enjoying the Carnival Season!  "Take a jump for me...OK!"



Congratulations to Steel Pulse on their upcoming new Album/CD Release & Look out for their tour dates beginning in February - In celebration of Black History Month!


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