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  Susan Mangatal -   susan@ariousentertainment.us 

Greetings On-Line Family:

  My…my…my, this “Black in America” investigative report produced/aired by CNN and hosted by CNN’s reporter Soledad O'Brien last Wednesday and Thursday has blown up the airwaves and Internet.  It got people all across America talking and “venting” about this issue.  Some of the comments I heard and read were insightful, thought provoking and many were horrendous as well. 

For me, during the program I was more depressed than uplifted, because we all know the plight of “a people” who are successfully trying to overcome and progress from “a black holocaust” (slavery, lynchings, burnings, race wars, injustice including racial, fighting for civil rights, being unable to vote, killed, incarcerated, etc.).  Oh yes, we absolutely know about the bad, the disparities and we see the negatives before our eyes on a daily basis; if not directly around us then it’s through the media.  We simply didn’t need a reminder of it…a reminder that made us emotional, angry and tore us apart.

I must admit there were a few positive issues/stories Ms. O’Brien touched on, but honestly the negative ones simply outshined the good that was shown; and you know still today those negative issues are plaguing my mind (and always will).  The entire show actually made me feel as though Blacks in America were on some sort of a display, such as animals at a zoo, or an exhibit at an art studio.  Why are the life of black folks scrutinized so much, and the negative portions of it shown in the media?  Why don’t the media ever focus on WHY there are so many negatives in the black man, black woman and black family lives? 

Focus for a minute on the “root of the problem”, stop brushing it aside and acting like it never existed (which still exists), and most importantly show more about their unique challenges, how they have been “pulling themselves up by their boot straps”, and how they have overcome, invented, built, organized, discovered, loved and succeeded on UNEVEN GROUNDS and through an awfully unfair system.  Oh yes, show their successes, the positive strides they have taken, and how much they have contributed to America and the American Society that statistic show is majority white.

Certainly, I know blacks must hold themselves accountable for the problems they have created in their lives, all the blame surely cannot be laid on society, or on the system.  Many know what were revealed on the program are real, and know that they must get back to the basics, stop making excuses and rise above their struggles.  Many know as “a people” they must begin to lift each other up and stop tearing each other down; they know they must get back to the family and teach family values to the younger ones; they know they must educate, set goals and work hard to achieve them; and most importantly they know they must work hard towards destroying the misconceptions of what is being shown about their lives through the media.  THEY KNOW ALL OF IT PEOPLE…THEY KNOW, and I am certain many are working towards it.

In the past, during the course of my husband Todd’s writings and even mine - through our commentaries, you may recall we stated we strongly feel educating the young ones about their history, teaching them about “from where they have come,” and the struggles throughout history on the “long hard road” would help tremendously with some of the problems that is plaguing the younger black generation today.  Many of them seriously are unaware of their parents, grandparents, and ancestors struggles, or even the inventions and successes people of their past have achieved.  They simply know nothing with substance about their history, which as we can see today has become fatal and is critical to the survival of the future generations.  They must stop each other from the disrespecting of the black man/black woman, the baby mama, and baby daddy syndrome, the promiscuous unprotected sexual activities, the diseases, the drugs, the black on black crimes, etc…etc…etc.  

There is much that must be taught to the younger generation for substantial change to come, and we (Todd and I) tenaciously feel beginning with the teaching of their history will be a great start.  Once they see and learn about the struggles and how difficult it has been, they will indubitable work towards a more positive outcome for their lives with conviction and certainly with passion.

For me personally, I have been doing some extensive reading and researching of my history and the history of blacks in America, and my eyes have been opened widely to the plight of the black race and how they have been trying to overcome despite what they have endured, and certainly still endures today.  It is clear the word we all hate to mutter from our lips “Racism” is alive in many folks daily lives, and it's sad...really sad that it's 2008, a black man is running for President of the United States, and still this exists.  Still blacks had to be scrutinized as if they are non-human and the issues that are plaguing their communities broadcast on mainstream media, most importantly their successes and accomplishments were not shown.  Hummm...as if none of these same issues take place with different ethnic groups in America.

As I bring my comments on this issue to a close, I must admit that this CNN investigative documentary was one that left a negative light on blacks in America, because as I stated earlier there were more pessimistic issues regarding blacks and their lives shown than positives.  As I watched it an awful feeling came over me, and my heart just sunk, tears even came to my eyes because this documentary was not helping, it simply was not beneficial.  It was bias, and most importantly it never really talked about the successes and accomplishments of blacks in America.  I honestly don't know why I got so emotional, because the issues CNN showed and discussed that is plaguing the black community (the fatherless homes, drugs, crimes, joblessness, aids, baby mammas, folks relying on welfare, etc.) has always been the backdrop and content in which black people are represented in the media.   It's really shameful that blacks are on display and displayed so negatively!!!  There is undoubtedly a lot of work to be done in America, and with the mainstream media regarding the negatives they so love to present about blacks.  

However, I say again - I strongly feel the positives, successes, accomplishments and the good should have been displayed and discussed as well!!!

Happy 46th Independence Jamaica!!!

ja46_logo.gif (14940 bytes)  On August 6, 2008, Jamaica celebrates its 46th Anniversary of Independence.  However, celebrations locally and around the country will begin this weekend and will proceed throughout the entire month of August.  Many Jamaican Organizations across the United States and even Jamaica have planned services, galas, balls, in-door/out door activities, concerts, etc. to celebrate this 46th Anniversary of independence, so whatever you have planned to do - we at Arious hope you, your family and friends have a lovely time celebrating.  For some of the activities that was supplied to us, scroll down to our "Featured Events" Section to view.  Also, directly below you will find the "History of Jamaica's Independence".  Enjoy the read and all the festivities you attend.


In February 1962, a new constitution was approved by the Legislation and the Premier Norman Manley called General Elections.

Alexander Bustamente was elected in April and became the first Prime Minister of Jamaica. “On August 6, 1962, Jamaica became an independent nation and a member of the British Commonwealth”.

Jamaica becoming an independent nation now meant that Britain, no longer controlled the affairs of the country. It was now the responsibility of the newly elected Prime Minister and the locally elected Cabinet.

Independence also meant that a constitution, symbols, emblems, an army, Jamaican currency and passports had to be developed for the country.

As an Independent nation, Jamaica assigns Ambassadors overseas who represent the country. They sign treaties on behalf of Jamaica and become members of various international organizations. This is important as it gives Jamaica equal rights on various issues relating to international trade, policies and treaties.

Every year on August 6, (previously first Monday in August), Jamaicans celebrate the removal of our dependence on Britain to control specific functions of the country. At this time we also honor all those persons who were responsible for the transfer of power.

In October, during National Heritage week (third Monday in October), we also honor our six national heroes and one heroine, in recognition of their contribution to the birth of our nation.

Courtesy of jis.gov.org 


This Week In History

This week in History - August 1st-August 6th.  Below you will find I have listed several interesting historic issues that took place during this week in history.  Please take the time to read and become educated.   Click on to the titles listed below to learn everything about these important issues.  Thank you for sending me some of your thought provoking comments on these historical events.  

  A. Phillip Randolph and Chandler Owen founded the magazine The Messenger in New York - August 1917. "The Messenger" magazine was a mixture of political comment, trade union news, literary criticism and biographies of leading radicals of the time. Log on to the following site which is entitled "The Harlem Renaissance and Leftism African American Publication in the 1920s and 1930s.  Once on the site read several paragraphs until you see details on "The Messenger" http://delrio.dcccd.edu/mhenry/HRandRadicalLit.htm.  For details on A. Phillip Randolph log on to his museum: http://www.aphiliprandolphmuseum.com or log on to the following site: http://www.answers.com/topic/a-philip-randolph 

  Marcus Garvey - Universal Negro Improvement Association held its National Convention in Harlem - August 1, 1920.  (Courtesy of The National Humanities Center )  Mr. Garvey's Association (UNIA) held its first nationalist movement in Harlem NY- the first black American mass movement which recruited and claimed hundreds of thousands of supporters.  CLICK HERE for the "Declaration of the Rights of the Negro People of the World": The principles of the Universal Negro Improvement Association.

  The National Bar Association made up of mostly African-Americans was established on August 1, 1925 in Des Moines, IA  12 African-American pioneers with a mutual interest in and dedicated to justice and the civil rights of all, helped structure the struggle of the African-American race in America.  They conceived the National Bar Association and formally organized it in Des Moines, IA. (Courtesy of The National Bar Association)

  The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and Maids  Organized - August 2, 1925. A. Philip Randolph founded this Union and was its first President.  To browse through A. Philip Randolph museum on-line click the following link:  http://www.aphiliprandolphmuseum.com, and log on to the following site for more details: http://www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org/pages/174.html 

  Track Star Mr. Jesse Owens wins 4 gold medals - August 3-9, 1936  Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics.   Owens surpassed all expectations at the Berlin games.  (Courtesy of ESPN)  For learn more about Jesse Owens log on to his site at http://www.jesseowens.com 

  Reginald S. Lewis - First African-American to negotiate a leverage buy-out, where he purchased Beatrice Foods-August 6, 1987.  Reginald S. Lewis orchestrated the leveraged buyout of Beatrice Foods to become the first African-American CEO of a billion dollar Corporation. www.africanamericanculture.org/museum_reglewis.html.  To learn about TLC Beatrice International Holdings, Inc. CLICK HERE!

*  Senator Barack Obama is back in the United States from his highly successful trip to the Middle East and Europe.  His meetings with the leaders from the various countries went very well.  He was very impressive and his talks with the leaders and people were successful.  He certainly articulated a future of success with America's foreign policy.  

Now that he is back on the campaign trail, the "beat down" from Senator McCain has begun with some vicious attack - a series of misleading ads.  The new statements about Senator Obama from the McCain camp is "Obama is an out of Touch Celebrity"; and he is being compared to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, and McCain is making false claims about Obama's energy plan.  Senator McCain's campaign Manager Steve Schmidt stated "I would say that it is beyond dispute that he (Obama) has become the biggest celebrity in the world.  The question we are posing to the American people is this:  Is he ready to lead yet? And the answer to the question that we will offer to the American people is "No he is not.".

Some comments about these attack ads courtesy of barackobama.com is as follows: 

This Karl Rove-style ploy misleads people about Barack's energy plan and even mocks his ability to inspire voters and bring Americans back into the political process.

Watchdogs in the media are calling McCain's accusations "bogus," "desperate," "wrong," "misleading," "ugly," "offensive," "reckless," and "a nasty turn into the gutter."

Some of McCain's own supporters agree. One senior Republican strategist quoted by the Washington Post called the latest ad a "wild swing at Obama" that reflects his campaign's "increasing bitterness" and the lack of "any coherent strategy to elect McCain."

Even John Weaver, a strategist who worked for McCain's presidential campaign in 2000 and on his current campaign last year, called the ad "childish," adding that this negative strategy "diminishes John McCain" and "needs to stop."

See the Ad below that Senator Barack Obama released in response to destroy the smear tactics Senator McCain has launched.  Courtesy of barackobama.com.  Click the picture to enter the Senator's site and view the video of the ad.

Click the Picture below to launch Barack Obama's Ad created and released to destroy the smear tactics launched by Senator McCain.  Once on the page (Obama's donation page) click this picture again!

*  Keep in mind that the National Democratic Convention begins on August 25th and ends on August 28th, 2008.  This is when the Democratic Party officially nominates its candidates for President and Vice President of the United States.  Senator Obama (who is the winner of the primary elections and of the delegates and super delegates) will officially accept the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States.  This year though, the traditional acceptance will be broken, and what normally takes place at the convention, will be done differently.  Senator Obama will accept and address the American people at Denver's INVESCO Field at Mile High in Denver Colorado (a field that can accommodate more than 75,000 people.)

The General Elections are just a few months away - approximately 96 days from today, so to make sure your voice is heard and to be a part of the nations most exciting elections, you must register to vote NOW.  Log on HERE to see the voter registration date deadline for each state, and proceed with registering to vote by logging on HERE, and filling out the registration form at "Rock The Vote.com"(To access the form, click the "Register To Vote" Button from the menu at the top of the page)


The "Trinidad and Tobago Working Women's Committee" of Washington DC held their fundraiser dance to bring awareness to HIV/AID which is plaguing the Caribbean Islands in astonishing numbers.  It was held last Saturday, and we had the opportunity to attend this special event.  Truly, it was fabulous, and had a very nice turn out.  Below is a message from Mrs. Deanne Samuels - Chairperson of the Working Woman's Committee.  

Dear Friends & Supporters: On behalf of Pat, Nicole, Annette, Patsy, Karen and Jennifer, we extend our gratitude and deepest appreciation for your support on Saturday, July 16th at the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy. Your attendance was crucial to our success and you did not disappoint us. From the bottom of our hearts....THANK YOU Always.....Deanne

Thanks to the many who have sent me e-mails in response to my past E-Newsletters and lots of important information to use for our future E-Newsletters.  Most importantly, I thank you for your encouraging words!  So until next week... please enjoy this Weekend and the upcoming week!!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC   Netflix, Inc.     Internet Florist           


To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support and One Love!


For All Events 

Go To Our "Events" Page


Check out our "Featured Events" listed below.  

Also, there are several events taking place this weekend, next weekend and beyond, so to view all the Events please log on to our "Events" Page above!

August 1 - 3, 2008

Toronto Caribbean Carnival (Caribana)


It began as the Toronto Caribbean community's salute to Canada's Centennial year. Now in its second millennium, its fifth decade and its 41st year, the Toronto Caribbean Carnival (Caribana) Festival is one of North America's greatest celebrations, attracting an estimated million participants annually. Rooted in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, it has become an international festival where you might experience Jamaican reggae, Brazilian samba or African djembe rhythms alongside Latin salsa, Haitian zouk or urban sounds, all blended with calypso and soca vibes.  Log on to for all the details orenter our "Events" Page

Saturday, August 2, 2008 - Caribana Parade at Exhibition Place (Lake Shore Blvd.) from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm:  Exhibition Place and Lakeshore Boulevard. 15 Saskatchewan Road, Toronto, ON M6K, Canada (Map It):  This showcase event features an incredible display of color and pageantry, commencing at Exhibition Place and proceeding west along Lake Shore Boulevard. Exhibition Place and Lake Shore Boulevard will come alive with the sights and sounds of Carnival!  For all ages.  For more details call: 416-391-5608.  Note:  You must purchase tickets to enter the Exhibition place, however the majority of the parade is on Lake Shore Boulevard which is free

Sunday, August 3, 2008 -  Caribana Lime - Island Festival at Olympic Island from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm: This event features a full day of performances from a variety of artistes, highlighting the diverse cultures of all the Caribbean people. Activities include a food competition, song, dance, theatrical drama and storytelling.  For All Ages.  Note:  Free, however, there is a $5 fee for ferry transportation from mainland to island.   For more details call: 416-391-5608.




August 3, 2008

11:00 am:  Independence Service of Celebration taking place at The Dunbarton Chapel @ Howard University School of Law, 2900 Van Ness Street, NW, Washington DC.  Celebrant: Rev. Dr. Neville Callam, General Secretary - World Baptist Union

1:00 pm - 8:00 pm:  Sunday Market Taking place at Gardens of the Organization of American States, 17th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington DC.  Free Admission!


August 3, 2008

Atlanta, Georgia

Jamaicans in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, have planned events to celebrate the country's 46th anniversary of independence.

The activities will commence on Sunday, August 3 with a Thanksgiving Service at the Hillside Presbyterian Church, beginning at 4:00 p.m-7:30 pm. Guest Preacher will be Deacon Ronald Thwaites and the Moderator will be Reverend Dr. Winton Lawson, Pastor of Hillside Presbyterian Church.


On Independence Day, Wednesday, August 6, a cultural extravaganza and book launch will take place at the Timothy Methodist Church hall. Radio personality, Beverley Anderson-Manley will launch her book - 'Manley Memoirs.' This will be followed by a cultural concert.


August 4, 2008

Los Angeles 

Dear Young Black Scholars Supporter,

Your legacy will not usually be measured during your lifetime, but defined by the impact you make in the community and the people who are impacted by you.

The 100 Black Men of Los Angeles is asking you to expand your legacy by supporting the Young Black Scholars program. Your participation in our 5th Annual Golf Tournament supports the dreams, visions, hope and aspirations of our students. Join us in our dedication to ensuring students receive college preparation, leadership development, community responsibility and successful life planning skills.

Don’t miss our 5th Annual Golf Tournament. We will have fun, network, and enjoy the game of golf.

Click here for Registration & Sponsorship Information

For more information, call 323-295-2700.



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