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Greetings On-Line Family

To all those who traveled to Trinidad for Carnival, Welcome back!!!  We know you had a wonderful time, and we are still getting lots of reports.  Well, many of you left right before the big event “Canbouley 1881” took place and missed it.  Even though our schedule did not permit us to attend, we understand it was very nice, what we do know though is the folks at Rumors Event are good young brothers and sisters to work with, even though they were a bit "rough around the edges",  working with them was very pleasant.  Anyway, check them out for their future events. 


On The Music

This past month the music scene in Wash./Md/Va was really hyped.  Shows upon shows came through our town and they all were "hot."

   The fun began at the end of Black History month with I & I Productions who presented their annual Bob Marley Birthday Celebration, this took place the weekend of the 24th-26th of February. 

  On Friday the 25th “Morgan Heritage” started this special music event, and if you know anything about Morgan Heritage, then you know what a great show we witnessed in our area.  “Morgan Heritage” known as the “First Family of Reggae” and is indeed Denroy Morgan’s heritage.  The 5 out of 29 children of Mr. Morgan are talented far beyond words.  They play instruments, are some of the best singers in the industry today, and delivers the warm spiritual message. 

What was really the highlight for us on this night was witnessing the fusion of Rock and Reggae, done by a band/group of young brothers of different races out of Springfield, MA. The band is called “FEAR NUTTIN' BAND”.  Some time ago this group actually sent us a CD of their work, and we took the time to listen, and was impressed by them, and their music, their specialty the fusion of Reggae mixed with Rock is pretty interesting…they were “off the chain”.  If you have a chance and they are in your area please do check this band out, they are currently touring with Morgan Heritage. 

  The next night was wonderful as well, because Barrington Levi was the main act along with a local band.  As you may know Mr. Levi is the songbird of reggae and is actually known as reggae's "Mellow Canary" due to his strong, pure vocal style, "he's renowned as the first original singer of the dancehall era, inspiring many imitators en-route and is very polished in regards to his music."  Every one of his classic hits he delivered with grace and ease, this man did a great job and you couldn’t tell if he was live or if it was his CD, just absolutely perfect.  I know all of the folks who attended will agree with us. 

  Finally, this great weekend ended with Reggae star Luciano, along with “Spoken Word”, and opening for Luciano were several Reggae artists along with their band out of the Virgin Islands "ARMY", "Niyorah" and "Abaja".  Even though we arrived late (as usual) and thought we had missed the show, we were pleased that we had not.  Well, the opening reggae acts out of the Virgin Islands unfortunately didn't "move us " very much (no disrespect I & I Prod. and the artists).  We thought the evening was a little slow, and to be quite honest, we were "kinda" bored, until Luciano took the stage and showed everyone what a real singer/star can do.  He worked the crowd real well, along with his band including legendary Saxophone player Dean Frasier, and his back up singers.  Luciano was outstanding, he sang and sang everyone of his hits, he knelt and said a pray on stage during his famous song “It’s me again Jah as I bow my knees to pray”, so extremely moving and touching.  His rendition of Peter Tosh’s biggest hit song (released in 1976) “Legalize It”, in our opinion he always does a fabulous job delivering this song, and if you have seen his show, then you know all the fun things Luciano does on stage when he performs this song.  Throughout the night the "Messenger" certainly delivered his positive and spiritual message.


Well, our weekend was something to remember, even though we had regretted canceling our plans of enjoying ourselves in Trinidad at Carnival, due to a pet walking into our lives unexpectedly, and not knowing or being familiar with what we needed to do with our pet while we were gone.  Our weekend turned out to be very nice.  We have no regrets now.

A couple of weeks ago Legendary Gregory Isaacs "The Cool Ruler", best known for his classic "Night Nurse" performed here in our area, and what more can one say about Gregory.  He was very good!!! Gregory has been on the scene for approximately 30 years, and he has a way of taping into our hearts and our bedrooms.  His band "Live Wire" was outstanding, and they were "off the hook" with lots of energy.  Throughout their performance they were bouncing and jumping "in-sync" on stage - Not to mention the lead singer, he was excellent (unfortunately we are at a lost for his name), but he was real "tight".  Well, they certainly did a good job warming up the crowd and succeeded in paving the way for Mr. Isaacs who took the stage and glided from hit to hit singing and delivering them flawlessly. Of course the crowd was singing every note of his lyrics, and just loved Gregory’s performance.  We were very disappointed with the turnout though, and really can’t figure out why the crowds did not come out to see Gregory.  His shows are ones you just don’t want to, or can’t miss, and besides he only passes through our town maybe once (1) a year, so it was quite baffling to us that all of his fans were not present.  This should have definitely been a “sell out show”.  Anyway, after analyzing the situation, we could only think that it may have been a marketing problem, it truly seemed as if it was not “up to par”, and yes…as some folks indicated it was indeed a well-kept secret.  Only a few folks knew about it, so for those who came it, will agree that it was an “up and personal intimate show”.

On The Soca Scene

As far as for Soca this past weekend on Friday (3/10/06) Iwer George “ The Big Man In The Business ” was in town, and from all the reports many were not thrilled with his performance.  But people we all know Iwer and what he does, so stop the negativity regarding his performance. 

  One of our favorite soca artist who has become the people's champion “where men respect and admire him, ladies lust after him, the youths idolize him and kids most definitely love him.” Mr. "Bunji Garlin", the ultimate performer and 3 (three) times Soca Monarch winner (2005, 2004, and tied with Iwer George in 2002).  Bunji Garlin was in town on Saturday (March 11, 2006) along with Jamaican artist Vibes Kartel, and as much as we had intended to make it to this show, we just didn’t mainly because the venue is not a “cool” place to take in a show like this.  From all the reports (which may be a little “one sided”), Bunji’s performance was too short and many Trinidadians were disappointed with the little time he performed, they felt Bunji should have preformed longer, and it should not have been “all about” Vibes Kartel.  We all must understand, Vibes Kartel is very “hot”, so there is really not much we can say about this situation.  To us the combination was quite interesting and we were looking forward to a positive outcome from this combination (one of the biggest and hottest artist from Trinidad and one of the biggest and hottest artist out of Jamaica), as the promoter we knew he/she surely wouldn’t loose, but according to the Trini people who were in attendance, they lost because of the short performance from Bunji.


This Weekend - 3/19/06


“The Buzz Around Town”

This weekend on Sunday (March 19th, 2006) The T&T Working Woman’s Committee will hold their first Sunday Brunch for the season.  If you have not attended one of their brunches, then you have truly missed some real good Trinidadian Food.  This Sunday is one you can’t miss, not only for the food but to support this group with their Caribbean Students scholarship fund.  Check them out, the brunch will be held at Crown Bakery Underground, located at 5329 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington DC.  Brunch begins at 10:00 am and will end at 3:00 pm.  The prices are as follows: $10.00 for a breakfast place as well as $10.00 for a lunch plate, if you are interested in a combination plate the price $15.00.  A word of advise…please plan on arriving early because you may miss the food because of the great amount of support from the community.  

Click here for all the details and most importantly what's on the menu


"Come To Washington: A Song for The City" by Mr. Lincoln Ross of Sonnig Records'.

In the past few weeks there have been a lot of talk in town about "Come To Washington: A Song for The City" by Mr. Lincoln Ross of Sonnig Records'.  A Campaign organized by Sonnig Records along with one of it's artist Jazz singer Changamire who has organized the launching of "Come To Washington: A Song for the City" as DC's unofficial song.  This song and the launch is on the lips of many here in Washington.  This launch (free) will be held at Jenny's Asian Fusion, located at 1000 Water Street, S.W., Washington, DC.  Join Sonnig Records, Mr. Lincoln Ross, and all of us at this launch which will be taking place on Friday, March 24, 2006.  Glenn Harris a native Washingtonian Sports Anchor will be hosting this exciting event.  For more details on the upcoming event CLICK HERE for the Press Release and the flyer.  You can also log on to check out Lincoln Ross on and his new song on his site at www.lincolnross.com, or you can also call Sonnig Records at 202-210-2427 - http://www.sonnigrecords.com


Upcoming Events

Howard University Poutre, Coskel University & Crown Bakery



Poems of Calypso & Home


Roger Bonair-Agard

Competitor in National Poetry Slams, Featured Poet on HBO's Def Poetry Jam 


Location: Howard University Main Campus Blackburn Center, Gallery Lounge, Washington DC
View Map

Date: April 10, 2006

Time: 8:00 pm

Host: Niama Sandy - niamasandy@gmail.com

- An Open Mic Hour Will Take Place before the Featured Performance

- Free Admission & Caribbean Style Refreshments!


About Masquerade

Through poetry and song, Masquerade explores the ways in which distance, remembrance, and seventeen years away from home shape a man. Masquerade critiques and celebrates the Trinidadian ethos by examining the influence its seminal music -- Calypso -- exerts on a poet and the larger world.

One hour in length, the poetry concert provides Caribbean and American audiences the opportunity to experience this historically significant and politically relevant art form through the lens of one man's life in poem and song. Whether reinterpreting the tale of a calypso's central character, relating his mother's early advice on race, or conjuring the sights, sounds, and scents of Carnival, Masquerade offers intelligent entertainment of the most enjoyable order.


3rd Annual Caribbean Days Conference Pledge to Addresses Caribbean-American Community Challenges

Caribbean People International Collective, Inc. will hold its 3rd Annual Caribbean Days on Capitol Hill Conference from April 3-5, 2006 at the Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives, which is located at 1201 17th Street, NW, Washington DC 20036.....For more Click Here for the Press Release and more details

Support Local Artists

Look out for Ras Lidj with his band "Deep", whose specialty is "Rego" (the Fusion of Reggae and Go Go Music) on Thursday, March 23rd, 2006; 


The Rising Sun Band on March 30th, 2006

both at Club U Turn which is located at 1942 11th St NW, Washington, DC it's on the corner of 11th and U St 202-299-9882.


Happy Birthday To All Pieces





Special greetings

Prince Thierry, who is a radio DJ at Radio Me'ga 99.2 FM and on the net at www.dancehallstyle.net.


Mr. Peter A. Webley from CaribbeanToday.com


Respect  and Blessings to DJ Choice-One out of Atlanta.  Check out his vibes on Wednesday Nights by logging on to www.blazin98.com and on Thursday Nights from 8pm-Midnight at www.caribplanet.com and on www.largeradio.com at the same time.


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