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Newsletter - February 15th - Wash. DC, Maryland and Virginia

 Western Union

  Todd Mangatal

Greetings On Line Family:

Happy Belated Valentines to all of you our On-Line Family, and I hope you are celebrating Black History this month

In my last commentary to you several weeks ago I expressed that as we move into 2007 Arious Entertainment would continue to grow, since we have laid the ground work to achieve many of our goals.  As you know, the internet is a very exciting and useful tool for all of us.  Many major Corporations recognize the importance of internet marketing, and in an effort to better serve you our on-line family we have set out to create Corporate Partnerships with many of the fastest growing Corporations.  

In addition to providing you with information and commentaries about things that are important to our community, we want to create a portal and direct link to many goods and services that we think would be useful to those of you among our on-line family.  We truly would like to create an interactive experience through our weekly "What's Happening" E-mail blasts.  

When I was growing up and got into music I used to enjoy buying records on a regular basis, and eventually I became a DJ, so weekly I would spend many hours in the record store sifting through stacks and stacks of 45's and 12' records.  Now with the new technology of digital downloads we can sit in front of our computer and search for whatever music we may need.  I never thought anything could replace the record store.  Well now, in the 21st century things have really changed and have become very exciting.  One of our first Corporate Partner is iTunes, which is a fast growing legal music download service by Apple.  If you haven't check them's amazing  They have over 2 million tunes available by all types of artists and musical categories.  They also have TV shows, Pod Casts and many other things that you can download to your computer or you can listen to on your iPod (which is also an another amazing device.)  Again, it's astounding that something the size of a cell phone can hold thousands of songs.  This is something I've watched changed right before my eyes.  Anyway, check out iTunes, and start legally downloading today, scroll down and you will find the iTunes link below!!!

We have also partnered with which is a multi media distributor.  If you would actually like to purchase copies of your favorite CDs or books, etc. get it from  They also have DVDs and much, much more.  Click on the Link Below!!!

Another Corporate partner that I am very excited about is Jump TV, because as you know we launched Arious TV a few months back.  However, we recently stumbled across this new company (Jump TV) which offers broadcast of TV stations internationally, and we have become partners.  Tonight (Friday, Feb. 16) they will be broadcasting the 2007 International Soca Monarch live from Trinidad.  Check it out and let me know what you think about their service  They also offer stations from Jamaica and many parts of Africa, plus sporting events from around the world.  Again, Check them out!!!!  Also, see more details from Susan below regarding the Soca Monarch Competition in Trinidad and to get started with viewing the show. 

We know many of you make International long distance calls and we have partnered with a company called "Pingo", which offers some very low rates to many countries worldwide.  It's very easy to begin saving and activating the service.  Click the "Pingo" link below to check the rates, and follow the instructions to begin saving on your International Calls.  Additionally, you can make domestic long distance calls at a great rate, but most of us have free domestic long distance on our cell phones, but if you don't this is a service you can use.  I personally find the rates to be very low!!!!

Our other Corporate partners are Western Union, Hallmark, Office Depot, ShopNBC and The Radisson Hotels/Resorts.  Shopping on line is great, and I know many of you may be in need of the products that are produced and supplied by these companies, so please check out all of our new Corporate Partners and support these business.  To do so, Click the links below...HAPPY SHOPPING

We are currently pursuing more Partners, but please keep in mind that we still don't want to leave out the small business, because it is always our goal to promote small business to help them become large.  Feel free to contact us about marketing and promotions of your business, product, event or service @



Another thing that is very exciting is Internet Radio, a company that has been doing "big things" in Internet Radio is Live365.  For the past two weeks we had a link to our good friend Tony Carr's Caribbean radio station.  I understand from Mr. Carr that many of you have been regularly tuning in.  We are glad to hear that you have, and are enjoying the latest reggae and Soca music, so please continue checking out Mr. Carr's Nice vibes on his Radio Station at: 

Due to the overwhelming response to Mr. Carr's radio station I was motivated to launch Arious Radio.  For those of you who like hip hop, R&B and Reggae, you can check out Arious Radio which is still in the development stages, but you can be some of the first listeners.  Log in at: 



If you like American Idol check out Arious TV on "You Tube" for Clips of the Capital Star Competitions which is taking place in the Washington DC area.  Also see clips from Miami Carnival, DC Carnival, Music Videos by Storm Reggae Band and Ras Lidj and the "Deep Band", plus the International Caribbean Music Festival - Florida, along with some of my favorites. 




Apple iTunes

 Office Depot, Inc


 Jump TV, Inc.


 Radisson Hotels & Resorts



  Susan Mangatal



This weekend the greatest show on earth is taking place....“Carnival” in Trinidad and Tobago  If you were unable to make it to Trinidad for Carnival this year, then be a part of it by watching the 2007 International Soca Monarch Competition on Internet TV.  

"Soca" is a unique combination of the island's indigenous music, calypso, with the Indian rhythms of Trinidad, "born out of the seventies, hip, groovy and solid; peace and love, power to the people".  The Soca Monarch is a competition between the many Soca artists around the Caribbean.  This competition gives the new generation of Soca artists an arena in which they could compete on their own terms, with their own audiences and rules. It is the biggest Soca event in the universe.  

Watch the International Soca Monarch Competition tonight - This Friday, February, 16, 2007 on Jump TV on the Internet.  Some of the artist who will be competing/performing is Machal Montano, Bunji Garlin, Nadia Batson (featuring Kees), Patrice Roberts, Blaze & JW, Blaxx, Iwer George, Faye-Ann Lyons, Dawg E Slaughter, Minmi (Japan), Sucy Wow & Spontaneous, Olatunji, Barry Chandler (Barbados).  

To get started Click the link below and scroll down the page until you see the  "International Soca Monarch".  Click the picture and follow the instructions.

Jump TV, Inc.


Conscious Reggae Artist Richie Spice

Conscious Reggae Artist Richie Spice and his band "Fifth Element" will be performed here in the Washington Metropolitan area tonight promoting his latest CD "In The Streets of Africa".  (See Flyer below).  Richie Spice will be joined by his brother Spanner Banner, who you may remember from his popular song several years ago (in the early 90s) entitled “ Life Goes On”.  His older brother is also in the business and is very talented, he is Pliers of the duo Chaka Demus and Pliers, you must remember their classic hit “Murder She Wrote”.   

To check out some of Richie Spice's hits, such as "Earth A Run Red”,  "Marijuana", "Youths are so cold", "I Swear" and my favorite “This Ghetto Girl”...PLEASE CLICK the following iTunes logo and follow the instructions to get a sample Richie Spice - Spice In Your Life - Ghetto Girl  You will also be able to purchase and download any of the tunes you like through iTunes, which you can listen to on your computer or iPod.  Also, if you would like to purchase any of Richie Spice's CD's Click the Amazon link below.


      Richie Spice - Spice In Your Life - Ghetto Girl






Richie Spice:
The New York Times called his sophomore album "Spice in your life"  one of 2004's  best reggae releases.  The Los Angeles Times broadened the accolades and named " Spice in your life"  one of the year's ten best albums of any musical genre, and at home in Jamaica The Observer Newspaper named him both artist and vocalist of the year. Such high caliber commendations don't come easily and after 10 years of perseverance in the music industry, singer Richie Spice is now reaping a bountiful harvest of reggae cultural boomshots that have designated him as the hottest commodity among the current crop of young artists.
Born Richell Bonner on the 8th of September 1971, in Kingston, Jamaica suburbs of St. Andrew, Richie Spice  hails from a musical family that includes his older brother Pliers  ( from the deejay/singer duo Chaka Demus and Pliers of " murder she wrote " fame) and singer Spanna Banna best known for his mid 90's hit " Life goes on" and now a member of fifth element family. Throughout " Spice in your life " he demonstrates his flair for catchy melodies and infectious hooks. His latest CD/DVD release is with VP records " In the streets of Africa" is bound for success.




Celebrate Black History Month

The Celebrating and acknowledging of our leaders, the inventions, discoveries and accomplishments throughout history

America's High Tech "Invisible Man"

By Tyrone D. Taborn

ou may not have heard of Dr. Mark Dean. And you aren't alone. But almost everything in your life has been affected by his work.

See, Dr. Mark Dean is a Ph.D. from Stanford University. He is in the
National Hall of Inventors. He has more than 30 patents pending. He is a vice president with IBM. Oh, yeah. And he is also the architect of the modern-day personal computer. Dr. Dean holds three of the original nine patents on the computer that all PCs are based upon. And, Dr. Mark Dean is an African American.

So how is it that we can celebrate the 20th anniversary of the IBM personal computer without reading or hearing a single word about him? Given all of the pressure mass media are under about negative portrayals of African Americans on television and in print, you would think it
would be a slam dunk to highlight someone like Dr. Dean.

Somehow, though, we have managed to miss the shot. History is cruel when it comes to telling the stories of African Americans. Dr. Dean isn't the first Black inventor to be overlooked Consider John Stanard, inventor of the refrigerator, George Sampson, creator of the clothes dryer,
Alexander Miles and his elevator, Lewis Latimer and the electric lamp. All of these inventors share two things:

One, they changed the landscape of our society; and, two, society relegated them to the footnotes of history. Hopefully, Dr. Mark Dean
won't go away as quietly as they did. He certainly shouldn't. Dr. Dean helped start a Digital Revolution that created people like Microsoft's Bill Gates and Dell Computer's Michael Dell. Millions of jobs in information technology can be traced back directly to Dr. Dean.

More important, stories like Dr. Mark Dean's should serve as inspiration for African-American children. Already victims of the "Digital Divide" and failing school systems, young, Black kids might embrace technology with more enthusiasm! if they knew someone like Dr. Dean already was leading the way.

Although technically Dr. Dean can't be credited with creating the
computer -- that is left to Alan Turing, a pioneering 20th-century English mathematician, widely considered to be the father of modern computer science -- Dr. Dean rightly deserves to take a bow for the machine we use today. The computer really wasn't practical for home or small business use until he came along, leading a team that developed the interior architecture (ISA systems bus) that enables multiple devices, such as modems and printers, to be connected to personal computers.

In other words, because of Dr. Dean, the PC became a part of our daily lives. For most of us, changing the face of society would have been enough. But not for Dr. Dean. Still in his early forties, he has! a lot of inventing left in him.

He recently made history again by leading the design team responsible for creating the first 1-gigahertz processor chip.. It's just another huge step in making computers faster and smaller. As the world congratulates itself for the new Digital Age brought on by the personal computer, we need to guarantee that the African-American story is part of the hoopla surrounding the most stunning technological advance the world has ever seen. We cannot afford to let Dr. Mark Dean become a footnote in history. He is well worth his own history book.

For more details on Dr. Dean Please click the following Link: 

Thanks for all your support!




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 Birthdays, Shout Outs and Congratulations


Very Special Birthday Greetings 

Extended to 2 wonderful people who are celebrating their special day this weekend!

Sonia Bernard 



May your special day be filled with lots of joy!!!!

We would like to extend birthday greetings to Delores, Fran, Selina, Jerome and Wesley.

May you all have a very happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends 

DJ Musicologist216; DJ Flexx of WPGC in Washington DC; "Mz. Boop"; Miss HNIC "fashion designer"

2/17/07: Niehma; Babygirl (promoter WDC); ICMFest; Benita Apple Buns (STYLE ENTERTAINMENT); Lady "L-Wizz" Wisdom;

2/18/07: A. Fox; "U love me, and I love me too"; Tammy from Boston; SUGADADDE from Baltimore; T-N-T SOUNDS from GA; "Mz. Star"-Smooth and Creamy Candy;

2/19/07: Danny "MAESTRO"; Lynell-NYC; mIsErY LoVeZZ M3; MZ. VICIOUS OF VIXEN ENT.

2/20/07: Frozen Frame Photography; Caramel from NYC

Belated Birthdays (2/14 & 2/15): Bobby Cream; C.O.A.F. "Crooks of a Feather"; Syneta G. Wilson; Christina - the Jamaican/German; "Bonez" Syndicate Music's 1st LADY; "Serenity"



Until next week, please have a great weekend and thanks for all your support!  For those of you who are traveling to Trinidad for Carnival, We hope you enjoy yourself immensely and be safe


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