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2006 Newsletter - December 14th

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Todd and Susan Mangatal

Greetings to all of you our On-Line Family:

We can't believe it's only 15 more days before the New Year, so it's time to start setting goals and making plans for 2007.  Setting goals are very important because they act as a road map for where you are trying to go and what you are trying to achieve.  Imagine if you leave your home without knowing where you are going and you just begin to drive with no destination, tell us where will you end up?  Where will you end up without the proper plans of how you are going to arrive at a set destination?  Who knows...????  Therefore, it's important to write down your goals!  Start from the smallest thing/s you would like to achieve and work your way up, and try to set reasonable timeframes, as well as how you are going to achieve each one of your goals.  If this is done, by this time next year you should be able to go back and look at your list and evaluate it to see if you have achieved all you set out to achieve.  If you haven't, you can re-evaluate and see where you went wrong, and what you need to do to reach the goals you haven't achieved.  MAKE A PLAN...A PLAN IS THE BEGINNING OF SUCCESS!!!  So this is what we will certainly be doing here at Arious for the next few weeks, evaluating and re-evaluating, and as it seems now,  we have a lot of exciting things coming up for 2007. 

 As you know in 2006 we launched Arious TV, this is only going to continue to grow because it's in its infancy.  Currently, we are using "You Tube" to power our videos, and they are all done by me (Todd).  Keep in mind this is another one of those things that I just fell into, so I'm learning as I go and eventually will become perfect at it.  Once I perfect it, I will be able to bring others on to assist in making Arious TV all it can be, and hopefully by this time next year Arious TV will have streaming on-demand video 24 hours a day.

Also, many of you must know when we started this e-mail blast over 3 years ago we had no idea what it would develop into, its main purpose was to promote music, our events, and things (parties, venues) that we were involved with, but as it grew we saw a need in the community to provide another means of communication.  This is why we added our commentaries, not for you to agree with everything we say, but to make you think about things that are affecting our lives.  Over the last few years we've continued to develop our list and try to provide positive information that could help our community grow and prosper.  For the last year we have maintained over 35,000 loyal readers of our weekly "What's Happening" e-mails.  This is always exciting, and we thank you for supporting all that we do.  We have started to have others in our community make contributions to our weekly e-mails through their personal commentaries.  We would like to say a special thanks to those who have contributed, especially our most recent contributors Mr. Keith Preddie, Brian Jordan (ICE) and Hollis "Flash" Lashley.  WE ALWAYS WELCOME INPUT FROM THE COMMUNITY AND INTERACTION VIA YOUR COMMENTS AND COMMENTARY.

Reflecting on our many goals for 2007, there are a few from the many that we will accomplish such as: (1) "bringing on" more commentaries from people in our community, and (2) enlighten many of the promoters and business owners to the importance and value of the internet and internet marketing.  We have stated this before, and we need to re-emphasize that this is the best way currently to reach your targeted audience and gain name recognition for your event, product or business, at a minimal cost.  Just imagine if you are an "up and coming" recording Artist and you have recently released a CD, how do you go about exposing this product to the masses?  It's very difficult and expensive (that's why most artists are trying to get major record deals.)  All that a record deal is, "is sponsored advertising" for the product (your record/CD).  Record companies spend millions of dollars marketing their products, but most individuals spend do they expect anyone to know about their product?  The same goes for businesses, look at businesses like McDonalds, Coco Cola, Nike, etc.  they spend millions of dollars on TV Commercials and ads, and why do they do this?  Mainly, it's for name recognition.  Name recognition is very important and small business owners need to realize this.  We have created an opportunity for businesses of all kinds to gain name recognition and exposure through our on-line e-mail blasts.  So get smart and contact us about marketing your business, product or CD/music for 2007.   

We have also done something that seems to be a very necessary part of the entertainment industry today.  We have launched our "Myspace" site  This too is really exciting because it opens up an entire new world, and gives us the opportunity to learn about, and hear from many exciting new people and artist.  We started our myspace page about a little over a month ago and now we have almost 2000 friends.  This is really exciting!!!

In the early part of 2007 we intend on starting weekly events in Baltimore and DC and then in other cities depending on it's growth, where we can meet, mingle and network with those of you among our on-line family and "MySpace" friends.  This will also create opportunities to expose some of the exciting talent, artists and music that's out there!!!  It will also give us the opportunity to bring back the vibes that we have talked so much about, that's missing in the clubs.  This is something we must do, because we are watching entertainment die and I'm personally sick of talking about it!  So, look out for the new things that are coming from us (Arious), which we intend to accomplish without a doubt (especially since Susan has a whole lot of "time on her hands" lately to completely dedicate to us) I am certain many of these goals will be accomplished!!!

If you have a club or a lounge and you would like us to produce an event for you venue, please contact us at or through our myspace page

Let us leave you with a Christmas poem for your enjoyment written by our friend and contributor Hollis "Flash" Lashley


Blessings always, from Hollis ’Flash’ Lashley, for Arious Entertainment.

Notwithstanding the circumstances of Today,

I am filled with the joys of my past;

And in spite of the piously evil who prey,

I know joys of the Spirit must last.

When I think of my childhood, so simple and free,

As those memories of X-mas past flow;

I am happy and innocent, smiling with glee,

In this Now, I can’t fear Tomorrow.

It is three in the morning, the quietude reigns,

But a knock on the door wakes the dead;

And the quatros and voices, God’s gladness proclaims,

Sharing Love, wine and rum, and sweetbread.

Children thinking of Santa, except for the snow,

And big people paranging as friends;

Even enemies talking, so you really don’t know

Who is who, as they all make amends.

On the morning of X-mas , everything appears new,

The curtains, the fresh paint, and the smells;

Ham, cake, Callaloo, Fowl, Pork and then too,

All those crustaceans minus shells.

Yes! It seems that the mountains sing Hallelujah,

In their multihued costumes of green;

Christ is born and the heart beats its own Parranda;

Actions of Love manifest are now seen.

So, let Christ and the prophets of all Mankind sing

A Parang of the heart filled with Love,

As we celebrate X-mas, in the Good we can bring

Every day of the year;  Peace, One Love.

Hollis “Flash” Lashley.(c).



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December 16, 2006


The Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers performs at The 23rd Annual Marketplace Festival held at the Reeves Center, 14th and U St NW Washington

12 noon
Free and open to the public.

Sponsored by the African-American Holiday Association. For more information call African- American Holiday Association at 202-667-2577

The Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers are a group of tremendously talented artists that grew out of the cultural experience demonstrated at Malcolm X Park.  For more information about The Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers, please visit
http://www.geocitie /malcolmxdd. html


This Saturday, December 16, 2006

Merry Christmas 


Garage Boyz


This Monday

December 18, 2006

Celebrate the warmth of the season with BE MAGAZINE in the Nation's Capital: Washington DC!

This Monday, December 18, 2006, BE Magazine will host their intimate plush Holiday Party at the beautiful K-Street Lounge from 7pm-10pm.  150 guests will be invited for cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and a chance to mix and mingle with celebrities and industry associates.

BE is the premier lifestyle publication for the well-rounded, contemporary woman of color, reaching nearly 200,000 across the U.S.


For More Details

Celebrity Editor/
Special Events Manager
============ ====
BE Magazine
212.252.2227 ext. 3 office

If you cannot properly view the flyer, please click here to enter our "Events" Page and scroll down page for a larger view


This Monday December 18th, 2006


The Red Maple 

930 N. Charles Street. Baltimore, Maryland

LUCID Promotions & BlackList Live are doing a Gift & Food drive.  They would like your help to make several kids Christmas a beautiful one.  These gifts will be given to the children of Woodbourne Center.  For those of you not familiar with the Woodbourne Center it is a group home with males and females between the ages of 8-16.  The gifts may not be the most lavish Christmas gifts possible but sometimes the little things are enough to brighten a child's Christmas. So please bring a Toy or clothing to donate.

Doors will open @ 6pm and admission is free we are just asking for a donation towards this cause.




Washington DC 

December 22, 2006

EZ Street

cordially invites you to his 

"Nu Groove Social"


The Historical Bohemian Caverns

Check out EZ Street from 2-6pm on WKYS 93.9 FM 




New Years Eve Gala in Maryland

December 31, 2006

De Island Masqueraders Cordially invite you to their All-Inclusive First Annual New Years Eve Blowout Gala & Show

@ Prince Georges County Ballroom - 2411 Pine Brook Avenue, Landover Maryland

Bring In 2007 with Live Music provided by:

Click to Read Washington Post Article on CAFE

PanMasters Steel Orchestra

Along with  

DJ 's

Sprang International


DJ Zensue

For Larger View of Flyers, Please Click on each individual Flyer or Here!!!

To purchase Tickets: 

Washington - Crown Bakery, 5329 Georgia Avenue, NW, WDC- 202-291-3009

Maryland - The Jerk Pit, 8145-C Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD - 301-982-5375

Join De Island Masqueraders as they "Spread Their Wings" to the 2007 St. Thomas Carnival

  For details Please click the flyer below

STT_Flyer.jpg (120993 bytes)













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Happy Birthday Marie

Happy Birthday King King

Happy Birthday to our "Myspace" friends:




Ebony Eyze




Stephanie H


Body Like a Coke Bottle

Mr. December


Beauty (from VA)


Mad Danca DHQ


Congratulation to the winners of the One Heart Charities Capital Star Search Week 8 

First Place: Paul Chew, Comedian

Second Place: G. Hector, Vocalist

Third Place: Loriel Starr, Vocalist

Fourth Place: Lando Fields A/K/A Pain, Rapper






Have a

 safe and















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