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Arious Entertainment Group E-Newsletter  - February 12, 2010

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February 12th

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Susan Mangatal 

Greetings On-Line Family 

Celebrate the spirit of love!  Express and show that special someone in your life or the special people in your life that you love and care for them dearly!


It has been several weeks since we have connected with you our on-line family, and we have missed it tremendously.  Be assured we have good reasons for not connecting, which we will share with you below. 

So much has taken place during this time.  Actually, many of you know that we are currently dealing with 30-40 inches of snow that has covered our area, and we have been stuck in the house for some time.  You can just imagine how seriously I am suffering from cabin fever.   The first storm (Blizzard) arrived on last Friday and dropped approximately 27 inches of snow in my area, and the 2nd started on Tuesday throughout Wednesday and dropped approx. 15 more inches.  I can’t wait for this white stuff to melt, which I know will take months.  The snow is absolutely gorgeous but driving has been horrendous.  Walking too has been difficult, so our dog has been living a miserable life for a week (the 2 times a day walk had to be eliminated.) 

BlizzardOf2010-Feb.5-7 012.jpg (134193 bytes)We have been digging  and shoveling snow throughout the storms, and today (Thursday-2/10) with the sun out our digging was quite easy; actually, seeing pavement is a wonderful thing.  On the other hand our entire front yard is a mountain of snow, and the back porch/deck will be unusable for some time.  BlizzardOf2010-Feb.5-7 001.jpg (131558 bytes)Unfortunately, the beautiful tall pine trees that lined our back yard have all fallen down, which I’m not very pleased about, but clearly “mother nature” did her thing!  BlizzardOf2010-Feb.5-7 003.jpg (129235 bytes)I seriously thing a tornado or something on that level came through and knocked these strong trees down, but it is truly amazing to see.  Well, as I sit here writing I must admit I am loving the sound of  the  tap…tap…tap of the melting snow, and from time to time I would hear a  thump coming from different sides of the house, which is the snow falling off the roof.  I am just glad it has warmed up immensely today, and this white stuff is melting very nicely.

Todd wishes to send a  special “shout out” and a “big up” to Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and all of the state highway crews who have cleaned the highways shoulder to shoulder from Hagerstown to Baltimore.  Todd says "it is amazing that the road conditions have improved drastically from 4pm on Wednesday to 1pm on Thursday."

DSCF1002.JPG (124331 bytes)Trinidad, sweet…sweet Trinidad is where we have been for about a week.  We pretty much dropped everything and ran away to Trinidad to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, as well as our 7th year of connecting, sharing and networking with you through this weekly E-Newsletter.   

As for our trip, of course my family was ecstatic and so were we.  Our days and nights were surrounded by music, laughter, chatter (old talk), drinks, food and family.  We really had a fantastic time just “liming” with the family, enjoying the walks across the street from my Mom’s home to the parlor to buy a few beers at a time, enjoying the different beaches we visited, enjoying just about everything about my home.  AdorableNieces2.2010.JPG (19550 bytes)Most importantly, AdorableNieces-2-1.2010.JPG (31706 bytes)Todd and I found ourselves succumb by my darling baby nieces, who are extremely adorable.   Their little voices still ring in our ears “Aunty Susan…Uncle Todd…”, and there screams of joy touched our heart every time (truly a blissful feeling).  TAdorableNieces-3-1.2010.JPG (23901 bytes)odd couldn’t help but insist we stop everyday at a store to purchase them something or another.  Honestly, I never thought we would enjoy kids as much as we did (So very scary…I see we are changing quite a bit.)  The routine was breakfast at our hotel, a stop at the store for gifts, and directly to Tacarigua to spend our days and nights “liming”  LOVELY…SO VERY LOVELY!

DSCF1046.JPG (125103 bytes)Being that the island is preparing for Carnival our itinerary was full with parties (fetes), all inclusive events, concerts, panorama, etc. and some got done.  We spent time in St. James and stopped in DSCF1076.JPG (135974 bytes)“Smokey and Bunty “ for a drink or two.  Of course the festive atmosphere at this popular spot was fantastic, folks beating their irons, singing, drinking and just having a real good time.  Many of the Steel Pan tents were active (of course), and it was a pleasure listened to them as they practiced for the Panorama competitions.  All the fetes were full to capacity especially the “Licencing fete” in Port of Spain.  Massive crowds were spilled out in the streets trying to get into the venue, and live music was always coming from all parts of Port of Spain.  My Gosh, the hit soca tune by JW and Blaze “Palance” was rocking the entire island.  Every radio station we tuned into was playing this song, the fetes, bars, cars, and everyone was singing “Palance…Palance…Palance” even the kids were loving it.  To those who traveled home for Carnival (which is taking place this weekend and on Monday and Tuesday of next week), please enjoy this festive occasion and take a jump and "wine" for me. (Carnival drawing above is courtesy of Brian Wong Won)

As the fun ended and we headed back home (US) I ran into a problem going through immigration in Florida, which I will share with you sometime soon (after I get to the bottom of the problem.)  Actually, we were devastated over the problem because I am a law abiding resident, and I/we were dragged into a room for many long hours not knowing why and with no idea what was going to happen.  It was very infuriating!  However, we are back home and I am glad to be back in front of the computer.  Oh, by the way, I need to find an immigration attorney right away, so if there is someone out there, please know I need your help!  If a clean cut person like myself, who is a law abiding resident, and who is always thinking about others/people first, then I know it can happen to many of you. 

On the home front, a little before we left for Trinidad we were invited by a friend to be a part of a group whose main purpose is to raise funds to help Haiti, and we are pleased to be a part of the “DC Caribbean Promoters for Haiti” (DCPH).  We held the first fundraiser last Thursday, and it was good.  However, now I see many members of the group (DCPH) are branching off and are doing their own Haiti fundraising events.  Indeed the main goal is to help Haiti, but I was under the impression that we came together as a group to pull our resources together, as well as our strengths collectively to make all our efforts toward helping Haiti a strong and successful one.  We have actually been approached to endorse different events, and of course we have endorse them because IT’S ALL FOR HAITI, but it’s very weird for us to see that the members are doing their own thing…very weird indeed.  Actually it’s getting to the point that it seems folks are trying to outdo each other, or even for some sort of fame.  No disrespect to any of the members!  However, I have a question: If these members are doing their events for Charity to Haiti and not for profit, then why are these events done separately and not as a collective?  Go figure!!!  I guess my comment here will give folks reasons to begin with the hating…so hate on people hate on!!

I urge you to continue praying for Haiti, and continue giving.


blackhistorybanner3.jpg (13593 bytes)

It’s February and it’s Black History Month!  An important time to commemorate African-Americans who have changed the world.  Even though just about ½ the month is gone, we must celebrate the rich history of our black leaders, martyrs, activists, politicians, educators, doctors, lawyers, preachers, business owners and even the many who dedicated their life and time building this country and sacrificing everything for their families.   

Honestly though, we are living through the biggest thing that would ever happen in Black History – the 44th President of the United States.  Remarkable President Barack Obama celebrated his 1st year as our 44th President some weeks ago, and my heart still flutters every time I look up from my computer and see his face on TV with the capture “President Obama”.  His recent “State Of The Union” address moved me immensely, and I am glad he focused directly on the fighting and opposition he is enduring from the "right wing" Republican party.   Racism is so still so very prominent though, because this man’s color of his skin clearly is a factor in the opposition and fighting.   The activities of the “Tea Party” concerns me greatly, as well as the nasty rants and comments from the conservative radio hosts.  I wish they would just GET OVER IT and move on, and work together with the President for us the people-  the citizens and residents of the United States. 

As for Black History, please celebrate with your family and friends; teach your kids about all what our black leaders and people have accomplished, invented, fought for, died for, and is still working hard towards.

Celebrating Black History began in 1926, when Dr. Carter G. Woodson, a Harvard Ph.D., initiated "Negro History Week." Dr. Woodson, a historian, chose the second week in February because it included the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. In 1976, the Bicentennial (200th birthday) of the U.S.A., the week-long observance was extended to the entire month of February in order to have enough time for celebratory programs and activities.

Click the following picture to view President Obama's State of the Union Address. He spoke before Congress on January 27, 2010 - Courtesy of CBS and powered by "You Tube" (1 hr.-9 mins-& 19 Secs,)

Click Here to Lean about Professo Rex NettlefordProfessor the Honorable Rex Nettleford, Vice-Chancellor emeritus of the University of West Indies passed away recently (Feb. 2nd) and his passing comes with great sorrow and regret, because he was a great educator, an international icon, a professor, writer, dancer, manager, orator, critic and mentor and made major extraordinary contributions. We wish to express our condolences to his family, friends and to all who loved him dearly. The Professor was a cultural icon of Jamaica.  He died n a US Hospital in Wash. DC a day before his 77th birthday, after suffering a massive heart attack. It was reported he never regained consciousness after the heart attack.  Click on the Professor's photo to learn more about him.  Click here to read a wonderful tribute to Professor Nettleford - Courtesy of the Jamaican Gleaner News Public Affairs Entitled "Royal Black, A tribute to Rex". Published February 7, 2010

February 6, 2010, was the birth date of Bob Marley.  Had he been alive he would have turned 65 years old.  We celebrate him and all he has done for reggae music

February is the birth month of Reggae Superstar Dennis Brown.

Born Robert "Bob" Nesta Marley - (1945-1981) Reggae Singer, Composer, and Guitarist was born in Nine Miles, Jamaica, and grew up in Kingston's rough Trenchtown District.  Bob’s music is timeless and it’s crossed many boundaries.  His words are prophetic, and in the times we are going through now with all the war and crime, this is the type of music we need to guide and uplift us.  Sometimes, it seems as the words in Bob Marley’s songs had to have come from a higher place, because they are so “deep” and meaningful.  Reggae music on a whole has the power to uplift and unify the world. 

As I close, I wish all of you 

Love is patient and kind.  
Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude.
Love does not demand its own way.
Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of
when it has been wronged.  It is never glad about
injustice, but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.
Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always 
hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.
Love will last forever
1 Corinthians 13: 4-8a
Life Application Bible, New Living Translation



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