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Happy Mother's Day to all our Moms among our on-line family.!  

As we at Arious continue with our Mother's Day tradition, we are once again delighted to share with you a fantastic poem written several years ago by a lovely young lady from our community - Ms. Shevon Baptiste.  Ms. Baptist is a beautiful and talented rising star who is a writer, poet, and an excellent singer (who writes her own songs, and began writing since the early age of 5).  For Information about purchasing Ms. Baptiste CD "Shevon - Beautiful Music" contact Crown Bakery @ 202-291-3009 or log on to www.dccrownbakery.com.  Please read and enjoy this lovely poem (See below!)


mothersketchphonommompic.jpg (56448 bytes)Sketch of The Phenomenal Mother by Wilcox Morris

"The Phenomenal Mother"


Shevon Baptiste

A tribute to the phenomenal mother, they are supporters, pain bearers, influencers, who guide their young through obstacles they seek to overcome.

A Teacher of lessons, preacher of God’s blessings, mentors of the soul.

Show tribute to our phenomenal mothers.

Mothers whom no amount of gratuitous praise could ever repay them for the day they give life to what we are today.

Display your love, hold them on a pedestal above, for irreplaceable they are, a gem that shines brighter than any star.

Always respect and never forget our providers, confiders and best friend,  Our mother.

Phenomenal mothers they are, strong and sacrificial, mothers who have a day dedicated to say, how happy we are to try and emulate your way.

Show tribute to a phenomenal mother, our mothers, who

Deserve our love and a Happy Mother’s Day


The Phenomenal Mother

Writer: Shevon Baptiste

Copyright 2005


I extremely missed writing and sharing with you last week.  I was so busy in my professional life that I simple didn’t have a single free moment to sit down and complete my commentary to you (“vibe” with you) as I do on a weekly basis.  I strongly believe though, that things always happen for good reasons, and not being able to write last week was a good thing.  My emotions were like a roller coaster (optimistic and pessimistic feelings, including a bit of anger and disgust) when it came to our justice system and politics.  Therefore, I certainly didn’t need to write to you during that time. 

  Acquittal…Not guilty!  Those words made me cringe when I heard the reporters say them 2 weeks ago.  The Detectives who murdered Sean Bell were acquitted---Not possible...Right?  However, what I heard was right - all three of these New York Detectives were acquitted, which is an absolute outrage and a travesty.  What is going on with this justice system in the United States?  Can someone explain to me how officers of the law who are paid with our tax dollars to protect us, through a hail of 50 bullets gunned down 3 unarmed men; which resulted in 1 dying (Sean Bell) and the other 2 being wounded - Mr. Guzman and Mr. Benefield (Mr. Guzman was seriously wounded - 19 bullets pierced his body)?  Moreover, these three Detectives were acquitted (Det. Michael Oliver, Det. Marc Cooper, Det. Gescard Isnora)?  This is absolutely atrocious!!!  

  Sean Bell was murdered, actually it was a massacre in my opinion - they took this young man’s life for no apparent reason.  A young man who was leaving his bachelor party and was scheduled to be married the day he was killed…How brutal!!!  These New York detectives are cold blooded killers, and this justice system in the United States is a disgrace.  It's apparent that it is completely broken down, outrageously defective, revolting and absolutely unjust.  IT MUST BE FIXED!!!   I understand on May 7th several protests “City-Wide Slowdowns” were organized and carried out at several locations in New York City regarding this acquittal and the unjust system on a whole, and many protestors were arrested including Rev. Sharpton – a total of 218 people were arrested by NYPD. 

Finally, what about the most recent police brutality incident that took place in Philadelphia a few days ago?  I’m not sure what’s going on in these United States.  All of this madness with the folks who is supposed to be protecting us is very shameful!  Click Here to see and hear about this matter courtesy of ABC News from Good Morning America and CLICK HERE to see raw video footage captured by Fox courtesy of NBC10.com.  I understand several of the police officers were removed from duty with more to follow once they are identified.  Very, Very Disgusting!!!

As for politics, I was truly at the point where I was saying “enough already” with Rev. Wright; let it go; leave it alone; we have had enough!!!  I felt the media outlets and their hosts were unjust and discriminatory regarding this issue and their awful comments were prejudiced, excessive, and unwarranted.  I further felt the reports, upon reports were hateful, methodological, utterly discrediting, and SIMPLY NEEDED TO STOP!

I still question though why should a man be persecuted for speaking the truth; why question a man’s faith, religion and his relationship with his pastor; why link it to politics, and most importantly why dictate the teachings, and question what takes place in our/your place of worship!!!  I have so many thoughts and questions on this issue, but I have had enough with the whole despicable situation.  We must move on!!!

Another issue that is ludicrous to me is this summer tax relief.  I feel it is so pointless.  First off, the savings the Senators Clinton and McCain talk about is so little that it’s worthless (.18 cents), and besides none of these Senators can really do anything about it over this summer, because they are not in a position to do so…they are not the Current President!  This must go through President Bush and Congress.  Please Senators stop with the “lip service” and pandering for votes!  They really need to find a permanent solution to these rising gas prices.  It is an extreme hardship to so many of us, I noticed on Sunday in my area the cost was $3.49, but by Monday Morning it had risen to $3.55.  Now, I hear it’s risen to $3.66.  They need to come up with a solid plan to stop these oil companies from getting richer and richer from innocent American people, and make sure President Bush enforces that plan NOW!!!

     YES WE CAN…YES WE CAN, AND WE DO WANT CHANGE!!!   What a year in this history of the United States!  The pride I feel is beyond words, this young Senator - Barack Obama is one to be extremely proud of due to his excellent winnings.  He must be congratulated, praised and recognized for these fantastic accomplishments (from these last primaries.)  It was a “knockout” in North Carolina with 57% of the votes (875,683 total actual votes), and he gained 70 delegates; compared to Clinton's 42% (a total of 652,824 total votes) and 49 delegates.  It was a near win for him in Indiana with 49% of the votes (630,399 total actual votes) and he gained 38 delegates; compared to Clinton's 51% (644,594 total actual votes) and she gained 41 delegates.  He also won the caucus in Guam.  

Why can't they realize many Americans are ready for change and strongly believe Senator Obama can bring this change?  Yes, a wide range of Americans of all classes, colors, races, ages and religions - all across this country wants change, and change we can believe in and trust that Senator Obama can deliver it.  Therefore, many are certainly voting for this brilliant and exceptional man, not only African-Americans (after all according to the census bureau figures there is not enough African-Americans in America to do this alone,) it's a variety of folks voting across this nation.

Well, he picked up two more Super Delegates today (Thursday, May 8th).  North Carolina Rep. Brad Miller and Washington Rep. Rick Larson both announced their endorsement for Senator Obama.  

Certainly, the long and hard road has been very difficult for him, and the “underdog” and “persecuted” has done it again!  He did well in Tuesday's Primaries and today got two more super delegate endorsements.  These are superb days in our history!!!  These historic times will stay in my memory forever. 

What’s up with all this talk from Senator Clinton and the media (after Clinton’s big upset in North Carolina and Indiana) about having the Michigan and Florida votes counted?  I cannot believe this is being brought up again.  We all know that Michigan and Florida violated the Democratic National Committee Party rules last year and as a result of their refusal to follow the DNC Rules regarding holding their primaries early, they were stripped of their delegates.  The Clinton camp was well aware of this, as well as the Obama camp and the Edwards camp, and none of them had any objections; they all agreed not to campaign in these states.  As a matter of fact: through my research it was noted that some of Senator Clinton’s backers were on the committee that made the decision to impose tough sanctions on these two states by stripping them of their delegates (meaning their delegates will not be recognized or counted in this primary race). 

As we all know Senator Clinton defied the agreement; which herself and the other 2 candidates had agreed to adhere to, and blatantly placed her name on the ballot in these 2 states knowing the votes were not going to be counted.  Now, when she believes it serves her political interest she is trying to dismiss the rules and has the audacity to argue that the votes she received in those states must count.  How unfair…she agreed with the sanctions and most importantly she agreed not to campaign or participate in those states!!!!  Why is she disobeying and attempting to rewrite the DNC rules???

If only this script was switched and Senator Obama was the one who preposterously disobeyed the DNC he would be more persecuted than he is now (compared to what Senator Clinton is undergoing - which is nothing.)

I understand the DNC is looking into working out this matter, so that the actual voters are not disenfranchised in those states.  I guess we will have to wait and see what they come up with.  I do hope they will do the right thing, and if they feel they have to overturn their decision then it will be a FAIR solution to this matter.

 Remember Senator Obama is still ahead in this race and it's clear now that he is possibly the Democratic Nominee for President.   We must rejoice, it really looks good for him - because of you the American People.  He is on his way to the highest office in the land.

Very good job!!!! 

Now, it’s on to the next states – Nebraska and West Virginia hold their primaries this coming Tuesday, May 13th; Kentucky and Oregon primaries takes place on May 20th and Idaho primary on May 27th.  The fun continues, so please go out and vote...vote...vote!!!!

Below I have placed Senator Obama’s most recent interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer that was held on May 8th, 2008.  Check it out below by clicking the picture and please enjoy!!

As these primaries approach, please keep talking, sharing and coming up with solutions regarding the important RACE issue.  

I leave you with the same statement I have left you with every week.  "Please remember to judge Senator Obama on his words, his actions and the content of his character.   Kindly continue standing up and not accepting the same old tactics, rhetoric and old politics.  I encourage you to continue talking about race and the hurtful issues you might have experienced throughout life.  Most importantly let's continue building this movement and voting for Senator Barack Obama".  

With your support and votes Senator Obama will continue succeeding. We know he is "the one"..."the one" who absolutely has the ability and wisdom to move us forward;  "the one" who has the answers to all of the many issues plaguing America currently, and we know he is "the one" who can take us forward toward that change we are seeking in a positive manner.  I hope you are looking forward to the overall change as I am, so lets continue making history together!!!!"

The below video is of Senator Barack Obama as he speaks with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on May 8th, 2008

(Senator Obama's first interview since his North Carolina Win)

(21 mins. & 26 secs.)

Click the picture below and Enjoy!!!




Saturday, May 10th, the Vote for Change national voter registration and mobilization drive kicks off.  Events are happening in all 50 states to mark the beginning of efforts to register thousands of voters all across the country.

Find the kickoff event near you and sign up to be a part of Vote for Change:


If you'd like to attend a Vote for Change event in another state, check out our national map:


The goal of this campaign has always been to reach out to people of all races, ages, and backgrounds and bring them back into the political process.

Meet fellow Obama supporters and start registering and mobilizing voters right away:




Now tell me folks, what is going on in this world?  Cyclone, Tornadoes, Volcano eruption, earth quakes, and fires; just about every known natural disaster is slamming down on many continents of this earth, including right here in the United States.  As many believe and say - “the Gods must be mad” indeed they must!! 

berma cyclone.jpg (4520 bytes)  I am distressed about the 22,997 lives that were lost (count to date) due to the Cyclone named “Nargis” that slammed into Myanmar (which is traditionally known as Burma and has a population of approximately 57 million people).  I pray for the 1,430 who were injured (count to date) and the 42,119 who are reported missing (count to date).  They estimate that over 100,000 are dead (actually military officials in the delta township of Labutta estimated 80,000 dead in that town alone.)  Dear Lord, I pray that many of them were able to survive this devastation. 

It’s unbelievable, that many were killed in a 12-foot tidal wave and 95% of the homes in the hardest hit “Bogalay” (a city of 190,000) has been destroyed.  They say around 5,000 square kilometres (1,930 square miles) remain underwater, and more than a million homeless need emergency relief.  As you can imagine many of these survivors are left with nothing, no homes, no food, no water, no medical assistance, lots of family members lost, they absolutely have nothing!! 

Please keep the surviving people of Myanmar in your prayers and thoughts and send whatever you can to help (if you can).

I understand the volcano that erupted in Chile a week ago is now intensifying, and threatening may lives.  The devastating tornadoes throughout the US left many with zero, not to mention the fires and floods across the country.  These natural disasters are intense, and leave its victims with absolutely nothing.  Lets pray that they cease!!!!

Please family; can you ever forgive me for inadvertently misspelling Senator Obama’s name on the subject line on my last E-Newsletter?  It was just an oversight; I simply didn’t notice it before clicking the Send button.  However, I am thankful to have received tons of e-mails pointing this out.  Thanks to all of you for reading and being a part of our on-line family!!!

Happy Birthday Shortmus

Happy Belated Birthday Ke-Maurelle!!!

Thanks to the many who have sent me e-mails in response to my past E-Newsletters and lots of important information.  Most importantly I thank you for your encouraging words!

Internet Florist           



To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support and One Love!


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Los Angeles

May 10, 2008



Tampa, Florida


New York

       V  O  T  E



The Obama for America campaign has announced a massive 50-State Voter Registration drive.

NEW YORK CITY is going to kick off this event in a BIG way.

Join us

Saturday, May 10 at 12:00 noon 

To launch the VOTE FOR CHANGE campaign in New York City.

The day will begin at the Mother AME Zion Church located at 140 West 137th Street in Harlem.  There will be a rally and brief training with very special guests (to be announced soon).  After the rally we will fan out across the city to register voters.

RSVP: my barackobama.com/page/s/fvcvolunteer  

For more information: may10@newyorkobama.com

Come join us and be a part of history!

By bringing more voters and more voices into the political process, we can shape the outcome not just of this primary, but of elections up and down in the ballot in November.




Baltimore, Maryland

May 10, 2008


Washington DC

May 18, 2008

Oliver Samuels, Glen Campbell and Camille David in

Oliver Samuels, Glen "Titus" Campbell and Camille Davis on the comedy-play "River Bottom"


Cramton Auditorium, Howard Univ., Washington, D.C.

 6:00 pm

Get your tickets right away by logging on to: www.everybodysmag.com




June 28th and 29, 2008




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From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!!!

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