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Susan Mangatal  - Susan@ariousentertainment.us 

Greetings On-Line Family, the Arious Team sends much Love!

Generations of immigrants have preserved the traditions of their homelands, and these traditions have defined our Nation's identity. Caribbean Americans bring a unique and vibrant culture. This multilingual and multiethnic tradition has strengthened our social fabric and enriched the diversity of our Nation."  Proclamation issued by President Barack H. Obama  To read the entire Proclamation, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

The Celebration of National Caribbean-Heritage Month continues, and we must celebrate, recognize, pay tribute and commemorate Caribbean-American Heritage by: 1) Celebrating (a) the great contributions of Caribbean-Americans to the economic, social and cultural landscape of the United States, and (b) Celebrating the historic relationships between the people of the Caribbean and the people of the United States.  2) Recognizing (a) the many contributions of Caribbean immigrants and their decedents to the well-being of America, and (b) Recognizing how Caribbean-Americans enriches society by being leaders in government, arts, entertainment, sports, fashion, poetry, theatre, in businesses and much more. (3) Paying tribute to the common culture and bonds of friendship that unite the United States and the Caribbean countries. (The vibrancy and hopefulness due to the talent, faith and values of Caribbean-Americans); and (4) Commemorating Caribbean-American heritage, history, culture and contributions to the United States.  For more on Caribbean-American Heritage Month and its history CLICK HERE! 

During the second week of this special month lots of celebrations are taking place.  Locally, BGFF.jpg (77510 bytes) this Sunday, June 14th, you must check out one of the funniest Caribbean plays currently sweeping  across America called "Bashment Granny 2...the saga continues". Featuring a fantastic Caribbean cast: Maxwell Grant, Keith "Shebaba" Ramsey, Volier "Mafi" Johnson, Abigail Grant, Junior Williams, and Deon Silvera.  It is taking place at Howard University's Cramton Auditorium.  Click on the flyer for all the details or call 301-440-5132 or 301-568-1212 or 301-755-0277. To purchase your ticket/s stop by any major Caribbean Restaurant or get it from Cramton's box office at Howard University located at 2455 Sixth Street, NW, Wash. DC.


The Carnival Bandleaders Association of Washington DC is holding a fundraiser this Sunday, June 14th to support many of the Carnival Masquerade bands that participate in DC Caribbean Carnival, which is taking place June 27th and 28th.  Come out and support their efforts this weekend at Crown Bakery, 5329 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington DC 20011-(202) 291-3009.

Special "Shout outs" to the Masquerade bands that support and constantly show love to Arious Entertainment and www.MyCaribbean.us : Jackie & Associates - www.jackiecarnival.com,  Shortmus Productions - www.shortmusproductions.com  and Roots and Culture Productions - www.rootsandculturepromo.com.  If you have not decided what band to play with yet, it's not to late to contact the leaders of these Mas Bands.  Look out for our banners on their trucks on the road this Carnival - June 27th.  Additionally, if you are coming to DC Caribbean Carnival and need a hotel or travel arrangements contact us at toddm@arioustravel.com and Arious Travel will help you with all your traveling needs.


  The Tamarind Festival of Caribbean Literature 2009 begins on June 14-18th.  This festival comes to Washington DC, the Nation's Capital in June in celebration of Caribbean-American Heritage Month.  This five day festival will focus on themes of strength, survival and transformation.  Headlining this Caribbean literary event is well-known Caribbean authors (1) Poet Lorna Godson and (2) Memoirist Rachel Manley.  This festival takes place at the National Museum of Woman in the Arts.  For more details CLICK HERE TO READ THE PRESS RELEASE issued by the Institute of Caribbean Studies or Contact: Faith Nelson (202) 412-3030-Tamarind Festival/Caribbean-American Heritage Foundation.

We have posted all the events on our "Events" Page that we have been notified about.  As we receive them we will add them to our "Events" Page.   So check out our "Events" Page for all the details on what's going on. Additionally, you can check the Caribbean-American Heritage Month's site for the national calendar by clicking on the following link, which will take you to the official website www.caribbeanheritage.org Events -National Calendar page.


In a previous e-Newsletter, I mentioned for my birthday some weeks ago Todd planned a cruise to Bahamas in order for us to celebrate.  For me though, I was excited because it was a time to get some uninterrupted sleep, and relaxation that I truly needed.

This was our first cruise and it was an amazing experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I must say it was the best birthday I have ever had in all my years.  Todd outdid himself this year and I sincerely appreciated it.  It's certainly one I will remember forever.  

I'm happy that Todd has decided to share with you our experience on this exciting trip, so please read and enjoy.  

"Our Cruise to Bahamas" by Todd Mangatal.  

From time to time you hear about cruises and how great they are, so you have an expectation in your mind that it is going to be very nice.  However, the experience was more than we could have imagined.  Let me share with you a little of what we experienced.  

I planned a 3-day cruise on the Carnival Cruise Ship Sensation to the Bahamas leaving from Port Canaveral Florida to celebrate Susan's birthday.  We started our getaway in Lorton Virginia on-board the Amtrak Auto-Train.  The Auto-Train is an experience within itself.  You arrive at the station and is greeted by an Amtrak staff member; you leave your car with the attendant who loads it on to the train; you then check in and you are given your seats or room assignments, and then the fun begins promptly after the train departs at 4:00 pm.  

  • If you have a cabin as we did, for the first hour directly after boarding there is a wine tasting complete with various cheeses, fruits, snacks and other fancy hors d'oeuvres.
  • A few short hours later it's dinner-time, which was a very nice restaurant experience.  A full 3-course meal, including wine.  You have several interesting and tasty main course dishes to chose from.  We choose the New York Strip Steak.
  • Shortly after dinner we attended the 2nd showing of a newly released movie in the Lounge Car, and had a few drinks from the bar.  
  • After the movie it's bedtime.
  • As we awoke the next morning,  a continental breakfast was offered to us, and before we knew it, we were at our destination in Sanford Florida (right outside Orlando).

We happily departing the train and retrieved our vehicle knowing we are minutes away from our cruise (45 minutes to be exact.)  The Sensation was departing from Port Canaveral, which is very close to the Kennedy Space Center.  We arrived early at the Port, and securely parked our vehicle.  We then began the boarding régime of checking the luggage; and since we were going to Bahamas, it was required for us to proceed through security, and to show the proper traveling documents (passports, Green Card, etc.).  Most importantly, we as well as everyone traveling on the cruise were required to set up an On-Board Account (this is how you pay for everything on the ship, due to cash not being accepted on-board).

Upon completion of the boarding process; we began entering the ship, but was directed to a photographer who took our picture (we had no idea this would be the first of many pictures).  Entering the ship was amazing, it was extremely huge and beautiful, we simply didn't believe we were on a ship.  The first area was the Atrium - the centerpiece of the ship, complete with glass elevators that takes you to the upper and lower levels of the ship.  Directly in the middle of the atrium was a bar, where many of the guests were already enjoying tropical (cruise ship type) drinks.  We were invited to enjoy a buffet on the main deck while final preparations were being done to our room.  Indeed we made our way to the main deck - the  Promenade Deck (where the pools were located), which had a Caribbean band that was currently performing, as well as several bars, and a  large area filled with an array of exciting foods.  On one side of the pool area they were serving prepared to order Chinese food (all cooked in front of you)  Susan decided to have that, and I ventured away to see what else was offered.  I found they were serving hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and salads and I had some of this traditional American food.  From this first impression I thought the buffet was very impressive, and the food was doing to be great on this cruise.

After sitting down and enjoying our meals it was time to check out our cabin and explore the ship.  As we headed towards the rare of the ship and stepped into the next room, we realized we had seen only a small portion of the buffet.  In this section there were additional foods such as pasta, roast beef, pizza, made to order specialty sandwiches, salads, an array of desserts, coffee, tea, lemonade (which were all included).  This was more than we imagined and very impressive.

We headed to our cabin on the Upper Deck, which was a lot nicer than I expected.  Cozy, complete with a TV, a full bathroom, and the bed was as comfortable as a bed in a 5 Star Hotel..  Yup...I must say, this was very nice.  After relaxing for a short time it was time for the lifeboat drill, and to explore the ship.  (The lifeboat drill was to let everyone know what to do in-case of an emergency and where your lifeboat was located).  We thought this was very informative and important, because there is a lot of water between Bahamas and Florida.  During the drill the ship departed Florida's Port Canaveral, and our voyage was underway.  Already, everything was excellent. 

As our getaway began we explored the ship, and there was a lot to explore.  The ship had a water park complete with waterslides.  There was also a full casino which opened a few hours after we left the Port (because gambling is legal in International waters), and I believe it stayed open for the entire voyage.  Funny...it seemed some people never left the casino.  There were several nightclubs: One was a disco; and the other had live music. There were several huge lounges as well that had comedy and karaoke, and a Broadway style theatre that had Broadway musicals nightly.  Oh,  let me not forget to mention the duty free shops on board the ship had excellent prices on liquor, cigarettes and jewelry.

Now it was time for dinner, so we returned to the cabin to prepare and found that the bed had been turned down by our State Room Attendant ("Aquino", who spoke very little English, but was a nice young man from the Philippines.)  Aquino left some really creative animals made out of towels on the bed. (Each evening the beds are turned down.) This was really cool!  Aquino did everything in his power to make sure we were happy with our room, and that we were comfortable.

Since we choose the late dinner (8:15 pm) we had a little time to chill.  We were also relieved that our luggage arrived, since we checked our luggage and was promised that it would be delivered to our room in a timely manner. (We had nothing to wear if it had not arrive before dinner.) As we chilled, Susan began feeling a bit queasy (she explained how she felt:: having a drunk feeling without drinking) - Sea sickness!  I felt a bit uneasy too because at this point in our trip you could feel the boat moving under you, and it seemed the ship was going pretty fast.

After freshening up we headed off to dinner.  The first night was casual night, so it was not necessary to dress up. As we entered the dining room, it looked like a real elegant restaurant, but very large.  The restaurant must have seated at least 500 people at one time.  We were greeted, and taken to our table (which was our table for the entire trip.)  We also was greeted by our waiter "Wilma" who took care of our dinner needs throughout the entire trip.  Wow, dinner was great, it was a 4-course meal.  Since the food was included you could choose as many items as you wished.  We stuck with the traditional appetizer, salad, steak with vegetables, and dessert. After dinner we attended a Broadway musical, and before retiring to our room we walked throughout the entire ship's outside decks, enjoying the breeze, the sky and beautiful navy blue ocean.

Sharing with you these first few hours on the ship, you can just imagine the type of adventures we had the next two days.  

Before arriving in Bahamas, we had a fantastic breakfast.  We then walked to the highest deck, found a spot in front of the ship and sat watching as the ship drew closer and closer to the Island.  The ship docked, and our plan was to have lunch in the Bahamas, but we discovered they were featuring Caribbean food in the pool restaurant, so we enjoyed that meal while the ship got settled into the dock.  After lunch we departed the ship and explored the Bahamas for a bit, which to be quite honest was not very exciting for us.  However, walking on the beach and through the streets of Nassau was nice..

Dinner the 2nd night was formal.  Therefore, we dressed up and went to dinner after enjoying an early Broadway musical show.  What an elegant night it was seeing everyone dressed so formally.  By the way, since the ship was still docked in the Bahamas, Susan was feeling great (no sea-sickness).  Dinner too was very elegant, we had bottles of wine, appetizer, Prime Rib and Lobster Tails, along with the best tasting cheese cake for dessert.  After dinner, we decided to hit the clubs for more drinks and more fun...fun...fun!  We did have a lot of fun that night, and before retiring for the night we again walked the ship's outside decks looking at the beautiful clear Caribbean sky, the ocean, taking in the breeze and enjoying everything around us.  

The next day was spent at sea as we returned to Florida.  We took advantage of many activities the ship had to offer, such as the Casino, played some Bingo, did some Shopping, attended a Rum tasting, and as the evening approached we took advantage of the margaritas Happy Hour while checking out the different bands throughout the ship.  Let me not forget to mention all the meals, food, desserts, etc. that was available  throughout the day.  This was just a day of relaxation, some sleep and lots of fun.  At this point the ship was really cruising back, so it was a very enjoyable smooth ride.  

Our return to Florida, and everything about departing the ship was cool.  Immigration, customs, and retrieving our luggage was worry free..  All in all this was a very enjoyable quick vacation and indeed we had celebrated Susan's Birthday in fine style.

After leaving the cruise we couldn't wait to do it again.  So what would make it even better is sharing this exciting experience with you our on-line family.  Therefore, you are cordially invited (those of you who are free during the week after Miami Carnival - October 12-16th,) to join us for an "After Carnival Cruise", with stops in Key West and Cozumel.  The price is very affordable for what you get, actually it's a steal - Staring at $169.00 per person/per double occupancy.  If you can, we encourage to join us and book your getaway cruise right away.  See the details on this fabulous cruise below.  If you need more information about this cruise or have any other travel needs contact me at toddm@arioustravel.com.

Join Arious Entertainment and My Caribbean for The Miami-Broward Carnival "After Carnival Cruise".  A 4-Night Western Caribbean Cruise Starting at $169.00/per double occupancy (a substantial savings of up to 80% off the brochure price of $849.00).  

Departing Miami on October 12, 2009, and making stops in (1) Key West: for us to explore the beautiful island, and to get a taste of its signature dessert-the Key Lime Pie; and (2) Cozumel Mexico for us to discover the ancient Maya ruins, as well as to play on the white sand beaches of Playa del Carmen on the mainland.  Finally we return to Miami on October 16, 2009

Please note while on the ship all meals are included (24 hours a day,) with lots of fun and exciting things to do while aboard including a casino, live shows, entertainment, games, dancing and lots more.

To learn all about this exciting cruise and to book your ticket now click on the picture below.  Once on the Cruise Travel Page, scroll down and select the October 12-16th Cruise to learn all the details.




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  Win Tickets Now!

Nigerian Super Star Femi Kuti will be performing in Washington DC at The 9:30 Nightclub.  This concert takes place on June 27th, and we at Arious have several pairs of tickets to give-away to our on-line family (courtesy of the venue - The 930Club.).  We thought the best way to give these tickets away to you is by presenting some trivia questions for you to answer.  Therefore, for the next 3 weeks we will list 3 questions, and the first person or persons who respond with the correct answers will be awarded a pair of ticket.

The 3 questions are as follows:  

  1. Where did Femi Kuti grow up?

  2. What was the name of Femi Kuti father's band that started him in his music career?

  3. What is Femi Kuti son's name?

For more information log on www.930.com. To purchase tickets check out the site or  CLICK HERE. THE 9:30 CLUB BOX OFFICE (815 V St. N.W.) Hours: M-F 12-7pm; M-F during show nights only 12-11pm; Sat. during show nights only 6-11pm and Sun. during show nights only 6-10:30pm.  To charge by phone or find the location nearest you, call: 800.955.5566. or log onto: TICKETS.COM.



Very Special Birthday Greetings to Ms. Beverlee and her lovely Son Colin!!!

Additionally, Happy Birthday to Lady Flame, Carolyn, Amber, Baby Diamond, CoCo, Everton ad Ely.

Happy Birthday to All Our www.mycaribbean.us Friends!

Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends (too many to list individually)

To Stop In and give us a "shout" on our Mypace site & Thanks to all our friends on Myspace for all the nice comments!

 Happy birthday to all our other friends on Facebook, Twitter and all our friends at Hi5

From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!!!


CONGRATULATIONS Karen on the birth of your baby Girl!



We send our condolences to Aneeta Malcolm on the loss of her mother.  

Aneeta, you Mom was extremely dear to you, therefore the pain you are experiencing is difficult to handle!  Please know that our hearts are with you in this time of sorrow.

Our Condolences also go out to the friends and family of a local artist who passed away recently.  Mr. Flash Gordon was an established artist on the reggae scene here in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. Mr. Gordon released 2 albums, and was often seen around town performing.  I will always remember Mr. Gordon due to his strong determination.  The one fond memory that will forever stay with me about Mr. Gordon is the special night he opened for  Reggae Superstar Capleton (about a year or so ago).  Thanks to radio host Tony Carr who added Mr. Gordon to the show's line-up!  After that major performance, Mr. Gordon was the proudest individual you had ever seen.  I know he moved on to a better place, and I feel he left feeling he had accomplished all his dreams.  May you  Rest in Peace Flash Gordon.


Thanks to the many who have sent me e-mails in response to my past E-Newsletters and lots of important information to use for our future E-Newsletters.  Most importantly, we thank you for your encouraging words!  


Also to all of you, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us, so thanks very much for your support and One Love!




Check out our "Featured Events" listed below.  

Also, there are several events taking place, so to view all the Events please log on to our "Events" Page above!


June 14, 2009 - Washington DC

Carnival Bandleaders Association of Washington DC Fundraiser



June 14, 2009 - Washington DC

Funny Play at Cramton Auditorium - Howard University " Bashment Granny-2"


June 14-18, 2009 - Washington DC


In Recognition of Caribbean Heritage Month

The Tamarind Festival of Caribbean Literature 2009 - This five day festival will focus on themes of strength, survival and transformation.  This festival takes place at the National Museum of Woman in the Arts.  For more details CLICK HERE TO READ THE PRESS RELEASE issued by the Institute of Caribbean Studies or Contact: Faith Nelson (202) 412-3030-Tamarind Festival/Caribbean-American Heritage Foundation.


June 27, 2009 - Washington DC

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We wish you a great weekend and we thank you for all your support.  Please remember we do appreciate you being a part of our on-line family and again, please know that without you there is no us!!!  

Until next week and please be safe, and enjoy this Weekend.  Again, thanks for all your support!

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