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Dearest On-Line Family and Friends:  Special Greetings To All Of You!!!

The end of October is here, and you know what that means…right?  Halloween, magnificent fall, the beginning of the festive season; and for this year it’s all about the Mid-Term elections! 

The fascinating celebration of "Halloween" is so anticipated by numerous amounts of us, and at times I am extremely bewildered by the entire idea.  However, year after year I find myself marveled by the concept.  Hum, a day/night set aside to celebrate and bring into our present and historical imaginations: spirituality, death and religious beliefs.  Moreover, it is connected to; and symbolizes death (haunted houses, ghosts, graveyards, skeletons); evil and misfortunes (witches, goblins, black cats, spiders) and harvest (pumpkins, scarecrows, corn stocks, candy corn, bonfires, and all sorts of candy on a whole). 

Regardless of what it symbolizes; adults are thrilled about this holiday, and children simply adore it.  In fact, decorating your home in a spooky or harvest theme is fun for many, as well as dressing up in your favorite costume and transforming into your favorite character for the night.  Children on the other hand truly think it is awesome, and love the concept of being “costumed down” and going to each of their neighbor’s home (door to door) “Trick-or-Treating” and receiving enormous amounts of candy. 

As my husband and I discussed his memories of Halloween as a child, I was fascinated to discover that he never really liked Halloween.  He explained the concept of dressing up and “begging” for candy was never intriguing to him.  He further explained: “being a privileged child I had all the candy I ever needed and wanted 365 days of the year; so it was simply  unappealing to me to go out and practically beg for candy 1 day out of the year”.  He however stated, he always enjoy the Halloween parties at his school, because it broke the metonymy of the normal classroom setting.  LOL..ok…oK, to be quite honest my husband has always been different, so this isn’t really a surprise…LOL!!

For me though, there are no memories of Halloween as a child; because Halloween was not celebrated in my country (Trinidad) when I as a child (LOL…way back then).   However, as an adult living in this country, I have always loved seeing the little kiddies in their adorable costumes.  Therefore, the decorating of my home in a harvest theme is completed (for some weeks now); and I can’t wait to greet the little lovelies who come to my door in whatever costume they are adorn in - - chanting “Trick-or-Treat”.  I will certainly get my “scared act on”, while filling their baskets and bags with candy.

I leave you with a little poem I wrote last year for Halloween.  If you celebrate Halloween I hope you will enjoy it, and most importantly I hope you take every precaution to be safe.  Have a happy and fun filled Halloween!!!

PumpkinLightedHalloween.JPG (29272 bytes)

Halloween Time is here...A spooktacular time of year!  A fun time for kids as they move ghostly without fear from house to house adorned in masks and costumes singing happily

"Trick-or-Treat...Trick-or-Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat. Give Me Candy, Give Me Cake.  Give Me Something Sweet to Take!"  


Their little eyes sparkling as they sing so sweetly, and how gratified they are of your false ghastly expression of gory.  A bid of good night rings out in song as they skip along their shadowy way to frighten another one.  With joy in their hearts and thoughts of good eats, they can't wait to get indoors to tear open their treats.

Written By Susan Mangatal


The Mid-Term Elections will be taking place in the next few days, and according to all the reports from every media outlets: “The Republicans will be taking back control of the House”; and that is, if we decide NOT TO VOTE.  We simply can’t afford to let this happen.  Therefore, I feel the following video is appropriate to share with you.  It’s of our First Lady Michelle Obama telling us the importance of voting in the Mid-Term Elections.  Please view this interesting video by clicking on the Picture below and GO OUT AND VOTE!!!!



Fall Outing-Virginia-10,23,10-1-Mountain.JPG (38875 bytes)This past weekend was absolutely amazing!!!  Setting out with no plan, maps or GPS on a journey to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, last Saturday was awesome.  This afforded us the special opportunity to witness the lovely sights of nature.  Fall Outing-Virginia-10,23,10-2-Mountain.JPG (67423 bytes)And umm, it was absolutely beautiful observing FALL in all its splendor!  Indeed it was quite a sight, as we drove through the mountains of Maryland and Virginia at some pretty high elevations; observing the changing leaves on the tress in Fall Outing-Virginia-10,23,10-1-Trees.JPG (33035 bytes) their brilliant and magnificent colors of reds, purples, orange and yellows.  Gee…it was so very lovely!!!

Fall Outing-Virginia-10,23,10-2-Trees.JPG (71892 bytes)After some hours driving we arrived at the popular fall foliage viewing spot “Skyline Drive” and decided to deviate from our plan, but was halted by the enormous amounts of traffic trying to get on the Drive.  Fall Outing-Virginia-10,23,10-1-LC.JPG (70667 bytes)

We figured we would continue with our plan and found ourselves at the doorsteps of The Luray Caverns, but was unable to spend some time visiting because our excited Pet insisted on taking the trip with us. (No pets allowed).  

We continued on with our journey, but once we stopped for a late lunch in Woodstock, Virginia, we realized how late it had become; and we decided to turn around and head back to our home.  Fall Outing-Virginia-10,23,10-1-HarpersFerry.JPG (66823 bytes)The last stop we made before heading directly home was at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, and every time we visit this historical area the beauty takes my breathe away.   

Fall Outing-Virginia-10,23,10-3-HarpersFerry.JPG (24159 bytes)Truly, the sights along our drive were incredibly picturesque, not to mention how wonderful the day was with the pleasant cool and crisp breeze blowing through our vehicle.  It most certainly was a glorious and fun day for us.  If you haven’t checked out “Skyline Drive” in the Fall season yet, you must do so!  You are in for a spectacular treat!!!!  

Fall Outing-Virginia-10,23,10-1-Pumpkins.JPG (111044 bytes)Fall Outing-Virginia-10,23,10-3-Trees.JPG (49210 bytes)

Pal Joey Lewis Orchestra-1.JPG (48181 bytes)The loveliness of the day continued into the evening as we decided to check out Trinidad’s own “Pal Joey Lewis & his Orchestra” at the Crossroads Entertainment Complex.  And what a marvelous show it was!!!!  

First off, the club was beautifully decorated in the colors of Trinidad and Tobago's Flag (Red, Black and White), and the mood and setting was awesome.  Pal Joey Lewis Event Club-Attendees.JPG (77605 bytes)Pal Joey Lewis Event - Pal & Host Mr. Mattei.JPG (88725 bytes)In fact, for the night the atmosphere was like a Supper Club featuring a big band (Orchestra).  My husband Todd was absolutely pleased with the beautiful intimate and relaxing setting of the club, and shared his thoughts with Management.  Todd was quickly reminded by Management that they (he and management) had discussed what the setting of the club should be for this event, in great detail some weeks before the performance.  Gosh, drinks were in abundance; so you can just imagine how tight I had to hang on to the bed and how much I prayed that the bed would stop spinning so badly.  Woohoo...Ha...Ha...Ha! (Picture to the right  is of MC and Radio Host Mr. Mattei and Pal Joey Lewis).

Pal Joey Lewis Event - Pal & Orchestra.JPG (79767 bytes)Pal Joey Lewis is a legendary musician from Trinidad who introduced some new things to the local music scene.  He began his career in music at the very early age of 10, and started his own band at age 16.  This fantastic guitarist Mr. Lewis created some great music throughout the years, and has performed with his Orchestra around the world.  Mr. Lewis created a beat he called the "Saga Thing"; which was very popular because of his unique style of strumming the guitar, which emphasized the beat.  Due to the popularity of the beat, the "Saga Thing" dance was soon created,  and was the biggest rave in the dancehalls in Trinidad and Tobago.

"Pal Joey Lewis has done recordings with top calypsonians such as The Mighty Sparrow, Duke, Terror, Shorty, Chalkdust and Singing Francine. He has performed on Scouting For Talent, won Brass-o-Rama in 1979 and the Best Playing Band on the road for Carnival. For 20 years his bad has brightened up the streets of Port of Spain for Carnival."

If you would ask me what band I would compare Pal Joey Lewis and his Orchestra to.  Without a doubt to me it would be the Legendary Byron Lee & The Dragonaires.   His performance, was similar as well.

Indeed, it was a lovely night of dancing in a beautiful comfortable setting.  Where ever you are in the world and you hear Pal Joey Lewis and his Orchestra is in your town, please make arrangements to attend his show.  

We brought our marvelous weekend to a close by attending the Oliver Samuels play “Puppy Love”, at The University of District of Columbia in Washington DC; and OHHH, WHAT A FANTASTIC PLAY IT WAS….CHEERS!!!!

Honestly, this play was really very good, very well written and directed; and the actors were excellent.  

We arrived a bit late, and therefore missed a little of the beginning.  However, it was easy to follow along, and to get caught up on the plot.  

Even though the play was very funny (typical Oliver style), to me it was very intriguing, and very thought provoking.  Yes, the script was truly “deep”, and the set design, as well as the music used throughout the play was splendid.

The writer Patrick Brown really focused on important elements of humanity, and all sides of the interesting situations the characters portrayed.  Needless-to-say, he really brought out the acting ability, range and motivation of the cast.  Through humor I truly saw the normal humanity of our everyday life; I felt the pains and passions, was angered by the betrayals, justified and applauded the decisions during some precarious situations, and understood and accepted the thought provoking end ~~~ while laughing, and laughing, and laughing all the way through this fantastic play.  I must confess though, I found myself seriously focusing deeply on the words of what the Character “Denise” stated about marriage in 2 of the scenes.  [Being that I have been married for 25 years.]  It was profound in my opinion!  Again, I must say the script is amazing, clearly the writer did an excellent job. 

Sorry to be so vague about the actual events or plot, but the producers of the play “Everybody’s Magazine” informed us that this is the final weekend of performances; and it will be running in the New York Tri State area, and I know it is heading to Atlanta soon as well.  So out of courtesy, I will not talk in detail about this play.  I honestly WILL NOT spoil the excitement for the many of our New York Tri State Area and our Atlanta on-line family who have not seen this play yet.  However, I urge you to check it out.  It is awesome.  Moreover, the script is amazing, as well as the actors and actresses Dahlia Harris, Natalee Cole, Oliver Samuels and Earle Brown

I do want you to share your thoughts with me after you see the play.  Let me know if any of the topics touched you.

By the way, we at Arious join in congratulating the director of “Puppy Love” Mr. Trevor Nairne for receiving “The Order of Distinction Award” (Jamaica’s Highest National Award) for his contributions to the development of the theater in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.

Please Note: Performances of "Puppy Love" will be in the following areas:

Friday, Oct. 29, 8pm, York College Performing Arts Center, Queens, NY (718) 941-1879 ($45)

Saturday, Oct. 30, Cicely Tyson Performing Arts School, 35 Winans St. (off Main Street), East Orange, NJ (973) 676-5066  ($36)

Halloween Sunday, Oct. 31, 6pm, Lehman College , Bronx , NY (718) 941-1879 ($48, $43, $39)

Tickets are available for all performances and for more info: www.everybodysmag.com     -- (718) 941-1879

Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy


Flashpoint is presented By Mr. Hollis “Flash” Lashley, (Author, Poet, Musician) To purchase a copy of Mr. Hollis Lashley motivating book of poetry entitled "Gifts From The Heart" log on to: http://www.xlibris.com or http://www.holislashley.com


Being a family involves the need at times, to sacrifice being right, and to seek to understand another, so that the family unit remains intact.

Being a family involves the need to develop an ability by its members to understand that unity is strength.

Being a family means providing whatever support individual members may need, so that they may develop into someone better.

A family provides opportunities for empowerment by supporting each other; and provides  possibilities for moving beyond perceived difficulties, by providing models of coping through Faith based practices and open, truthful communications.

A family is not just a collection of individuals who inhabit a common abode, and who may be related by blood. There must be someone who is not afraid to make the kinds of decisions which could ultimately lead in the direction of empowerment. A family has clear leadership, defines and clarifies the roles of its members, and holds each other accountable for the growth of the unit in positive ways.

Families may be biologically related to each other, or may be related by simply having a common purpose. If such a purpose is constructive enough to benefit the growth of others in positive ways, then we have the nucleus of a unit which can empower the group, the organization, the society, and ultimately the world.

Families empower growth or entropy, love or fear, living or dying. Which do you choose in this, your family?

My prayer is that in this family you have decided to provide the means for preparing your members to lead and to guide a household, an organization, a city, a government, a country or a world; so that we influence the family of man to evolve towards perfection in physical, psychological and spiritual ways at all times. And so it is.

Hollis Patrick Lashley. © 2010.

Hollis Lashley, Author, Gifts From the Heart
Need an Uplift? Visit www.HollisLashley.com
Find Inspiration, Motivation, Spirituality & Poetry.
For Copies of "Gifts From the Heart" see web site or Telephone: 202-299-8638

This week we lost a legendary reggae superstar (Gregory Isaacs), a good friend and community leader (Ms. "Peasie"), Prime Minister (David Thompson) and popular Trinidadian Singer "Blazer Dan"

We at Arious are saddened to hear the news of the passing of these wonderful folks, and we would like to extend our deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy to the family, friends, supporters, and fans of Reggae Legend Gregory Isaacs, The Honorable Prime Minister of Barbados David Thompson, Community leader and friend Ms. Geraldine L. Adams "Peasie"; and Trinidad's musician  Mr. Troydan Cruickshank aka "Blazer Dan"

GregoryIsaacs-3.jpg (4018 bytes)Specifically regarding Mr. Gregory Isaacs "The Cool Ruler", I have a world of memories about this Legend of a reggae singer.  Gosh, I remember the many occasions in the early days where we excitedly attended his concerts and he was a NO SHOW.  However, as he got his life together and began touring again, every show we attended was awesome.  I particularly remember one show in Baltimore at the 8x10 Club where he performed with the awesome band Live Wyya, and Gregory was fantastic; and it was my favorite show.  I am truly pleased that we were able to see him earlier this year at our friend (WPFW Radio Host) Mr. Tony Carr's Tribute, where Gregory Isaacs performed.

Click on Gregory's picture above to view a live performance of his most famous song "Night Nurse" or click the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyEP_st9csI.  Additionally, you can click on the following link to listen to an exclusive interview with Gregory "The Cool Ruler" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS9_xhEU_-0 (Courtesy of, and powered by YouTube).

Our dear friend GERALDINE L. ADAMS "Peasie"  was a lovely person who was very active in our community.  Ms. Peasie was such a wonderful person to work with, very strong, very committed and had a great personality.  One of Ms. Peasie's dearest friend was Singer Marvin Gaye Jr.; and soon after the death of her dear friend Marvin, she decided to sponsor local events in his memory to showcase talent in and around the D.C. area for all who inspired to be recognized.  One of her famous local events/festival (she produced) was the popular annual Marvin Gaye Jr. Appreciation Day, which was observed every year in June.  Her dream was to have the Watts Playground named in honor of Marvin Gaye, Jr.; which was accomplished during her lifetime.  Yes, she lived to see her dream come true.

I have fond memories of Ms. Peasie, who always took the time to commend us on the good works we are doing in the community (as she stated). I sit here smiling as I remember all the occasions she showed up at my place of work or business to make sure she personally gave me her flyers for her events.  Most importantly, her style of dress was awesome (she was always adorn in flashy clothing such like a rock star).  REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND.

Kindly check out the events we have spotlighted below under our "Featured Events" section .  Actually, check out all the events including all the upcoming events by logging on to our "Events" Page HERE!  Also, keep in mind the 25th Anniversary Concert of Pan Masters Steel Orchestra, taking place on Saturday, October 30, 2010.  Log on to their site for details www.panmasters.com

Have an enjoyable and fantastic weekend, and we will certainly vibe some more with you next week.

We welcome your input, so if you have any comment or feedback on the commentary or events - please feel free to send an e-mail to me Susan Mangatal at my e-mail address: susan@ariousentertainment.us or you can also reach me at ariousentertainment@earthlink.net.


Featured Events: For all our events, please visit our "Events" Page.


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October 30, 2010

Cheverly, Maryland

Pan Masters 25th Anniversary Concert


October 29, 20, & 31, 2010 

November 14, 2010 

Trinidad and Tobago Working Women's Committee presents Casino Sunday

A Bus Trip to Harrington Raceway and Casino in Delaware

Depart from:5123 Georgia Ave, NW, Washington DC 20011

at 9:00 am

Depart from:Harrington at 4:30 pm

Arrive: DC at 6:30 pm


Deanne Samuels 301-499-3158


Annette Achille 301-879-8449

Pat St. Hill 301-574-2253

Pat Phillip 301-439-9107

Cost $40 includes

 Trini Breakfast

 $15 Free Play

 $15 Buffet Style Meal











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