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Dearest On-Line Family and Friends: Greetings to all of you and Happy Caribbean-American Heritage Month  

National Caribbean-American Heritage Month is celebrated the entire month of June!  Therefore, it's time for us to recognize, pay tribute, celebrate and commemorate Caribbean-American Heritage.  

"Our Nation is linked to the Caribbean by our geography as well as our shared past and common aspirations.  During National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, we pay tribute to the diverse cultures and immeasurable contributions of all Americans who trace their heritage to the Caribbean.

 Throughout our history, immigrants from Caribbean countries have come to our shores seeking better lives and opportunities.  Others were brought against their will in the bonds of slavery.  All have strived to ensure their children could achieve something greater and have preserved the promise of America for future generations.

 During the month of June, we also honor the bonds of friendship between the United States and Caribbean countries.

... "  

President Barack H. Obama

June 5th marks the Fourth Anniversary of this Special National Caribbean-American Heritage Month  -  In the 109th Congress both the House and Senate unanimously approved H.Con.Res.71, a measured introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), on June 5, 2006, President George W. Bush issued a proclamation designating June as Caribbean - American Heritage Month.  This proclamation acknowledges the growing political and economic influence of the Caribbean Diaspora and its importance and contribution to the development of the cultural diversity of the United States.

National Caribbean-Heritage Month is indeed a time to celebrate, recognize, pay tribute and commemorate Caribbean-American Heritage!  As we proceed through this month of June, we must:

  • Celebrate the great contributions of Caribbean-Americans to the economic, social and cultural landscape of the United States.

  • Recognize the many contributions of Caribbean immigrants and their decedents to the well-being of America.

  • Celebrate the historic relationships between the people of the Caribbean and the people of the United States.

  • Pay tribute to the common culture and bonds of friendship that unite the United States and the Caribbean countries. (The vibrancy and hopefulness due to the talent, faith and values of Caribbean-Americans)

  • Commemorate Caribbean-American heritage, history, culture and contributions to the United States.

  • Recognize how Caribbean-Americans enriches society by being leaders in government, arts, entertainment, sports, fashion, poetry, theatre, in businesses and much more.

During this special month we certainly must appropriately take the time to celebrate us, our culture, contributions  and commemorate our heritage and history.  To learn more about Caribbean-American Heritage Month and its history log on their site by CLICKING HERE!  Additionally to read The entire Proclamation issued by President Barack H. Obama PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Across the United States there are several events taking place - many we have received notices for, and requests for exposure; which we have added to our "Events" Page.  Therefore, take the time to browse through our "Events " Page.  For additional events across the US PLEASE CLICK HERE to see what is taking place in your area and for the details.  Kindly check the Caribbean-American Heritage Month's site for the national calendar by clicking the following link www.caribbeanheritage.org for Events located on the National Calendar page.

As I move on, I just want to take this time to thank many of you my on-line friends and family for your comments regarding my last week's comments/ thoughts on the situation in Jamaica regarding Prime Minister Bruce Golding, the State of Emergency, the killings due to the Extradition of Mr. Christopher " Dudus " Coke to America.  Hum, your comments were very thought provoking, insightful and informative.  I tried to answer every one of you; but if for some reason I have not, please know that it's an oversight and kindly re-send it to me: ariousentertainment@earthlink.net and/or susan@ariousentertainment.us.

Needless to say, I am still  infuriated about the entire situation.  I have read 700 people were detained, and most importantly a total of 73 have been killed.  I have seen some even more gruesome and sorrowful pictures of the dead on the internet.  I've listened to the Mother's cry via their interviews, as well as heard their outrage and disgust; and I certainly feel the sorrow they are experiencing.  I have read stories upon stories about the many who have lost a loved one.  Therefore, I will never stop being irritated about it all, and with Prime Minister Golding.  However, I suppose there are more people in Jamaica's Parliament who are not as angry with him as I am, because he survived (by 30-28) the No-Confidence and Censure Motion/Vote on Tuesday, June 1st, which would have resulted [if passed] of him resigning as Prime Minister.   I really can't say anything more; except, I guess the corruption continues!!!!

Let me share with you what Prime Minister Bruce Golding said right before the No Confidence Voting took place, as well as the Opposition Party Leader Ms. Portia Simpson Miller

Mr. Golding: "...I will push to pass six crime bills and promised to maintain pressure on criminal gangs, saying the operations last week were "the beginning of a concerted effort to dismantle an aggressive criminal network.... We will target criminal gangs wherever they exist, irrespective of their political alliances... "

Ms. Simpson-Miller: "This house must do the right thing to salvage our constitutional integrity and our international image, " opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller said in arguing for censure for Golding's "unforgivable violation. "

As for my readers who stated via their responses, that the corruption WILL continue regardless of which party is in office.  Do know that I understand and agree fully, especially now that I have taken the time to examine all the factors and take a closer look at the overall picture.  The ruling party, and the opposition party are both completely involved with the neighborhood "Dons ".  They consistently bestow authority on neighborhood "Dons " as a way of maintaining party discipline, punishing opponents and distributing patronage/support.  [The patronage often takes the form of government jobs and construction contracts for public works, which in turn generate local employment and earn financial reward for the recipients.] So it would be NO better either way.  These Politicians just need to clean up their act, and stop "sleeping with the Dons, " - just cut all ties.  Actually, laws need to be created and enacted to dissociate current and active members of these parties who are associated with "Dons" !!!PERIOD!!!

I understand Prime Minister Golding toured Tivoli Gardens a day ago, and no reporters were allowed.  Of course many did not openly welcomed his visit to their neighborhood, but with the longing for normalcy to be restored many others were pleased to have him visit.  

It's all sad, and I ask that you continue Praying for Jamaica.

It's such interesting times we are living in, and all around us history is being made.  As for Trinidad and Tobago's history making new Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, it seems she is settling in quite nicely.  She has announced her Ministers, Ministers of State, and Parliamentary Secretaries in her PEOPLE'S PARTNERSHIP GOVERNMENT, and the hard work is about to begin for her.  

As for the country a week after the elections, crime is still occurring; but it doesn't appear to be as much as it has been in the past.  Or if it is occurring it is not being slashed across the pages of all the newspapers.  Murder suicides and just suicides on a whole have increased, which is weird.  Surly, folks see that things are bound to get better, and CHANGE is coming!

Picture Courtesy of Tony Brown, Photographer- Eye C U Fotos. "Little Benny with Trumpet, Chuck Brown, Sugar Bear, and other Go-Go Musicians!

I simply cannot close out this e-mail without sending our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of one of Washington DC's Go-Go Music Icons and a Founding Father - Mr. Anthony Harley

This popular musician - 46 year old Anthony Harley better known as "Little Benny" passed away quietly in his sleep after performing at an event the night before he died with Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown over this past weekend.  Unfortunately, it is not known why "Little Benny" passed away yet, but he went quietly.

The "Little Benny" phenomenon was brought to my attention as a teenager here in DC in quite a funny way.  Growing up here and being from the Caribbean, and missing my home and music as much as I did; NO other music was hot to me except for Prince, Rick James, Tina Maria and several other popular mainstream artists.  Therefore, I was not into the fascinating Go-Go music scene that was growing in Washington DC.  Of course, I was aware of Chuck Brown; but knew nothing about "Little Benny".  Until the night of my prom, as my boyfriend Todd [now husband] and I were enjoying ourselves at the then Shoreham Hotel [which was located in Woodley Park in the Northwest Section of Washington DC]; everyone during this great evening kept saying to Todd "What's up Little Benny".  He kept answering: "Hey, What's up," but we both were confused and wondered why everyone was calling Todd "Little Benny", [since neither one of us knew who he was at the time.]  Finally, someone approached Todd and engaged him in conversation and asked was he really "Little Benny".  Todd answered that he wasn't.  However, at that point we looked at each other, laughed and vowed the minute we got home we would do some research and find out who "Little Benny" was and get familiar with him.  Indeed we did, and has followed his career ever since - over these long years.  Scroll down to read more about Legendary "Little Benny

Check out a Classic Video of "Little Benny" - Live Performance of "Cat In The Hat" by CLICKING THE PICTURE TO THE LEFT! Courtesy of, and Powered by YouTube!


More about "Little Benny" Courtesy of Emma Brown, Washington Post Staff Writer!!!

Mr. Harley was a student at Ballou Senior High School in Southeast when go-go was born in Washington. R&B artist Chuck Brown started playing percussion between songs to keep his audience from sitting down between numbers. The result was an incessant beat -- a genre of funk featuring conga drums, cow bells and call-and-response chants brought to life by an engaging bandleader -- that gained widespread attention in the late 1970s with Brown's "Bustin' Loose," the first go-go hit.

Brown was the godfather of go-go, but when he went on tour, he left a void in Washington that was filled by younger bands. One of the most important was a group of teenagers including Mr. Harley. Called Rare Essence, it performed up to six times a week at venues in and around Washington, continuing to shape go-go into a style of funk that is still identified with the nation's capital.

"When you look at go-go from a historical standpoint, Little Benny, he stands out as one of the founding fathers," said Kato Hammond, the founder and editor of a magazine about the go-go scene. "Chuck Brown laid the foundation, but Rare Essence -- and Benny was part of it during that time -- built the house."

In go-go, the groove doesn't stop, and Mr. Harley was known for having the boundless energy it took to continue making music from the beginning of the performance to the end. The Go-Go Hall of Fame inductee was a diminutive man with a powerful voice who led the band's vocals on fast-paced songs and could play two trumpets at once.

Mr. Harley left Rare Essence in the mid-1980s and formed Little Benny and the Masters. Among his most popular songs were "Cat in the Hat" and "Who Comes to Boogie." Later, he played with the go-go band Proper Utensils and reunited several times with original members of Rare Essence.

"Little Benny helped put the District's own musical genre on the map," said D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, adding that he "will be remembered for his lifelong contribution to go-go."

For much of his life, Mr. Harley paid the bills with a number of jobs. He installed alarm systems, owned a moving company and worked as a cable technician. He was known as "the Helicopter" because he often played at several venues in one evening.

Recently, he had been playing regularly with Brown, including a show in Capitol Heights the night before his death.

Anthony Harley was born in Washington on Sept. 26, 1963. He grew up in Southeast watching rehearsals of his father's singing group, Frank Harley and the Bell Chords. His father gave him a guitar, but Little Benny did not become serious about music until he was 12.

"I saw this guy playing a horn in the parking lot and told him, 'Let me see that thing. How do you play this?' " Mr. Harley said in an interview published in Hammond's magazine.

That impromptu lesson led to a teacher named Mr. Harrington, who took Mr. Harley to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to play with a group known as Mr. Harrington's Little Giants of Jazz. On his way home from practicing one day, Mr. Harley passed a house where he heard fellow teenagers playing music.

He knocked on the door, and the musicians, who would later form Rare Essence, let Mr. Harley show them what he could do. He played "Hollywood Swingin'" on his horn, and when he finished, they asked him to play it again.

Condolences also to the friends and family of famous actor Gary Coleman who made the following quote famous GaryColeman-1.jpg (129461 bytes)"What you talking 'bout Willis", as he starred in the popular Diff'rent Strokes comedy sitcom from 1978-86.  Gary started out on the popular TV Show Good Times and then moved on to a number of TV commercials.  He later landed a starring role at age 10 in Diff'rent Strokes.  From all accounts Gary has had a tough life due to his Kidney illness (an aliment that affected his growth), and even though he was not expected to live to his age of 42, he lived a nice life.  He certainly experienced living a life of a wealthy man though.  May he rest in peace.    CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON GARY COLEMAN'S LIFE!

Additionally, we want to send condolences to the friends and family of Ali-Ollie Woodson, also known as Ollie Creggett, one of the very popular R&B group Temptations.  Mr. Woodson died at the age of 58 after a hard fought battle with leukemia on May 30th.  Read more about Mr. Woodson and his career by CLICKING HERE Courtesy of the New York Times!  Read the following message from Mr. Woodson's family.

“The family of Ali Ollie Woodson would like to express our heartfelt and sincere thanks for all your prayers that comfort us during this difficult time. A life well lived, Ali's spirit and love for his fans was always precious and meant the world to him. We want to honor him by celebrating his life and his special talent, which was his pleasure to share with the world. His fans were very much family to him. God blessed Ali with incredible talent, family and you, his fans. His loving memory will continue to live on through his music and through us all.”

Finally, our heartfelt sympathies are reaching out to the family and friends of actor Dennis Hopper, and we understand just yesterday that popular actress Rue McClanahan died.  Ms. McClanahan was 76, and she was best known for her portrayal as the sexually liberated senior Blanche Devereaux on the series The Golden Girls.  

May all of them rest in peace.  

Please check out the events we have spotlighted below under our "Featured Events" section .  You can check out all the events including all the upcoming events by logging on to our Events Page here.


Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  

Mr. Hollis P. Lashley Flashpoint will return soon!!!.  Please remember Mr. Lashley is the author of his new book "Gifts From The Heart" that is now available at www.xlibris.com and from www.hollislashley.com .  Pick up your copy NOW!!!


Have an enjoyable and fantastic weekend, and we will certainly vibe some more with you next week.

We welcome your input, so if you have any comment or feedback on the commentary or events - please feel free to send an e-mail to: susan@ariousentertainment.us 



Featured Events: For all our events please visit our "Events" Page.



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June 5, 2010

North Brentwood, MD



June 5, 2010 

Montgomery County Libraries, Maryland

In Celebration of Caribbean American History Month

Wheaton Public Library, Maryland - 11701 Georgia Ave., Wheaton, Maryland 20902 (240) 777-0678 
12:00 Noon - Multicultural
Artist: Jenne Glover." Ms. Glover's artwork is featured in the annual "Black Creativity" exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois.  Age(s): All Ages


12:30 PM - Panamanian dance featuring, Grupo Folklorico de Panama – presenting cultural dance and music from Panama. FREE program. No registration is required

1:00 PM - Multicultural: Caribbean Art Video Exhibit and Lecture
Caribbean Art Video Exhibit and lecture by David Boothman, director of “Goombay” and “Sweet Lime & Passion;” and nephew of the Lion King’s Geoffrey Holder. FREE program. No registration is required
2:00 PM - Multicultural: Author, Storyteller & Folkloris
Description: Featured Author, Storyteller & Folklorist: Gerard Hausman. Mr. Hausman is the author of “The Boy from Nine Mile,” co-written with Cedella Marley, daughter of Bob Marley. FREE program.



Germantown Public Library, Maryland - 19840 Century Blvd., Germantown, Maryland 20874 (240) 777-0110

12:00 Noon - Multicultural: Fusion-Live Steel Pan music featuring Lennard Jack

Come Enjoy an afternoon of Caribbean music! A celebration with Fusion-Live Steel Pan music featuring Lennard Jack. FREE program. No registration is required

June 5, 2010

Baltimore, Maryland

In Celebration of Caribbean American History Month


Clint Thomas, Producer and Host of "Reggae Rhythms" 


WTMD, 89.7FM (Sunday evenings from 7-9 p.m.), 

will present 

Highlight on Haiti: History and Culture. 

Join the discussion on the the ties between Haiti and the U.S., including New Orleans, Louisiana, Chicago and right here in Baltimore (believe it or not).

Thomas has traveled and lived in the Caribbean, including the U.S. Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and St. Lucia.

  • Enoch Pratt Free Library Waverly Branch  

  •  (2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

Suggested Audience:  Teens; Adults; Seniors


June 6, 2010

Baltimore, Maryland


June 12, 2010

North Brentwood, Maryland

June 13, 2010

North Brentwood, Maryland


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