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Greetings On-Line Family!

"The benefits [of the resurrection] and innumerable.  To list a few: Our illnesses don't seem nearly so final; Our fears fade and lose their grip; Our grief over those who have gone on is diminished; Our desires to press on in spite of the obstacles is rejuvenated...Our identity as Christians is strengthened as we stand in the lengthening shadows of saints down through the centuries, who have always answered back in antiphonal voice" He is risen, indeed".  Quote by Charles Swindoll , Author, Educator Radio Preacher 

Happy Easter To all of you and may you enjoy this special and holy weekend. Throughout the years we are taught this is the "new birth", so I say to you cleanse your heart, your mind, your spirit and your soul and begin new again!  I know several things may be uncertain for many of you, but hold on to that vision you have, hold on to your goals, and to one of the most special gifts of Easter...hope!  With hope all things can be achieved!!!

A few days ago, Wednesday-March 19th, marked the 5th Anniversary of the war with Iraq.  Yes, it has been 5 long years that President Bush took us to war and separated us from our families.  A war created by falseness and untruths.  Many of our families never returned to us as they left; they returned in boxes (almost 4,000 of them), not to mention the (approx.) 29,000+ who will never be able to live normal lives again because they are wounded.  I feel many of your pain, anger and your want for this evilness to end.  Our families that make up these troops must be brought home.  The billions that is being spent to finance this war and to fix the infrastructure of the place we destroyed must be brought back home to us, so that America can fix itself.  

Can our Government not see how much we are suffering here on the home-front in America?  Our economy is worst than it has ever been; the foreclosure rate is soaring, many of us are losing our homes; the gas price is approaching $4.00 (in some states it's currently $4.00); many of our cars are being repossessed; a high percent of people without health insurance; and most importantly the dollar is losing its value drastically.  Need I say more?  The billions that are being spent on the war and re-building Iraq (the place that was destroyed over weapons of mass destruction that could not be found) should stay here in America to fix all of these problems. How can one say this war was a success?  Absolutely not!  The American people have lost and is still losing on a daily basis - physically, psychologically, emotionally and not to mention the precious lives of our loved ones and the innocent folks in Iraq whose lives were taken because of this war.  My heart aches (as many of you) over the many lives lost, and most of all my heart aches because in my opinion IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!  The country, and scores of its citizens are worst off now than it was 5 years ago.

Anyway, the following song we shared with you some time ago, but I want to send it out to our Troops who are serving and fighting in this war; to simply thank them and to let them know that we strongly appreciate them.  This is a song by a very wonderful woman who we meet a few years ago and have worked with - Ms. Alexandra Lajoux.  Click the picture to launch Ms. Lajoux's tribute to the Troops "We Thank You" written and performed by Alexandra Lajoux.  

Click this picture for the tribute to our troops "We Thank You" by Alexandra Lajoux.


On Tuesday, March 18, 2008, again history was made because Senator Barack Obama delivered an excellent speech on race that will surly go down in history as one of the most famous speeches of the 21st Century.  Of course, as a result of this most implicit topic lots of issues were brought to the surface.  "Hummmm" is what I say to you as I begin talking about this issue, because I am in a state of bewilderment over the constant negative comments I am hearing from the media and reading on blogs at many news websites around the United States about this important speech.  When I tuned in and heard…really heard every word the Senator spoke on this issue "Race", I got clarity regarding my own feelings on the entire issue.  “My Lord” he went to the core of the problem didn’t he, and I commend him for doing this????   

However, with this being said I must share with you how we (myself and Todd) felt about this issue, and I beg you to forgive me for being blunt and for your understanding.  At the end of last week when Mr. Obama denounced and rebuked the words of his Pastor "Minister Wright", we simply felt dreadful; we felt he had become weak, and we felt he had betrayed Pastor Wright and many who attend (as they in the media and many call it) “The Black Church”, all across America, and even the black race.  We felt he needed to take the time to address the core of the problem “race” and even religion; and about HOW countless sermons in the black church are delivered.  We felt the attacks Senator Obama was undergoing was not only on him, but on the entire race as a whole, and we felt this needed to be remedied immediately!  We were relieved on Tuesday morning when it was announced that the Senator planned on speaking to America on "race" and politics. 

This important speech Senator Obama delivered allows us to talk about this very apparent racism problem; and allows us to confront this issue at its core, especially since we are descendants and even survivors of slavery, the Jim Crow era and the struggle throughout the Civil Rights era.  Many have stated this speech opened up the racial wounds, but unbeknownst to many the wounds were never closed, and have been wide open for years upon years throughout the history of America.  After all African-Americans have been enduring racism throughout the history of America, and most recently as early as last year.  Let's not forget about the (1) racial, derogatory and assaulting remarks made by radio host Don Imas about the Rutger University Female basketball team; (2) about the injustice of the "Jena Six"; (3) the amount of folks that marched for equal justice on November 16, 2007 outside the Department of Justice; and lots of other racial problems many have had to face in the last few years.  YES, a great number of folks have been the victims and are hurt, bitter and can't seem to mend, and YES these issues are discussed in the "black church".  One must remember that the civil rights movement began in the "black church"!!!

I know we may lose some of our on-line family by discussing this issue, but we must because it is very disturbing and it seems we are still in oppression and there is NO Freedom of Speech since many in America are dictating what the "black church" can and cannot do.  The "Black Church" is the only place "one" can go where "one" can talk freely and honestly, to let "one" burdens down"", to discuss problems whether it be about race or issues at work , at home or even life, a place "one" look to for upliftment, and a place "one" openly and freely talk about politics.  Of course, there are numerous issues we may not agree with that is preached in our churches, but we attend because it is one (1) place we go to get the upliftment we need to take us through this difficult life; and the members, the Pastor and the church on a whole is indeed part of our extended family.  Therefore, it bothers us about the shock many in the media are expressing on their programs and many on blogs about the "black church", just pulling it apart and dwelling on the Senator needing to disown his RETIRED Pastor and separating himself from his church!!!

Let's look at this issue for "a quick minute", and the question I ask is: what is many in America upset about from the Pastor’s statement?  We examined the clips that have been shown repeatedly on the news channels and on "You Tube", and listened closely over and over again and really could not see a problem.  Let me say again, we looked at the few seconds of the clip the news media’s kept showed on the Pastor via the TV and realized, yes indeed Senator Clinton will never be called the “N” word, indeed Senator Clinton will never experience a cab driving by her and not picking her up because of the color of her skin, and indeed Senator Clinton has never experienced being poor.  Undeniably the pastor was telling the truth, as many pastors have done throughout our country.  YES again I say, anger; honesty and a place to talk freely about all our problems and issues in life and even in America is frequently expressed during many sermons on a Sunday morning in the "black Church" across America, and folks must understand that there is much to be angry about in America.  Let's "be real" and look at this further, it is a fact that the history of this country is build on hate, slavery, divisiveness, inequality, injustice, etc., African-Americans were never on even ground, and are still treated unfairly and have to endure racism on a daily basis, so YES it is discussed in the church!!!

Well now, the next huge issue is that the Senator should leave his church, and disown/completely cut ties with the RETIRED Pastor Wright (the man that married him, is a part of his life, was an inspiration for his first book "The Audacity of Hope", and christened both his baby girls).  A man who has had 30 years preaching in the pulpit, uplifting, inspiring, motivating and is known for scolding his congregation harshly when issues or folks in his community have gone astray.  Honestly, this demand to disown Pastor Wright is UNJUSTIFIED, and have not been made on the other Senators who has questionable associates. I say judge Senator Obama on his words, his actions and the content of his character.  

I am indeed delighted Senator Obama gave this important speech, it was thoughtful and honest and gives us all the opportunity to talk about one of the most sensitive and serious issues plaguing the United States.  I hope the American people can talk and transcend from this issue.

On a more happier note here are the overall count as of today which shows Senator Obama still maintaining a substantial lead in Delegates via CNN and MSNBC.  I'm not sure which one of these 2 networks are correct, but I have listed both counts for your review.  CNN's count is: Senator Obama's total 1,621 (1413 Pledged and 208 Super delegates, and Senator Clinton's total is 1,479 (1,242 Pledged and 237 Super delegates; and MSNBC's count is: Senator Obama's total 1,625 (1408 Pledged and 217 Super delegates, and Senator Clinton's total is 1,506 (1,251 Pledged and 255 Super delegates.  The total delegates needed to get the nomination is 2,025.           

Don't forget that the Pennsylvania Primary will be taking place in a few weeks and it's very important that voters in Pennsylvania get registered immediately, because the registration deadline for voting in the primary as a democrat in Pennsylvania is this Monday, March 24, 2008.  

As I close I want to remind you to continue standing up and not accepting the same old tactics, rhetoric and old politics.  I encourage you to talk about race and the hurtful issues you might have experienced throughout life.  Most importantly let's continue building this movement and voting for Senator Obama, he has taken an important step this week by bringing to the forefront a problem that has been aching our hearts for years and I simply cannot thank him enough for doing this, because it is a huge problem that exist in America that we need to talk about, address and find solutions to...we must try to mend!!!

Please know that with your support and votes Senator Obama will continue succeeding. We know he absolutely has the ability and wisdom to move us forward, and will bridge the gap on many issues.  I hope you are looking forward to the overall change as I am, so lets continue making history together!!!!

  The Deadline to register as a democrat to vote in the Pennsylvania Primary is this Monday, March 24 2008.  Hurry and register right away!  The deadline for registering to vote in the General Election is October 6, 2008. Click Here!  https://ssl.capwiz.com/electionmsn/e4/nvra/?action=form&state=

Senator Obama's Important and Historic Speech on Race in America- 3/18/08 in Pennsylvania.  Read his speech where you will find among other facts he stated: "...In the white community, the path to a more perfect union means acknowledging that what ails the African-American community does not just exist in the minds of black people; that the legacy of discrimination - and current incidents of discrimination, while less overt than in the past - are real and must be addressed".. Click on the picture to read the entire speech and launch the video -   Courtesy of www.barackobama.com and CNN 

"Countdown" with Keith Olbermann.  Mr. Olbermann states "Clinton's tepid response to Ferraro is shameful."  Olbermann further states to Senator Clinton "Unless you say something definitive, Senator, the former Congresswoman is speaking with your approval.  You must remedy this.  You must reject and denounce Geraldine Ferraro.  Courtesy of www.msnbc.com Click the picture to view.




Our Condolences to the family and friends of Mikey Dread. "Dread on the Control".  Michael Campbell better known as Mikey Dread, is a Jamaican singer, producer, and broadcaster.  From an early age, Campbell showed a natural aptitude for engineering and electronics. After he finished college, Campbell started out as an engineer with the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC). Campbell wasn't impressed that the JBC's play lists mainly consisted of bland, foreign pop music at a time when some of the most potent reggae was being recorded in Jamaica. He convinced his JBC bosses to give him his own radio program called Dread At The Controls, where he played nothing but reggae. Before long, Campbell (now using the DJ name Mikey Dread) had the most popular program on the JBC. Well-known for its fun and adventurous sonic style, Dread At The Controls became a hit all over Jamaica. Inevitably, JBC's conservative management and Campbell clashed, and he quit in protest.  By that time, Campbell had earned a solid reputation as a singer and producer and began recording his own material. Distinctive albums such as Dread At The Controls, Evolutionary Rockers, and World War III all became favorites amongst reggae fans. His collaboration with producers King Tubby and Carlton Patterson stand out as some of the best work each party has done. Campbell's music attracted the attention of British punk rockers The Clash, who invited him over to England to produce some of their music. Although initially suspicious of the strangers, Campbell soon became the best of friends with the band, producing their famous "Bankrobber" single and performing on several songs on their 1980 album Sandinista!. Campbell also toured with The Clash across Britain, Europe, and the US, gaining many new fans along the way.  After many years working as a producer and singer, Campbell withdrew from the business and moved to Miami where he furthered his college education with courses in electronics and business. Disgusted with several unfair contracts with record companies, Campbell shrewdly waited until all of the existing contracts expired and then regained control over his entire catalogue. Since then, he has been re-releasing much of it on his own Dread At The Controls record label.  In October 2007 Mr. Campbell was diagnosed and was being treated for a brain tumor, which he succumb from this past weekend.

  Recognizing and Celebrating Women's Accomplishments throughout History - March is "National Women's History Month".  For the rest of this month we will recognize, celebrate and honor women around the world.  We will celebrate their diverse and historic accomplishments, as well as their rich and varied contributions to the history and culture of the United States and around the world.  

There are 2 weeks left to celebrate Women’s History Month.  We continue to celebrate women of African-American decent who are “FIRSTS” and who have contributed to the advancement of women and paved the way for many who has become successful.  Of course the challenges today are smaller in comparison to the challenges women faced in previous years as they pursued their goals.  I can just imagine what they had endured during their life as they moved towards obtaining their goals and achievements from the problems of intense racism (not only being a woman, but also being black), segregation, and normalized sexism.  However despite their race, gender, class and age, these women drew something deep inside their souls and stayed motivated and succeed with pursuing their goals. This week we celebrate women who are "FIRSTS" during the years of 1955-1990.

MarianAnderson.jpg (39550 bytes)  1955: Marian Anderson was the first black female member of the Metropolitan Opera Company.  She broke the color barrier by the first African-American to perform with the New York Metropolitan Opera singing the part of Ulrica in Giuseppe Verdis Un ballo in maschera.  Ms. Anderson was born in South Philadelphia.  Marian Anderson was a world-renowned opera singer.  In 1955, at the age of 58 Ms. Anderson broke the color barrier by becoming the first African-American to perform with the New York Metropolitan Opera . On that occasion, she sang the part of Ulrica in Giuseppe Verdi 's Un ballo in maschera .  She first began singing in the choir of Union Baptist church, learning all the parts from soprano to bass, a discipline that helped to develop her extraordinary range. She was 15 when she received her first formal lesson.  She debuted at the New York Philharmonic on August 26 , 1925 and scored an immediate success, also with the critics. In 1928 , she sang for the first time at Carnegie Hall .  Her reputation was further advanced by her tour though Europe in the early 1930's . Later in Ms. Anderson's life she sang at the presidential inauguration of John F. Kennedy. The Finnish composer Jean Sibelius dedicated his Solitude to her. "As a black American who overcame adversity to achieve renown, Marian Anderson embodied the civil rights movement. However, this aspect of her life should not overshadow her stature as a performer. Musical experts, noting the uniqueness of her vocal qualities, have acclaimed her to be one of the greatest contraltos of the Twentieth century. She developed a wide repertoire ranging from the spirituals of her black culture to the songs of Bach and Brahms to the folk music of Scandinavia.  For more details on Marion Anderson click on to her site at http://www.mariananderson.org/home/index.html or http://www.danburyhistorical.org/MarianAnerson.html 

  1957 & 1958: Althea Gibson became the first black person to play in and win Wimbledon and the Unites States National tennis Championship (she won 56 tournaments including 5 grand slam singles events.)  Ms. Gibson was born in 1927 and grew up in Harlem.  In 1948 she won the first of 10 straight national black women's singles championships.  In addition to many of her winnings ( She was the first African American to play in the U.S. grass court championships at Forest Hill, NY in 1950 and at Wimbledon, England in 1951.  She won the French women's singles championship in 1956 and the U.S. and British championships in both 1957 and 1958. She retired from competition in 1958. In 1971 she was named to the National Lawn Tennis Hall of Fame.  Ms. Gibson became New Jersey State Commissioner of Athletics in 1975, a post she held for 10 years. She then served on the State's Athletics Control Board until 1988 and the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness until 1992. In 2003 at the age of 76, Althea Gibson died in East Orange.  For Mor Information on Ms. Gibson log on to: http://www.altheagibson.com/PhotoGallery.htm or http://womenshistory.about.com/od/gibsonalthea/a/althea_gibson.htm

Ella Fitzgerald, NNDB  1958: Ella Fitzgerald was the first black female to receive a Grammy Award.   Ms. Fitzgerald was born in Newport News, VA in 1917, and moved with her mother to New York.  Her first dream was to be a dancer.  Growing up in New York, she was inspired by "Snake Hips" Tucker studying his serpentine moves and practicing them constantly with friends.  Then, one fateful night at the Apollo Theatre in 1934, the headlining Edwards Sisters brought down the house with their dancing.  Amateur Hour begin immediately after, and a 16-year-old Ella Fitzgerald stepped on stage. but was too intimidated to dance.  Instead, she sang "Judy" silenced the awestruck crowd, and won first prize.  It was the beginning of one of the most celebrated careers in music history.  After her early success at the Apollo, and as a popular performer at a number of other amateur venues, Fitzgerald was invited to join Chick Webb's band.  Within a short while she was the star attraction, and had made a number list including her trademark "A-tisket, A-tasket" (938).  After Web's death in 1939, Fitzgerald led the band for three years.  By the time she began her sols career in the mid 1940s, she was a well-respected figure throughout the music industry.  Her vibrant and energetic voice showed an exceptional range and control.  Performing with "Jazz at the Philharmonic", her popularity grew beyond the music world.  Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, she continued to perform as a jazz musician, but concentrated primarily on popular music.  One of the early "scat" performers, Fitzgerald found a place among the growing jazz innovators, making recordings with such greats as Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.  Her true genius, however, was not formal innovation or deeper expression, but artistic renderings of the enthusiastic songs of her time.  By the 1970s, she was performing with a trio headed y pianist Tommy Flanagan, and regularly with dozens of different symphony orchestras.  Though her voice was not what it had been, Ms. Fitzgerald's enthusiasm and charisma continued to excite crows well into the 1980s.  After a successful appearance in the United Kingdom in 1990, she retired due to ailing health.  Two years later President Ronald Reagan awarded her the National Medal of Honor.  Suffering continued health problems, Ms. Fitzgerald spent the last few years o her life in Beverly Hills home and she died in 1996 at the age of 78.  For more details on Ms. Fitzgerald log on to:  http://www.ellafitzgerald.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12&Itemid=28

PatriciaHarris.jpg (2751 bytes)  1965: Patricia Harris became the first black female ambassador for Luxembourg.  Patricia Harris was born in Mattoon, Illinois. She graduated from Howard University in 1945 with a bachelor's degree in political science and economics. Following graduation, Mrs. Harris went to work for the Chicago Young Women's Christian Association (1946-1949), then became assistant director for the American Council for Human Rights (1949-1953), and executive director of Delta Sigma Theta (1953-1959). After graduating from law school she went to work for the criminal division of the U.S. Department of Justice for about a year before joining the facility of Howard University Law School in 1961. In 1965, Mrs. Harris was appointed ambassador to Luxembourg by President Lyndon Johnson. She served in this capacity until 1967 when she returned to Howard University as a law professor. In 1970, she joined a Washington, D.C. law firm, practicing corporate law until she was appointed U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by President Jimmy Carter in 1977, a position she held until 1979, when she became Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. During her tenure, the department was renamed Health and Human Services. After Jimmy Carter was defeated in his bid for a second presidential term, Mrs. Harris resigned as Secretary of DHHS in 1981.  She ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Washington, D.C., in 1982, and died in 1985.  For more details log on to: http://www.huarchivesnet.howard.edu/0005huarnet/harris1.htm or http://www.greatwomen.org/women.php?action=viewone&id=200

ConstanceBAkerMotley.jpg (29754 bytes)  1966: Constance Baker Motley became the first black woman federal judge.  Constance Motley was a prominent civil rights attorney, and won nine of the ten cases she argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, including the 1962 case in which James Meredith won admission to the University of Mississippi.  In 1966 she became the first black woman to become a federal judge. She was known to take all kinds of cases, including housing for African-American people, and write briefs for the Brown vs. Board of Education case. For doing all these great things, she got elected to the New York State Senate in 1964, becoming the first woman to do so, and then in 1965 she became the first woman President of a Manhattan borough. She believed that she could make a difference and she did.  Constance Baker Motley was born on September 14, 1921, in New Haven, Connecticut. Her dad was the chef for the Skull and Bones, an exclusive club at Yale. She graduated from New York University in 1943. In 1946 she received her law degree from Columbia University, and married real estate and insurance broker, Joel Wilson Motley. She was then appointed to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on January 25, 1966. Constance Baker Motley became the first African-American woman to serve for the Southern District of New York, the largest federal trial bench in the country. After a long, distinguished career, she died on September 28, 2005, at the age of 84.  Click here for more details:  http://www.nwhp.org/whm/motley_bio.php  or http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/29/nyregion/29motley.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

ShirleyChisholm1.jpg (19031 bytes)  1969: Shirley (Anita) Chisholm, Congresswoman from New York was the first black female U.S. Representative-Serving from 1969-1983.  Also, the first to campaign for the Presidency and she was known for her incisive debating style and uncompromising integrityBorn in 1924, in Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y.; Ms. Chisholm was the first black woman elected to Congress; attended public schools of Brooklyn, N.Y.; B.A., Brooklyn College, 1946; M.A., Columbia University, 1952; nursery school teacher, 1946-1953; director Hamilton-Madison Child Care Center, New York City, 1953-1959; educational consultant, Division of Day Care, New York City, 1959-1964; assemblywoman, New York State Legislature, 1964-1968; elected as a Democrat to the Ninety-first and to the six succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1969-January 3, 1983); was not a candidate for reelection to the Ninety-eighth Congress in 1982.  Shirley Chisholm is widely considered one of the foremost female orators in the United States. With a character that she has described as "unbought and unbossed," Chisholm became known as a politician who refused to allow fellow politicians, including the male-dominated Congressional Black Caucus, to deter her from her goals. In 1969 her first statement as a congressperson before the U.S. House of Representatives reflected her commitment to prioritizing the needs of the disadvantaged, especially children: she proclaimed her intent to "vote No on every money bill that comes to the floor of this House that provides any funds for the Department of Defense."  While Chisholm advocated for black civil rights, she regularly took up issues that concerned other people of color such as Native Americans and Spanish-speaking migrants. She also delivered important speeches on the economic and political rights of women and fearlessly criticized the Nixon Administration during the Vietnam War.  She died in died on January 1, 2005, in Ormond Beach, Fla.; interment in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, N.Y.  http://www.africanamericans.com/ShirleyChisholm.htm  

Wiliehobbsmoore.jpg (19653 bytes)  1972: Willie Hobbs Moore (University of Michigan) is the first African American Woman to earn a Ph.D. in Physics on vibrational analysis of secondary chlorides. While at Michigan, Moore worked for Datamax Corporation. She has also held engineering positions at Bendix Aerospace Systems, Barnes Engineering, and Sensor Dynamics where she was responsible for the theoretical analysis.  After completing her degree at the University of Michigan and working there for several years as a research scientist, she spent a long and successful career at Ford Motor Company.  She died in 1994.  http://www.physics.lsa.umich.edu/nea/special/imesmoore.asp   

1977: Patricia Harris was the first black female cabinet minister.  She was the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Jimmy Carter.  Her bio is above.

1980: The first book on African American Mathematicians, Black Mathematicians and their Works ,published by Virginia K. Newell, Joella H. Gipson, L. W. Rich, and B. Stubblefield.  A collection of research papers published before 1980 and written by black mathematicians, there is no central mathematical theme to this book. The range of the papers is wide, from mathematics education to group theory. However, it is a strong statement about the professional diversity in the field of mathematics. Blacks have made major contributions to the advancement of science and mathematics and this book is a partial description of that fact.

1984: Vanessa Williams became the first Black Miss America representing New York.  Suzette Charles also an African American was the runner-up and served after Ms. Williams resigned).  Ms. Charles represented New Jersey.  A woman of many faces and talents, a woman who not only demands respect but also has earned it. She has conquered the musical charts, the big screen and the stages of Broadway. However, she demands to be seen as a person and not just as a star. Vanessa Williams, born in 1963,  in upstate New York Her parents were both music teachers and encouraged Vanessa in her musical studies. She also has a younger brother who is 4 years older.  Vanessa won the "Miss Syracuse" pageant and went on to become "Miss New York" in the well awaited Miss America pageant, 1984. Vanessa graced the stage a long with 49 other beautiful women, women considered to be the best in their state, therefore the best in the United States. Taking hold of categories such as the interview, swimsuit and talent, she went on to win the title of Miss America 1984. Winning this contest was a great honor for Vanessa, being the first black Miss America however; it also brought to her life fear. Fear not only for her own life but fear also for her family's. She knew and was constantly reminded that the people of the black race did not want her known as the "First African American Miss America" because to them she was not black enough. In the same hand, she was hated by the people of the white culture because to them she had taken the crown from the many white women on the stage who, in their eyes, deserved it much more.  For more details on Ms. Williams click on the following link: http://www.vanessawilliams.de/indexengl.htm 

  1986: Opera Winfrey became the first black woman television host "The Oprah Winfrey Show" 1991-2000 and First African-American Billionaire.  Ms. Winfrey was born in Mississippi, Oprah Winfrey, 54, started out in life, disadvantaged.  At 3 she was reciting speeches in her church.  In her teens she was touring to churches of Nashville reciting sermons of James Weldon Johnson. Ms. Winfrey began her broadcasting career at age 19 in Tennessee. Her dramatic transformation from a newsreader on a small radio station to being the first woman in history to own and produce her own television talk show has all the pizzazz of a fairy tale.   She was the youngest news anchor and the first black female news anchor at Nashville’s WTVF-TV. She moved to Baltimore’s WJZ-TV in 1976 to co-anchor the six o’clock news. She was later hired as co-host for Richard Sher in WJZ’s local talk show, People Are Talking, which debuted in 1978.   Winfrey also launched The Angel Network, an organization that collects millions of dollars a year for charities. She publishes her own magazines, O, The Oprah Magazine and O at Home, and has co-founded the women’s cable television network —Oxygen.  She is also an author, an actress, recipient of the First Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the 2002 Emmy Awards, a producer who owns her own Production company Ms. Winfrey - entrepreneur is known for her innate empathy and love for people.  She is an icon, and can be seen everyday via her television show: The Opera Winfrey Show.   http://www2.oprah.com/about/press/about_press_bio.jhtml 

DebiThomas.jpg (12430 bytes)  1988: Debi Thomas won the bronze Olympic medal for figure skating.  Debi Thomas, a popular figure skater during the 1980s, was the first African American to win a medal in the Winter Olympic Games. At the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Thomas won a bronze medal in figure skating. Katarina Witt won the gold medal.  Thomas’ success prior to the Olympics included winning the titles at the 1986 National and World Figure Skating Championship while she was a freshman at Stanford University. She is the first and only African American to hold these titles. That same year, she was named Athlete of the Year by the Wide World of Sports. In 1988, prior to the Olympics, Thomas won the national championship.  In 1991, Thomas graduated from Stanford University with a degree in engineering. Thomas had plans to become a doctor, but rather than enter medical school immediately, she decided to skate professionally. Soon thereafter, she began attending medical school at Northwestern University and graduated in 1997. She completed her residency at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Hospital and began a residency in orthopedic surgery at the Martin Luther King Jr./Charles Drew University Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. In 2000, Thomas was inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame.  http://www.docdebithomas.com/

Debieturner1990MsAmerica.jpg (19209 bytes)1990: Debbye Turner won the Miss America contest.  Debbye Turner became Miss America and pursued her dream to become a veterinarian.  Her first pageant was "Miss Black Teenage World," which she entered when she was 15 years old. She won First Runner-Up. The second pageant was the "Junior Miss Program." She won that pageant, too, and was put in the top 8 in Northeastern Arkansas. She now wanted to try out in the "Miss America Pageant."  Ms. Turner entered college and graduated from Arkansas State University in May 1986 with a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture.  She was crown as Miss America in 1990, during her reign as Miss America she addressed more than 500,000 students at 500 schools, youth organizations and college campuses as a motivational speaker on topics of self-esteem, perseverance and the importance of education.  In addition she serves on any local, state and national boards including the National Council on Youth Leadership, Missouri Division of Youth Services and Mathews-Dickey Boys' Club.  Ms. Turner was graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in May 1991 with a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine. Ms. Turner resides in New York City.   In 2001 Ms. Turner started to work for CBS as a broadcasting journalist for The Early Show.  She was nominated for an Emmy Award as co-host of "Show Me St. Louis". http://www.debbyeturner.com/bio.html

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N. Brentwood, Maryland


at De Panyard

PAN MASTERS STEEL ORCHESTRA Cordially invite you a special Performance at "DE PANYARD" at a  special "Friday Night Lime" 


OBERLIN STEEL (From Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio)



Performs on FRIDAY, MARCH 28th

9:00 PM

(4559 Rhode Island Ave, North Brentwood, MD)

FREE ADMISSION (Donations accepted)

Go out for a special "Friday Night Lime" and enjoy food, drink and great steelband music.  Oberlin Steel is a 19-member group from Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio.  Their annual spring break tour brings them to DC for the first time in 10 years!  Several Oberlin alumni are current players in Pan Masters, and many more have played with PMSO over the years.  Pan Masters is glad to be hosting Oberlin Steel again at De Panyard!

For More Information Call: 301-864-2610 or panmasters@hotmail.com 

Read more here about Oberlin Steel




Memphis, Tennessee

April 2-4, 2008



Appearances by: Martin Luther King, III, Myrlie Evers-Williams, Earl Graves, Sr., Michael Baisden, Tom Joyner, Sean Hannity, Harry Belafonte, Marc Morial, comedian Mo’Nique, and many others to appear

Details: Reverend Al Sharpton and the National Action Network (NAN) will host its 10th annual convention at the Peabody Memphis from April 2nd to April 5th to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The historic gathering will be an impressive who’s who in civil rights, business, politics, labor, entertainment and the religious community and thousands from across the country will assemble for the “Recommitment March” on Friday, April 4th to the Lorraine Hotel to pause in silence while remembering Dr. King at the moment he was shot 40-years-ago. The 

“Recommitment March” to be led by Rev. Sharpton and Martin Luther King, III, will serve as an opportunity for people to recommit themselves to fighting for the ideals that Dr. King envisioned 40-years ago. The march will show a new generation led by them that are prepared to lead the fight for social justice going forward the next forty years. According to Rev. Sharpton: “Just as the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for forty-years after Moses brought them across the Red Sea, Dr. King was our Moses, and forty years later, Martin Luther King, III, myself, and many others will commit ourselves to going forward to make a pledge to better ourselves and our community. Click here for highlights and to register for the convention.


Temple Hills, Maryland

You Are Cordially Invited to an International Reunion


Gerri "Ms Peasie" Adams, as she and many of her friends Celebrate the Late Legend Marvin Gaye, Jr.'s Birthday

Friday, April 4, 2008

from 9:00 pm - 1:30 am


Camp Springs Elks Lodge 2332

7550 Temple Hills Road, Temple Hills, Maryland

Donation: $22.00

Contact #'s: 301-322-6827 and 202-583-3021

Music by Bobby's Music Machine

Dress Attire is "All White Tonight" - Cash Bar  - Buffet   - "Open Mic"





Want to travel to Jamaica for FREE?
 Journey to Jamaica May 2-9, 2008
to encourage, inspire and spark children’s interest in reading!
·         Do you have a passion for helping children?
·         Do you want to help make a difference in the lives of children all over the world? 
·         Become a Literacy Ambassador and participate in various Education Week events as we travel throughout the island to celebrate Read Across Jamaica Day (May 8).
Thanks to a CLASS grant from NEA Student Programs, two lucky college students will have their travel expenses paid to journey to Jamaica as "Literacy Ambassadors".  Applications are now being accepted.  Deadline to apply is April 11, 2007.
For an application or more information, visit www.readacrossja.com or Contact:  Ja'nice Wisdom, Project Coordinator at 301-806-2984.
“Share a book with a child and you have given illiteracy a dose of cure!”
Volunteer today!



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