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Friends and On-Line family, this past week has been extraordinary and simply delightful for many of you across America, and I’m sure it’s been that same way for many around the world.  Yes, major history has been made – Senator Barack Obama is the victor in this Democratic Presidential Race, and he is the First African-American Democratic Presidential Nominee in the history of United States.  He now continues the race to becoming The President of the United States.

This is a day many never in their wildest dreams thought would be possible…ever!  Even though I was hopeful, I personally didn’t think I would see such a major accomplishment in American history occur in my lifetime.  It sure is a good feeling seeing this transpire!

My dear friend Mrs. Gerri L., as soon as she saw me on Wednesday morning (6/4/08) she just couldn’t wait for me to get settled in, she came directly into my office, closed my door and gave me a big hug.   I told her I knew exactly how she felt!  It’s even more of a joy for her since she is bit older than I, and has seen and experienced more in America and its history than I.  Mrs. Gerri L. confessed that a tear ran down her face when Senator Obama clinched the nomination, and she just fell to her knees and said a small pray “God please keep him safe and out of harms way.”  (You know on a personal note it’s funny that  I’ve know Mrs. Gerri L. for years, but it took Senator Obama running for the highest office in the land for us to become better friends.  I’m sure many of you have experienced this closeness with your friends now during this time, than ever before.  It’s really weird!)

Senator Barack Obama is certainly an exceptional individual, the speech he delivered on Tuesday night (6/3/08) in St. Paul, Minnesota when he clinched the nomination was excellent.  Even though I was not surprised by what he said, he simply touched me with the words he spoke of his opponent Senator Hillary Clinton.  His words were so pure and modest, and most importantly he illustrated enormous amounts of respect and admiration for this woman.  He sincerely praised, honored and congratulated her more than I’ve ever seen anyone do in this political arena.  THAT IS AN EXCEPTIONAL INDIVIDUAL – an EXCEPTIONAL MAN!!!  He ended this race the same way he conducted it through-out the Democratic Presidential Nomination process with grace, dignity and respect!

“Senator Hillary Clinton has made history in this campaign not just because she's a woman who has done what no woman has done before, but because she's a leader who inspires millions of Americans with her strength, her courage, and her commitment to the causes that brought us here tonight.

We've certainly had our differences over the last sixteen months. But as someone who's shared a stage with her many times, I can tell you that what gets Hillary Clinton up in the morning - even in the face of tough odds - is exactly what sent her and Bill Clinton to sign up for their first campaign in Texas all those years ago; what sent her to work at the Children's Defense Fund and made her fight for health care as First Lady; what led her to the United States Senate and fueled her barrier-breaking campaign for the presidency - an unyielding desire to improve the lives of ordinary Americans, no matter how difficult the fight may be. And you can rest assured that when we finally win the battle for universal health care in this country, she will be central to that victory. When we transform our energy policy and lift our children out of poverty, it will be because she worked to help make it happen. Our party and our country are better off because of her, and I am a better candidate for having had the honor to compete with Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Senator Barack Obama

Of course, many of us knew the road for Senator Obama becoming the nominee was “no joke”, it was absolutely difficult!  We all cringed and gritted our teeth during the debates; screamed at the TV as the false accusations and attacks were lashed out daily; got depressed when race and religion crept onto the scene; laughed when silliness came into play; worried about the serious and awful threats along the campaign trail; and most importantly, got both angry and scared when the talk of assassination was insinuated.  Moreover, the road got even harder when it got down to the “wire”, when the finish line was moved further back (the democratic delegate nomination figure was changed from 2025 to 2118), due to the outcome of the reinstatement of the Florida and Michigan delegates.  Thankfully, that issue was resolved fairly where the Democratic National Committee listened to both Florida and Michigan and to both Senator Clinton and Obama’s representatives, as they put their proposals on the table, which was debated and voted upon.  Resulting in Florida and Michigan votes being reinstated and the delegates being seated (but only counting as a ½ vote instead of a whole.)

It was an emotional ride for me indeed, as I’m sure it was for you, but remember it’s not over yet.  THE REAL FIGHT HAS JUST BEGUN! 

Are you as baffled as I am, and disturbed by Senator Clinton’s speech on Tuesday, and most importantly about her refusal to congratulate Senator Obama on becoming the nominee?  I truly am amazed about her non-concession speech!   I watched and listened to her in total amazement due to the content of her words.  I must agree with one of the reporters who pointed out that it was appalling when she stated in her speech “I want to start tonight by congratulating Senator Obama and his supporters on the extraordinary race that they have run” and not “on the extraordinary race they have run and WON.”  Moreover, it was all about her, with the I…I…I and me…me…me, with all the talk about having the most popular votes.  Currently, she is defiantly failing to acknowledge that he too received just as much popular votes and possibly more since: (1) in Senator Clinton’s count she is not including the Caucus states; (2) the votes he received in Montana since Senator Obama won by a large margin; (3) the votes he probably would have received if all of the approximately 4.2 million registered democratic voters of Florida had voted instead of the 1.75 million; and (4) let us not forget about Michigan where folks didn’t even have an opportunity to vote for Senator Obama. 

These actions that are portrayed by Senator Clinton are unethical and unprofessional.  If this “script was flipped” and Senator Obama was not the nominee he would have been attacked, scorned and hated for not congratulating Senator Clinton and not announcing his defeat and moving on IMMEDIATELY.  

This entire charade is distasteful!  To me it is detrimental to the Democratic Party, and distressing and harmful to the voters.  What about those who voted for Senator Obama?  This is driving a deeper wedge into the souls of these folks.  So, come on Senator Clinton, “give credit where credit is due”; make your speech; congratulate Senator Obama and his camp on their impressive win; talk to your supporters and pledge that you will join with Senator Obama and will help to fight the race against Senator McCain and the old Republican administration;  bow out and lets move on to the real fight for the White House. 

Needless-to-say, this certainly should not be the way a proud Democratic candidate, a Senator, a "strong" woman and most importantly a former First Lady should act.  It would have been so reverent and humbling for her to just modestly walk away IMMEDIATELY without letting folks see how distraught she is about not winning and becoming the nominee.  I strongly think she should have truly humbled herself and projected strength to everyone, especially her supporters IMMEDIATELY and reassured them that she will do everything in her power to support Senator Obama - moreover do everything in her power to make sure that her Democratic party takes the White House in November. 

A Note to Senator Clinton: Please Senator Clinton say what you have to say with love and respect and move on, so we can get on with this goal of getting the Republican Party out, and on to CHANGE!!!  

ACTUALLY, I UNDERSTAND SHE WILL DO THIS ON SATURDAY 6/7/08 - WHICH IS GREAT.  However, I also understand she plans on keeping all of her delegates when she does this (for what reason? I don't know and can't imagine why.)  Additionally, it was reported that she and Senator Obama met "face to face" and sat down and talked on Thursday night 6/5/08.

Now, on to the next problem which everyone is "up in arms about" - Who will be The Vice Presidential Candidate?   Everyone is pressuring Senator Obama to make Senator Clinton his Vice Presidential Running mate.  Hummm, I’ve given this a lot of thought and I absolutely cannot support or agree with this scenario.  Along the campaign trail, I lost a lot of trust and respect for Senator Clinton, especially after the last statement she made regarding the late Robert Kennedy and the assassination rhetoric.  I honestly took into consideration her strength, her tenacity, her popularity and even her combative nature, but some of the issues that she brought up during the campaign trail made me look deeper into this situation.  I've come to the conclusion that her being his Vice Presidential running mate would practically be extremely detrimental to Senator Obama’s position.  I don't believe anyone could honestly trust this woman to be unconditionally truthful, honorable and respectful!  However, this is still in the early stages, so we will have to wait and see who Senator Obama and his Vice Presidential Selection Committee come up with.

As I close out this "piece" on Senator Obama, I say congratulations to him, his wife, children and his entire camp on this great win and for accomplishing something so historic.  We all must keep him in our prayers so that he is protected always; and yes...so that he becomes the First African-American President of the United States.!

As this new race begins, keep Senator Obama in your thoughts and prayers so that he will be safe and far away from any harm.  Kindly continue standing up and not accepting the same old tactics, rhetoric and old politics.  Most importantly, let us get ready to vote in the Presidential election for Senator Barack Obama".  With your support and votes Senator Obama will succeed and will be the PRESIDENT.  We are certain he is "the one"..."the one" who absolutely has the ability and wisdom to move us forward;  "the one" who has the answers to all of the many issues plaguing America currently, and we know he is "the one" who can take us forward toward that change we are seeking in a positive manner.  I hope you are looking forward to the overall change as I am in November, so lets continue making history together!!!!"


The below video is of Senator Barack Obama's speech in St. Paul, Minnesota on Tuesday, June 3, 2008.  The historic night where he clinched the Democratic Nomination for President - The first African-American Presidential Nominee giving his Victorious Speech!

Courtesy of New York Times

Click the Picture below to launch the video!

(28 minutes and 31 seconds)

SenatorObamaVictoryClinchesNomination2.jpg (42452 bytes)Senatorobama&Michelevictory3.jpg (36505 bytes)




 June Caribbean-American Heritage Month - Thursday, June 5th marked the 2nd Anniversary of this Special month.

National Caribbean-American Heritage Month  -  In the 109th Congress both the House and Senate unanimously approved H.Con.Res.71, a measured introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), on June 5, 2006 President George W. Bush issued a proclamation designating June as Caribbean - American Heritage Month.  This proclamation acknowledges the growing political and economic influence of the Caribbean Diaspora and its importance and contribution to the development of the cultural diversity of the United States.

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 29, 2008

Caribbean-American Heritage Month, 2008
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

Caribbean-American Heritage Month is an opportunity to show our appreciation for the many ways Caribbean Americans have contributed to our country.

Caribbean Americans have helped to shape our national fabric with their vibrant traditions and their unique history. They have brightened our lives with the spirit and vitality of their culture. Through strong leadership and pride in their heritage, they have enriched America. In all walks of life, they have contributed their many talents and added to our Nation's development and prosperity.

We especially show our gratitude for the men and women of Caribbean descent who have served bravely in our Armed Forces and those still serving today. These heroes have answered a call greater than self, and we keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

During June, we celebrate and recognize the Caribbean Americans whose determination and hard work have helped make our country a better place.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2008 as Caribbean-American Heritage Month. I encourage all Americans to learn more about the history and culture of Caribbean Americans and their contributions to our Nation.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-ninth day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-second.


# #

The DC Film festival that celebrates this special month starts this weekend, so log on to our "Events" page for all the details on this and all the other events taking place celebrating this month.  Additionally, on June 26th plan on attending the 10 Annual Legislative Forum and Reception which is scheduled to take place on Capital Hill - FREE; and June 27th, - A Youth Leadership Institute on International Development will take place.  For all the details on these events log on to: http://www.caribbeanamericanmonth.org or click the banner below.    Again, go to our "Events" page for all the events celebrating this special month!



Calypso--semi-email[1].jpg (62076 bytes)  To our local readers and to many of our out-of-towners as well, don't forget on Friday, June 6th - Pan Masters Steel Orchestra will hold their Annual Calypso Monarch Semi-finals at their Pan Yard in North Brentwood, Maryland.  The Image band is scheduled to perform at the "After-Show Jam".  Click the picture above to see the details, or scroll down to our "Featured Events" Section to view the flyer.

DCCC2008-Pre-Carnival-Fete-_June7[1].jpg (84534 bytes)  

This Saturday, June 7th, Join DC Caribbean Carnival for their Pre-Carnival Fete.  Click the picture above or scroll down to our "Featured Events to get the details, or click the following link: http://www.ariousentertainment.us/DCCC2008PreCarnivalFeteJune7Fundraiser.htm 

family_and_friendsdc_baltimore_6.7.08.JPG (136383 bytes)On Saturday, June 7th, the mas band "Family and Friends" will hold their postponed fundraiser/band launching of their band "Galaxy and Beyond.  Last Saturday due to inclement weather this event was postponed.  It will take place in Baltimore Maryland at the same location (which is listed on the flyer).  Click the picture above or scroll down to our "Featured Events to get the details or click the following link: http://www.ariousentertainment.us/Family&FriendsGalaxy&Beyond2008PresentationSA.htm 

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Friday, June 6, 2008

North Brentwood, Maryland



June 7, 2008




June 8, 2008

New York


This year AIDS Walk Caribbean, Brooklyn, New York 5K walk is set for Sunday June 8, 2008.  Its goal is to raise funds for the CPIC AIDS PROGRAM and bring awareness to the impact of HIV/AIDS in Caribbean American and Immigrant communities. I'm looking forward to completing this 5K walk, enjoy the Post Walk Festivities at Wingate Park, Brooklyn, NY.
You can make a donation, start a team at school, church or at work.  Get your friends, family and colleagues to make a donation. Start a Team Today.  AIDS Walk Caribbean Team

GOAL: $600,000 which we will accomplish through the support of everyone.

WHEN: Sunday June 8, 2008

TIME: 1000 AM- Registration and Pre-walk activities

WHERE: Flatbush & Nostrand Ave Brooklyn New York (Final Destination Wingate Park Brooklyn NY)

Should you have questions about becoming a team leader, or creating a team please call Truda Hickman at 718 576-1839 or mail

To learn more, please contact Dawn Stewart at 718 576-1839 or 703 441-2619 or email us at cpicincny@aol.com.

June 14, 2008

Baltimore, Maryland





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