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Greetings On-Line Family

The end of the month is upon us and Easter is a week away, isn't it amazing how quickly the year is "flying" by?  

Now that we are at the end of March the month long celebration of recognizing, highlighting and honoring women and their accomplishments throughout history comes to an end as well, but I cannot close out this segment without honoring a wonderful woman here locally who I admire for her unbelievable strength.  

This woman came into my life some years ago and she made it a point to get to know me, my husband, the many around us and the community at large.  She is the sweetest and quite a delightful woman, but the most honest and serious/stern person I ever met.  She is all about business, heads up her own non-profit organization, and when it comes to working and helping out in the community, she is always there...especially for me.   I speak about this because of my experience with her, you see during my time with the Caribbean Carnival Committee here locally, for every event or project I handled, she was there for me even before I asked.  Not to mention the many advice she openly, honestly and freely gave me during this time.  I think now, had I listened to her, I would have had a much smoother "road" with the committee, and she never lets me forget about my stubbornness.  Anyway, enough about my relationship with her.  This woman, Ms. Beverlee Dawkins is  just a wonderful Woman!!!!  

Unfortunately, approximately 10 & 1/2  months ago Ms. Dawkins endured something no one would ever want to experience, and her life was turned "upside down", to her it seemed her whole world suddenly stopped (and clearly if you were in her position yours would stop too).  You see, Ms. Dawkins son Colin (in his early 20's) was shot, and the gun shot wound was to his head.  This young man (Colin) is a very nice gentleman, full of life, full of goals and doing everything to make it in life, and most importantly trying to make his mom proud and happy about his accomplishments.  Colin and his mom were very close, actually they were friends, so there is nothing Colin felt uncomfortable telling his mom; nor was there anything Ms. Dawkins would not have known about her son.  Therefore, Ms. Dawkins is at a loss for why her son got shot.  However, if you know anything about Prince Georges County, Maryland (where they live), then you know how bad the "black on black" crime and  "youth on youth" crime is in this area.  Unfortunately Colin became a victim of this senseless epidemic.

God has a plan for Colin though, because he is still with us, despite his long hard road, he is still fighting to live and trying to recovery.  We all know if Colin recovers he may/will not be the same (possibly, but miracles happen every day). 

As for Ms. Dawkins, through her pain and heartache she is "making it".  The days and months after this incident occurred, I witnessed her go from not knowing how she was "going to make it", and a bit weak at times, to the strongest person I have ever seen and known...this woman finds strength beyond belief.  Even though her life has made a major turn and is completely turned "upside down", I have seen her overcome and have rise through it all.  She now lives life one day at a time, which is always at Colin's side, doing everything for him, reading to him, talking to him and taking very good care of him.  He too is doing everything he can to make it out of this dreadfulness...he is a real fighter!!!!

I honor you Ms. Beverlee Dawkins,  you are indeed an amazing intelligent, courageous, strong woman, and a good mother and friend.  I sincerely cherish your friendship.  Please stay strong for Colin and you daughter Lorenda.

My heart is so full of sorrow for what Colin has endured and what he is currently going through, so please know that you (Ms. Dawkins) can always count on us, and our thoughts and prayers are forever -  for you and most importantly for Colin.  

My thoughts and prayers also goes out to the many strong women/mothers who are going through the same experience, because of the senseless violence that is occurring in our communities on a daily basis.  When will it all end, when will our youths see that they are just killing each other and leading themselves, and us all back into bondage? This epidemic must come to an end...it must stop! 

Thank you for your responses regarding the "Saggin" issue we shared with you last week.  We got some very thought provoking comments.  It's a real joy to receive these responses, because we know you are reading, you are conscious about the important issues we discuss, you are indeed a part of our family, and you appreciate receiving our weekly blasts.  Thank you again...always feel free to respond or contact us on any issue at ariousentertainment@earthlink.net

This week we have added a few of our partners who are featuring Easter gifts, you will see them located on the left and right side of this page.  Feel free to click on and get your Easter gifts.  We do thank you for your support and for browsing through our new on-line shopping pages for  ladies, gentlemen, travel and gifts.  Remember we are creating a safe portal to on-line shopping for all your entertainment, travel, and personal needs, so please continue utilizing/using and supporting all that we offer through our partners.   

Check out the 3 new videos we added to "Arious TV" of winners and performers of the Capital Star Competition.  You will see the 3rd week 1st place winner Mr. Joe Chapter, who is an excellent singer,  as well as performances by "The Poetry Man" and Comedian Paul Chew.   Of course, there is still a few videos we intend to add, so stay tuned.   By the way, the Capital Star Semi-Finals and Finals will be resuming this Tuesday, April 4th in Virginia at the Oasis on the Accoquan in Woodbridge.  Check our "Events" page for the flyer to obtain the details or scroll down and you will see it below as well.

This week has been a very "trying" and difficult one for me, and I can't seem to properly focus on anything.   So I will leave you now...until we talk again next week.  You must have noticed Todd has been taking a break, he felt he needed to broadcast live on our Internet Radio Station, so he has been focusing on making this possible.  However,  he assured me he will take a break from the "radio thing" next week and spend some time talking with you through our commentary. 

Please read and send you thoughts to us at ariousentertainment@earthlink.net.

As always we wish you a great weekend and we thank you for all your support.  Please remember we do appreciate you being a part of our on-line family and know that without you there is no us!!!  

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Important Facts 

 Timeline of First in Women's Achievement

1991: Sharon Pratt Dixon - First woman sworn in as mayor of Washington, DC, becoming the first African - American woman to serve as mayor of a major city

1992 (1) Carol Moseley-Braun - First African - American woman elected to the U.S. Senate.  & (2) Mae Jemison -The first African - American female astronaut.

1993  (1) Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson - First African-American Woman to receive a Doctorate from the Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT) woman to carry U.S. Flag at the Olympic Games(2) Sheila Widnall -First Secretary of a branch of the US Military when she is appointed to head the Air Force.  (3) Janet Reno-The First Woman U.S. Attorney General.  & (4) Toni Morrison -The First African-American Woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1995 (1) Lt. Col. Eileen Collins-  - First American Woman to Pilot A Space Shuttle  & (2) Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson-First African-American Woman Appointed as Commissioner of the US Nuclear Reg. Commission (appointed by Pres. Bill Clinton.)  

1997: Madeleine K. Albright -First Woman Sworn in as US Secretary of State (First Woman in this position as well as the highest -ranking woman in the U.S. Government

1998: Lt. Dendra Willms, USN - First U.S. Female Combat pilot to bomb an enemy target, during Operation Desert Fox in Iraq

1999 (1) Lt. Col. Eileen Collins -First Woman astronaut to command a space shuttle mission  & (2) Nancy Ruth Mace -First Female Cadet to graduate from the Citadel (formerly all-male military School in South Carolina.

2000: Hillary Rodham Clinton - Only First Lady ever elected to the United States Senate.

2002: Hale Berry -First African -American to win a Best Actress Oscar.

2005: Condoleezza Rice - First African -American Woman To Be Appointed Secretary of State.

2006: Effa Manley Co-Owner of the Negro Leagues Team Newark Eagles-First Woman elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

2007 (1) Nancy Pelosi -First Woman Speaker of the House or Rep. & (2) Drew Gilpin Faust-First Woman President of Howard University in its 371 year history.

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"The Value in the Valley" (Author Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant)


"Faith in the Value" (Author Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant)


  "In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You" (Author Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant)


"One Day My Soul Just Opened Up" (Author Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant)


  Don't Give It Away! : A Workbook of Self-Awareness & Self -Affirmations for Young Women




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Capital Star Competitions

Semi-Finals and Finals

April 3, 10, 17, 2007

Final Round April 24th

April 16, 2007

DC Emancipation Day

A private holiday, which allows city workers to use any paid or unpaid leave to celebrate the day.

So join the Voting Rights March.  For more details check our events page, or log on to votingrightsmarch.org for more & to pledge.

For All Events and for more details on these events, please To Go To Our "Events" Page

St. Maarten Carnival 

April 21st-May 5th

Schedule of Events

Saturday, April 21, 2007
Opening of Carnival Village Jump-Up (8:00pm)

Sunday, April 22, 2007
Children's Carnival Parade (1.00 PM)

Monday, April 23, 2007
Senior Calypso Finals (9.00 PM)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Youth Extravaganza (9.00 PM)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Senior Roadmarch Competition (9.00 PM)

Thursday, April 26, 2007
Reggae Concert: Morgan Heritage (9.00 PM)

Friday, April 27, 2007
Local Band-O-Rama: From Us to you II (9.00 PM)

Saturday, April 28, 2007
Latin Concert: Revientan San Martin (9.00 PM)

Sunday, April 29, 2007
Soca Explosion I : Michelle Sylvester & Terry Seales (9.00 PM)

Monday, April 30, 2007
Grand Carnival Parade (10.00 AM)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Second Day Carnival Parade (2.00 PM)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Zouk / Kompa Concert: Who's the Boss III 9:00

Thursday, May 03, 2007
Reggae Concert: Buju Banton (9.00 PM)

Friday, May 04, 2007
Concert: Yung Joc & Mr. Vegas (9.00 PM)

Saturday, May 05, 2007
Last Lap Jump-Up (8.00 PM)/ Burning of King Momo (12.00 AM)

Tampa Carnival

April 28, 2007

March 19, 2007

Media Contact: Annette Lemonn, President of Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association (404) 447-7244

Media Contact: Carvel Bennett, Public Relations Atlanta Caribbean Folk Festival (678) 571-6279

For Immediate Press Release

19th Annual Atlanta Caribbean Carnival - Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2007 and Parade of Bands Set For May 26, 2007

The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association (ACCBA) has once again partnered with Atlanta Caribbean Folk Festival (ACFF) to bring the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2007 and Parade of Bands. This event is one of the largest and fastest growing cultural events in the Southeast and promises to bring the sights and sounds of the Caribbean to the City of Atlanta.

The Parade of Bands will be held on Saturday, May 26th, 2007. The parade route begins at the Southside Medical Center at the corner of Ridge Ave and Pryor St. Go left on Pryor St, stay on Pryor Rd, and turn left into the HiFi Buys Amphitheatre at Fair St. Bands/troupes will parade in front of the audience and judges at the Marketplace.

The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival is a cultural experience and spectacular display of colors and pageantry. At the Marketplace, there will be a variety of family oriented events featuring music, dance, calypsonians, steelpan bands and other art forms indigenous to the Caribbean. The popular Marketplace also includes the delectable cuisine of the Caribbean, America, and other Nations. There will also be a host of vendors displaying arts and crafts as well as merchandise representing the colorful flare of the Caribbean culture.

Other activities surrounding the festival include the official launching of the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2007 “Picnic and Pan in the Park” on May 5, 2007 and Kiddies Carnival which will be held on May 19, 2007

Tickets to the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2007 will be sold through TicketMaster or the HiFi Buys Amphitheatre box office beginning April 9, 2007. Parking at the venue is free.

Additional information, including the vendor registration form, is available at www.atlantacarnival.org or www.acffonline.com. If you are interested in being a volunteer at any of this year’s carnival activities, please call Annette Lemonn at 404- 447-7244 or Patrick McBain at 404-484-2957.

Annette J. Lemonn , President of Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association (ACCBA

Patrick McBain , Co-director of Atlanta Caribbean Folk Festival (ACFF)

Celebrate the 2nd Annual June Is National Caribbean American Heritage Month
Conference on the Caribbean - A 20/20 Vision Washington D.C.   June 17-19 2007
In June 2007, the Government of the United States of America , in collaboration with Caribbean Community (CARICOM), will be hosting a Conference on the Caribbean at which all 15 CARICOM Heads of States/Government are expected to attend. 
The Conference on the Caribbean will take place against the backdrop of the recent coming into being of the CARICOM Single Market in 2006 and the positive efforts towards the creation of the framework for the Single Economy by 2008.   
This Conference is being structured in such a way that there is Government to Government and people to people interaction as well as interaction between the Governments and the people.  This will be the first time the policy makers, the international financial institutions, academic community, private sector, and people of the Caribbean and the United States will interface in one Conference to examine the growth and development of the Caribbean Community from a regional perspective.  It is expected that by the end of the Conference the following major objectives would be achieved:
·        The strengthening of the relationship between the United States and CARICOM by addressing the priority areas for the Caribbean's future growth and development including issues related to trade, competitiveness and investment in mutually beneficial and reinforcing ways.
·        The deepening and broadening of the dialogue between the Governments and People of CARICOM and the Government and People of the United States of America aimed at renewing the appreciation of US policy makers of the potential of the Caribbean .
·        The strengthening of the relationship among the different Caribbean Diaspora communities in the United States as well as examining mutually rewarding mechanisms for harnessing their skills in support of the Region's development.
·        The enhancement of the image of the Caribbean in the United States .
Please save the dates June 19-21 2007 and plan to join us in Washington DC for this very important and historic conference. We look forward to seeing you at the Conference and to your active participation as we reaffirm our Caribbean 20/20 vision.

Ellsworth I. A. John, Ambassador of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the USA , and Chair of the Caucus of Ambassadors, Washington D.C.  


Birthdays, Shout Outs & Congratulations


Very Special Birthday Greetings Kimmy,  Emmanuella, Loriel Starr, Tupac D and Ron Deberry

From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!!!

We would like to extend birthday greetings to Paris, Alona, Jerri, Ronella, Earl, and Carolanne

Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends (Stop by and give me a shout on our MySpace site

3/30/07: (1) "HuG"-DC; (2) Ms Graham-MD; (3) Eleanor "Vincy Pom Pom" Sassyqueen27 -Canada; (4) Anna-Phl.

3/31/07: (1) DC Orgazm -DC/MD; (2) TOP DOG -NY; (3) DC Trini-NY; (4) Rahiem-Mass; (5) Mak II "bakedblackman "-VA; 

4/1/07: (1) Tupac D from DC; (2) April Clarke-CA; (3) Scott Kinchen "Gold" -NY; (4) Kultjah Lab-CT; (5) Uncle Chris "dyounggunna" - MD ; (6) DJ Infame-Balt. MD; (7) Tan-UK; 

4/2/07: (1) Sweet Tea-NY; (2) Kim-Balt. MD; (3) Tina-MD; (4) Lisa-MD; (4) Belinda-MD; (5) Loriel Starr, Singer-MD; (6) "B" BmoresOwnBeauty-MD

4/3/07: (1) "Bartender4Hire" -MD; (2) Shelly-MI; (3) Chanel *Astate Chick*-AZ; (4) Priyanka-India;  (5) "nikki j ladysiren"-MD  ; (6) "Redevil71" -L-town/FL(7) Imperial Goddess -NY/MIA/JA/ATL

4/4/07: (1) YAWNY BABY-MD; (2) Cheryl-PA; (3) "Mzs Perry"-CA; (4) Trinidiva-T&T/FL/WI; (5) "Top Model"-MD

4/5/07: (1) Ariel Janey-CA/Ala.; (2) 1st lady of takeovarecords-MD

Belated Greetings to

 3/28/07: (1) Juliet; (2) Nee-Nee; (3)Cynthia; (4) So Lezy; (5) Picturesque; (6) Ms. Trena; (7) Baby Bree; 

3/29/07: (1) Danieldjjue "DJ" - CA; (2) Phaedra-MD; (3) Nayrok Udab-TX; (4) Brea Joseph-CA; (5) Empress "Ms Fierce"-NY; 


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