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Wow, I received an overwhelming amount of responses regarding my comments on the Terri Schiavo "execution" (as I call it.)  It’s unfortunate most folks did not agree with me, they were actually very angry!  It’s quite evident that everyone felt Mrs. Schiavo’s feeding tube should have been removed, and I don’t understand why.  I got the impression that most folks forgot that Mrs. Schiavo was not on "life support".  When I say life support, I mean she was breathing on her own and didn't need a machine to help her, actually she didn’t need a machine to keep her heart pumping or a machine pumping air into her system to live.  So how can everyone think it was right to stop feeding her!  Food is the source of life…she needed food?  For example: like you, me, or any living thing, we all need food and water to live, if you stopped eating, or is denied food, we all will certainly die, just as she has died from starvation.  The majority of the responses I received indicated that Mrs. Schiavo should have been denied food and water, which truly saddens me, and is quite shocking.  Most indicated they felt this way, because she was dead 15 years ago, but from what I viewed on TV and heard on all the news reports, she really wasn’t, she has been breathing on her own, and was responsive.  After Todd reviewed all the responses, his statement to me was “hum…it’s the beginning of the end”.  I questioned his statement, and he explained that it is clear from all the responses, society can kill or agree to kill someone if they feel that individual does not live up to/meet their standards or the standards they deem not right or acceptable.    After examining his statement, I realized it was true, and I tend to agree.  Most assumed Mrs. Schiavo should not live any more, and many of us did nothing to make sure that all was done to help her (as far as up-to-date testing), etc., even our Government, their courts and agencies did nothing to help.  Most of us just sat back and convinced ourselves that she was already dead, yet she was breathing on her own, and her heart was pumping on its own.  I still believe no breathing human being should be denied food and water.  Well, enough said on this subject, this could go on and on.  Mrs. Schiavo is gone now, and I'm sure she is at peace!


This weekend a few exciting events are taking place locally.  (1) The Trinidad and Tobago Working Women’s Committee (Washington DC) presents “Hattitude” – their 2nd Annual “Mad Hatters” Hat Show and Tea Party.  This will take place this Sunday, April 10, 2005, at The Club At Andrews AFB, beginning at 3:30pm and ending at 7:00 pm.  Unfortunately, last year I was unable to attend this event, but I understand it was wonderful.  I however, asked Mrs. Deanne Samuels (a member of the T&T Working Women’s committee) to share with you the history of the “Mad Hatters Show and Tea Party”, so please read about this event below, and if you plan on attending, I will definitely see you there!







Hosted by John Blake (WHUR 96.5FM Caribbean Experience Radio Program)

Derrice Deane (Host of CaribNation Programs)

The Working Women’s Committee is dedicated to enriching the lives of our youths through the Caribbean Students Scholarship Fund, Inc.  Our goal is to foster positive relationships between our youths and the elderly.

Working Women’s Committee Members:

Annette Achille; Jennifer Blackman; Lucille Herring; Patricia Phillip; Brenda Samuel; Deanne Samuels; Patricia St. Hill & Karen Barrington                              
History of Hats…You can trace the origins of the wearing of hats as far back as primitive man.  Historical evidence has shown that some form of head covering was used for protection against the elements.  Throughout early Egyptian, Roman and Greek times, the hat was worn as a mark of rank.  It is believed that felt, the most common material used in hat making, was originally discovered by the nomadic tribes of Asia who were known to have used felt sheep’s wool for making tents and clothing. Mad Hatters Tea party is taken from the story Alice in Wonderland’s: A Mad Tea Party: “Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you’re at!  Up above the world you fly, like a tea-tray in the sky.  Twinkle, twinkle---”


Musical Selection by Ms. Jennifer Blackman, “Wonzenuf”

Welcome/Greetings by Mrs. Patricia St. Hill   Brenda Samuel, Co-chairs

Display of hats by Nina’s of New York and Dance Selection

Display of hats by Nnena & Uloma Ogbonna, courtesy of  Gihgi’s Afrikan Fashions & Textile Gallery

Models----                  Amb. Marina Valere; Effi Barry; Janice Arnold; Mrs. Michelle Sears; Khandra Sears; Zilla Bristol; Sheryl Turner; Desiree DeFlorimonte; Maria Blanchard       



(2) For the past several weeks we have been informing you about Pan Masters Steel Orchestra’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.  Well, it’s here…this big event will take place this weekend (Sunday, April 10th)!  I’ve been hearing lots of talk from folks in the community about attending this event, so get your tickets today, it might be a sell-out!  For those of you who are not familiar with Pan Masters, they are a Steel Pan Organization here in DC.  Their Steel Orchestra started 20 years ago, and now they are passing the "baton" to the youths, by educating them and  training them on The Steel Pan.

Below is a body of a press release I received from one of Pan Masters founding members, and their Public Relations Officer as well (Mr. Roland Barnes).  This Press Release details the history of Pan Masters, and talks about their special guest Robert Greenidge.  Please go out on Sunday and celebrate with Pan Masters their 20 years in business.  It will take place at The Publick Playhouse for The Performing Arts, 5445 Landover Road, Cheverly, Maryland.  Performance: 6:30 pm.  See you there!!!!

On Sunday April 10, 2005, Caribbean Festivals, Inc., a non-profit, tax exempt organization will stage a performance at the Publick Playhouse for The Performing Arts featuring Pan Masters Steel Orchestra, Washington DC preeminent steel band  in concert with Robert Greenidge, world renowned pannist from Trinidad and Tobago.


The formation of many a Steelband has historically evolved from another existing band.  Such is the case of Pan Masters.  Some of the founding members of Pan Masters had previously performed with the Trinidad and Tobago Steelband of Washington, D.C.  In May 1985, these individuals decided to chart their musical aspirations in another direction and this resulted in the birth of Pan Masters Steel Orchestra.  The original members include Frankie Balthazar, St Clair Balthazar, Roland Barnes, Robert Barnes, Patrick Belle, Don Cumberbatch, Malcolm John, Lennard Jack, Stephen Landrigan, Joseph Lewis and Brian Solomon. In May 2005, Pan Masters Steel Orchestra will celebrate 20 years of providing Steelband music in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The band has traveled north as far as Brooklyn, New York and south to North Carolina. The band is based in North Brentwood.

Its accomplishments include performances at area hospitals, nursing homes, schools and the home for the elderly; being adjudged the 1993 through 1998 Steelband Champion in the Baltimore Panorama Competition; recipient of the judges award for outstanding performance at the 1993 through 2004, D.C. Caribbean Carnival celebrations on Georgia Avenue; 1998 champion in the New York  J’Ouvert competition: several command performances at the Bluemont Concert Series and the inaugurations of former President Bill Clinton and former Mayor Marion Barry.

Over the years Pan Masters has had the opportunity to expose Caribbean culture to residents in several areas in Virginia.  Whether it was to showcase the stilt dancers such as Billah and Shacomba, or the Caribbean Folk Dancers, Pan Masters was instrumental in bringing the Caribbean to such places as Winchester, Warrenton, Leesburg, Culpeper, Luray, Lansdowne and Reston.   Other opportunities afforded Pan Masters included several performances at Caribbean Summer in the Park, Prince George’s County Bicentennial Celebrations, Kettering Founder’s Day Parade, Hispanic Festival, Potomac Riverfest, District of Columbia Parks and Recreation, City of Fairfax Parks and Recreation, Maryland National Park and Planning Commission, Montgomery County Ethnic Festival, Smithsonian Institute, the Cherry Blossom Parade and Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA.

Another notable accomplishment is providing opportunities for future pannist to develop an appreciation for the art form.  To this end, Pan Masters has successfully conducted classes and workshops.  The success of this program can best be noted by the fact that some of the graduates have joined the Pan Masters.  Pan Masters has attributed its success to a strong belief in the family, a strong and determined group of musical arrangers, and an experienced administrative and promotional organization, which places equal merit on quality performers and good clientele relationships.

Pan Masters has expanded its community programming to include an annual “Pan Jamborie” which brings together Steelbands in the area in an open atmosphere similar to the open air pan performances held in the Caribbean. Local groups include Pan Masters Steel Orchestra, Positive Vibration, East of the River Steelband and Tropical Ensemble. Out of town Groups include Casym and Despers USA from New York. Additionally, they have increased their involvement in the DC Caribbean Carnival wherein they organized and managed the Annual Calypso Monarch Competition.


Biography: Robert Greenidge Arranger, Composer, Steel Drum & Recording Artist Robert Greenidge was born in Success Village, Laventille, Trinidad, West Indies on 28 April 1950. His first playing experience came under the direction of an uncle, Carl Greenidge who was a renowned arranger and tuner. At the tender age of eight, he began executing the art of the steel drums with the Savoys Steel Orchestra. Possessing an artistic ear for playing various types of compositions, he was recruited at the age of 15 by Trinidad’s leading steel orchestra "Desperadoes" winning several prestigious awards including: the Prime Minister Trophy, The Triple Crown, The Governors General Cup, and the Music Festival Trophy.

At sixteen Robert Greenidge performed at the First Negro Arts Festival in Africa, and during the following year 1967, he performed at the Montreal Exposition in Canada, followed by an extensive tour to London, Zambia and New York in 1968. In 1970 he was chosen to represent Trinidad and Tobago, both as a soloist and a member of Trinidad National Steel Orchestra.

In 1971 Robert Greenidge migrated to New York City, to study composing and arranging at the Third Street Musical Conservatory. He toured with the Music Makers Steel Orchestra for the next two years through California and Nevada. Greenidge settled in Los Angeles, California in 1974. He recorded with various artist such as, Maurice White, Earth Wind and Fire, and John Lennon and Ringo Star of the Beatles just to name a few.

By 1978 Robert Greenidge returned to Trinidad to work with Rudolph Charles (Desperadoes), one of the innovators of a newly designed steel drum which required hand, foot coordination dexterity and speed. His expertise bought the Desperadoes Steel Orchestra to a new height in music. Ever since the Trinidad Carnival of 1979, Greenidge returns to Trinidad every year to play.

Robert Greenidge's awesome pan solos can be heard on numerous movie soundtracks including Brothers, Hard to Kill, 48 Hours and Cool Runnings. He has also performed on television with the Jackson Five, on the Love Boat and the Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.

In 1992 Robert Greenidge performed for the president of the United States – President Clinton's Inauguration and again for President Clinton's surprise birthday party at the White House in August 1995. He continues to tour with Jimmy Buffet and his own group “the Club Trini Band”. He has the honor of performing perhaps the most well known pan solo of all time on Grover Washington Jr’s “Just the Two of Us.”

Caribbean Festivals, Inc. appreciates the opportunity to showcase the art form that is the steelband in Prince George’s County, while reaffirming our cultural heritage that is Pan and its origin in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. We are requesting that you utilize your resources at the Washington Post to assist us in commemorating this occasion with an article in your newspaper.

If you need any additional information, I can be reached at 301-249-1028 (h) or 202-255-1987 (c). Tickets are $20.00 each and are available at Pan Masters Steel Orchestra, 301-864-2610.

Roland A. Barnes, Public Relations Officer - Caribbean Festivals, Inc. or click the following link: 


Want to Travel To Trinidad for the Borough Day 2005 Celebration

To Celebrate Trinidad & Tobago's Second Carnival, Borough Day 2005!!
Limited seats are available through I.C.E. Entertainment
Available dates are:
  • April 26th - May 10th
  • April 28th - May 12th
  • May 3rd - May 10th
  • May 5th - May 12th
Prices range from only $300 to $375 plus taxes and fees
For more info or to get in on this great offer, call ICE 301-257-0102 or email 

Until next week!  Have a great weekend!; 



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Stephen "Sam'O" Samuel will be performing on Monday, April 11, 2005 at the Austin Grill, 919 Ellsworth Avenue, Silver Spring Maryland, for the ending of the annual Six Points Festival.

Go out and check out "Sam'O" who recently returned from Trinidad. 

Atlanta, GA Carnival Memorial Day Weekend May 27-30, 2005



Join The Minister & Garage Connection as they present their annual Bus Trip To Atlanta Carnival 2005 “A memorial Weekend Adventure”.  The bus will be departing Kmart Parking Lot at Riggs and Sargeant Road in Maryland on May 26th at 12 Mid. and will return May 30, 2005.  Call Vasco for all the details at 301-964-3746 or Harold 301-864-9265 & 301-277-6168.  Deposits for Trip is due on April 30th, so call them for details on the price and what the trip includes.  It’s sure to be lots of fun.




Orlando, Fl. Carnival Memorial Day Weekend May 27-30, 2005




Virginia Beach Carnival

June 10th-12th






Washington DC Caribbean Carnival!

Look out for their upcoming Fundraiser on May 1st, 2005

DC Caribbean Carnival

June 25th & 26th

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Baltimore Caribbean Carnival

July15th, 16th & 17th, 2005




Boston Carnival 





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This Sunday, April 10th

Caribbean Festivals, Inc., a non-profit, tax exempt organization will stage a performance at the Publick Playhouse for The Performing Arts featuring Pan Masters Steel Orchestra, Washington DC preeminent steel band  in concert with Robert Greenidge, world renowned pannist from Trinidad and Tobago.

Caribbean Festivals, Inc. Presents

 Pan Masters Steel Orchestra 20th Anniversary

With A Special Performance by Pan Masters

@ Publick Playhouse for The Performing Arts, 5445 Landover Rd. , Cheverly, Md.  

with Guest Artiste: Robert Greenidge

Performance: 6:30pm

Check The Events Page for Additional Details or click the STAR Above


This Sunday, April 10TH 2005

T & T Working Women's Committee 

presents "Hattitude" 

Their 2nd Annual "Mad Hatters: Hat Show and Tea

at Andrews AFB


Check The Events Page and scroll down to view flyer for Additional Details or click the STAR Above

T&T Masqueraders Mas Band presents "The Ultimate Jersey Fete" - April 23, 2005 

Check The Events Page and scroll down to view flyer for Additional Details or click the STAR Above

Caribe's 2005 DC Caribbean Carnival presentation is “Dreamscape.”  

This year, Caribe will be presenting an all-inclusive children’s section entitled, “Neptune’s Children.”

Saturday, May 21st Caribe will be launching “Kiddies Cabaret” at the T&T Association 5123 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.  3:00 – 7:30 p.m.   $7.00.  Children from ages 5 to 12 are invited to participate in this “mini band” launching.  

The price includes food, music and a fun workshop on how to design a costume and a short talk about the history of carnival will be given.  A panel of judges will be on hand to select the team who decorates the best costume. 

Millie: 301-772-1765; Keisha: 240-606-6639; Clyde or Joyce Thompson: 301-248-1306

Check The Events Page and scroll down to view flyer for Additional Details or click the STAR Above


Shout Outs

Weslie Troy (my baby brother) Happy Birthday!  Your exciting news took us by surprise, and of course I'm concerned, but what a birthday present huh?   We love you!!!! 


Hey AMG (old man)!  Special Happy Birthday greetings are extended to you, from all us at Arious!


Otus...Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Belated Birthday to Bob (Silver Spring Caribbean Style Restaurant) Silver Spring Md.


Special Shout Out To Desmond!  (Part of the foundation crew).  It's been a while since we've seen you in the place, enjoying your normal game of pool.  Give us a holla and let us know you are doing fine.


Shout out to DJ Dubwize!!!! We hope you and your family are doing great.


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