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Todd Mangatal
















































Greetings to my on Line Family:

Last weekend was very interesting, because Saturday night I attended the CD Release party in Washington DC for Patrick Glory who is an up and coming Reggae artist that is being produced by Kenley John of Shortmus Productions.  I had the opportunity to listen to his CD before the event and I was very impressed with his vocal styling and hearing his live performance didn't disappoint me.  I think Patrick Glory has the potential to do some "big" things in the future.  The launch had a nice turnout even though it was a very cold night.  Tony Carr ( came through from "Rhythms of the World" 89.3FM WPFW , and said some nice things about Patrick Glory and what Shortmus is trying to do with the music in the DC area.  Look out for Patrick Glory's video clip on Arious TV.

The one problem I had with this event was the Disc Jockeys (DJs).  There was a very nice crowd as I stated earlier who came out to have a good time, but these DJs seemed like they were more interested in hearing themselves talk on the microphone and seeing how obnoxious they could act.  It seemed as though they had no interest in entertaining the people, which is the priority of a DJ.  One thing they failed to realize was the event was all about Patrick Glory and Shortmus not themselves.

On Sunday we had a great day chilling with our friends from Ice Entertainment (Brian & Germaine) in Baltimore.  They had a nice breakfast/brunch "trini style" where they featured 2 of Trinidad's popular breakfast dishes - Shark and bake and Salt Fish and fry bake.  A few of there friends attended as well, and it was a pleasure meeting them.  We enjoyed meeting Kenny who owns has own clothing line called "Compete Clothing", he was wearing some of his designs as well as his friend Nyha (Nyha is an up and coming Caribbean Musical Artist)  This "lime" was real nice, it's not every day we have the opportunity to sit back and relax for an entire day with no commitments and have lots of intelligent conversations over good food, Heinekens and Guinness.  We even laughed a lot as well!!!! Thanks Brian and Germaine for the invite, I am glad we were able to make it this time.

Great news...we can all hang out together this Sunday with Ice Entertainment in Baltimore at the Blue Caribbean Lounge as they do one of their first events in the Baltimore area.  Come Reminisce at this "Back In times party", which should be something very nice for all of us grown folks.  Actually, I understand food is included with the price (up to a certain time, so check the flyer below).  I suggest you come early because if the food is anything like the food we had on Sunday, it's definitely going to go quick.  The DJs are Sprang International from DC, and many of you know Sprang has been playing music for a while here in the DC area and elsewhere, and he has lots of hits from the past to the present, so I think he will be able to create a nice vibe at this event.  Also on the "bill" is, DJ Easy E from Baltimore.  I have not had an opportunity to hear him play, but I've heard a lot of great things about him, so this will be a treat for me.  To our old friends and new friends come on out and spend Sunday evening with us and support Ice Entertainment as they host their 1st fundraiser for their 2007 Carnival Presentation.  

One thing we talked a lot about on Sunday was music, and one think that stood out in my mind was a conversation we had about DJs and how a lot of Caribbean Promoters and people feel when they hire a DJ for their club or event they expect the DJ to automatically bring out a crowd.  This is a major misconception, because that is not the DJ's job.  It's absolutely not the DJs job to promote your event!!!!!  Yes, there are DJs that have a following, but you cannot expect the DJ to be the promoter as well.  The job of the DJ is to play music that entertains and keeps the crowd moving.  It's also the DJ's job to read and feel his audience, which is something that I didn't see happening on Saturday at Shortmus's event.  If a DJ can do this, then the DJ has done his part.  It is the promoters job to bring people to the event for the DJ to entertain. 

  I can speak on this issue with certainty, because some years ago I managed the largest mainstream DJ company in the Washington metropolitan area located in Virginia, and I managed over 50 DJs and placed them in area bars, clubs and events weekly.  None of our clients asked for a DJ that could bring a crowd, or that had a name.  They were only interested in the DJ's ability to play the type of music they requested and to entertain their clientele and keep them drinking.  These clients paid anywhere from $300.00 to $1,000.00 for a 4 hour gig, and never had any major complaints.  There only requirement was that the DJ be entertaining.  

However, in the Caribbean community people want to pay no money and expect the DJ to bring thousands of people.  If you want a DJ with a following, you would have to pay.  I remember when Stone Love played you would be guarantee a full crowd.  Stone Love are more than DJs, they are like artists.  I remember in their "heyday"  they used to charge more than $5,000.00 for an appearance (which I'm sure they charge more now), and they would walk into the venue with a crate of records and no equipment, and sure enough they would have a crowd.  Lately promoters hire a DJ and pay them very little and expect a Stone Love crowd...that is not logical!!!  Another thing that comes to mind is you can pay for Stone Love but if you don't pay for advertising you will definitely have a flop.  

This leads me to another issue I have observed with promoters in our community.  Many of them fail to have an adequate advertising budged for the event they are promoting or producing, they expect things to be done for free, and they wonder why their events fail.  It seems they want something for nothing.  They don't spend money on advertising, and they expect crowds to just show up, 

For example, I meet a lot of people who know what we do, and know what we have been doing for the last 4 years.  They also know our weekly e-mails reach over 35,000 people weekly and consistently, but when they see me at events they hand me a flyer and tell me to put their event on my weekly e-mail, and never once ask about cost or any type of compensation.  Well, if you want a successful event you have to pay for promotions, what we do takes a  lot of time and effort and we should be compensated for our efforts.  

To the Caribbean promoters - for your have got to realize there aren't many avenues to promote your event, so please try to utilize and support the advertising means that is available to you before they disappear.  Stop trying to misuse people including the DJs...let the DJs concentrate on playing the best music they can and let the promoters promote!!!!

A word of advise from Arious Entertainment to promoters Please realize we at Arious work long, hard and diligently to achieve a means to reach a large targeted audience, and if you have the misconception that we are doing this for fun, you are wrong.  This is a business, we charge fees just like you charge fees, so don't expect us to do things for free.  If you want to do business, contact us during business hours, (not at clubs or funerals or by sending an e-mail and demanding that we post your event). We will be glad to work with you to help you expose your event and make it a success.  The only exception to this would be events that are free or for a charity, but then again something would have to be worked out that would be beneficial to both parties!!!

Thanks to all of you who checked out my new My Space Page and have became my friend.  This have been very exciting for me, and it's nice to have the opportunity to see many of you and learn about what you are interested in.  This will help us better serve you in the future.

Don't forget another opportunity for us to hang out together is on Tuesday, November 14th at the Capital Star Talent Competition, which is now taking place in Woodbridge Virginia.  For those of you who are in this area, come out and support One Heart Charities and all the great talent that has been a part of this show.  For the past few weeks I am just amazed at the variety of talent practically hidden away in this area.  The admission is only $5.00 and the show starts at about 8:30pm.  The doors open around 6:00 pm, and the venue is Oasis on the Occoquan, 13188 Marina Drive, Woodbridge Virginia.  Gather up your friends come out this Tuesday, have some dinner and drinks and enjoy the talent, as well as the sounds of SAM'O and the JFC Band.  Also, if you are talented in some form or another, feel free to contact Toni Samuel @ 703-405-7061 or for a chance to enter and be the next 1st Capital Star.  First prize is $1,500.00 along with 10 hours worth of Studio time and lots of exposure.  Hope to see you there.  I'll be the one capturing you via video, and be sure to check out highlights of the past performances on Arious TV, which includes the video clip of Week # 3.

Thanks for the Support and being a part of our on-line family!!!!



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My thoughts on the Mid Term Elections, and Highlights of One Heart Charities Capital Star Search Talent Competition 

by Susan Mangatal



   I hope all of you voted.  As for me I really didn't pay much attention to the midterm elections because I feel right now no matter what party wins, things will remain the same. Yes, to many the Democratic party seizing control of the House and Senate is a major victory, as well as the resignation of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, but I am so disoriented with the state of this country that I feel nothing will help make things better, not even those elections. I pray though, now that the Democrats have taken over the House and Senate they do something about withdrawing the troops and bringing our family members home from Iraq (especially now that the holidays are around the corner), and also help do something about these gas prices.  Well, all I/we can do is hope for the best!!!  I've been disappointed so long that I can't seem to find the joy in all these changes, at least not yet, and probably not for the next 2 years!!!!

You know as I think about our current administration and what the American people have witnessed and endured with the leadership over the years, I can't help but compare it to my "small world".  I realized the leaders and the leadership of this current administration is similar to the leaders and leadership of the *Organization I resigned from earlier this year (DCCC).  

Hum...coming to think of it, they are truly exactly the same, and both run their Organization the same way!!!!  America's current Administration has led the country into war through lies, deceit, mismanagement and corruption.  Which is primarily the exact same way the current leaders of the Organization I was involved with have been running and misleading for all these years...also through lies, deceit, mismanagement and corruption.  This cultural event we all love has suffered greatly, just as the country has suffered greatly.

However, THANK GOD finally the people must have gotten tired of the dishonesty, lies, mismanagement and corruption and felt things could not continue going down this catastrophic part.  Therefore, they spoke up through the voting process and have voted against the Republican Party that had controlled the House and Senate for the last 12 years).  This is clearly the only way change can be made, this is exactly what must happen with the Organization I was involved with, they must be faced with powerful pressure in order for them to reassess, change and fix the catastrophic part they are currently on..  So instead of planning, plotting and trying to figure out how to work with these deceitful people, a plan should be formulated to remove them from continually tarnishing  and destroying the cultural event we all love with their awful ways, greediness and mismanagement.  As much as I hate to dwell on this topic, I need for you to know that the survival of our cultural event is in your hands!!!!  Please do the right thing!!!!



Highlights of Capital Star Competition

It was a pleasure to be a part of this week's Capital Star Talent Search, and despite all the rain on Tuesday it was nice to see fans of this competition and the contestants made it out.  The Virginia venue is very nice and a whole lot more comfortable.  I found that everyone was extremely relaxed and happy to be at this venue, and to be a part of this event.

Of course the talent was wonderful, and this week I had the pleasure of working with 2 new judges Mr. Robert Bates (Well known area drummer who has been performing for a number of years, and currently a part of Woodson Brothers Gospel Band out of Nashville, Tennessee) and Ms. Rosie Parke of Peppy Entertainment and Promotions (Producer of Caribbean Riddimz).

Hollis Flash Lashley - the host did a fantastic job and kept the crowd entertained throughout the entire competition.  What a good choice Ms. Samuel made in acquiring him as the host.

This week Mr. Joe Chapter - 1st Place winner from last week (Week # 3) pretty much blew me away again with his performance of one of his original songs.  This young man just has a way of sweeping the ladies off their feet.  He was really great!!!

Well, the 1st place winner of this week's competition, practically had all the ladies in the palm of his hands with his hip hop song "Brother Like Me".  He certainly worked the crowd and had everyone "rocking to his rap" His stage performance was excellent.  Along with myself, Ms. Parke and Mr. Bates had no problem choosing this young man as the 1st place winner.

Check out the winners bio below

1st place Winner - Ryan Charity, "Skryptur"

Performed his own original rap  "A Brother Like Me"

"Skryptur" is a rapper on the rise., and he is an artist who always had rap/hip-hot in his blood.  A born DC resident who grew up near by in the Del Ra area of Alexandria, VA, "Skryptur" started rapping at an early age developing his skills and perfecting his technique.  With a born creativity in the music "Scryptur" knows what it will take to become one of the next recognized rapper's in hip hop, and he is ready to introduce his talent, energy and flow to the industry.  "Skryptur has performed in local shows.  A true performer bringing a smoother flow to today's rap game.  "Skryptur" is ready to launch his rap career and life experiences into his music.  Look out for "Skryptur's debut album featuring hit singles "All I Want" "Rules of Life, "Hold Your Head High" and "No Love".

2nd Place Winner - Benjamin Jackson Caesar

Mr. Caesar a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, began singing at age of six in the church choir.  He was first recognized in middle school by the choral director.  where he was first introduced to classical music.  Mr. Caesar is fairly a newcomer to Washington DC settling here in 2002 and enrolling in the UDC in the fall of 2003. Currently he is pursuing a Bachelor's in Vocal and Piano Music Education.  Since his move many opportunities have opened throughout the metropolitan area as a vocal and piano performer and entertainer, he has performed as a vocal soloist, piano accompanist for weddings, funerals, private parties, churches, recitals and other special events.  Some of Mr. Caesar's credits and performances include Langston Hughes "Don't You Want to Be Free?", Debbie Allen's Broadway Musical " Ragtime.  He has also taught music and accompanied the production "KIDS" at the Kelsie Collie Children's Musical Experience Program.  When he is not performing he is working diligently as a private voice and piano coach for beginners to both children and adults, consistently with at least 8 students.  Passionately driven, Mr. Caesar strives to share his talent and skills globally.

Mr. Caesar is the great nephew of the renowned, legendary Gospel singer Shirley Caesar.

3rd Place Winner - Beny Blaq

With his passionate Poetry Performance "

Mr. Blaq is a native of Brooklyn, New York.  At the age of 13 Beny began to discover his gift of and love for poetry.  It wasn't until the creation of HBO's Def Poetry that he was introduced t the Spoken Word and Slam Poetry.  Beny calls his writing simple, yet passionate, shadowing his own life experiences.  In a quest to quench the thirst of cerebral freedom, Beny has taken his message to the masses.  He performs at many open mics, community events., conducted writing workshops in area schools, and headlined the Larry Neal Awarded Play "Prison Poetry" at the Lincoln Theater.  Beny proudly walks in the footsteps of those who walked before him, knocking down the doors to make way for poets and independent artists like him.  He believes that unifying through this art form will open doors for himself and other independent artists to realize and manifest their dreams.  His mission and passion is to not only write words, but to help create a space for artists to share their talent with the world, while also living prosperous lives for themselves and generations to come.


Before I close , I must comment on two performances that did not place in the top 3, but to me are very marketable.  Ms. Debbie Charles a native of New York, performed a song she wrote and did a real good job on it, as well as on her background vocals.  Congratulations to Ms Charles for recently becoming one of the semifinalists in the Disc Makers Independent Music World Series 2006 Music Competition.  Also, 3 young Hip Hop "Rappers" who call themselves "SuburbaKnights" did their own rap song and their "rimes" flowed very nicely, I particularly liked their beats.  They actually sound similar to Rap group "De La Soul" (who had hit the billboard charts in 1989 with their song "Me, Myself and I").  I saw the joy and fun they were having on stage performing, they certainly were having a good time doing what they love.  Look out for their performance on Arious TV, which Todd intends to release very soon, and once you see it, hit me up and tell me what you think.

Please make it a date and come to the Oasis on the Occoquan to check out the wonderful talent here in Washington DC/Maryland and Virginia for the next 6 weeks.

Anyone who think they can be the next capital star contact Toni Samuel for all the details 703-405-7061 or 




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New York City

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Celebration for Jason Benn

(Click Flyer for larger view)

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Baltimore, Maryland

This Sunday

November 12, 2006

The Reminisce Cocktail Sip and Lime Series With a back in times party to remember!!!

Music from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s By Sprang, International (DC/MD # 1 DJ) and Baltimore’s Own DJ Easy 

@ Blue Caribbean Lounge, 5404 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore Maryland

$15.00 before  8:00 pm and includes Dinner – Doors open at 6:00 pm

Brought to you by Ice Entertainment – 301-257-0102

Come out and celebrate Veteran’s Day and Dance the night away

$15.00 before  8:00 pm and includes Dinner – Doors open at 6:00 pm

Free Dinner Menu served before 9:00 pm  





Upcoming Events


Caribbean Art

"Caribbean Connection: Artists of Trinidad"

Panel Discussion

November 14, 2006

@ Choppin State University

James W. Johnson Auditorium Gallery, 2500 W. North Avenue, Baltimore Maryland


Click Flyer for larger view and to obtain additional details!

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Capital Star by One Heart Charities is now on the Move and it's coming to Virginia for the next 3 weeks at

13188 Marina Drive, Woodbridge Virginia


Join One Heart Charities, Inc. as they present "Capital Star Search" A Benefit Talent Competition this Tuesday, November 14, 2006 and for the Next 5 Tuesdays

Click Flyer below for all the details!!!

CapitalStar@OASIS.jpg (1016959 bytes) 



  Sunday December 3, 2006

 Everybody's Magazine
 "Assistant Thief"
Oliver Samuels
Camille Davis
Glen Campbell
University Of Maryland
Tawes Theatre

Showtime 6pm


Tickets: $40:00
@ Tawes Theatre Box Office 301-405-ARTS and in Baltimore @
Brown's Bakery 410-772-2422; & in the
Metropolitan DC Area
Caribbean Delight 301-439-1270
Paradise Cove Restaurant 301-306-9004
Caribbean Sea 301-891-3497
Caribbean Market 301-439-5288
Coronation Market 202-723-9636
Spicy Delight 202-829-9783
Browns Bakery 202-291-3009
Caribbean Belly 202-726-2726
Tropicana Restaurant 202-541-9060

















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Big Up Patrick Glory and his producer Kenley John on the release of Patrick's newly released CD "Money Problems" .



Birthday Shout Outs:

JasonBenn1.jpg (275017 bytes) Jason Benn, Special Birthday Greetings to you. If in New York this weekend check out Jason's birthday bash.  More details about this event can be found above under " This Weekend Events" or on our " Events page".


Happy Birthday greetings:

Neal Mattei



Maureen Green in the ATL

Happy Belated Birthday to Joel, Marco and Lisa!


Condolences to Calypsonian Michael "Sugar Aloes" Osuna on the loss of his son, who was murdered in Trinidad (Sea Lots, Port of Spain),46811.html and




Until Next Week!



Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!









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