by Susan Mangatal - 

  Greetings Online Family:


This Terri Schiavo "execution" was such a tragedy and extremely appalling.  I cannot believe America would let such a heinous thing happen to a human being.  I praise God that he finally took Terri home, and away from this inhumane society.   How could anyone make a decision to starve and dehydrate someone to death?  How could our leaders let this happen, and make silly statements that their "hands are tied...there's nothing more they can do"!  I recall they decided that (1) Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; (2) to invade Iraq; (3) ignore the decision of the United Nation; and (4) recruit and send our children to a foreign land to fight their personal war.  But for something as simple as to replace a feeding tube to keep a human being alive, his/their "hands are tied", UNBELIEVABLE!!!!


I know this may be a simple family dispute, and I'm sure it's all about the dollars/money, but how can we, or anyone let this happen?


I have looked at this in many ways and have had several discussions with Todd and friends on this subject.  However, I just can't seem to understand why Mr. Schiavo would want his wife to die in such an inhumane way.  No water, and no food?  It would have been easier if she was given a shot to die.  I would "feel" for him, and  understand if he had decided to pull her tube 14 years ago, or even 10 years ago, it surly would have been a lot easier for Terri and her parents.   He claimed she did not want to suffer, but I believed she suffered the most these past 2 weeks. 


You know, I have been questioning the legality of his decision, because he had abandoned his husbandly duties several years ago when he decided to have a relationship with another women, and bear children with this other woman.  It's clear he has  always been thinking of himself (only), and probably the money as well.  


Of course the "rumor mill" has begun on this issue already, only a few hours after Terri  succumbed to her slow, painful death.  It is rumored and reported that  the day Terri became ill, she and her husband had fought over how much she had spent (getting her hair done), soon thereafter she was found laying face down on the floor making some strange noises, and gasping for breath.  The Reports are claiming that Mr. Schiavo had abused Terri!  I also heard reports that several of Terri's bones are broken, which is reported was not broken while she has been incapacitated these past 15 years.  Who knows if they are true.  I'm glad an autopsy is being done on Terri, so all these allegations can be put to rest.


I'm also understanding that Terri had not undergone any testing in a number of years.  Which is insane, because it's clear our technology has grown tremendously, compared to 15 years ago.  Things we were unable to do then/or cure then, can be cured now.  Terri may have been saved, if only Mr. Schaivo had taken some of the dollars he received (from this incident), and  had his wife fully testing, to make sure nothing else could have be done to save his wife, before pulling her feeding tube and starving her to death.


One public statement Terri's mother (Mrs. Shindler) made to Terri's husband (Michael) that tore me apart , was "you have your life and your children, please let me have mine".  Why could he not just walk away and let Terri's family have their daughter.   Clearly, he abandoned her years ago, when he stopped being her husband. 


As much as I disagree with many of Rush Limbaugh's (talk show host) views, I couldn't help but "feel him" when he stated "there are so many killers sitting in jail who needs to die, however they are not killed, instead a helpless woman is being killed/murdered the must vicious and inhumane way (denying her of water and food. )  


This issue is really inhumane!!!  Please, feel free to share your thoughts with me on this issue. 


To The Shindler's, 

Our condolences are sent to you and your entire family!  We know it tears your heart apart that your daughter was left to suffer and die in such an inhumane way, but she is in God's hands now, she is finally at peace! 



This week shockingly we lost high-profile, famed Criminal Defense Attorney Johnnie Cochran.  Mr. Cochran died from a brain tumor at the age of 67.  We all will never forget the strong black man who defended O.J. Simpson, and "got him off".  I will never forget his famous statement "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit", and indeed O.J. Simpson was acquitted.  After doing some research, I found that Mr.  Adam Liptak wrote the best story on Mr. Cochran's life.  See below.  To the family and friends of Mr. Cochran we send our sincere condolences in your time of sorrow.

Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., whose fierce, flamboyant and electrifyingly effective advocacy in the O. J. Simpson murder trial captivated the country and solidified his image as a master of high-profile criminal defense, died yesterday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 67.

The cause was a brain tumor, said a law partner, Peter J. Neufeld

Mr. Cochran was already a prominent Los Angeles lawyer in 1994, when Mr. Simpson, the former football star, asked him to join and then lead the lawyers defending him on charges that he had killed his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and a friend of hers, Ronald L. Goldman.

The televised trial riveted the nation for most of 1995 and rocked it that October, when the jury acquitted Mr. Simpson. He was later held responsible for the killings in a civil case, where another jury evaluated much of the same evidence against a more relaxed standard of proof.

Before the Simpson case, Mr. Cochran was best known for bringing police brutality cases on behalf of black clients and for representing celebrities in trouble. Both experiences proved valuable at the Simpson trial.

Drawing on his knowledge of the Los Angeles Police Department gleaned from his days in the Los Angeles city attorney's office, Mr. Cochran focused the Simpson jury's attention on shortcomings in the department's investigation of the killings and on the seeming racism of one of its detectives.

In the trial's aftermath, Mr. Cochran's name became a sort of shorthand, but one that meant different things in different contexts. To some, it stood for legal acumen. To others, a masterly rapport with the jury. To still others, the vexing roles of money and race in the justice system.

Mr. Cochran mostly enjoyed the references to him in films and on late-night television, where he was both admired as a singularly effective trial lawyer and mocked for his smooth style and court rhetoric.

He pleaded guilty to charges of extravagance and flamboyance.

"I like to get paid well and I like to enjoy the rewards of my work," he wrote.

But the money he made, he said, allowed him to work for people he called "the No J's" - "those cases I've taken in which the chances for getting paid are actually pretty slim."

For all the publicity of the Simpson trial, the case that Mr. Cochran always said meant the most to him was that of Elmer Pratt, a leader of the Black Panther Party also known as Geronimo. Mr. Cochran represented Mr. Pratt when he was convicted in 1972 of murdering a 27-year-old schoolteacher on a tennis court in Santa Monica, and worked tirelessly to overturn that verdict.

In 1997, Mr. Cochran was part of the team that convinced Judge Everett W. Dickey of Orange County Superior Court to void the conviction and free Mr. Pratt because prosecutors had withheld crucial evidence about a witness.

That same year, Mr. Cochran traded on the fame he achieved in the Simpson trial to form a successful national law firm - The Cochran Firm - devoted mostly to personal injury cases. In "A Lawyer's Life," one of his two autobiographies, Mr. Cochran conceded that he was involved in only a few of the firm's cases and often just tangentially. His name, though, he said, was often "enough to cause the other side to initiate settlement discussions."

"I'm sort of the legal gunslinger," he wrote, "the celebrity lawyer." Mr. Cochran was a steady presence on television after the Simpson trial, serving as the host of programs on Court TV and as a legal commentator on NBC and elsewhere.

His work at Court TV caused him to spend more time in New York, and he became a presence in the city's legal and political circles.

He represented Abner Louima, the Haitian immigrant tortured by police officers in the bathroom of a Brooklyn station house in 1997, eventually helping to settle Mr. Louima's civil case for $8.75 million.

He also briefly represented Kadiatou Diallo, the mother of Amadou Diallo, who was killed by four police officers in 1999. She fired him, saying she was frustrated by his lack of attention to the details of the case.

He and Benjamin Brafman defended Sean Combs, the rap star, in a weapons case in 2001. Mr. Combs was acquitted.

To continue reading Mr. Cochrane's story, please click button!  


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