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Greetings On Line Family:  

Celebrate Black History Month

The Celebrating and acknowledging of our leaders, the inventions, discoveries and accomplishments throughout history by

   Susan Mangatal


  Today Bob Marley, the Reggae Icon and Superstar is considered to be the preeminent Ambassador of Reggae to the World and the Rastafarian Religion of Ethiopia.  A couple of days ago, specifically on Tuesday, February 6, marked what would have been the 62nd anniversary of his birth.- he was born Robert Nesta Marley  on February 6, 1945.  Bob had become Reggae's most transcendent and iconic figure, and he was the first Jamaican artist to achieve international superstardom, while in the process he introduced the music of his native island to the nations of all corners of the globe.

From what I have read about Bob it is clear that he had lots of flaws and actually endured many failures.  He was born poor and was given no breaks in life, it also seemed he had to fight for everything he managed to get in his life and in his music.  However, somehow he managed to rise to the top with his music.  A music that talked about the hardship one goes through and one's day-to-day struggles, he expressed in his music the plight of his country (Jamaica) being improvised, oppressed and about the spirituality that remains the source of strength for many their.   Most of all though, his music talked about faith, devotion, revolution and about peace, love and unity.  Music that brought people from all walks of life together, because in some way all of us were enduring the same issues and problems.  Bob truly impacted so many of our lives around the world and made it a lot easier for all of us to walk through life a bit calmer and easier because of his powerful words in his music.  He left a legacy and has paved a way for generations of artists.  He is a true legend and we must acknowledge and congratulate his achievements.

Sometimes I ask myself if Bob was alive where would he be today?  Would he have been this famous?  I strongly believe he would have, because of the messages in his music and the love everyone around the globe had for him.   We certainly lost a legend 26 years ago on May 11th, 1981.  

  On February 11th 2007, Bob Marley will be honored by his song “One Love” being inducted to the Recording Academy’s Grammy Hall of Fame.  It will join a select group of other tunes that have been judged to be among the most important and lasting recordings in musical history.  This song was recorded in 1977 on the “Exodus” album, according to Mr. Christopher John Farley (author of the Bob Marley’s Biography “Before the Legend: The Rise of Bob Marley) “the lyrics of “One Love” were more informed by the teaching of Rastafari.  But the song was broader than a single doctrine.  It was a tune for people of all faiths and all backgrounds to find themselves in.  “One Love”  wasn’t just a song about unity – it came to embody the concept as well.”  Mr. Farley further stated ““One Love” is, of course, a Jamaican Reggae song, but most listeners don’t see it as being part of any region – it has been embraced around the globe as an anthem to the human spirit.  The song’s title has also become a greeting – people the world over will say hello and good bye with the words “One Love”.  A few years ago, the BBC chose “One Love” as the song of the century.”

Reference: Christopher John Farley who is the author of the biography "Before the Legend: The Rise of Bob Marley" and the novel "Kingston by Starlight."





Lets Congratulate the life, works and contributions of

Hazel Scott

Pianist, Singer, Writer

A Trinidadian Performing & Recording Artists with exceptional talent and appeal and was a popular pianist and singer in the 1940s.  She was also the first black woman to have her own TV show.

    Ms. Hazel Scott was born in Trinidad on June 11, 1920, and she was best known as a Classical and Jazz Pianist.  At the early age of 3 she was playing the piano, at 4 her family migrated to America, and by her 8th birthday she performed in New York City and received a scholarship to study Classical music at the Julliard School of Music.   

At age 13 She had her first recital, and at 14 in 1934 Ms. Scott appeared at Apollo Theater in Harlem where her mother Ms Alma Scott was performing as a saxophonist in the supporting band.  In late 1934 she also performed Tchaikovsky's "Concerto No.1 for Piano and Orchestra" at Carnegie Hall.  At 15 she was touring with her mothers band "The American Creolians" and was performing in Bars and Nightclubs.  In 1936 at age 16 she had her own radio show and in 1938 at age 18 she made her stage debut on Broadway with the Broadway revue "Sing Out the News"

Ms Scott appeared in the production called "Priorities of 1942" and played twice at the famed Carnegie Hall in New York.  She starred in several films: "Something To Shout About"; "I Dood It"; "Broadway Melody"; "The Heat's On" and "Rhapsody in Blue"

In 1945 Hazel Scott married the Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. who was a noted Congressman, preacher and editor.  Neither Scott or Powell shied away from controversy, nor were they shy about taking a public stand against racial injustices.  When the Daughters of America Revolution refused to allow her to perform in Washington's Constitution Hall, Scott and Powell made a federal case of it, leading to protests and calls from the group to lose its Chapter for its discriminatory policies.  

Ms. Scott released several dozen albums.  Her most famous hit was "Tico Tico" and her style is a Stride/Boogie Woogie popular in the 40's.  In the late 1940s, Ms. Scott became the first black woman to host her own television show, which she lost in 1950 when she was accused of being a Communist sympathizer.  She refused to perform in segregated theaters and became an outspoken critic of both the McCarthyism and racial injustice.   To overcome being accused of being a Communist Sympathizer she volunteered to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee and her testimony drew praise.

After her divorce from Rev. Powell in 1956 she moved to Paris and lived there for five years.  In the 1960's, she returned to the U.S. and to her television and nightclub career.  

Ms. Scott was called a "musical chameleon" for her ability to shift from Jazz to Classical to Blues,  she credits her Jazz techniques to Art Tatum and Teddy Wilson who were her personal friends.  Because of her combination of the two approaches to piano in classical and jazz this made Ms. Hazel Scott an outstanding contributor to music.  

Scott continued to perform until she died from Cancer in 1981.

Below are few quotes from Ms. Hazel Scott

" I have always respected everyone's religion. As I say, there is only one God and a lot of confused people."

"I think we musicians are emissaries. Every time we go before the public, we're there to make converts."

"I've always known I was gifted, which is not the easiest thing in the world for a person to know, because you're not responsible for your gift, only for what you do with it."

"There's a time when you have to explain to your children why they're born, and it's a marvelous thing if you know the reason by then."

"There's only one free person in this society, and he is white and male."

"We can either be ugly and contemptuous in our behavior, which will turn people off, or else we can carry ourselves with dignity and pride."

"Who ever walked behind anyone to freedom? If we can't go hand in hand, I don't want to go."

Congratulations to Mr. Dungy and his Indianapolis Colts for winning the superbowl. 


I must say thanks for all the responses and comments I received regarding my last week's  commentary on the "Color Barrier in Football".  Actually, one of my on-line family member (Mr. Francis) indicated to me that there is a 7th Coach - Mr. Romeo Crennal who is head coach for the Cleveland Browns


Additionally, in late January another African-American gentleman - Mr. Mike Tomlin was hired to be the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.



For Those who are heading (home) to Trinidad for Carnival, I hope you have lots of funs.  However, please be safe and take good care.  From all the reports crime is at it's highest.  This week I received an e-mail from one of our on-line family for all of us to say a prayer for Trinidad.  Please take a moment to say this pray for T&T, and when you do so please remember the increase in crime and killings is not only taking place in Trinidad, but it is taking place in Jamaica as well as in many cities here in the United States, including our area here in Washington DC/Baltimore Maryland, so when you say this prayer keep all these cities, countries and other places in mind.

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you today, humbly lifting up our country Trinidad and Tobago, we ask Lord that you remove that dark cloud that has settled over our land.  We know that with you all things are possible, and trust in your love for the restoration of Peace, Love and Community in our country.  Influence our leaders so that they can find an effective solution to restore law and order.  We pray that you breathe a fresh breath over our land and remove all lawlessness, murder, road accidents, immorality and corruption as well as all forms of divination which are against your will.  Lord because we believe that you are Powerful and Mighty we place our Country in your hands and promise that we will do our best in our daily lives to stay focused on you. Thank you Father, AMEN 


Until next week, please have a great weekend and thanks for all your support!


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Birthdays, Shout Outs and Congratulations!!!

Troy and Linda Congratulations on your New Baby Girl!  Now I have another niece, and Mom what a wonderful birthday present (a new grandchild) who was born in your hands days after your birthday!!!!


Tony Carr is so pleased and thankful to all that has logged on and listened to his Internet Radio Station.  The numbers he has reported to us is overwhelming.  Thank you for supporting and listening to Mr. Carr's Internet Radio.

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Very Special Birthday Greetings to Cousin Antoinette!  Cousin Gail and Aunty Letticia happy birthday to you both as well!!!


We would like to extend special birthday greetings to Claudius, Talib, Amber, Boswick, and Zora.

May you all have a very happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends 

Belated Birthdays: CEO of Just Us Records, " Sexy Terri", Egyptian Princess, "M L Cool J", and GB

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One of our on-line family has asked us to help a mother from Philadelphia find her missing daughter.  See her message below!

  "My 13 year girl, Ashley Flores is missing from Philadelphia, PA.  She has been missing for two weeks.  "I am asking you all begging you to please forward this e-mail on to anyone and everyone you know...Please.  It is still not too late.  Please help us  If anyone anywhere know anything, please contact me at:  I am including a picture of her (below).  All prayers are appreciated!!!  It only takes 2 seconds to forward this."  

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Thanks for all your support!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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