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What's Happening  by Todd Mangatal



Greetings to my on-line family:

I'd like to start by sending a big Shout Out to Spiceradio.com.  I enjoyed hanging out with you all last Friday at Club Ooh La La for their DC Launch Party.  It was a great opportunity to network with many in the entertainment industry in DC.  The setting was very nice.  Look out for big things from spiceradio.com. Be sure to log onto www.spiceradio.com to stay up to date with what's happening in and around the industry.  Unique Webster you and your crew did a great job on coordinating the event it was truly done with class. Click here to read Unique Webster's Thank You and Review of the event. 

Philly, we spent some time in your town this past weekend and really loved it.  It was great, we didn't realize there was no sales tax in Philly.  The shopping was great and we even checked out the Liberty Bell.  We are still looking for that good Philly Cheese Steak.  Any suggestions?  We heard Pat's was great, but we didn't make it to Pat's.  Well, we'll be back in a few weeks.  Let us know who has the best Cheese Steak!

We are preparing to head to Miami next weekend for the 19th Annual Caribbean Carnival.  I'm sure many of you are doing the same.  Miami is a great city with the sun, sea and beautiful people. Last year we had a ball even though we missed the actual carnival parade. There are two places (we love), that you must visit, and I know you will enjoy it.  A must is South Beach - if you haven't been, you've got to check it out. This is the only place I've been in the world that is exactly like what you see on TV or in the Movies. The ocean is great, they even have Tiki bars on the beach (with Alcohol). The people look like they just stepped out of a page in a magazine. Oh, some are even Topless. You will forget you are still in the US.  The other spot I would recommend is Coconut Groove -  if you like trendy shops and nice restaurants than you must check out Coconut Grove.  We will be arriving in Miami on Friday evening and we plan on attending the Homestead Carnival "King and Queen" Competition and Panorama at Hialeah Park.  Also, they will be having a breakfast at 1:00 am and J'Ouvert  at 2:00 am, but I don't think we'll stick around for those 2 events because there is so much to do in so little time.  We promised some friends we would accompany them to the "Mad House" so you might be able to catch us there, or where ever the hot spot is.  Saturday in the afternoon I think it will be time to hit the beach, so we'll probably do lunch in South Beach and then hang out on the beach, so if you would like to join us feel free to hit me up todd@ariousentertainment.com.  Saturday night we will be looking for the dancehall.  I'm sure there will be some type of concert happening.  Finally, on Sunday (Carnival - the parade) we will be hanging out on the road with COOJI's (Carnival Organization of Jacksonville, Inc.) truck as they present "Birds of A Feather".  If you want to play Mas it's not too late.  You can log on to www.jacksonvillecarnival.com to get more information.  Of course, they will be a part of Jacksonville carnival the following week, so you have 2 opportunities to play Mas.  We are looking forward to the sounds on this truck, since our friends from Orlando will be spinning some tunes.  We'll let you know more of what's going on in Miami next week.

Last week I touched on the situation with the 3 Carnivals in Miami.  Unfortunately, it was not a rumor, it's absolutely true.  Thanks Ms. Hewitt (one of our on-line family) for forwarding the information below written by Ms. Jacqueline Charles a writer for the Miami Herald.  Take a look, read, and you will find my comments at the end.  

Carnival's move to Homestead sparks row among West Indians


It's the party that never stops, a huge love-fest where excess is
encouraged, inhibitions are thrown to the wind, and steel drums play to an
island beat.
At least, that's the way Carnival is supposed to be. Things can get more
complicated in South Florida.
After four years of using the Opa-locka Airport for the region's biggest
Caribbean celebration, organizers of Miami Carnival are moving the party
south this year to the Homestead Speedway.
Homestead says it welcomes the festival, and Opa-locka says it's glad to get
rid of the traffic and litter problems. But the move has sparked a feud
within South Florida's West Indian community: Dueling groups plan to hold
competing celebrations on the same day in different cities.
Instead of just one Miami Carnival, as there was last year, three separate
events are being planned this year for Oct. 12: one in Homestead, one at
North Dade's Pro Player Stadium, and another on the festival grounds near
Fort Lauderdale's Lockhart Stadium.
The issue reopens a painful chapter in the Caribbean community's history.
Until 1997, Carnival in Miami-Dade was run by two groups, holding
celebrations on the same day in different cities. And just two years ago, a
split between organizers and bandleaders created two separate celebrations
-- one at Opa-locka, the other at Bicentennial Park -- also on the same day.
With less than two months before showtime, this year's competition is fierce
among the three groups for revelers, masquerade bands, and crowd-drawing
soca and calypso musical performers.
The Pro Player group, which calls itself S.O.C.A. (the South Florida
Organization of Caribbean Arts, Inc.), is even offering to pay up to $1,500
in appearance fees for some masquerade bands, and promises to pay one-third
of it upfront as a signing bonus.
''It is totally ludicrous and absolutely ridiculous that we have found
ourselves back in this situation for another time,'' said Glenn Joseph,
president of South Florida's Greater Caribbean-American Chamber of Commerce.
``People need to grow up and get responsible. Everyone is talking about the
love of culture when what everyone is trying to do is chase the golden egg
they seem to think lies at the end of that rainbow.''
But Selman Lewis, the CEO of Miami Carnival Inc., said Carnival is not a
lucrative venture. It's an expensive one, which last year cost $524,000 to
He said organizers lost money despite hosting 90,000 spectators at the
Opa-locka Airport on Sunday, and charging a $20 entrance fee.
''We've been running at a deficit for several years,'' Lewis said about his
group, which receives corporate sponsorships and some Miami-Dade County
grant money to put on the Sunday showcase on Columbus Day Weekend.
``The support for festivals is dying out. Everybody is going after the same
pot of money.''
Those behind the competing events, however, say money is not their motive.
Homestead is just too far a drive from the center of South Florida's
Caribbean growth, they say. According to U.S. Census figures, of the 160,282
West Indians who live in Miami-Dade County, only 32,384 live south of
Kendall Drive.
In contrast, Broward County is home to 156,343 West Indians and the region's
fastest growing Caribbean communities in the cities of Miramar, Lauderhill
and Lauderdale Lakes.
'People are saying, `Homestead is too far. Why should we drive and get in
trouble?' Everyone takes a little drink, you know?'' said Dennis Hardial, a
Sunrise resident and Broward promoter who is charging $5 to attend his event
next to Lockhart.
Rather than money, he said, ''it's the cry of the people,'' including the
eight masquerade bands that committed to him, which motivated him. Hardial
said if Miami Carnival had remained at Opa-locka, he would not be having his
Rosalie Clement, one of six investors in S.O.C.A., said she and the others
put up $10,000 each of their own money to plan the event at Pro Player
Stadium. In addition to the appearance fees, the group is offering prizes
and truck generators, consistent with Miami Carnival's package deal.
The group plans to stage its event in the stadium's parking lots, using the
entire east side. The deal with Pro Player, however, is contingent on
whether the Marlins make it into the playoffs.
''They are a wild card,'' she conceded. ``I am a Florida Marlins fan and
this is the first time I am hoping nothing comes from it.''
The S.O.C.A. group, which met with about 30 masqueraders on Thursday night,
is moving ahead with plans, offering to sponsor a breakfast to sign up more
bands. It has some sponsorship, organizers claim, and like Hardial, is
offering cut-rate entrance fees of $5 and $10.
So far, S.O.C.A. has about 10 masquerade bands signed up, including some
from the Virgin Islands and New York, organizers say.
''We are giving people a choice,'' said Clement, a Miami Gardens resident.
``There is an outcry from the community. Being in the community, you hear it
in the restaurants, among friends and family members.''
While many of the masqueraders attending Thursday night's meeting at the
Holiday Inn near Pro Player seemed skeptical, at least one had her mind made
''We need change. We need stability and we have to focus on culture,'' said
Claudette Marryshow, a masquerader and longtime participant with Miami
Carnival who said she's going with S.O.C.A. ``It's not a financial thing.''
With all groups planning to get the word out on Caribbean radio stations,
the Internet and fliers -- many handed out at New York's West Indian Day
Parade on Labor Day -- organizers aren't leaving anything to chance.
While it benefits from its reputation, Lewis and others are strongly
marketing the new South Dade location.
''The Speedway is a longer drive, but it's a shorter time,'' Lewis said,
referring to the three hours some patrons have been known to spend at
Opa-locka trying to park.
And with free parking and free buses scheduled to leave from Fort
Lauderdale, North Dade, Miami Beach and Kendall, Lewis is hoping the
revelers will head south.
Herald Database Editor Tim Henderson contributed to this report


Ms. Hewitt stated in her comments to me "Pretty soon we will loose Carnival after all".  Yes, it seems we certainly might, especially after reading the article.  But, like I stated last week with Baltimore we are not taking sides or getting involved in these unnecessary situations.  We are going to Miami to have a good time and that's guaranteed, but I do have an opinion about this unfortunate situation.  This is a prime example of what I discussed a few weeks ago about the "Crab In The Barrel" mentality that has plagued our communities for many years.  What can be accomplished except failure from a situation like this. As I explained, I have no problem with the situation that is going on in Baltimore with 2 Carnivals (taking place in July and September), but to have 3 events on the same day is just ludicrous.  Someone said in the above article that if the Carnival stayed at Opa-locka Airport they wouldn't be staging their Carnival, that makes no sense.  First of all, it was stated that Opa-locka Airport didn't want the Carnival their anymore because of the trash and crowds, whereas Homestead welcomes the event.  Secondly, Miami is a large "spread-out" metropolitan area and most people have cars, so it's not a problem to travel from one part of town to another.  The organizers of the Homestead Carnival are also offering free bus rides and parking, and the new location is a speedway, so obviously it's set up to deal with large crowds, and the facilities should be a lot better than in the previous location (in a field).  Additionally, according to the above article 10 people invested $10,000. in one of the events, and they stated it wasn't about the money.  Well, what is the point of throwing away $100,000 to lure groups away from the established event.  The only point could be "hating".  This must stop!  If there are people out there with $10,000 to throw away on negativity, think about what you are doing and you can throw it towards Arious Entertainment, and we can think of something positive to do with it, which would uplift the community, the culture and bring you a return.  Oh, one last thought, it's always warm in Miami so you have 51 other weekends in the year that to "put on" these other Carnivals.  Why not do it in January when it's freezing in the North and people would be happy to come to Miami in the winter.  Well, I guess I've said enough.  Hopefully, when we get to Miami they won't be "hating" on us.  It's only logic! 

Let us know your opinion. Hit up the message board under carnivals.

Please remember to log on to our message board - to add, read and respond to our many topics.  Let us know your thoughts on these topics, and what's happened in your town/area over the weekend.

"Peace Out" to all of you!


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Miami Florida


Carnival Friday, October 10th 2003

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Kings & Queens Competition - 7:00 p.m.

Steelband Panorama - 9:00 p.m.

Breakfast - 1 a.m.

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DJ The Supreme Team


 Hialeah Park, 2200 East 4th Avenue

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Sunday October 12th 2003


The Best North American Carnival Continues in a New Location @

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Play Mas on the street all day before and after the stage!

Join 25 Mas and Steel Bands for a 3 mile parade along the tree lined streets with music from Byron Lee & the Dragonnaires, Nu look, Visage, Invasion, Imij & Company, Burning Flames, Iwer George, Leon Coldero & Code Red, FayAnn Lyons, Naya George Ghetto Flex & Oneka


DJ's Waggy T...Mixmaster Roderick...Sound Revolution & House Arrest...Massive Force...GE Sounds (Gary Enforcement)...Groove Masters...Rambo ...Supreme Team


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Jacksonville Florida

Carnival Comes To Jacksonville Florida

Friday, October 17, 2003

'We Glowing Again Wear White 03'


 The Supreme Team, Jax Steel Pan Jammers, B.I.G. Sounds, DJ Chunks
with M.C. Wassy


The Inn at Baymeadws
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(off Baymeadows Road behind Bank Of America & Arbys)

Admission: $15 in advance - $20 at the door
Time: 9:00pm

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Saturday 18 2003

Carnival Organization Of Jacksonville, Inc.

 Invites you to the
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Downtown  Jacksonville Florida 

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Take a Florida Carnival vacation get Miami and Jacksonville carnivals in the south before facing the cold winter season!

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