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Greetings On-Line Family



DC Caribbean Carnival  This Weekend - Parade Starts at 11:00am

Correction from E-mail blast distributed 6/21/06 - Parade Starts Promptly at 11:00 am (Sharp)

Final Celebration of National Caribbean-American Heritage Month


First off, let me thank all of you for letting me know how much you enjoyed my special presentation for National Caribbean-American Heritage Month "My Caribbean Story"-Part 1.  If you read our blast last week, then you know we received a lot of support, thanks, other folks Caribbean Stories (among our on-line family), and lots of inquires about when I will continue with Part 2.  Look out for that next week.  We just wanted to focus on the Carnival and its' events for these past 2 weeks.  Thanks again for the inquiries and for enjoying my story.  

We have noticed over the last few years not very many people have captured and presented a nice DVD to the public of the DC Caribbean Carnival, so this year we are trying to produce one which will capture the Carnival and all aspects including the events leading up to it...we will see how it works out.  Hit me up if you are interested in purchasing a DVD @ todd@ariousentertainment.com.  Also, if you are a promoter and you are having an event this weekend let us know and we will try to include you in our shooting schedule.

DC Caribbean Carnival is 2 days away and is the finale of our celebrations of National Caribbean-American Heritage Month.  The Carnival kicks off tonight with The Official Carnival Warm Up Party at Crossroads.  The Parade takes place on Saturday, June 24th and kicks off promptly at 11:00 am (I've been told over and over again).  The parade travels approximately 3 miles to Banneker Park where the fun continues with many food and craft vendors and a live concert featuring one of my favorite artist who I feel has the potential to do big things...Ms. Fayann Lyons, also Iwer George will be performing along with Jason Benn, BQE Band, Reggaeton, and lots of surprises.  This really sounds like it will be a great day, so come out early, and bring the whole family.  If you are not playing mas, find a nice cool spot along Georgia Avenue and watch the greatest show that ever hit Washington DC.  Please make sure to come down to Banneker Park for an unforgettable experience.

That's not all, Sunday is even bigger and better, this year DC Caribbean Carnival has teamed up with AMG Entertainment and together they are putting on what will truly be the greatest show to hit Washington DC, Machal Montano and Xtatik, Rupee, Alison Hines, Patrice Roberts, Benjai, and Zan with special guest Elephant Man.  You cannot miss this one, not only will you be seeing a great show, but you will be supporting DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc., so that they can continue to spread the culture throughout the metropolitan area.  

There are lots of great events happening this weekend, beginning tonight with DC Carnival Warm Up Party.  Friday night is Ice Entertainment's Annual Camouflage-Insomnia Fete in Silver Spring Maryland. Saturday it's Byron Lee and The Dragonnaires at Zanzibar; and I just heard through the grapevine the Klimaxx Entertainment's show with Machal Montano has been relocated to Zanzibar, so this sounds real exciting Machal and Byron Lee in the same venue.  After this is all over stop by the T&T Club House for the "Last Lap Shark and Bake" Breakfast Party, which kicks off at 4 am and goes until 12:00 Noon on Sunday.  This is great...you can hit it after you leave your party or you can hit it on your way back to Banneker Park for the Caribbean Concert and Family Day.  Stock up on your energy drinks because there will be no time for sleep this weekend (if you do it right)!!!!


Carnival is a show, it's a show of culture!!!!!  Last weekend the DC Caribbean Carnival Pan Jam and DiManche Gras show (Judging of the costumes) took place, and these two events showcased two key aspects of Carnival, which were very  nice and fairly well attended.  It's really great to see the diversity of the culture (there is more to Carnival than just jumping on the streets and having a good time. )   This past weekend we witnessed just that.  Saturday was the annual Pan Jamboree which is a showcase of the local steel pan organizations/orchestras.  Many of these organizations do a lot to promote the culture of steel pan to the younger generation.  I noticed most of the bands consisted of young people, who are brought in to the culture and trained about and how to play the pan.  From this event it was obvious that these organizations and orchestras have done a very great job.  This year the participation was from local bands and they are as follows: From DC Maryland (1) Cafe', (2) DC Pan Jammers, (3)  Pan Masters Steel Orchestra, (4) Trini Pan America, and (5) St. Veronica's Steel Orchestra (Baltimore).

Last Sunday the Annual DiManche Gras took place, this is the event where the local mas makers have the opportunity to "show off" their artistic creations.  This years' show really displayed the growth and diversity of the DC Caribbean Carnival.  I noticed a lot of the local masquerade bands participated, there were bands representing Africa (our roots), the Bahamas, Trinidad, St. Vincent and many more islands.  This is truly becoming a Caribbean Carnival, the show itself was well organized, except that one of the contestants was late with their portrayals which sort of upset the flow of the show, but other than that it flowed pretty smoothly.  Actually, I must congratulate all the new bands that worked very hard to enter their King, Queen, and Individual costumes.  It's especially nice to see Patrice Francis the Band Leader of Panisha (who is a great example of the culture being passed to the next generation, her father and mother were major forces behind T&T Masqueraders), and we have practically watched her grow up over the last 10 years.  Her presentation and costumes were very nice, and we are sure Patrice will be a major force/voice in the Carnival in the years to come.  Great Job Patrice!!!!!


They say Carnival is Bacchanal and as you see from my e-mail last week, it appears Toronto Carnival has some major problems.  I have included this information again, because I think it is very interesting.  As I stated last week I'm not sure if it's fact of fiction, because I am not familiar with Canada or "Caribana" except for hearing about it.  However, I do see a lot of similarities of what's been happening here locally, and with many other Carnivals around the country.  Take a look at the information below and let us know what you think (Click the link to read the details about this situation).   We would especially like to here the comments from people in Toronto who are familiar with what's going on there.  Please be aware that we do not endorse this, but I think things like what is explained here are happening in other cities and also and in many other organizations, and we as a community that cares should be aware of it so that it doesn't happen to us.

dcThe City of Toronto, Festival Management Committee, Toronto Mas Bands Association, Caribbean Cultural Committee, Toronto residents and the International Community:

The City of Toronto, Festival Management Committee, Toronto Mas Bands Association, Caribbean Cultural Committee, Toronto residents and the International Community:

View Current Signatures   -   Sign the Petition




Until Next Week


by Todd Mangatal





Arious Sponsors Several Masquerade Bands for DC Carnival


  This Year we (Arious Entertainment) have sponsored several bands which are displayed below.  We are very proud to be a sponsors of Ice Carnival, Jackie & Associates, Shortmus Productions, and Washington Rampage, not only because of their efforts and hard work, but because of their undying commitment and love to the culture.  We are most proud of them for selling out all their costumes and their final products.  All of the costumes are beautiful, and absolutely represents their theme.  

Ice Carnival's "Royal Fantasy", costumes and colors along with the exquisite decorations really gives the feel of a royal fantasy.  

As for Jackie & Associates "Nations", the coloring of the costumes (each section) truly represents the National Flags of some of the Caribbean Nations - a great concept Jackie.  

Shortmus Productions has done a great job in bringing out "We Kinda Thing-We having fun", because as far as I see the costumes are nice and the band is really shaping up to be just like his first band launching (some months ago) which really depicted "We Kinda Thing-We having fun.  Yes, indeed his band will have lots of fun on Saturday.  Hit up Shortmus he recently added a special section to accommodate a few more people.  

Finally, Washington Rampage - Miss Yolanda has really done a great job portraying my favorite movie "The King and I" . Her queen's costume really depicted the theme and represented Anna Leonwens- which was absolutely beautiful, and the kids were "out of sight".  I'm glad you took our advise and made sure that the children was featured prominently in your presentation at the DiManche Gras show this past weekend (the children was also featured prominently in the actual movie.)  Miss Yolanda has become a great bandleader!!!


Congratulations to all of you for winning in different categories at the DiManche Gras show.  When we get an official list of the winners from the DCCC Officials we will make sure they are posted!  

Remember as we go into the weekend this is all about fun!

"Ice Carnival" for 2006 DC Caribbean Carnival

Presents "Royal Fantasy"

 Sold Out!!!!

CarnivalCostumes 012.jpg (137978 bytes)     CarnivalCostumes 029.jpg (151590 bytes)     CarnivalCostumes 041.jpg (150800 bytes)

Log On to Ice Carnival’s website www.icecarnival.net for all the details

 To reserve your costume contact  Germaine at 410-944-0323 or 240-447-2417



Arious Entertainment is a proud sponsor of "Royal Fantasy"


Jackie & Associates 


for DC Caribbean Carnival 2006 

Most Sections are Sold Out!!!!

Call Now, Jackie may be able to accommodate you!

rggJ&A06.JPG (434035 bytes)     VI&Cubaft1.jpg (39848 bytes)     gybJ&A06.JPG (433485 bytes)   

TrinidadFt1.jpg (36488 bytes)     Jamaica1.jpg (27603 bytes)     

For Information contact Jackie or Janet 301-565-8037 or 301-524-8718 or www.jackiecarnival.com

Arious Entertainment is a proud sponsor of "Nations"


Shortmus Productions www.shortmusproductions.com


Shortmus Productions



Hit up Shortmus he recently added a special section to accommodate a few more people.  

SerenityFront.JPG (2093886 bytes)  Earthly Queen.JPG (1962919 bytes)  Magesticfsv.JPG (1766790 bytes)

For DC Caribbean Carnival 2006

For Details and to play mas with Shortmus, contact him via e-mail: shortmus@msn.com or   202-549-4142

Arious Entertainment is a proud sponsor of 


Look out for the last section recently added!!!

Washington Rampage  www.washingtonrampage.com

Sold Out!!!!

All Costumes Are Sold Out.  However, Ms. Yolanda (Band Leader) has decided to make a few additional costumes to fill the need of the many who are contacting her and demanding costumes.  Check with her to see if she can accommodate your request!!!  Her contact information is located on her site.

Washington Rampage Portrays "The King & I" for DC Caribbean Carnival 2006 

princess of burma.JPG (743327 bytes)  Overture (white) costume.JPG (681410 bytes)  siamese dancer.JPG (547285 bytes)    

  sukathia.JPG (568796 bytes)     thornburo.JPG (490907 bytes)

All Costumes are Sold Out

Arious Entertainment is a proud sponsor of "The King and I"





Events This Weekend Washington DC, New York Florida and Louisiana



Tonight - Thursday in WDC

June 22, 2006

Tune in to Tony Carr on WPFW 89.3FM 

for his 14 Annual Special Tribute to DC Caribbean Carnival Radio Show

From 10:00pm to 3:00am


For a complete list of all the Carnival Events!! 


Washington DC

This Friday, June 23, 2006

Join CeeC Promotions & United We Stand Productions as they present their Fridays Happy Hour

The band will start at 8:00 pm this week, so come early!!!



Washington DC

The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS)


FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2006

9:00 – 5:00 pm - National Caribbean American Student Leadership ConferenceOpen to the Public, New York University

For Further Information call: Claire Nelson (202) 907-6140 or Glenn Joseph (754) 224-8150 



Washington DC-Baltimore

For More Details www.icecarnival.net



This Saturday and Sunday

June 24th & 25th, 2006

Washington DC Caribbean Carnival Parade and Concert


Parade Starts 11:00 am


Georgia Ave. & Missouri Ave. 

Continues down Georgia Ave. for approximately 3 miles the Banneker Park at 2500 Georgia Ave.



Washington DC

Saturday - June 24, 2006




Sunday Morning, June 25th, 2006

4:00 am - 12:00 Noon

Las Lap DC Carnival Breakfast Fete

2ND Annual Bake n Shark Breakfast Fete

Brought to you by Bago Promotions and BWIA Promotions


DJ Smally the Golden Touch & Special Guest DJ



De Breakfast Shed aka

T&T Clubhouse

5123 Georgia Avenue, NW DC

$5 b4 5:30 am


For info. contact:

Bago Promotions: 240-475-4747

Willie: 202-409-7217

Fabulous Caribbean Breakfast will be on sale!!



Washington DC

Sunday - June 25, 2006

Caribbeana Comedy Festival

Media Contact: Vonetta B. Martin

301-459-1775 or 301-741-8523







WASHINGTON, D.C. –“Laughter brings the people together”, stated on air by legendary Von Martin, radio personality and producer of a 30 year and running radio program entitled “Caribbeana” on WPFW 89.3 FM (tune in Saturday evenings from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM).  Some say Caribbeana’s Washingtonian comedy festival is similar to B.E.T. Comic View with a hint of Apollo’s audience, except when the comedienne belts out his or her punch line you’ll hear the sweet sound of the Caribbean islands.  Ideologies covered by the comediennes who hit the stage range from what some consider scandalous actions of a nation’s president to how people rear their children or survive a relationship.  

On Sunday, June 25th at 7:00 PM in Cramton Auditorium of Howard University, Von Martin will cap off the weekend of DC Caribbean carnival events with this year’s “Caribbeana’s Laugh It Up” comedy festival. This year he brings to the stage an action packed, sidesplitting, and entertaining cast of Caribbean artistes such as:  Owen “Blacka” Ellis (Jamaica), Ity & Fancy Cat (xxxxx), Sprang A Lang (Trinidad & Tobago), Learie Joseph (xxxxxxx), Deborah Maillard (xxxxx), and special guest Calypsonian singers Gypsy and Black Sage, whom will be giving a special extempo performance, an achapelo improtu form of singing, in tribute to a former cast member, “Big B”, who past in 2005.   

Read More......


The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS)

SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2006

11:00-5:00 pm - Caribbean American Heritage Month Cricket on the National MallOpen to the PublicFor Further Information call: Claire Nelson (202) 907-6140 or Glenn Joseph (754) 224-8150 



Saturday June 24th

8th Annual
Sunflower Trail & Festival
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Highway 3049 ~ Gilliam LA
Festival activities
Under the trees behind the crossroads Museum

Experience art for ALL ages!

  • Craft booths and regional artists

  • Hands on art for children

  • Art display and raffle in Crossroads Museum/Library

  • Sunflower Photography Contest

Bring your Appetite!

  • Food Booths ~ Cold Drinks!

  • Old Adger Store on Main Street featuring homestyle plate lunches!



  • Bluegrass music in Linda Lay Baptist Church

  • Refreshments and music in Crossroads Museum/Library

  • Children's activities ~ pet therapy dogs, storyteller (Joanna Ballard), & much More!

Sunflowers along the trail LA HWY 3049 between Shreveport LA and Gilliam LA are expected to be in full bloom June 15 - July 15

For more information call Gilliam Mayor Helen Adger 318.378.4345
or Kathy Jackson 318.378.4345

Email sunflowertrail06@aol.com

I will also be selling my art as well as my hemp and leather bead jewelry and earrings! I hope to see you there!

As always please pass this along and support those who support your local artists!


Harmony and Peace,


New York 

Saturday June 24th

June Is Black Music Month

Media Alert!! Harlem Welcomes Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt, Marica Griffiths

For Immediate Release

June Is Black Music Month

“Save the Date June 24, 2006”

 Live and  In Concert  The I Threes featuring Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths and Rita Marley Unite On One Stage in Harlem at the legendary Apollo Theatre 253 west 125th  Street at 8 PM  for one night only as the Caribbean Cultural Centre, the African Diaspora Institute and the Apollo Theatre  Present the 11th Tribute to Women of Color, with special guest Thandiswa Mazwai 2005 South African Music Award Hosted by,  Ntozake Shange Tony and Emmy Award winner,  Dahved Levy WBLS  Radio Personality and La Bruja Spoken Word and Recording  Artist.

The Mission

The Caribbean Cultural Centre / African Diaspora Institute and the Apollo Theatre pays Homage to make visible these wonderful artists by highlighting   their contributions and culture to their musical genres and ensuring their legacy to be remembered within the musical vibrations and African Diaspora traditions. The Caribbean Cultural Centre past tributes concerts included Celia Cruz , Katherine Dunham, Angela Bofill,  Cassandra Wilson

Three In Oneness- The I Threes          Read More.......


Final Call
Looking for girls for Miss T&T New York 2006 
Register online at http://www.missttny.com




Lauderhill, Florida

Sunday - June 25, 2006


FRI./SAT./SUN. JUNE 23/24/25
Mendocino County Fairgrounds
Booneville (N. California)
Hotline: (916) 777-5550





Upcoming Events




In celebration of Caribbean American Heritage Month June 2006


Sponsored by

TransAfrica Forum, Arthur R. Ashe, Jr.

Foreign Policy Library

TransAfrica Metropolitan D.C. Chapter

Caribbean Association of World Bank and IMF Staff (CAWI)

Caribbean Professionals Networking Series (CPNS)

Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS)

Institute for Public Safety & Justice at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC)

Provisions Library


For more information and pre-registration

call 202.223.1960 x116

Each screening will be followed by a discussion

For more information and pre-registration visit 

This screening will be followed by a discussion 

Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 6:30 p.m. - Venue: Contact: www.transafricaforum.org or call 202.223.1960 x116  

Caribbean Animations with Camille Selvon Abrahams of Animae Caribe Animation & New Media Festival.  Direct from Trinidad and Tobago--Camille Abrahams will present a wide range of the latest Caribbean animated films and discuss with participants the history and the many facets of the animation film industry in the Caribbean. “Animae Caribe is an annual animation & new media festival held in Trinidad and Tobago. It features filmmakers from the Caribbean & the Diaspora. Though its emphasis is animation, the festival promotes experimental film production also. The aims of the festival are: 1) to provide a global stage for animators and filmmakers of the region; and 2) to provide a learning environment for artists to improve their craft.” (from http://www.animaecaribe.com/about/index.php?topic=overview)



Washington DC 

June 29, 2006

BLACK by popular demand from St Croix, VI

I&I Productions & Big D Productions for Rastaman Vibrations


A D E P E R R O O T S & C U L T U R E S E S S I O N


S P R E A D T H E V I - b e s W O R L D W I D E

ten dollars at the door - $10.00

9pm Doors

10pm Show


Washington DC - Maryland

July 2, 2006


New York

July 4th, 2006



Washington DC - Maryland

July 16, 2006


July 22, 2006 - Greenbelt, Maryland



The Helping Hands for the Poor Inc. (a 501(c)3 organization), & Friends cordially invite you to a Luncheon to benefit St. Patrick’s Foundation and the Ministry of Monsignor Richard Albert in Kingston, Jamaica, on Saturday July 22, 2006, at 12 noon to 4.00 p.m. at Martins Crosswinds, 7400 Greenway Center Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770. Msgr. Albert is expected to attend. The Honorable Shirley Nathan Pulliam, Delegate in the Maryland House of Delegates, is Honorary Chair.

The program will include:

·         Drawing of Raffles for :

Grand Prize: AIRJ Round Trip economy class (BWIM/MoBay, Jamaica) (exp 11/5/06) & 2 Nights for 2 Adults at Franklin D. Resort, Runaway Bay, Jamaica (exp 12/ 15/ 06)*

2nd Prize: One week at Mariners Negril Beach Club, Jamaica, studio w/ kitchen, (exp.   11/6/06)*

3rd Prize: An Evening for Two at Zanzibar on the Waterfront, Washington DC

·     Silent auction              Door and other prizes           Musical entertainment

*subject to restrictions

Luncheon Contribution: $60.00 (20% tax deductible) per person.

Luncheon  must be fully paid for by July 5, 2006.

 Raffle tickets are available through start of luncheon at 

$5.00 each Book of 10 for $45.00, other donations would be appreciated.   


Checks should be made payable to:  Helping Hands for the

Poor, Inc.,

Memo line: St. Patrick’s Foundation, Jamaica.

The luncheon is planned because the occurrence of several

hurricanes and floods, which have ravaged the island of Jamaica, has

resulted in reduction of the operating funds for the Foundation 

and other similar organizations.  This reduction of financial 

resources adversely affects the ability of the Foundation to 

carry out its vision to equip and empower the Inner City Youth 

with Education and Skills Training.  As the island has not fully 

recovered from the damages of hurricane and floods and is 

already in another hurricane season, the need for financial 

assistance is increased.

Helping Hands for the Poor Inc- a non-profit corporation, was established in USA to support the St. Patrick’s Foundation in Jamaica.



St. Patrick’s Foundation operates the following:

·         The St. Patrick’s Human Resource Centre (Waterhouse)

·         The St. Margaret’s Human Resource Centre(Olympic Gardens)

·         The St. Monica’s Home for the abandoned elderly (White Marl)

·         The Riverton City Human Resource Centre

·         Christ the Redeemer Human  Resource Centre (Seaview Gardens)

Specific services offered by the Foundation include:

♦ Personal human resource development

♦ Education (remedial, primary, secondary)

♦ Day care for the elderly

♦ Health clinics

♦ Skills training --Baking, sewing, tailoring and woodwork

The Foundation has developed community outreach programs

that include job placement (in one year about

 500 inner-city youths were placed in jobs) and Focus Groups 

(seminars, workshops, discussion groups on AIDS, family life, drug 

abuse, health and police community relationships). An education fund 

was established to ensure quality education for the youths of the 

communities.  Through this Fund, school fees, lunch, transportation,

and scholarships are provided to qualifying students.

                The Founder of St. Patrick’s Foundation, The Rt. Rev. Monsignor Richard Albert, was born in Bronx,

 New York, USA. He recently celebrated 30 years in the ministry; 

twenty-eight of these years were spent in Jamaica. Earlier in his 

ministry he was assigned to the Stella Maris Catholic Church in 

Shortwood, St. Andrew.  Recently he was elevated to the position of 

Vicar of the parish of St. Catherine.       

For information contact:  R. Mayne (301-592-0170); Heather Charles

 (410-290-5635); M. Crawford (240-687-2415); Don Marshall (301-675-4777)

 (Evening); Laura Hill (301-422-3343)  Beverly Thomas (301-655-8724);

 Elise Morse (202-352-0191); Gatilda Cox (202-291-5991)



Caribbean Vibes Radio

Internet Radio

Click Logo to log in


Caribbean Vibes Radio 

Internet Television (CVR TV)







Log On To the following link to check out DJ Spice New Soca Mix - Get in the Mix http://www.millsbro.com/musicads/poisionukdjspicemix1.mp3

Vote for DJ Spice in the VOTE FOR ME IN THE 2006 SOCAAWARDS.COM!!!





'97 Ford Explorer Sport 4WD manual GREAT condition - $4500OBO

Reply to: sale-171449781@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-06-14, 11:54AM EDT

Green Ford Explorer Sport 4WD manual transmission, in good condition. 115K miles. 4 new tires, new transmission and clutch. come and check it out for yourself..... should be satisfied

  • This item has been posted by-owner.
  • this is in or around DC
  • no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Peace & Blessings,

Suzy Russell
One's Potential Existence Honored




BIG UPS, CONGRATULATIONS and Birthday Greetings

Congratulations to Ice Carnival, Jackie & Associates, Shortmus Productions and Washington Rampage for winning in different categories at the annual DC Caribbean Carnival DiManche Gras Show.


Happy Belated Birthday Beverlee and Collin, Happy Birthday Patsy, Juliette, Bruce, Natalia, Troyann, Weslie!!!  


Happy Anniversary to the Proctors (Linda and John), may you have another 8 years together!!


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