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Todd Mangatal


Greetings to all of you My On-Line Family:  We hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!! 

The last few weeks have been very .  The first big controversy started when OJ Simpson announced he had written a book about the killings of his ex-wife and her friend that took place more than 10 years ago, which he was ultimately cleared of all charges.  The book was entitled "If I Did it, Here's How It Happened".  To me this seems very foolish from his stand point, it would have been a lot better for OJ to have written a book about his experience of being accused of murder and what he went through for the months he tried to prove his innocence.  This would have been a lot more interesting and not made him look like a "big clown" (which most Americans perceives him to be anyway).  One thing I find interesting about this whole OJ case is the fact that he was "tried" for  these crimes and was found Not Guilty, but America still sees him as guilty.  To me this seems like a modern day "lynching".  We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, at least that is what they always said on TV, but I guess we should never believe what we see on TV.  In OJ's case it was never proven that he committed these crimes, yet the world believes he is guilty.  Well, only he knows the truth or the real killers!!!!

The next thing that happened which was really crazy was the outrageous racist rantings of comedian Michael Richards that took place in a comedy club in LA.  You may recall Michael Richards was one of the stars of the popular comedy TV show for 9 years "Seinfeld" (character Kramer).  (Season 6 of the "Seinfeld" show was just about to be released on DVD for the holidays), which by the way sales are up 75% from last year when the 5th season was released and 90% of the year before.  Personally, I think it might have been a major publicity stunt, per the statistics I listed above, simply to increase the sales of the DVD.  A lot of people are saying Michael Richards career is over, and maybe so, but remember he made lots of money from "Seinfeld" for the many years while it was the top rated show on TV, so I'm sure he's set for life, not to mention the proceeds he has received and will be receiving from the sales of the DVD.  Wake up America everything isn't always as it seems.  Most of the time it's always about the dollars!!!  

The next crazy thing that happened was the shootings of 3 unarmed young men in New York, resulting in the death of one on his wedding day (Groom to be Mr. Sean Bell who was only 23).  His other 2 friends survived, but is critically wounded, Joseph Guzman, who was hit 11 times, and Trent Benefield who was wounded in his leg and other areas.  This one is truly crazy, 50 rounds of bullets shot into a car???  What I find strange about this is the Police officers didn't even "throw down" a weapon to make it look like these young men were armed.  This is really strange, what were they thinking?  The other amazing thing about this is how quickly Mayor Michael Bloomburg addressed the public and stated the shootings was unjust.  I think that's a first, but it's a good thing, because for too long the Police believed they are "the overseers" and they are not here to protect and serve, which is something else they have said on TV.  Again, I guess we shouldn't believe what we see on TV.  It seems the world is outraged about this and rightfully so, because there is simply no reason to shoot 50 rounds of bullets to anyone unarmed.

Since all of the information I have heard about this incident have been in the media and we can't believe anything we can see on TV, I know a lot of you among our on-line family are in New York, and I'm sure a few of you are from the area where this happened, so please let me know what you know, so we can make a better assessment of this terrible situation and try to understand exactly what is going on!!!!

Really and truly this shooting incident is extremely outrageous, but the one good thing in this situation is that we all know who committed this crime...the Police, and I'm sure the families will have the opportunity to sue "the pants off" the New York City Police Department, and I'm sure they will win.  Of course, this will not bring back their loved one, nor heal the other 2 who are wounded but they will be compensated well.

This is a problem that we need to rally and get outraged about, because many of the problems, killings, etc. that affects us daily never gets any attention.  I'm talking about the senseless killings that takes place in our communities on a daily basis, and are being committed by our children to our children.  Yes, these are problems that affect us daily, but instead we rally against Michael Richards and OJ.  No doubt, this shooting in New York absolutely require attention, because for far too long we have been victims of police brutality.  However, OJ and Michael Richard does not even warrant the type of media that it was given.

As you know I constantly talk about these senseless killings that takes place daily in our communities, and what really angers me is that it has gotten to the point lately that many of these killings go unreported.  Most importantly, when I sit back and think about the people I know in my immediate circle that have been killed or wounded in the last few years in the Washington DC area is sickening, and in these cases usually there is never any suspects apprehended and convicted, there is no way for any source of compensation, the families are strapped with the loss of their children, mental distress, as well as the ones who survive - just imagine the type of medical bills these families are faced with.  

Let's try and find a way to stop the violence on our streets!

From time to time we have people in our community who has real good things to say, and there is really no outlet for them to express themselves, which is why I am so excited about what we have created here at Arious Entertainment - a means of communication and an outlet not only for us but for those of you among our on-line family that have issues that are plaguing your mind.  This week we received a nice commentary from Brian Jordan of ICE Entertainment, who has been promoting Soca music and the culture of Trinidad and Tobago for many years in our community.  I would like to commend Mr. Jordan on all the work he has done promoting many events and artists in our community.  One great thing about Mr. Jordan is whether the shows do well or not so well he never gives up and he keeps promoting the culture he loves.  As many of you may know it is not easy to do something you love, you always encounter the haters, back stabbers, and parasites pulling you down and don't want to see you succeed.  Anyway, Mr. Jordan's commentary moved me, so go ahead and read his commentary below  "The Challenge" , and I hope it moves you enough so that we can make a change in order for us to uplift each other. 

"The Challenge"

By Brian Jordan aka ICE

As kids growing up in the Caribbean, and in my case Trinidad & Tobago, we learned about our heritage and the heritage of all of the various groups that came from, and to the Caribbean. We learned that in the Middle Ages, Africans sold each other into slavery and that tribal warfare was used by the Europeans to prosper and fuel the Slave market. That seemed so long ago and if you were like me, you might have said a silent prayer of thanks that you weren’t born way back then into a system that seemed so desperate and so unforgiving. You might have imagined your ancestors being dragged, beaten and mistreated in a way that today seems so inhumane. Makes you shudder to think about it doesn’t it??

As a man, I’ve come to realize that some of us still blame the “White man” for our lack of progress. Others have deemed themselves “successful” and look down their noses and shun their “less successful” brethren. They would rather be a negative than be a positive force in their communities. How easy is it to criticize? How easy us it to laugh when another man falls? How easy is it to judge another without taking the time to get to know them?

As a promoter, and a businessman, I’ve seen people lie, cheat, steal, fight, and even threaten to achieve some small financial gain.  I cannot speak for all promoters in the area, but we all have been blessed to some degree. Some have been blessed with the financial wherewithal to produce great shows; some with organizational skills; and others with great friends and supporters.  One thing I know is the business has its ups and downs, and the people in it for the right reasons tend to be community (people) oriented and not necessarily money-oriented. You might agree that without promoters, all of our lives would be much less enriched both culturally and from an entertainment perspective.

Why can’t we all realize that if we used our God-given talents together, we would all prosper. Certainly, our lives on earth are fairly short and it stands to reason that we all know right from wrong, and good from evil. Why then can’t we seem to come together and live a more peaceful and fruitful existence? Is it still the “White man”? or is it we don’t want to come to terms with our own failings? If it is still the “White man”, then we must truly be weak minded and unable to break free of a history that has long since past. Our “mental shackles” seem as strong today as they were back in the Middle Ages, given the mentality that we observe even today.

I for one don’t believe blame falls anywhere today, but on our own shoulders. No one, white or otherwise, man can stop me from saying something nice to, or about, anyone. For that matter, no one forces me to do anything. I am my own man and if we all become our own people and every day decide to say something nice to, and about the people we meet, we can start to change our own future. If we do something good for one another, and resist the impulse to denigrate and to insult one another, every day, then we might all begin to practice love of self. Our challenge is to support one another in this exercise. It is said that nothing worth having comes easy. I know that a life of promise, peace, love and comfort is worth having and I invite anyone else interested in this type of future to support your community in a more positive sense of living.  I challenge everyone to stop dragging, beating and mistreating one another, both physically and mentally. Why not try saying something nice to your neighbor, and to resist the temptation of negativity every day?? I’m sure we’d feel a refreshing sense of self worth and who knows, it might spread to the next generation and our children will be enriched by it. As calypsonian, Chris “Tambu” Herbert sang in the 80’s, “The journey now start!”, so let’s enjoy the short journey of life together.



Susan Mangatal


Highlights of Capital Star Competition


One Heart Charities has decided to take a small break during the holiday season.  Therefore, the Capital Star Competition will host it's 8th show this Tuesday, December 5th at Oasis on the Occoquan and it will take a break for the holidays.  One Heart will resume in January 2007 with its 9th and 10th Capital Star Competitions. 

So, this week is your last chance before the new year to take part in this Competition.   If you would like to be the next Capital Star contact Toni Samuel for all the details 703-405-7061 or  The show will resume in January after all the holiday festivities have been completed.  Then they will go into the semi finals and finals to crown the next Capital Star

If you like talent or you just like to witness a great show, come out to Oasis on the Occoquan at 13188 Marina Way, in Woodbridge, VA for week 8 of Capital Star this Tuesday December 5, 2006

Congratulations to the winners, of course all the contestants made our judging very difficult (myself and the other 2 judges Mr. Robert Bates and Mr. J. R. Fenwick).  We had a difficult task, but we had lots of fun sharing and discussing our thoughts about each contestant and their performance!!!  It was a pleasure to have Sidrach Franklin (WPFW 89.3FM)  host this week's show.  Mr. Franklin did an excellent job!!!

Check out the winners bios from last week's show (Week 7) below:


A. J. Fourte started comedy as Marine in stationed in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.  He was well received by the Marines and the Hawaiian Natives. Suddenly tragic struck and he left Hawaii never to return.  He went back to Chicago where again became well known and liked as a comedian.  He created his own public broadcast show while attending  School of Broadcasting.  A. J. quickly start catching the eyes of other up and coming comedians.  A. J. was cast as an extra for a number of episodes for the new hit Prison Break.  A. J. recently left Chicago to follow his dreams of becoming a well known comedian. He mention Tuesday's competition was a measuring point.  He envisions taking the Comedy Club in DC by storm.  You can also visit his myspace web page to see other comedians he has interacted with and the trailers of independent movies he had an acting role.


A born performer, Marcella has loved to sing since her first words at age 2.  Though her first language was Spanish, her love of the English language shortly followed in school with poetry and prose, winning her first place in a middle-school writing competition from among the entire DC area parochial school system.  Since then, she has picked up the guitar and gone on to perform her original songs at talent shows and DC-area open mics.  Marcella is a two-time 1st place winner of Syracuse University's Talent Competition (1999-2000) and 2nd place winner of Syracuse University's Annual Campus Cabaret Show in 2000.  She has appeared on the popular Syracuse University campus TV show, "After Hours" as the musical guest in 2001, and has also opened for fellow singer/songwriter and New York native Amanda Rogers that same year.  Since graduating from Syracuse University in 2003 with a B.S. in Psychology, Marcella has returned home to the DC area, and performs often at Jammin' Java's Open Mic Night in Vienna, VA.  More of her original songs can be heard on


This Brooklyn native describes herself as a 'city girl with a hint of island spice'. D' Charles started her musical journey when she joined the New Utrecht High School Choir in NYC. This step helped her to gain recognition as a vocalist, which then led to days full of solos and musical leads in various high school productions. Her song writing ability was also acknowledged and rewarded when she entered the Bertelsmann World of Expression Music competition and won a college scholarship sponsored by Sony and BMG Music Entertainment. In college, she was inspired to join and tour with the United Soul Ensemble for 3 years, a Penn State University based gospel choir; an experience that landed her more acclaim as a vocalist. She has also performed at public venues such as Miss Black Penn State, Unity in Christ, and a Multicultural Evening. Currently residing in Maryland, D' Charles keeps her time occupied writing lyrics for herself and other aspiring artists, performing at public venues, and working on musical collaborations and making more connections in the music arena.  D*Charles just recently found out that she made the list of semifinalists in the  Disc Makers Independent Music World Series 2006 music competition.

Our heartfelt condolences is extended to the family, friends and bride-to-be of Sean Bell who was killed by New York Police Officers this past weekend, and we pray that his friends who were shot and wounded fully recover - Mr. Joseph Guzman and Mr. Trent Benefield.


Thanks for the Support and being a part of our on-line family!!!!


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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Join  One Heart Charities for their First Annual World Aids Day Celebration and Gospel Concert at the Roslyn Spectrum

For All the details contact Toni Samuel at 703-405-7061 and to purchase your tickets!



Tampa Bay - Florida

Join the Trinidad and Tobago American Association of Central Florida, Inc. host of the Tampa Bay Florida Caribbean Carnival along with Orlando Branches Steel Orchestra at the Annual St. Petersburg Santa's Christmas Parade in Downtown St. Petersburg (1st Avenue) Saturday, December 2nd, 2006 @ 10:00 am.  They will have a colorful float, costumes and live music # 59 in line.



This Sunday - December 3, 2006

 Everybody's Magazine
 "Assistant Thief"
Oliver Samuels
Camille Davis
Glen Campbell
University Of Maryland
Tawes Theatre

Showtime 6pm

Tickets: $40:00
@ Tawes Theatre Box Office 301-405-ARTS and in Baltimore @
Brown's Bakery 410-772-2422; & in the
Metropolitan DC Area
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WASHINGTON DC, Maryland and Virginia

Join One Heart Charities as they present "Capital Star Search" A Benefit Talent Competition this Tuesday, December 5, 2006 for its 8th week.  Capital Star will be taking a break due to the holiday season, so this will be the last Tuesday you can compete until after the holidays!


13188 Marina Way, Woodbridge Virginia 

Click Flyer below for all the details!!!



It Could be you 

This Tuesday, December 5, 2006

If you’ve missed your AMERICAN IDOL Opportunity - DON’T MISS THIS!!!!

CapitalStar@OASIS.jpg (1016959 bytes)


We are now accepting applications for contestants. We are limited to 200 entries, so please apply early by calling 703-405-7061, or e-mail

1st Prize -- $1,500 cash prize
10 hours studio time
1 week vacation any place in the United States
Radio Interviews – Plus Added Prizes

2nd Prize - $750 cash prize
10 hours studio time –
Shopping Certificates, Party Certificates, Dinner Certificates

3rd Prize - $500 cash prize
Party and Dinner Certificates

All proceeds to benefit One Heart Charities.
(Generating Oneness in Diversity)
Raising funds so that non-profit agencies can continue much-needed work.

To View Capital Star Stand Alone E-mail Blast Click Here!!!!






"Sasaye" Exhibition 

Trinbago artists Tracy Monsanto and Danielle Gibson will have an open house to show their work on December 8, 2006 from  6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. and December 15, 2006 - 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at 4446 Greenwich Parkway , Washington , D.C. 20007

Appointments can be made to view the pieces - Call 202-944-4029 or 202-536-5870

For Larger View Click Flyer below to obtain all the details!!!

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Tampa, Florida

Support Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival

Trinidad and Tobago American Association of Central Florida, Inc. host of the Tampa Bay Florida Caribbean Carnival Cordially invite you to their Fundraiser on December 9, 2006


Baltimore, Maryland

 December 10, 2006



New Years Eve Gala in Maryland

December 31, 2006

De Island Masqueraders Cordially invite you to their First Annual New Years Eve Gala & Show

@ Prince Georges County Ballroom - 2411 Pine Brook Avenue, Landover Maryland

Live Music by PanMasters Steel Orchestra

Along with  DJ Zeanus

For Larger View of Flyers, Please Click on each individual Flyer or Here!!!

To purchase Tickets: 

Washington - Crown Bakery, 5329 Georgia Avenue, NW, WDC- 202-291-3009

Maryland - The Jerk Pit, 8145-C Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD - 301-982-5375

Join De Island Masqueraders as they "Spread Their Wings" to the 2007 St. Thomas Carnival

  For details Please click the flyer below

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Happy Birthday Marlene

Very Special Belated Birthday wishes  Vanessa A.!

Happy  Birthday Henry Turner, Jr. (Flavor). Hope you enjoy your party at The Opies Cajun Cafe

Happy Birthday to my "Myspace" friends:

DJ Book

Producer Dana "Dum"





Bolo DaGeneral 

and XTina


Congratulations to Mike Turner and his brothers on the 1st Anniversary of their event "Fresh Fete Fridays"!

Special "Shout Out" to Mumbles.  Nice to hear you had a nice time at your "Roast" last night, and it's wonderful to here how the community came out on your behalf.





Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!













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