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Greetings my on Line Family:

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The meaning of Thanksgiving To us Trini's (Trinidadians)

by Susan Mangatal

Thanksgiving for us in Trinidad has the same concept as here in the U.S.  It's all about giving THANKS!!!!

However, in Trinidad it is not set on a specific day, nor is it a holiday as it is here in the U.S., and most importantly it is not commercialized, but it's considered an event, an actual celebration of thanks for whatever ACCOMPLISHMENT or GOOD that has transpired in one's life.  This event takes place whenever an individual feel they need to give thanks and praise for an accomplishment or success.  

Even though I have experienced lots of Thanksgivings "Trini Style" at home in Trinidad and most recently in the U.S. (within this year).  I felt for me to get a true definition and description of "A Thanksgiving" (so I can share it with you) I needed to talk with an expert, so I looked to my mom (Marva) who resides in Trinidad for her expertise in holding "A Thanksgiving".


"My Thanksgivings" by Ms. Marva

"We give "A Thanksgiving" when we feel we need to give thanks for an accomplishment, or give thanks for some good that has taken place in our life.  It could be about anything. 

Once I plan a Thanksgiving I set the date and invite children, all the Children from my neighborhood as well as their parents and adults.  

A Thanksgiving consists of the preparations of an array of foods what ever you wish, in my case I prepare traditional foods such as roti, buss-up shot, rice, allou (curry potato), curry pumpkin, curry mango, black eye peas, dahl (split pea), cou cou, callaloo, curry chicken, stew chicken, etc, along with cakes, sweet bread, regular bread and an array of snacks such as chillibibi, tullum, sugar cakes, corn curls, sweets/candies and fruits such as apples, grapes, banana, watermelon, cane, mangos, etc.  

Once the foods are prepared, I then must prepare my table, which receives a blessing that can be administered by yourself or a preacher from a denomination of your choice (normally from the religion you follow or a part of).  In my case, I bless my table using my religious methods "Spiritual Baptist", (In recent years I  converted from Catholic to Spiritual Baptist)  

To prepare my table with the proper items before blessing consist of an olive branch, a white rose placed in a white glass, with pure clean water (No Alcohol must have been placed in the glass prior to using it for the "Thanksgiving ceremony.) and white candles (in some cases according to what you are giving thanks for different color candles can be used.

The day of the event I cook all my foods, do all my baking, and prepare all my snacks, along with obtaining all the fruits.  I place all of them on my table along with the candles, rose and olive branch.  

The ceremony begins once all my guest arrives.  I distribute on a plate a little of all the foods I have prepared, and I begin with my blessing.  Upon other prayers, I focus on the prayer for mercy, endurance and grace in the book of Psalms, and I use the white rose during my prayer to sprinkle the water over all the foods.  

Once I have finished the blessing of my table I distribute the food and share it with everyone.  I proceed with preparing bags that includes some of all the snacks, breads and fruits and distribute it to everyone in attendance.  

If there is any food left-over, I do not discard it nor give it to the dogs, it is left to be eaten.

As you see the concept is exactly the same "giving thanks", but, it is done whenever one feels it needs to be done, and definitely not commercialized.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we hope you continue enjoying "Thanksgiving" throughout this holiday weekend.




What Thanksgiving has meant To me!!

by Todd Mangatal

Thanksgiving for me has been more of a tradition rather than a day to give thanks.  Of course, we gave thanks prior to eating, but I fell into the commercial trappings of Thanksgiving since it has been a part of my life for the last 40 years.  Thanksgiving of me is the one time a year when we eat the traditional thanksgiving turkey, which is something we normally don't eat in my household throughout the year, and we always have stuffing {lately we have been experimenting with different types of stuffing}, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, bread, and a few additional items that sometimes change from year to year.  We usually finish up with pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie and other desserts.  This year Susan went on a baking spree and baked a sweet potato pie, an apple pie and a banana cream pie, this was a first and they all turned out great. Like I said before Thanksgiving for me has never really been about giving thanks  it's been more about eating (even though we always say a few words of thanks before eating).  It's also been a time when family members would get together and enjoy the feast. 

The holiday we know here in America as Thanksgiving started many years ago, when the Pilgrims first arrived in North America.  After their voyage across the Atlantic, which in itself took many months, they arrived at a place they called Plymouth.  Soon after arriving winter came and it was very cold, so since this was a new land they had no idea how to grow crops or get food.  Many of them died because of the cold weather and without food, but they encountered some native Americans (Indians) who helped them, and taught them how to grow crops.  After the crops grew, and they had "a plenty harvest", they had a harvest festival between themselves and the Native Americans (Indians who helped them).  This is the root of "Thanksgiving" as we know it in America.  Now as we look back the Native Americans really didn't have anything to be thankful for, because once the Pilgrims learned to grow crops and how to obtain food they killed the Indians and stole their land.  That's really low...isn't it, and it sounds like a fair-tale, doesn't it???  But it isn't!!! 

You see why I don't get caught up in Thanksgiving, because like most things in America, it's another commercialize fraud, and it's sad that after 400 years we are still going into other people's lands and trying to force them to do things our way, and killing them off by the 1000's with no regard for their life or culture, and we say it's all in the name of "Freedom".  Does this make any sense, shouldn't we be beyond this?

No...No, let me stop, I'm not going to talk about this today, just thinking about it is making me angry.  Anyway, I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and celebrated the way you and your family have traditionally celebrated Thanksgiving.


Highlights of Capital Star Competition

It's your last chance before the new year to take part in the Capital Star Competition.  There are only 2 more weeks before the competition takes a break for the holidays.  If you would like to be the next Capital Star contact Toni Samuel for all the details 703-405-7061 or  The show will begin again in January after all the holiday festivities have been completed.  Then they will go into the semi finals and finals to crown the next Capital Star

If you like talent or you just like to witness a great show, come out to Oasis on the Occoquan at 13188 Marina Way, in Woodbridge, VA for week 7 of Capital Star this Tuesday November 28th

This week the 1st Place winner Jamie was exceptional and definitely STAR quality!!!  She is one of Todd's favorite to be the next Capital Star, and I'm inclined to agree with him.  Todd is currently working on the video clip and will upload it soon to "Arious TV", so you can judge for yourself!!!

Check out the winners bio below

1st place Winner - Jamie Jones


Talented!  Irresistible!  Sensational!

These are all adjectives that describe Jamie Jones.  Born in Watertown, NY and raised in Highpoint, NC Jamie brings the perfect blend of youthful excitement and natural talent to the music industry.  With just a quick glimpse of her unique style and sound you will clearly see why she represents the future of popular music.  Combining her love of R&B, Hip Hop and Pop music Jamie delivers her songs with the passion and commitment that captivate listeners while being able to match that delivery with show stopping live performances.

Jamie discovered her love for music at an early age after singing in youth choirs and at local events.  She quickly excelled - rising above the rest.  Now in her teens Jamie continues to hone her skills by taking vocal, piano and dance lessons to further prepare herself for a long lasting career as an all around entertainer in the music industry.  This training came in handy as she recently was the opening act for national recording artists Juelz Santana, Trey Songz, 112, New Edition, KC & Jo Jo and Jaguar Wright.

Jamie's music project includes production from Kwame (Missy Elliott, The Game, Pussycat Dolls), MoHuggs (Jennifer Lopez, Mya, Keisha Coles), Jarod B (Dru Hill, Luv Her, Paula Campbell) and Mo Digga (Paula Campbell).

Buckle up for safety as Jamie takes you on an extraordinary musical ride

2nd Place Winner - Fred Rivers, Comedian

Fred has been performing his comedy since 1985.  He is a generally funny guy who loves life and loves talking about it.  Over the years, Fred has performed on many many stages.  He has been seen on Showtime at the Apollo as well as BET Comic View.  Fred is also a regular at the DC Improv.  Fred's newest project, entitled "The Fred Rivers At Home Show," will be taped live by one of the producers from Fox 5.  Information for the live show taping will be available very soon!  DVD will be released soon after taping.  Watch for more great things from this very gifted entertainer!

3rd Place Winners - Soul Club

Singers (A Group of 5)

Soul Club learned some of there craft from popular international acts such as Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fames Diz Russle of the Oriels, Steve Charles of the Clovers, with whom they became good friends.  Over 14 years of existence, Soul Club has performed at numerous national events, such as festivals, corporate and governmental functions, restaurants, clubs and television.  Some of their appearances include  "Show time at the Apollo" in 2005,  Ashford & Simpson's  "Sugar Bar" restaurant in New York, Tom Joyner Sky-Show and the Marvin Gaye festival in Washington, DC.  Soul Clubs image has been compared with the likes of 5th Dimension and the suave sound of singing sensation Whispers which sets Soul Club apart from any other singing group of today.  Much have been said about Soul Clubs potential:  "Unbelievable" quote Al Johnson of the Unifics'.  After many years of singing, Donnell, Rick, Sandy, Debra and Mike also known as "Soul Club", has taken family and fans back down memory's lane.

Join us for Week 7 Competition at Oasis on the Occoquan and check out the wonderful talent.  



Condolences to Herman Samuels and his family for the loss of Herman's mother.


Thanks for the Support and being a part of our on-line family!!!!




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We at Arious would like to Congratulate Shaka Hislop on his fantastic playing which contributed to his team "The Soca Worriers" surpassed and made it to the World Cup.  The teamwork was exceptional and we are proud of Shaka and the "Soca Worriers".  We also congratulate Rumors Events for bestowing and honoring Shaka this past Friday!!!!

November 24, 2006

Honoring Shaka Hislop


This Sunday, November 26, 2006




November 28, 2006

WASHINGTON DC, Maryland and Virginia

Capital Star Search by One Heart Charities is now in Virginia for the 7th week and will continue for one more week before it breaks for the holidays at:


13188 Marina Way, Woodbridge Virginia 

Join One Heart Charities as they present "Capital Star Search" A Benefit Talent Competition this Tuesday, November 28, 2006 and for the Next Tuesday until they return after the holidays

Click Flyer below for all the details!!!



It Could be you 

If you’ve missed your AMERICAN IDOL Opportunity - DON’T MISS THIS!!!!

CapitalStar@OASIS.jpg (1016959 bytes)


We are now accepting applications for contestants. We are limited to 200 entries, so please apply early by calling 703-405-7061, or e-mail

1st Prize -- $1,500 cash prize
10 hours studio time
1 week vacation any place in the United States
Radio Interviews – Plus Added Prizes

2nd Prize - $750 cash prize
10 hours studio time –
Shopping Certificates, Party Certificates, Dinner Certificates

3rd Prize - $500 cash prize
Party and Dinner Certificates

All proceeds to benefit One Heart Charities.
(Generating Oneness in Diversity)
Raising funds so that non-profit agencies can continue much-needed work.

To View Capital Star Stand Alone E-mail Blast Click Here!!!!







November 30, 2006

Sonnig Records & the Institute for Enterprise Development


Come to Washington: A Song for the City - The Auction Event

Bid on the Mickelson's Fine Art framed mural by artist J. Anthony that has toured Washington this summer and is signed by Glenn Harris, Warren Brown, Pat Collins, Marc Barnes, Nora Pouillon, Chuck Brown, Maureen Bunyan, Rich Heincke, Al Santos, Molly Smith, Ron Pinchback, Jeannie Jones, Dante Ferrando, G. Bernard Wandel, Gordon Peterson, and Marcus Johnson! All signers have been invited to attend!

A portion of the winning bid is being donated to the DC Music Center, a non-profit school that provides affordable music lessons for low-income youth and adults.


The Charles Sumner School & Museum
1201 Seventeenth Street, NW, WDC 20036

6:00-9:00 PM

Special Honorary Guest
Mrs. Michelle Fenty
Honorary Guests
Representatives from Embassies of Japan, Morocco, Liberia, France, and the US Congress
Leopold Boeckl, Architect
Leopold's Kafe & Konditorei
Master of Ceremony
Guy Middleton, Show Host
WPFW-89.3 FM

Light Fare, Art, and a Lincoln Ross Performance

Tickets: $25 in Advance/$35 at the Door
Call (202) 210-2427 to Purchase

Visit for a sneak preview of the catchy Come to Washington anthem and to learn more about the Come to Washington: A Song for the City campaign!



Saturday, December 2, 2006

Join  One Heart Charities for their First Annual World Aids Day Celebration and Gospel Concert at the Roslyn Spectrum

For All the details contact Toni Samuel at 703-405-7061 and to purchase your tickets!




Sunday December 3, 2006

 Everybody's Magazine
 "Assistant Thief"
Oliver Samuels
Camille Davis
Glen Campbell
University Of Maryland
Tawes Theatre

Showtime 6pm

Tickets: $40:00
@ Tawes Theatre Box Office 301-405-ARTS and in Baltimore @
Brown's Bakery 410-772-2422; & in the
Metropolitan DC Area
Caribbean Delight 301-439-1270
Paradise Cove Restaurant 301-306-9004
Caribbean Sea 301-891-3497
Caribbean Market 301-439-5288
Coronation Market 202-723-9636
Spicy Delight 202-829-9783
Browns Bakery 202-291-3009
Caribbean Belly 202-726-2726
Tropicana Restaurant 202-541-9060




Capital Star in Woodbridge, VA December 5, 2006

Capital Star by One Heart Charities in Virginia for this week until after the holidays at

13188 Marina Drive, Woodbridge Virginia  *  703-494-5000

Join One Heart Charities, Inc. as they present "Capital Star Search" A Benefit Talent Competition this Upcoming Tuesday, December 5, 2006.

Click Flyer below for all the details!!!

CapitalStar@OASIS.jpg (1016959 bytes)



Baltimore, Maryland

 December 10, 2006



New Years Eve Gala in Maryland

December 31, 2006

De Island Masqueraders Cordially invite you to their First Annual New Years Eve Gala & Show

@ Prince Georges County Ballroom - 2411 Pine Brook Avenue, Landover Maryland

Live Music by PanMasters Steel Orchestra

Along with  DJ Zeansu

For Larger View of Flyers, Please Click on each individual Flyer or Here!!!

Join De Island Masqueraders as they "Spread Their Wings" to the 2007 St. Thomas Carnival

  For details Please click the flyer below

STT_Flyer.jpg (120993 bytes)










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Happy Birthday Cheryl (again).  We had a nice time at the party!

Happy Birthday G-Nice

Happy  Birthday Smally "The Golden Touch"

Happy Belated Birthday Vicious!


Special "Shout Out" to Mumbles.  Nice to hear you had a nice time at your "Roast" last night, and it's wonderful to here how the community came out on your behalf.





Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!











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