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Check Out Carl Malcolm & Positive Vibrations Band LIVE on the following Dates!


  • Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Night Reggae - 13th Floor Belvedere Hotel located at The Belvedere Hotel, Charles & Chase Streets, Baltimore Maryland 21202 410-347-0888 

  • Saturday, November 14, 2009

Griff's Landing located at 43 South Market Street, Frederick Maryland 21701 301-694-8696 www.griffs-landing.com



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Very Special Birthday Greetings

Mark Dominic (my baby brother)

Birthday wishes are extended to Jackie Cumberbatch, Bandleader of Jackie and Associates


Jenna, Mad Spawn, Tammy, Paul, Anthony & Kapani Joi 

Happy Belated Birthday to Joel; 

From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!! 

Happy Birthday to All Our www.mycaribbean.us Friends: 

Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends (too many to list individually)  To Stop In and give us a "shout" on our Mypace site & Thanks to all our friends on Myspace for all the nice comments!

 Happy birthday to all our other friends on Facebook, Twitter and all our friends at Hi5

From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day is/was filled with lots of joy!!!!




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Also to all of you, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us, so thanks very much for your support and One Love!



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November 12th

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We wish you a great weekend and we thank you for all your support.  Please remember we do appreciate you being a part of our on-line family and again, please know that without you there is no us!!!  

Until next week and please be safe, and enjoy this Weekend.  Again, thanks for all your support!

Greetings On-Line Family!       Susan Mangatal


This past Wednesday, November 11th, 2009, America paid tribute to its Veterans.  Veterans who have served and still serves (past and present) whether active duty military, National Guard or Reserve...the entire spectrum of the armed forces were sincerely honored. 

Veteran's day is a very special day - a day to pay tribute and recognize these wonderful brave mothers, fathers sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the sake of our freedoms, keeping our country safe, and just for the common good.

As for the living Veterans they too are appreciate, and their strength are greatly admired, as well as their dedication and loyalty to this country  For this we totally honor them...deeply!  Indeed, each of our Veterans have taken a huge step forward into the unknown for the defense and support of this Great Nation.  They all are applauded for the bravery and strength they exhibit in the pursuit for our safety and freedom.

As I pause for a moment thinking about the 5, 247 U.S. Military members who lost their lives fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I respect them and honor them.  Honestly, I  can't help but sigh and say a small prayer for the families who have grieved and is still grieving for their lost.  The contribution and sacrifices these families have made is unbelievable.  You too are truly appreciated.

We at Arious Entertainment Salute you our country's 23 million+ military U.S. veterans including the millions currently serving.  Moreover, we honor, respect and appreciate you for your courage, commitment and for sacrificing so much to guard our freedom and this country, as well as advancing peace to many here and abroad. Thanks to you the many men and women for all you have done over the years while serving in the uniforms of this great nation.   May God protect and keep you safe as you serve this great country - The United States of America.  

To read President Barack Obama's Veteran's Day Proclamation - PLEASE CLICK HERE!


The history of veterans Day dates back to the end of World War I (The Great War as it was called) where an armistice (temporary halt of hostilities) was implemented between the allies and Germany at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month (November) in 1918.

November 11th was declared "Armistice Day" in 1919 by President Woodrow Wilson to honor the soldiers of World War I.  

After world War II, the holiday was recognized as a tribute to veterans of both world wars.  Beginning in 1954, the United States designated November 11th as Veterans Day to honor veterans of all U.S. Wars... 

To Read the entire history of Veteran's Day - PLEASE CLICK HERE!

“...Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?" Then I said, "Here am I. Send me...Isaiah 6:8.  This passage from Isaiah 6:8 brings my salute to our veterans to a close.  However, I must ask you to keep in your thoughts and heart the 13 killed and 29 wounded by the hands of Major Nadal Malik Hasan in the Fort Hood, Texas Military Base Tragedy.   The memorial to our men and women who was killed and those wounded were heartfelt and I will forever keep the pictures of the soldiers boots, hat and gun in my mind.  I sincerely Thank President Obama for his warm and moving words honoring each one of the 13 soldiers killed at the Fort Hood Shootings.  He wonderfully named each and told stories of all 13 men and women who were slain.  Watch his entire speech. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRESIDENT OBAMA'S SPEECH - Courtesy of MSNBC.  CLICK HERE to log into The Huffington Post site to read more, as well as read the text of President Obama's speech!

We ask that you join us as I Salute the African American Civil War Veterans .  To learn more about the African American Civil War Memorial click on the following link:  http://afroamcivilwar.org/


Important What's Happening

Got anything fun and interesting happening this weekend?  In our area Wash DC, Maryland and Virginia...ABSOLUTELY... YES!!!  And this weekend is a bit different too from awarding and observing our very talented youths, to awarding leaders of Caribbean Carnival bands, to just chilling at a spot listening to our favorite band.  In fact, it will be an outstanding, awesome weekend!  Take a look at what's in store, and join us as we partake in these exciting events!

The fun starts off on Friday, November 13th with Carl Malcolm and the Positive Vibration Band as they perform at the Belvedere Hotel 13th Floor in Baltimore Maryland.  Click Here for all the details on Carl and PVB!

The fun continues on Saturday, November 14th with Diamonds Xcel, Inc. "Teen Fine Arts Awards.  Mr. Keith L. Tate, the Executive Director and CEO of Diamonds Xcel Inc.  cordially invite you to his "Teen Fine Arts Awards".  Below is a few words from Mr. Tate regarding this event.

The very essence of Diamonds Xcel, Inc. "Teen Fine Arts Awards" celebrates outstanding youth achievements, and provides an advanced life-skill training platform, where deserving future leaders can be celebrated and serve as a peer motivation for other individuals to set high standards in academics, athletics, fine arts & leadership development.  The resources for keeping our teens on-track are limited, but yet in very high demand.  A large portion of the proceeds from this fantastic event will go directly towards providing resources for: On-going Expert Talent Mentorship, Confidence Team Building, Crime Prevention Alternatives, Student Role-Model Development, Life-Skill Training, Financial Literacy Guidance, Career Strategies, Artistic Expression, and Positive Character Reinforcement! 

The “Teen Fine Arts Awards” is a reflection of my Mom’s life-legacy of excellence, and an extension of our non-profit 501(c)(3) youth organization.  As a native from Gaffney, SC, my Mom was a High School Valedictorian, Civic Leader and highly honored African-American Pioneer who taught all solders in the United States, Europe and other International Army Military Bases.  Her dearest passion was educating the youth by inspiring them to excel, and more importantly – achieve their highest level of perfection!  I am proud to announce that within 2010, Diamonds Xcel, Inc. will introduce the:  “The Ms. Genola Malinda Tate” Student of Excellence Scholarship!                                                                                                                                      Keith L. Tate

The Teen Fine Arts Awards event is sure to be fantastic and an exciting one, so come out and support the 12 Teen Fine Arts Awards Finalists: 1) Ms. Courtney William from Frederick Douglas High School - Upper Marlboro, MD; (2) Ms. Guianna Brantley of The Art Institute of Washington - Arlington VA; (3) Ms. Samaria Holton from Dunbar High School - Washington DC; (4) Ms. Acurah White from Dunbar High School - Washington DC; (5) Ms. Sherae Smith from Friendship Collegiate Academy - Washington DC; (6) Ms. Keziah John-Paul from The Duke Ellington School of the Arts - Washington DC; (7) Mr. Malcolm Banks from Paint Branch High School - Burtonsville Maryland; (8) Ms. Niya Norwood from The Duke Ellington School of the Arts - Washington DC; (9) Ms. Shannon Hayes from The Duke Ellington School of the Arts - Washington DC; (10) Ms. Courtney Salter & Ms. Deja Briggmon from The Duke Ellington School of the Arts - Washington DC/Duval High School - Lanham, Maryland; (11) Ms. Alex Johnson from Oxon Hill High School - Oxon Hill, Maryland; & (12) Mr. Jesse Thomas from Dunbar High School - Washington DC.

Be sure to come out and join us (Arious) as we judge these talented teens who will be at their best as they perform and compete at Diamond Xcel Inc. Teen Fine Arts Awards gala.  Click on the Flyer Above for all the details!


Also on Saturday, November 14th, The Carnival Band Leaders Association of Washington DC will hold there 2009 Awards Reception and Dance.  The President of this Association Ms. Claudia Carter cordially invite you this event.  See her personal message below to all of you our online family.

I am Claudia Carter, President of the Carnival Bandleaders Association (CBLA) of Washington, DC, and I cordially invite you to spend an extraordinary evening with the Bandleaders of Washington, DC at our 2009 Awards Reception and Dance.  The event will be held this Saturday, November 14 from 7:30 pm at the Nativity Church Ballroom, 6000 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.

 This is our second awards presentation and you can expect to have a great time.  The first was held in 2007 and those who attended can attest that they had a wonderful time; it was a veryCBLAawards[1] entertaining evening.  This is our premier annual fundraiser and I encourage you to come out and support us.  It’s a great opportunity for you to give something back to these creative men and women who contribute unselfishly to the DC Carnival and who are the fundamental elements to the success of the DC Caribbean Festival. To purchase your ticket to this wonderful event click the following link:  http://cbla2009.eventbrite.com/.

The CBLA is a community-based organization formed in 1993 by a group of individuals from Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Thomas, VI, Jamaica.  The membership has a committed passion to share the culture of the Caribbean with the residents of the Washington, DC metropolis.

I have seen first-hand the dedication of these individuals and the hard work that goes into their annual productions.  It is no secret that most of them operate at a financial loss.  Their love of the culture is the catalyst that drives them to continue, so any financial assistance we obtain go directly to the band leaders to help offset the exorbitant costs of “bringing” a band for DC Carnival.

Over the years, we have been able to bring about some meaningful improvements to the DC Carnival, despite insurmountable challenges, and the quality of craftsmanship and level of participation have improved significantly.  To learn more about CBLA visit our website at www.cbladc.com.  

I hope to see many of you at our event.  Please note tickets are available at Crown Bakery located at 5328 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington DC, and on-line at http://cbla2009.eventbrite.com or call 301-661-5252.                                 Claudia Carter

We are certain this event will be excellent, so join all the members of the Carnival Band Leaders Association of Washington DC at their Awards celebration.  Click the flyer above for all the details or scroll down to our "Featured Events".  You can also check our "Events" Page.


I mentioned above that you need to check out Carl Malcolm and the Positive Vibration Band at the Belvedere Hotel 13th Floor in Baltimore, let me take this opportunity to share with you our experience at this spot..  

Last Friday we were able to spend some time chilling at the Belvedere Hotel 13th Floor, and it was so very nice.  The view is great, you can see the Inner Harbor and just about all of Baltimore from the windows.  The music too was fantastic and was provided by local Reggae Singer Lenny Kurlou and his band The Reggae All Stars.  The experience at this spot was splendid! 

Therefore, you must make it out on Friday to the Belvedere Hotel 13th Floor in Baltimore, Maryland and hang with us as we chill with good drinks, good friends and the best band.

As I bring my comments to a close I must congratulate once again Sisters Fiona and Nikki Wright on their 5th Anniversary of their Internet Radio "Caribbean Vibes Radio".  This past Tuesday's Anniversary Celebration was outstanding, the turnout was real good, and the evening was lovely.  I personally appreciated having the opportunity to connect with my dear friends at this event.  The 5 bands who performed were excellent, especially Carl Malcolm and The Positive Vibration Band and The New Kingston Band from New York.  Check out Caribbean Vibes Radio on the Internet at www.caribbeanvibesradio.com.

As I talk about internet radio, a funny thing just crossed my mind - so let me explain this episode of "radio wars." 

Recently, at an event two (2) top local internet radio entrepreneurs were hanging out at a concert (www.myxradio.com and www.dccaribbeanconnection.com).  At the end of the show myxradio challenged dccaribbeanconnection to a game of pool saying (please note the following is not an exact quote) "come over here let me kick your behind by winning this game of pool..." etc..  Well, not only once, but twice the elder www.dccaribbeanconnection.com kicked www.myxradio.com's behind.  LOL... It was funny watching the games and listening to the funny comments they made to each other throughout the games...LOL!

Finally, as much as my heart is with the families who lost loved ones by the hands of Executed John Allen Muhammad  and incarcerated for life Lee Boyd Malvo in the 2002 Sniper Killings in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Areas, as well as the most recent tragedy in Fort Hood Texas,  I feel it is mandatory that more is done regarding the mental state of our soldiers, all those who serve our nation in wars -  our veterans.  For anyone who needs help click the following link for details http://www.mentalhealth.va.gov/VAMentalHealthGroup.asp 



Feel free to always comment regarding this commentary or any of my past E-Newsletter commentaries, and I thank you for all the intriguing and thought provoking comments you send me on a regular basis.  As usual, I am eager to hear your thoughts on all I wrote above, so I look forward to having you share them with me: susan@ariousentertainment.us

Please check out our "Featured Events" below! Additionally log on to our  "Events" page to see all the events we are informed of.  Additionally, if you would like to share your thoughts on any of the issues above,  feel  free to send it directly to me at:  susan@ariousentertainment.us.

Have a great weekend! 


Check out our "Featured Events" listed below.   Also, there are several events taking place, so to view all the Events please log on to our "Events" Page above!

November 13, 2009 - Baltimore Maryland

CarlMalcolmPVB.jpg (38241 bytes)Check Out Carl Malcolm & Positive Vibrations Band LIVE REGGAE

  • Friday Night Reggae - 13th Floor Belvedere Hotel located at The Belvedere Hotel, Charles & Chase Streets, Baltimore Maryland 21202 410-347-0888 

November 14, 2009 - Washington DC

November 14, 2009 - Washington DC

November 14, 2009 - Brentwood, MD

November 14, 2009 - Frederick, Maryland

CarlMalcolmPVB.jpg (38241 bytes)Check Out Carl Malcolm & Positive Vibrations Band LIVE REGGAE

  • Griff's Landing located at 43 South Market Street, Frederick Maryland 21701 301-694-8696 www.griffs-landing.com

November 28, 2009 - Washington DC

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