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Arious Entertainment Group E-Newsletter 4/30/2010- Such Enthralling Politics | Pioneers-Dialoguing a bit more | De Happenings

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Greetings On-Line Family and Friends:  

Ok, umm, I have been completely wiped out this week, making it the most grueling 5 days ever.  Even my brain is exhausted, so you can just imagine how pleased I am that the weekend is here.  Funny thing though, this is the week I began my intake of vitamins and energy supplements.  At any rate, here I am dialoging with you as I usually do.  Truly my heart is willing, but my body and mind just can’t hang this week.  Therefore, my words will be somewhat brief.

This is the most sentimental picture ever, don’t you agree?  Our President Obama as he wiped away tears at Dr. Dorothy I. Height’s Funeral.  [Picture Courtesy of Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images.]  

The good Dr. was laid to rest yesterday, and quite honestly I feel she is resting peacefully, because one of her dreams before she moved on came to be.  Sorry, that I am repeating once again for another week; that Dr. Height lived to see what she worked hard for and fought  for, have come to be.  She lived long enough to see Change come to these United States of America, and surly she must be pleased.  

CLICK on the photo to the right to hear the Eulogy President  Obama delivered at Dr. Height's Funeral (Courtesy of www.whitehouse.org - [13:54 - 4/29/2010])   

To read the Eulogy (Courtesy of www.whitehouse.org), kindly CLICK HERE!

To some excellent photos of the Funeral (Courtesy of JackandJillPolitics.com) -  PLEASE CLICK HERE!

I’m not sure how I missed that the former National Association For The Advancement of Colored People [NAACP] leader Rev. Benjamin L. Hooks died recently; specifically on the 15th of April.  LOL maybe I was in a coma, huh??…LOL!  Seriously though, I guess Dr. Height’s passing dominated the media.  Thankfully, my Mother-In-Law was kind enough to bring this to my attention. 

Rev. Benjamin L. Hooks was also a civil rights legend, and one who fought, won and enforced civil rights victories on Corporate America. Additionally, he led lunch-counter sit in demonstrations during the 1960s.  As a matter of fact, he accomplished quite a few milestones: becoming the FIRST African-American Judge to sit on the bench of the Tennessee State Court in 1965, and the FIRST African-American Member of the Federal Communications Commission in 1972, where he championed minority ownership of television and radio station.  Additionally, he was a minister at two Baptist Churches, and sat on the Board of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  As President of the NAACP from 1977-1992, he guided the organization through an extended period of organizational turmoil and political challenges from the highest levels in Government, where he battled President Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush regarding the association’s goals on affirmative action, increased spending on social programs and school integration through busing.  Additionally, as President of the NAACP he boasted the declining membership and succeeded in efforts to raise money and start programs for young people.  He lobbied for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, as well as several civil rights, fair housing and voting rights bills.  He sought to expand employment opportunities by signing dozens of “Fair Share” agreements with companies such as Kmart (which agreed to hire black employees and buy from black employers.)

As you see Rev. Hooks has accomplished a lot in his 85 years; he was a wonderful husband to his wife Frances for 50 years, as well as a great father and grandfather.  Additionally, he was a lawyer, judge, preacher, and most importantly a civil rights leader.  He too I believe will rest in peace knowing that all he fought for was well worth it.  I have always been touched by his words: “I wish I could tell you every time I was on the highway and couldn’t use a restroom…my bladder is messed up because of that.  Stomach is messed up for eating cold sandwiches.  So I can’t tell you how I feel about the question, ‘Has integration worked?’  All these intellectual superegoists sit around trying to pinpoint where it hasn’t.  But I have to begin at the fundamental issue that I can drive from Houston to my home in Memphis and stop for a hamburger.”  To learn more about Rev. Benjamin L. Hooks, and to read a very good time line of his life (Courtesy of answers.com) PLEASE CLICK HERE!!!


Lately, I have been observing the Politics in my Country Trinidad and Tobago, and as I “tie up” my comments I want to briefly share with you the “goings on”.  Mind you, I have never really followed the Politics in Trinidad but recently it has become very interesting.  Actually, lots of confusion is taking place there around this issue; or as we say in Trinidad: so much bacchanal going on in de place.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered Prime Minister Patrick Manning recently dissolved his Parliament and called for new elections (2 years early), which has been scheduled to take place a few weeks from now on May 24th.  My response was what?????  Is this possible, and what in the world is going on with Mr. Manning?  I immediately was tempted to introduce my party [NNWO] – LOL, it’s too funny to share with you what the initials stand for. 

I have heard so much about Prime Minister Manning regarding corruption and mismanagement.  I also learned too, how much he, [primarily] his party is loved (People’s National Movement [PNM.]’)  Honestly, as a result of all the trips we have taken to Trinidad we were able to observe some of the crazy issues at play, and I have heard the debates and discussions about Mr. Manning that has left me saying huh?????  Incidentally, through his interviews and comments in public I have identified some arrogance, especially after hearing things he has said that I believe a Prime Minister dare not say to the media or in public.  I however still cannot comprehend his stunning decision.  Tell me what in the world got into his brain to do such a thing?  Do you think he made a mistake?

As I look at the opposition party, I say hurray that a woman is at the helm.  Kamla Persad-Bissessar from all accounts looks well qualified to lead, but as I look deeper this party seems to be a bit at unrest.  (Photo of Kamla on the right)

Observing and examining both parties closer and listening to the people, I have discovered undeniably that the supporters are pretty divided by race.  Black folks are for one party and Indians are for the next, making the parties totally “race based.”   It is somewhat evident too, that one party is for the poor, and the other for the “well to do.  [Hum…well overall this is really nothing new in politic.]  I’m I wrong with that last observation?

Back to one of the issues that bug me, and directly effects my family in Trinidad is the huge water shortage problem.  On our visits I have become weary of the words my mom frequently say: “come…come let’s fill up everything with water [buckets and basins] because you know they locking off water soon.”  My brothers and her would proceed with filling up everything they could with water.  On one of our recent visits, Todd’s simple observation made a lot of sense to me.  He stated: why is there a water shortage, since this island is surrounded by water.  Surly the Government is able to build a refinery of some sort to purify the waters.  I got to thinking he is absolutely right, couldn’t they do something about that to stop the water shortage problem.  Hum, as I take this into account, perhaps this could be one of the platforms I run on for the party (I have made up in my head - NNOW) it would go in line with, and focuses on my goal of serving the people’s needs in Trinidad…LOL!!!

So much for Mr. Manning and his crazy decision to call for new elections…right?  Well, can anyone of you our on-line family enlighten me on the political situation in Trinidad.  Since, I don’t live there I get all my news from the media and some from family members who reside there.  Due to our intention regarding spending a lot more time in Trinidad building our business and Caribbean Social Network – www.mycaribbean.us, it is important to know the political goings on.  So feel free to share with me your thoughts on this important issue.

INDEED IT IS A TIME FOR CHANGE, but I say may the best man or woman win.  I do know for sure if PNM loses just about all of the older folks in my family in Trinidad who are die hard PNM fans will certainly be devastated.


2010BirthdayBandlaunching.JPG (200657 bytes)This weekend it is all about Shortmus Productions Carnival Mas Band for DC Caribbean Carnival.  First off, we would like to wish Shortmas a very Happy Birthday!  Please plan on checking out his presentation on Saturday, May 1, 2010 as he presents “Kalinago”.  Come out and join Shortmus band and celebrate his birthday with him.  Click on the Flyer for all the details or log on the his sites www.shortmusproductions.com or www.shortmusproductions.ning.com

Have a fantastic weekend, and we will certainly vibe some more next week.



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