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Greetings On-Line Family: 

What an interesting and historic week it has been in American History.  It is amazing when you have been on this earth for almost ½ a century and history becomes not something you read about in a book (as you did when you were growing up), but things that you witness and watch evolve!!!  This week our first African-American President Barack Obama did something many previous Presidents and Administrations has supposedly tried to do for many, many years.  He signed into Law the Health Care Reform Bill!  This was one of his main campaign promises to the American people, and this is part of the change that the large number of Americans who voted for him wanted to see.  Of course, it’s not everything that many expected it to be, but it is a start in the right direction unlike the empty promises that are usually associated with many political campaigns.  This time we have witness a campaign promise come to be!!!

It made me smile when I heard President Obama say “This is what change looks like”.   I have seen the young such as 11-year-old Marcelas Owens lobby for this Health Reform, and I have seen others such as the “Right Wing” wackos and “Right Wing” media officials rally against it.  I have even heard about an African-American Tea Party Leader – Mr. Nigel Coleman from Danville VA complaining and speaking out against it.   (This was surprising because I didn’t even know there were any African-Americans involved in the Tea Party movement.  It’s actually nice to see that this whole movement isn’t the work of the KKK or some hateful, extremist or racist group.  Just Americans whose party lost an election expressing their views.)  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS!!!

Tell me though, what’s with all this fighting, the confusion, violence to the Democratic Congress members who voted for this Bill, and just the pure hatefulness?  You would think good health is what everyone strives for, and with the high percentage of voters that voted for President Obama this would not be taking place; President Obama said “the Government is for the people by the people” LOL!  In my opinion, obviously the people spoke on Election Day. 

I still wonder why so many are angry and are whole-heartedly fighting against this important thing.  Mind you, I believe the angry ones are a small group of people, but clearly it’s a group with a loud voice.  Personally though, I think a lot of it is instigated by “Right Wing” Conservative Talk Show Hosts such as: Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Glen Beck, and oh let me not forget Sara Palin, and others across the country who make millions of dollars a year to preach conservatism to their audiences across America.  BUT NOW IT HAS GONE TOO FAR, IT’S TURNED INTO PURE HATE!!! 

It is difficult for me to believe these Conservative Talk Show hosts and others across the country are unaware of the harm they are doing.  Sometimes I am shocked by what comes out of their mouths while they are on the airways.  I truly believe what is being said are acts of treason, and a threat to a sitting US President.    (We must also remember we are in the middle of two wars).  It seems to me they are only saying these things because our President is African-American, because I have never heard anyone say such hateful and derogatory things about any President who has been in office for little over a year.  What kind of world is it when you can get on a National Radio Show and call the President of the United States  “ a gangster”; “a con man”; “a shyster”; “a communist”; “a socialist”; “a liar”; “an illegal alien”, and the list goes on…and on…and on.  This is atrocious, and is not how any American who is supposed to be patriotic address the sitting President of the United States of America!  I strongly feel it should be looked at as an act of terrorism towards the United States of America, and they all should be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) with the rest of the terrorists who they hate so much.  They are doing the same thing as these so-called terrorists (trying to tear down America, but in their case they are tearing down the President of the United States of America,) who inherited every problem that he is dealing with currently from the last President and the Presidents before him.

Honestly, I personally do not agree with this health care reform bill as it stands NOW, it truly sounds like the plan that Hillary Clinton presented during the debates, and I remember when she was asked to address this issue during the debates she somehow “wiggled” her way out of answering the question (directly) like she is so well known to do.  Maybe this is the reason why she didn’t win the election, and Barack Obama did.  Maybe too, this is the reason a lot of Americans have a problem with this health care reform.

My biggest problem with the current plan is the fact that every American needs to purchase health care insurance or they will be fined if they don’t.   Yup, in addition to the taxes we already pay, we MUST now purchase health insurance from a private insurance company (it’s mandatory).   I’m one of those people who believe in less Government, and I don’t think the Government should force anyone to purchase health insurance from private insurance companies.  This is a problem!  This only empowers insurance companies and Corporate America! But then again the Corporations are the ones who are really running the country anyway…right?????? 

I strongly feel if the government wants to offer all Americans free health insurance; then this should be subsidized by the Government!  Don’t you think it would be real cool if our Government gave us a medical card that would entitle us to medical coverage (which would be paid for by the government) NO COST TO US…Cool…right? LOL

I recall during the debates President Obama’s plan was to offer all Americans who didn’t have insurance the same insurance plan that the members of congress currently have, and this was a good idea, but somehow from my understanding of this bill, (which I really haven’t read) it sounds like this is not the case, and we are back at Hillary Clinton's plan.  We must remember the people didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, they voted for Barack Obama. 

So it seems like we are stuck with this plan now, perhaps in the long run it will be better for those who need health care in this country and who don’t have insurance.   Yup, I guess the best thing to do is deal with it and move on to the next set of inherited problems like (1) ending these two wars; (2) building the economy back up; (3) uplifting our schools and education system; (4) rebuilding the infrastructure in America; (5) finding new sources of green energy; and (6) bringing the jobs back to America; and (7) putting Americans back to work.

You know what would be great!  Since the government is forcing people to do things, maybe we could have the Government force everyone to join our new social network www.mycaribbean.us.  Now this would be a perfect plan!!!!

Seriously though, please feel free to share your thoughts with me regarding this important health care topic, educate me on the health care reform bill, and let me know if indeed it is a good thing or what????? E-mail me at todd@ariousmusic.us or check me on facebook at:  http://www.facebook.com/toddmangatal.

As this Women’s history month comes to a close, you will find below Susan has shared with you a few powerful words regarding women.  Please read and enjoy!!!

Dear On Line Family:  On a daily basis hundreds of messages come across my computer, but recently the following arrived in my in-box and after reading it I found it to be very interesting, truly inspirational and a very good tribute to Women.  Being that it is "Woman's History Month" I thought it would be good to share it with all of you since this month is wining down (although many of you may have already seen this). To all the women among our On-Line family this is my way of paying tribute to you. It is called "Woman - To Be A Woman", unfortunately the author is unknown.

"Woman - To Be A Woman"

"Women have energy that amazes men.  They meet difficulties and manage serious problems while remaining cheerful, loving and joyous.  

They smile when they want to cry out, sing when they want to shed tears, cry when they are happy, and laugh when they are nervous. 

They battle for what they believe in.  They rebel against injustices.

They do not accept "NO" for an answer when they think there is a better solution.  

They deny themselves to keep the family sustained.  

They go to the doctor with an anxious friend.  

They Love Unconditionally!!!

They cry when their children achieve success and they rejoice at the good fortune of their friends.  

They are happy when they hear talk of birth and marriage.

Their hearts are bruised when a friend dies.  They suffer from the loss of a dear person.  

They are strong when they think they have no more energy.

They know a hug and a kiss can heal a wounded heart.

There is no doubt that a woman has a defect.  IT IS THAT SHE FORGETS WHAT SHE IS WORTH"




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