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Arious Entertainment Group E-Newsletter 4/23/2010 - Pioneers & Legends Honored | Green Herb Day | More Dialogue | De Haps

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Greetings On-Line Family and Friends:  

What a somber week it has been, with the loss of some very important people who somewhat impacted my life and growth here in the United States. 

You must be in a coma if you are unaware that at the beginning of this week 43 year old Rapper Guru (Keith Elam) from the pioneering Rap Group "Gang Starr" died after battling the dreaded disease - cancer.  [He co-founded Gang Starr with friend DJ Premier in the early 80s.]  He had been diagnosed with the disease for over a year, and from what I understand he has been hospitalized due to a heart attack in February and fell into a coma shortly thereafter (after surgery).

As I sit here writing and thinking about how Guru impacted my life, I fondly recall the many trips from our business in Orlando, Florida back to our home here in Maryland for our special holiday family gatherings.  I recall once we arrived home, we would drop everything and find a permanent spot in front of the TV to watch a popular Video Channel that primarily showed Rap Videos.  My gosh, this was the channel that introduced us to Rapper Guru and his Gang Starr Group, along with all the hot new Rappers and Rap videos that was not shown on MTV or anywhere on TV or Cable.  My husband Todd just refreshed my memory regarding the name of this channel, and it was named THE BOX short for (Video Jukebox Network).  This channel allowed the viewers the ability to dial a telephone number, enter a code, and the latest or a classic music video that was requested was played on their TV.  Back then for us young folks this was awesome, because we were able to tap into the special new and fascinating music that was taking over our lives and the world during the 80s and 90s called Rap Music.  Moreover, the music that was never played or video shown on the popular MTV.

For me, I am always one to check out the lyrics before anything else in a song and Guru’s lyrics in his hit song I manifest was somewhat deep.  I heard him and understood what he was saying ["…I got a real objective here I am effective here, cause I select a clear message to all…These are the words I manifest, I manifest…I suggest you take a breath for the words I manifest they will scold you and mold you, while I impress upon you the fact that, I used my tact rhyming for climbin…and I’m about to let off knowledge is wisdom, understanding truth’s the proof…"].  The group’s attire particularly was captivating (in this video) to me as well. 

Keith Elam (Guru) and his DJ Premier together as "Gang Starr" definitely impacted my growth in the love for Rap music and most importantly, in the growth of accepting all genres of music.  May Keith Elam rest in peace, he was a true pioneer in Rap Music and the industry. 

After 98 years on this earth fighting for equality and human rights for all people; the powerful, passionate, elegant and truly committed Dr. Dorothy Irene Height passed on a few days ago.  It was a bit worrisome when I heard she was hospitalized in late March, and a few Dr.DorothyIHeight.gif (20096 bytes)days later I discovered her condition had turned from serious to very serious. 

As I look back at my earlier e-newsletters I realized I had written about Dr. Height in February 2005 and acknowledged her again in late March of 2008 as part of my Recognizing and Celebrating Women’s Accomplishments Throughout History, because her commitment for a just society and her vision of a better world is one that I share.   As I digested her loss I remembered some of her famous words that means the world to me:

  • As more women enter public life, I see developing a more humane society.  The growth and development of children no longer will depend solely upon the status of their parents.  Once again, the community as the extended family will rekindle its caring and nurturing.  Though children cannot vote, their interest will be placed high on the political agenda.  For they are indeed the future.

  • We have got to work to save our children and do it with full respect for the fact that if we do not, no one else is going to do it.

  • No one will do for you what you need to do for yourself.  We cannot afford to be separate.

  • But we're all in the same boat now, and we've got to learn to work together.

  • We are not a problem people; we are a people with problems.  We have historic strengths; we have survived because of family.

  • If you worry about who is going to get credit, you don’t get much work done.

  • Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his/her goal.

  • I want to be remembered as someone who used herself and anything she could touch to work for justice and freedom...I want to be remembered as one who tried.

  • A Negro woman has the same kind of problems as other women, but she can't take the same things for granted.

  • As we move forward, let us also look back.  So long as we remember those who died for our right to vote and those like John H. Johnson who built empires where there were none, we will walk into the future with unity and strength.

  • The Black Family of the future will foster our liberation, enhance our self-esteem, and shape our ideas and goals.

Dr. Height must be celebrated and honored because she was truly an outstanding and tireless leader, a brilliant woman, and a civil rights pioneer who was fondly known as "grandmother of the women’s movement."  She gave of herself unselfishly for the betterment of all people, and as a civil rights leader she fought for equal rights of both African-Americans and Women. 

She served on the Staff of the National Board of YWCA for 33 years (1944-1977); She was the National President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (elected in 1947 - after serving as Vice President 3 years prior and served until 1956); She was the President of National Congress of Neighborhood Women for 40 years (1957-1998), and lead this group through the civil rights years.  She was committed to defending the rights of women and people of color with the goal of creating unity among all people.

Dr. Height has been a significant part of many of the nation’s historic civil rights events and she stood beside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Lincoln Memorial as he gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech.  She has served on numerous Committees including a consultant on African affairs to the Secretary of State, the President’s Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped and the President’s committee on the Status of Women.  Her untiring efforts for equal rights have earned her the praise and recognition of numerous organizations, as well.  She has been awarded various Medals from many U.S. Presidents, which includes: the Presidential Medal of Freedom that was awarded by President Bill Clinton in 1994, and the Congressional Gold Medal by President George W. Bush in 2004.  She was also awarded the NAACP Spingarn Medal.  She has also been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.  Observing the negative images of the black family life and realizing it was a significant problem Dr. Height in 1986 established the Black Family Reunion celebration (an annual national festival) to reinforce the historic strengths and traditional values of the Black Family. 

I have truly admired this exceptional woman, tremendously grateful for her works, tenacity and strength throughout her lifetime; and I feel it must have been a milestone and a serious accomplishment for her to witness the inauguration of the first African-American President knowing how hard she fought and worked for the equality of "people of color," and really helped paved the way in order for this to happen.  I certainly concur with the lovely words President Obama said about Dr. Dorothy I. Height "the godmother of the polite rights movement--clinging her hold up to those struggling for equality and served as the usually lady at the top turn of the Civil Rights Movement – witnessing each impetus and miracle along the way."

For a more detailed time line on the life of Dr. Dorothy I. Height CLICK HERE!


LOL…We personally call it "Green Herb Day," but around the world it is called "National Smoke Day" or "4-2-0 Day," along with a host of other names.  This day was observed a few days ago on the 20th of April (4/20), and is specifically dedicated to the Green Herb.  Actually, it is an informal sub-culture holiday in honor of the Green Herb based on the simple concept of smoking cannabis and being happy.

My hope is not to offend anyone, but we must be real about the sensitive issue of legalizing Marijuana (for medical purposes at this time, of course). 

Throughout time there have been a strong movement to end marijuana prohibition, and folks have been ferociously fighting for the Green Herb to be legalized.  In recent years it has had subsequent success in many states across America, and most recently there have been a policy shift by the Obama administration, which openly called for the limitation of prosecuting sick people who use the drug for medical purposes or to the caregivers that dispense it in states that have passed medical marijuana legislation.

Currently, there is a tremendous amount of activity in the marijuana arena.  Actually, approximately 14 states already regulate medical marijuana, and I know as early as last week there was a unanimous vote for legalizing it [for medical purposes] in the District of Columbia.  

Where it is legalized in California, the State Director for the Drug Policy Alliance there Stephen Gutwillig stated "Marijuana already plays a huge role in the California economy. It's a revenue opportunity we literally can't afford to ignore any longer."   He further stated "It's time to end the charade of marijuana prohibition, tax the $14 billion market, and redirect criminal justice resources to matters of real public safety…"

So, the debate on the legalization of marijuana continues and it’s up to the lovers of the Green Herb to get involved in changing the governmental interference that prohibits the use and consumption [for medical purposes and spiritual benefits.]

I understand on May 2, 2010, there will be a worldwide marijuana march that will be held in over 544 cities in 54 nations around the world to celebrate the medicinal value and spiritual benefits of marijuana.

To see some fantastic photos of the different states that celebrated 4-2-0 Day - PLEASE CLICK HERE!


Our weekends have been extremely fascinating, and for some time now [personally] we have been on a hunt for the best Caesar Salad; currently Paolo's in Georgetown is on the top of our list.  If you know of any restaurant that has a scrumptious Caesar Salad, please let us know.  

As for the events we featured last week, we attempted to make it out to all of them, but simply didn't do very well since the weather had turned unbelievably cold!  However, what we made it out too were great, especially the Connie Campbell Foundation Concert.  There were outstanding performances, and a very good support from the community.  We hope a substantial amount of funds were collected to help with her medical bills.  As for the other events we featured, all the reports we received indicated they did very well; especially the WIAMMA Spring Event.  

As I look ahead, I see this weekend will be filled with some nice events.  So as you scroll below, I urge you to check out what’s happening and make plans to attend.

On Saturday, April 24th there are 2 big events taking place.MudLaunch-4.24.10-f.jpg (99234 bytes)

1. The Garage Boyz who produces the DC Mud Mas launches "We Palancin in The Mud" on Saturday at The Island Loft, 411 New York Avenue, N.E., Washington DC.  To learn all about this event PLEASE CLICK HERE!  You can also click on the flyer!!!


Red_Dress_Tribute_III_copyL.JPG (110550 bytes)

2.  The Prince Georges Caribbean Council is holding there annual Red Dress Ball in Bowie Maryland.  I understand there are a few tickets left, so log on to: www.thecaribbeancouncil.org for all the details or call the numbers on the flyer.  Click on the Flyer to the left for all the details!



We welcome your input, so if you have any comment or feedback on the commentary or events - please feel free to send an e-mail to: susan@ariousentertainment.us 


We Hope Your Earth Day was a Green One!

Forty years after the first Earth Day, the world is in greater peril than ever.  While climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, it also presents the greatest opportunity – an unprecedented opportunity to build a healthy, prosperous, clean energy economy now and for the future.  Earth Day 2010 can be a turning point to advance climate policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and green jobs.

Remember Go Green!!!

Remember Connie Campbell and to help her  To learn all the details on Connie and to help her sing again, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

On August 23rd, 2009 Conradine 'Connie' Campbell, had a seizure minutes before going on stage (while on tour) at the Crossroads Entertainment Complex in Maryland, USA.  She suffered a "Brainstem Stroke" and now has "locked in syndrome". The prognosis is guarded due to quadriplegia from brainstem cva.   Favorable factors are her young age, good family and friends support and possible ability to comprehend and follow directions for rehabilitation. She is NOT in a coma and is able to open her eyes when her name is called and many times is able to follow commands to move her eyes in tracking objects as directed by the physician.  She will need extensive and prolonged therapy over 6-9 months. Therapy has not yet been started. Funds are desperately needed to cover Connie's therapy and other mounting hospital costs.   


We at Arious Entertainment Group is proud to be a part of the DC Caribbean Promoters for Haiti (DCPH) alliance.  DCPH represents area promoters who have formed a coalition to maximize their contribution to the Haiti recovery and reconstruction effort. As the unprecedented scope of Haiti's devastation becomes more apparent every day, your support and generosity are desperately needed. The group has an immediate goal to raise $30,000 in 30 days. DCPH will contribute all monies raised by making donations to Yele Haiti, CARE International, and Medical Teams International. Our collective contribution will help these organizations provide the people of Haiti with necessary supplies and services including food, water, temporary shelter, and medical attention.  SEE MORE!

DC Caribbean Promoters for Haiti is an alliance of Caribbean promoters in the Washington DC area. DCPH was formed to maximize individual contributions to the Haiti recovery and reconstruction effort. The advantages of jointly working together are to: (i) reach a wider audience; (ii) capitalize on resources; and (iii) ultimately raise more money for this worthy cause. Learn more or donate.



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April 24, 2010

Bowie, Maryland

It is not too late to get your tickets or even reserve a table.  Therefore you should log on to www.thecaribbeancouncil.org for all the details or call any of the phone numbers on the flyer.

Sponsored by The Caribbean Council of Prince George's County and The Coalition of Multicultural Communities, on April 24th, 2010 at the Florian Hall in Bowie, MD.  The Ball is a tradition started by the County's multicultural communities with representatives from the African, American, Asian, Caribbean, European, Filipino, Indian, Latino, and Mediterranean cultures.

April 24, 2010

Washington, DC


April 24, 2010

Tampa, Florida

5th Annual Caribbean Carnival


April 30th, 2010

Deadline To Apply

Log into our Events Page and Scroll down to see the Large Flyer to learn more!

May 1, 2010

North Brentwood, Maryland


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