-- Susan Mangatal - 

  Greetings Online Family:

Happy Mother's Day to all our Mothers!

A Mothers Love

To some love is just a word
To me it's a feeling
A feeling I get every time I look into your eyes
A feeling I get when I realize your my mom
A mom who loves, shares.  A mom who inspires
What's that?
That's love
A mothers love, but only you would know
And me
You returned that love time and time again
Possibly to much, nevertheless you did
Thank-you for being there when I needed you most
For being my rock when I should have been yours
Thank-you for believing in me, even when I doubted myself
For being the one person I could trust
No matter what, no matter where
But most of all thank-you for being you-my mom
A mom I am so proud to claim
I love you
Now and forever

Submitted and written by Trevor Duggan (



I want to start of by thanking all of you for coming out to the DC Caribbean Carnival's "May Day" Fundraiser last Sunday (May 1st).  As you are aware Mr. Sargeant (DC Carnival Executive Director) indicated last week in his message to all of us that "DC Caribbean Carnival needs the community financial support more than ever.  The DC Caribbean Carnival, are going through some major challenges that will directly impacted the 13th Annual Caribbean Carnival Extravaganza.  Your tax-deductible contribution will go a long way in ensuring that some of these major financial obligations will be met..." You did indeed read his message, and came out and supported the event.

I know Mr. Sargeant and the rest of his committee including myself appreciates your support.  Additionally, to the people who gladly volunteered their services, and personally helped me with making sure our areas were fully covered during the fundraiser, I thank you very much for your help and your commitment to DC Caribbean Carnival (Shurla, Maureen, Marva, Jeff, Al and Joanna).   To the bands, poets, dancers, hosts and everyone who dedicated their time, and supported in some way to make this happen...Thank you...Thank you...Thank you for all the love!!!!!!

Regarding the actual show, of course I was unable to see it, but from all the reports I received I understand it was wonderful.  I did got some feedback from many people who were not happy with the turnout, but there is very little I can say, except we as a community must come together in this critical time of need, so we can continue building, exposing and preserving our culture and our art form (DC Carnival).  We need your help quite badly in many ways this year, and we hope you will support us.

A Message from DC Caribbean Carnival







On a personal level...we at Arious thank you, and encourage you to please continue with the support for DC Carnival!!!!




It's finally Here!

The 1st Annual Caribbean Gospel Festival presented by Klassik Productions!!!!


Yes, it is finally here, Klassik Productions "Mothers Day Caribbean Gospel Festival" taking place this Sunday on Mother's Day, May 8th.  In the past weeks I have introduced you to Klassik Productions, and to all the artists scheduled to perform at this wonderful Gospel festival.  Below you will see I have included some details on one of the organizations who will benefit from this event.   Some proceeds will be donated to - The Trinidad and Tobago Working Women's Committee of Wash. DC, so come out on Sunday and enjoy this wonderful show!

Trinidad and Tobago Working Women's Committee of Wash. DC 

The Trinidad and Tobago Working Women’s Committee was formally organized in June 2004 to raise the awareness of nationals of the Caribbean about the importance of giving something back to our Community.  Understanding that it is more important to give than to receive and bearing in mind that our youth is the future of the world, the Caribbean Students Scholarship Fund, Inc (CSSF) was officially launched.

The Trinidad and Tobago Working Women’s Committee is the fund-raising arm of the Caribbean Students Scholarship Fund, Inc. (CSSF)

  ABOUT THE FUND (CSSF, Inc.) - The purpose of the fund is to offer scholarship assistance to students who are in their senior year of high school and to freshmen undergraduate students. The students must be of Caribbean descent and reside in the metropolitan Washington DC area.  The program is also designed to establish and maintain a fellowship rooted in traditional and historical Caribbean principles of using one’s skills in service to the community and, at the same time, putting into practice those principles that build upon the strong history of the Caribbean.  The program is also a great benefit to non-Caribbean people who lack knowledge of this area.

Click on the individual names below to Learn All About The Artists that will be performing on the Gospel Festival this Sunday!!!!!
Sam Archer Roger George
Signal Hill Gospel Choir (SHGC) Wilbourn Exclusives


Remember tickets to this concert is a great Mother's Day Gift.  It is going to be a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day!!!!!

Click Here For More Details! 

or Scroll down to the "Events" Section




There are several events taking place this weekend, so do please try and make it out to as many as you can.  

(1) Don't forget the Caribbean Style Mother’s Day Brunch presented by the Tobago Association of Metropolitan Washington DC on Sunday (May 8th).  The proceeds from this event goes toward helping the schools in Tobago with their school supplies. The price is good ($10.00), so please go out and support this organization, and enjoy their delicious variety of foods.  They will have live entertainment and talent showcase. Scroll down to our Events to get all the details and the variety of foods at this event or Click Here!

(2) Remember the BWIA Invaders Steel Orchestra will be in Baltimore, Maryland on Mother's Day as well.  Caribbean Carnival Development Committee, Inc "CCDC" (One of the Carnival Associations in Baltimore) is celebrating "Mother's Day" with their Pan concert featuring BWIA Invaders Steel Orchestra.  Scroll down, or click here to view the details.  



A Special Message from Todd

You all are cordially invited to celebrate my wife's (Susan) birthday next Friday, May 13th.  This will be a great opportunity for all of us to get together and celebrate this special day.  It will also be nice to meet many of you who we haven't had the opportunity to meet, and to see those of you again who we haven't seen in some time.  Our friends at the Crossroads have joined me in hosting this special event.  So, if you are in the DC metro area and you are free next Friday hit me back ASAP and get on the list. or 

Oh by the way, this event will be taking place at the Crossroads Annual Glow Party, so you have got to wear white.

Some details are listed below

Place: Crossroads Entertainment Complex, 4103 Baltimore Avenue, Bladensburg, Maryland.

Time: 8pm 

It's been a while since I've "vibed" with you here on the "What's Happening", but so many things have been taking place with Arious Entertainment and in the world, that I haven't had the opportunity to get with you.  Of course, there are a lot of things on my mind that we've got to talk about, and many things that we have to find a solution to.  Sometimes it's best to sit back, observe, and listen to find the road to a solution to these problems that are troubling our community.  

Susan's done an excellent job of holding it down for the last few months.  

Over the past few months we have had some great discussions and overwhelming correspondence from you, which is really appreciated.  It's great to see what those of you in our community are thinking...that's helping to find a solution.  A lot of your opinions were surprising, but it's good to know the things our community feel strongly about.  

This internet "thing" is really exciting.  It's amazing that we can communicate instantly with people around the world.  We need to take a look at the internet and see how it's connecting people in places.  Our community (when I say our community I am speaking to the Afro-Americans, Caribbean , and Caribbean Americans) this is an opportunity for us to move forward in the new century, and to do that we have got to unite, connect and network.

I will be back soon, so we can start working toward a solution, because it is getting crazy out here.  Every day a youth is killed or someone is car jacked by a youth.  This has to change, else what will the future hold!!!!  We'll talk about it soon.  Hope to see all of you that are able, next Friday for Susan's Big Birthday Bash!!!

--Todd Mangatal




The Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc. launched the BAND TOGETHER TO BUILD THE DREAM wristband campaign on February 14, 2005.   For a donation of $5 or more, you will receive a "Build the Dream" wristband.  Your support brings us one step closer to building this memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.   Click here to enter the contributions page for additional details  Help us honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his vision for America.  Help us “Build the Dream.”  For a list of persons/places to send your contributions for this MLK Memorial, please visit  



Before I close, I want to ask a few questions, which may help me understand a few things I am experiencing in my everyday life.  I know on a number of occasions Todd have talked about, and questioned why it is so difficult for us "as a people" to work together and actually "get along".  I have always shared his point of view, but lately it seems that I am personally seeing this problem (blatantly) taking place around me.  Which in my view is completely negative!  As Todd have asked you in the past, why is it we cannot get along?  Why is it that we hate to see each other succeed in life, and/or in business, and actually in everything we do?  Why, once someone in our circle gets to a point in life that may be a bit higher than another (possibly a friend or an associate), we find in necessary to make it difficult for that person to continue excelling?  Why do we find it necessary to pull that person down?  What is wrong with us "as a people"?  Why is it that this "crab mentality" is so embedded into our subconscious mind, that we tend to act it out so frequently?  Is it because of the 400 of years slavery, where were taught to hate, mis-trust and work against each other, that we just cannot help but live this way it in our present day life?  I absolutely don't know why, but I would like to know!!!!  As a people, I think we need to stop "hating" and begin to show love, real genuine love to each other.  "If you see your brother or sister falling by the wayside, just pick them up and give them a helping hand, if you see your brother or sister going down the wrong pathway, just gear them on to the right path."  It only takes one person to make a change in someone's life, to show love and encouragement to someone who needs a little of both.  Look around yourself, and if you see anyone who needs anything to make their life a little bit better (whether it be money, love, food, or whatever), and you have it, just share it with that person.  I guarantee that you will make a big difference in that person life!!!!

Have a very Happy Mother's Day!

Until next week!  Have a great weekend!; 



Caribbean Vibes Radio (Internet 24-7 radio)

SIZZLING THURSDAYS!!!  Be sure to join the rejuvenated &  energized maestro "Fabulous" for "Sizzling Thursdays". Showtime Thurs. 9:00pm-12 mid..  Don't forget Daylight savings time began here in the US, so make sure you are listening at the appropriate time (9:00pm est.)  


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Caribbean Vibes proudly presents a new show "Island Groove"with DJ Solo and T-Man hailing from Jamaica and Trinidad. They both reside in Houston, Texas.  Embrace their groove every Saturday 8p-10pm (est) at Caribbean Vibes Radio. We hear the show is "WICKED". Listen on Saturday, and Email with comments.

CaribNation - The longest running US-Based Caribbean Television program 10:30pm on Sundays, on PBS affiliate WHUT, Howard University Television, Channel 32 (or check your local cable/satellite listing)

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Atlanta, GA Carnival Memorial Day Weekend May 27-30, 2005




Orlando, Fl. Carnival Memorial Day Weekend May 27-30, 2005


Virginia Beach Carnival

June 10th-12th  




Washington DC Caribbean Carnival!

June 25th & 26th




Baltimore Caribbean Carnival

July 15th, 16th & 17th, 2005



Boston Carnival




Support De Original Baltimore Caribbean Carnival Extravaganza in September 2005



Click Here to View EventsFor Events


Click The Star Above to enter the "EVENTS" Page for More Details or Click Here!





D Garage Boyz 

(De Mud Mas Band)


Launches for DC Carnival 2k5




Join Them for Their Annual Mother's Day Band-launching Cookout


Saturday, May 7, 2005

From 4 pm until


Harold's Autobody

4506 Hamilton Street

Hyattsville, Maryland



DJ: Andy Mix


Menu: Curry Crab & Dumplin, Stew Fish, Curry Goat, Jerk Chicken, Bake & Shark


A special Note to Cindy:...Please hold our Crab and Dumplins...OK!  We plan to come through!

A Caribbean Style Mother's Day Brunch

Presented by Tobago Association of Metropolitan Wash. D.C.

This Sunday, May 8, 2005
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

GE Peters Elementary School Auditorium
6305 Riggs Road, Hyattsville MD
On the campus grounds of
The Metropolitan SDA Church

Cost: $10.00

. Live Entertainment
. Talent Showcase
. Caribbean and American Cuisine

----Ginger Beer
----Cakes & Cookies
----Rice and Peas
----Roast Bake
----Fry Bake

The proceeds go towards school supplies for Tobago.

Celebrate this Mother's Day with delicious food and good company, and don't forget to invite your friends!

For More Information Contact:
Cynthia Reid (Cindy), 301 434-8115
Marelyn McFarlane, 301 559-3445
Sharon Carrington, 301 853-1278
Joan Pierre, 571 244-1062

This Sunday, May 8th, 2005

"1st Annual Caribbean Gospel Festival"

on Mother's Day

Come out, with your mom and celebrate her day in a special way!

With The Signal Hill Alumni Choir from Tobago

Gospel Recording Artist Sam Archer

& Soca Sensation Roger George

all backed by

The Image Band

 Enjoy the Fashions to "Soothe the Soul", courtesy Wilbourn Exclusives of Atlanta Georgia.  (Two of their outfits will be presented as door prizes) Showtime 6pm

Host of Ceremonies: Hollis "Flash" Lashley.

The University of District of Columbia Auditorium, 4200 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington DC 20008

For More Details please call Crown Bakery at 202-291-3009

Partial Proceeds to benefit the T&T Women's College Scholarship Fund and The Grenada Hurricane Relief Fund

Click Here, and scroll down To View Flyer on our "Events" Page

Caribbean Carnival Development Committee, Inc. (CCDC)


BWIA Invaders Steel Orchestra

Live in Concert

on Mother's Day

This Sunday, May 8th, 2006

at Patapsco Arena

3301 Annapolis Road, Baltimore, Maryland

Tickets $25 in advance & 30 at door (Cash Bar and Free Buffet)

Contacts: CCDC: 410-235-6955; Mark Kendal: 410-866-0250; Winston Barclay: 410-627-3948; Erica Faustin: 410-485-3370 & Miguel James: 443-631-0335

Check The Events Page and scroll down to view flyer for Additional Details or click the STAR Above

Friday, May 13th, 2005

My Birthday Party! (Susan)

Some of the details are listed below:

Place: Crossroads Entertainment Complex, 4103 Baltimore Avenue, Bladensburg, Maryland.

Time: 8pm

  This invite is to the many who we may have missed calling or sending an e-invite to.  Please be sure to clear your schedule and join us as we celebrate.  Since it is the Annual Glow fete, feel free to join the fun and wear white so you can celebrate in "fine Glow style"!

To Enter you must let us know before the 12th of May so that you are included on the guest list!

Hope you come out and celebrate with me and the rest of the Arious Crew!!!!!!


Caribe's 2005 DC Caribbean Carnival presentation is “Dreamscape.”  

This year, Caribe will be presenting an all-inclusive children’s section entitled, “Neptune’s Children.”  

Saturday, May 21st, 2005

  Caribe will be launching “Kiddies Cabaret” at the T&T Association 5123 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.  3:00 – 7:30 p.m.   $7.00.  Children from ages 5 to 12 are invited to participate in this “mini band” launching.  

The price includes food, music and a fun workshop on how to design a costume and a short talk about the history of carnival will be given.  A panel of judges will be on hand to select the team who decorates the best costume. 

Millie: 301-772-1765; Keisha: 240-606-6639; Clyde or Joyce Thompson: 301-248-1306

Check The Events Page and scroll down to view flyer for Additional Details or click the STAR Above



Shout Outs

Congratulations to Shortmus (Shortmus Productions) on the launching of his new website - Click Here to view!  The costumes for his 2005 portrayal for DC Carnival "King Solomon's Mines-Gem of the Antilles" are featured!  Check them out!!!!  Happy Belated Birthday Shortmus!!!!


Special Birthday Greeting to Cheryl Adams!



To the women in my life who are exceptional mothers I want to send special greetings to all of you!  

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Mommy Marva - Enjoying her retirement in Trinidad, I love you dearly!

My mother in law Janice - Todd and I send you all our love!

Cousin AnnMarie and Kym

Very close friends Shurla, Abasade and Brandy - mom and mother to be!

Sonia (mom and grandmother to be very soon)

Aunt Maureen - You have done a great job with your boys.

and Aunt Myrtle who was a mother to me throughout my teen life!

Gwen - Special Mother's Day Greetings to You, and to the women of the Bristol Family.

My mind just ran on a special person who is celebrating Mother's day for the first time...Mrs. Marie G.   Marie if you are reading - you have always been a mother to many, and now you are blessed with your beautiful daughter, who came into this world several months ago.  I know she must be the joy of your life, and she truly is a beauty (just like her mom)!  Congratulations, and Happy Mother's Day!!!!



Big Shout Out and Maximum Respect To  Barry (West Indian Record Mart).  Thanks for the new information.

Shout out to Gregory - GenerationX in Miami.  We will get back with you soon!

Roger from Reggae Sundays in New York, thanks for linking up, and the great advise!


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