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Mangatal  - susan@ariousentertainment.us

      Tomorrow, February 14th is  Valentine's day!  

Therefore, we wish all of you our on-line family a Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrate the spirit of love!  Express and show that special someone in your life or the special people in your life that you love and care for them dearly!

Love is patient and kind.  
Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude.
Love does not demand its own way.
Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of
when it has been wronged.  It is never glad about
injustice, but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.
Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always 
hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.
Love will last forever

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8a
Life Application Bible, New Living Translation


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   It's Black History Month    

As you know it's Black History Month.  Yup, it's time to celebrate, acknowledge, honor and memorialize our leaders, inventors, discoverers, athletics, and even entertainers, business owners and politicians who have made exceptional accomplishments and contributions throughout our history. 

What can I possibly share with you this month as we celebrate black history, when one of the most important & historical factor in black history has taken place in this country?  I don’t know about you, but we (Todd and I) are incredibly happy and proud to see these remarkable times!!!  Mr. Barack Hussein Obama becoming the very first African-American President of the United States...this is tremendously historical!!! 

I'm sure everyone of you know every little detail about President Obama due to the contentious primaries and caucuses, as well as the spirited and aggressive Presidential campaigning from the Republican candidates and party.  What we didn't know about him and his family was exposed and shared with America and the entire world.  You remember...Don't you?   Nonetheless, I know there are several African-Americans who are part of President Obama's cabinet that you would love to learn more about, such as Eric E. Holder, Jr. (Attorney General) , who I understand was born in Barbados and Ambassador Susan E. Rice (US Ambassador to the United Nations), who I have read has Jamaican roots, along with a few others.  So I will definitely share the details about each of them with you in upcoming e-newsletters during this Black History Month. 

I am so utterly proud that we as a family came together and exhibited our togetherness and unity by participating and voting in the Presidential Election and electing the candidate who we believe in and who we felt will deliver the Change we truly need.  UNDENIABLY, THIS TOGETHERNESS IS HISTORIC INDEED!!!  

I must say though, it blows my mind every time I see President Obama on all the News Channels, the internet, or even hear him speaking on the radio.  I just can't believe it, an African-American...the President of the United States, and one who is exceptional, inspirational and have solutions to helping America get back on its feet.  ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT THIS IS TRULY HISTORICAL. 

Despite this fact and to be quite honest, I do question some issues in President Obama's Economic stimulus package, specifically all the monies he has allotted for companies, banks, and programs that he believes will help stimulate the economy (the political statement is all the "Pork" that is within his package/bill).  I do have strong feelings about several issues within this bill and question many of them, because of the reckless and haphazard way the banks have taken advantage of the monies they received from the 1st stimulus/bailouts during the end of Mr. Bush's administration.)   However, I have confidence in President Obama and trust him immensely.  Most importantly, I strongly feel he will do the best he can for America, and I do believe he will change America and take it to the next level.  

On the personal front, I am glad to be "up and around" and "back on my feet" after being "knocked down" by an awful flu, as well as overcoming the passing of a very dear and young family member, who we lost recently.  All the memories are racing through our minds about this lovely woman and every few moments Todd would say "do you remember when we did this or that with her", and unconsciously I would do the same thing.  Gosh, I know we all will die (unfortunately); but I am getting to a point where I am becoming unable to endure losing anyone in the family, especially those who leave us too soon.  To Todd's Cousin Erik, we want you to know our heart aches with you over the loss of your mom , and we will miss her dearly.  The lovely memories of her will forever stay with us in our hearts and in our minds!!!  Please Stay Strong!!!

To get our minds at ease and to relax a bit, last weekend we traveled to New York to check out Reggae Lover's Rock Superstar "Maxi Priest," who performed at BB Kingsmaxipriest3large.jpg (47989 bytes) Blues Club in Manhattan.  Indeed, this concert relaxed me greatly and the club's setting was nice!  Maxi was outstanding as usual, and every song he sang was lovely and he performed them very well (as he always does).  I reached my pinnacle when he sang my favorite "Should I".  "Should I put my trust in you, should I put my faith in you, should I let you stick around, should I let you float around...Should I, should I, should I let you Float around...stick around...stick around, oooh yeh!"  This song is nice (the lyrics and the music) and it always brings back fond memories of a friend and one of the best drummers out of Orlando Florida "Mr. Fitzroy".  When Fitzroy sang/performed this song while playing the drums, he did an excellent job - much like Maxi always does.

Now, do you think there is anyone who could sing like Maxi Priest or deliver a song like he does?  I must share with you there is indeed one gentleman who can, and this young man is his son "Marvin Priest".  "Marvin" shared the stage with his father, sang a few songs to the huge crowd and fully entertained us at BB Kings.  You know...in my opinion Marvin's voice is comparable to R&B Singer John Legend.  Imagine, reggae being sung by a singer who sounds like John Legend...Yes, Marvin did that and really did a great job.  However though, Marvin's movements were very much like his dad and performed greatly!  Check him out at: http://www.marvinpriestmusic.com 

We were also entertained by a young up-and-coming dancehall/Hip Hop singer and rapper who calls himself "Beniton" - http://www.myspace.com/benitonthemenace.   "Beniton" was pretty good also and kept the crowd moving!  Of course, Maxi's long time friend and touring partner "Red Fox" made a special appearance and "turned out" the show.  It was fantastic, and so was BB Kings.  If "Maxi Priest" is scheduled to come to your town, please plan on attending his concert so you can totally check him out.  He is absolutely awesome!!!

Last Friday, February 6, 2009, was the birth date of Bob Marley.  Had he been alive he would have turned 64 years old.  We celebrate him and all he has done for reggae music

February is the birth month of Reggae Superstar Dennis Brown.

Born Robert "Bob" Nesta Marley - (1945-1981) Reggae Singer, Composer, and Guitarist was born in Nine Miles, Jamaica, and grew up in Kingston's rough Trenchtown District.  Bob’s music is timeless and it’s crossed many boundaries.  His words are prophetic, and in the times we are going through now with all the war and crime, this is the type of music we need to guide and uplift us.  Sometimes, it seems as the words in Bob Marley’s songs had to have come from a higher place, because they are so “deep” and meaningful.  Reggae music on a whole has the power to uplift and unify the world.  


I close out by saying once again


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Thanks to the many who have sent me e-mails in response to my past E-Newsletters and lots of important information to use for our future E-Newsletters.  Most importantly, I thank you for your encouraging words!  Until next week...please enjoy, and be safe this weekend and the upcoming week!!  

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Also to all of you, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us, so thanks very much for your support and One Love!


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"How To Love A Black Man"  -Free Download!

After playing to sold out performances in Atlanta, Washington D.C., Montgomery, Alabama  and Phoenix, AZ. Playwright Deron Cloud has finally released his critically acclaimed "How to Love A Black Man" on DVD to view as a FREE live stream or as a FREE download. Just in time for "Valentine's Day"

Why Free you ask? The answer is simple, this is Deron's way of saying thank you to all of those that have supported the many productions that he has performed over the years, and to introduce others to the show.

Read the following and if you or any one you know can relate to any of this,  you need this show...

Although I loved my wife I almost drove her crazy just by being me!  She tried to love me, but my anger always seemed to push her away.  This production is my confession, as well as my apology to my wife.  It's also an apology to women who fall in love with Black Men.  This by far will be the rawest production I've ever done.  I'm telling my life's story of love, marriage, I'm telling it all, I'm telling exactly how it happened!  I'm not holding back any punches, and I'm not cutting any words.  I've been married for fifteen years, and in those years I've taken my wife to the alter, to hell, and then back!  Through it all, we're still together, and now we're in love again!  Do you know how to love a Black Man?  Let me teach you with my confession…

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February 17, 2009

Trinidad, West Indies

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February 19, 2009

Trinidad, West Indies

Join "Just Friends" Cruise

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Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends

May you all have a very happy birthday, and from all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!



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Until next week and please be safe, and enjoy this Weekend.  Again, thanks for all your support!


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