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Dearest On-Line Family and Friends: Greetings to all of you!

July certainly started off with a bang, hence the Independence Day celebrations; and it has continued with some major proceedings taking place in and around the nation.  This week as I converse with you, I feel it is important to highlight two of the proceedings that were very important. 

The celebration of the independent spirit of our Caribbean Islands took place recently as “CARICOM” (Conference of Heads of Government Of The Caribbean Community) held its 31st Summit in Montego Bay, Jamaica last week, and from my readings it was an interesting summit indeed.  Clearly, through “CARICOM” the alliances of these islands proves to be key to their success as they move toward building significant ties and developing key relationships, along with discussing various issues, as well as planning and working on humanitarian efforts.  Also from my readings regarding the summit, it seems these heads of states characteristics have symbolized great power, strength, freedom, elegance and independence to many cultures throughout the Caribbean/history; and they are enthusiastic about their support, their country and are happy about their successes as they move forward in future development.

This years’ summit focused on Climate Change Issues [environmental changes,] the reconstruction and long-term development of Haiti, the international financial system and it’s impact on “CARICOM” states, the Millennium Development Goals, the agonizing Crime and Security problem in the islands, along with among other important topics.

In a “nutshell” courtesy Climate-L.org "…The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Koi-moon congratulated the region for its leadership and advocacy leading up to, and during the Copenhagen Climate Change conference that was held in December 2009, noting that the Caribbean Community had conveyed an important message to the world as to the urgent and growing treat of climate change.  He express hope that more financial support would be given to the region in its bid to increase mitigation and adaptation measures by the 16th Session of the Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC (COP 16) in Cancun Mexico at the end of 2010...According to the final Communiqué, Heads of Government agree to expedite the regional programme in preparation for COP 16. Recognizing that the Copenhagen Accord was disappointing, they agree that CARICOM negotiators must adhere to the principles of the Liliendaal Declaration on Climate Change and Development of 2009, and to the Alliance of Small Island Developing States (AOSIS) Heads Declaration of September 2009. They point specifically to the stabilization of the global temperature increase at 1.5oC and efforts to achieve a legally binding agreement on issues related to mitigation, adaptation, research and finance..."

This summit seemed to have been productive, dynamic and constructive, and as you can imagine it must have been fascinating for newly elected Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Kamla Persad-Bissessar who had an incredible time from all accounts.  She was one of the many heads who had an opportunity to address the gathering, and her speeches were powerful.  I understand she “Kicked to the curb” the previous T&T PM Mr. Manning Administration’s “Godfather” policy where the region was concerned, promoting a revamped hard line position on regional funding citing local financial constraints, and expressed her dissatisfaction over “CARICOM’s” current state.  Yes, her strong demeanor and powerfulness was felt quite clearly; and her positions were unambiguous, and was heard by every head of state and many among the region

I chuckled when I read on the last day of the Summit; she attempted to sing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” which she did pretty well.  She confidently intercepted the band’s microphone and embarked into song “Don't Worry About A Thing, 'Cause Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right;" and further encouraged fellow heads to join her onstage, singing…LOL!!!


It seems despite a few heads of state Mrs. Persad-Bissessar was well received, and in my opinion is off to a good start with the heads of states at “CARICOM”.  As news headlines stated “Kamla Shakes Up Caricom”; without a doubt, it seems she certainly did!!!  Personally, I think it’s a great thing to see!  

CLICK HERE to read an article on one of the topics Mrs. Persad-Bissessar discussed entitled “No More T&T Godfather”, and CLICK HERE for another entitled “Trinidad PM Says her Country is No ATM Card”.  Additionally, I have linked another article entitled “Negative vibes at Caricom Summit”; it’s worth a read, so CLICK HERE to proceed.  To learn more about “CARICOM” CLICK HERE, and to see what Islands are a part of CARICOM”-  CLICK HERE!  Feel free to log on to their site for all their details at: http://www.caricom.org


Motivating to me this week was a fascinating video of First Lady Michelle Obama who addressed the recent NAACP 101st Convention (earlier this week.)  The convention with its theme/battle cry “One Nation, One Dream” was held in Kansas City, Missouri, and from all accounts it was truly enthralling.  Some of the topics discussed were:  Education Reform, BP, census, voting, jobs, community safety, the economic gap, the group’s legislative agenda, recruitment, veterans, HIV and open public mass meetings, workshops, and even a job fair.

The President of NAACP - Benjamin Todd Jealous stated: “the major message at this years’ convention is: Let Jobs be job one…That is our call to the country”.  He further stated “History has shown us in tough times like these…we can either run downhill toward hate and division or we can continue to push uphill toward progress and hope. 

Interesting words I must say; because with times always changing, we look for ways to spread the message of hope.  Ahhhh, how amazing it is that as we stretch our mind to encompass new growth ideas, we can never be the same, never be reduced to our former selves.  We certainly become infinitely more significant than we could otherwise ever be.   Yup...from what I understand it was a progressive, informative and enlightening Convention and many left feeling elated about the speakers, proceedings, workshops, and discussions.  Personally, after viewing and listening to First Lady Obama’s speech, I felt a sense of positivity, and I truly “felt” her deep words.   Indeed she focused on the issues she is mainly passionate about: Childhood obesity and her “Let’s Move” initiative.  I however feel it is very important to share the video of her speech with you, which you will find below.  After viewing it, please share your thoughts with me.

Some words First Lady Obama stated at the NAACP 101st Convention “…I know I stand here today, and I know that my husband stands here today because of this organization and because of the struggles and the sacrifices of all those who came before us.  But I also know there legacy is not an entitled, not a gift to be enjoyed, but an obligation to be fulfilled…”  CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO LAUNCH HER VIDEO - Courtesy of NAACP.org (37 mins. & 40 Secs.)!!!


We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Foundation Dancehall and positive Reggae Veteran Singer Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott who we lost last Saturday.  We first got word of him being ill late last week via an e-mail from associates in San Diego, California who shared their announcement of his July 10th performance being cancelled in San Diego, CA [where he was set to perform with Female Reggae Singer Sister Carol.Our Associates in San Diego expressed there regret for the cancellation of his performance; but most importantly stated that Sugar was gravely ill and asked that everyone keep Sugar Minott in their prayers.  They even informed everyone that Sugar Minott’s daughter was on her way to be by her father’s side.  That seriously indicated to us he was truly very ill.  Less than 24 hours later we get the news that Sugar Minott had passed on. 

From what we understand Sugar Minott was indeed gravely ill and had been diagnosed as having Angina Pectoris – a severe heart condition – and ordered by his doctor to rest.  The "Godfather of Dancehall" will surly be missed, he was a true talent in the Reggae industry and sang some of the most outstanding, meaningful and positive songs.  He owned his own record label "Black Roots" and promotion organization called "“The Sound Youthman Promotion; and he was an excellent producer.  To learn more about Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott log on this site at:   http://www.sugarminott.com/ 


We would like to remind you about this Sunday's 7/18 upcoming "Jamaica Day Reggae Outdoor Festival” taking place in Crownsville, Maryland.  This festival is presented by The "Jamaica Promotional Company" (JPC),

JAMAICaN-DAY_6x8_front[1].JPG (134078 bytes)The Jamaica Promotional Company (JPC) is proud of their Jamaica Day Reggae Festival which was initiated four (4) years ago to support the building of a leadership training Institute for Kids that live in the Garrisons of Jamaica (poor youths).  There are no facilities that cater to that need.  JPC created a non-profit, Jamaica education for the poor foundation to facilitate that end.  The recent episode in Jamaica is a result of the non-existence of that kind of training [says JPC].  We encourage you to join JPC at their "Jamaica Day Reggae Outdoor Festival”, because all proceeds from the concert will specifically go to establishing the Center, and for you to enjoy the fantastic and "therapeutic Reggae Music". 

To the many of you who answered our trivia questions correctly last week, you have gotten word that you have won a free ticket to attend this show.  All e-mails were sent with your winning notification and instructions on claiming your ticket.  We would like to thank you all for participating; and most importantly, we at Arious would like to thank JPC, who was kind enough to supply some tickets to our readers.  Look out for JPC's upcoming 1st Annual Caribbean Food and Wine Festival!!!  CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS!



July.1.2010-HollisLashleyBookLaunch 030.jpg (117691 bytes)Good News everyone!!!  Even though we suspected Mr. Hollis "Flash" Lashley would be too busy to share his motivating "FlashPoint" with us;  here he is surprising us today.  Indeed it has been extremely hectic for him, but he indicated because of his busy schedule he was inspired to write the below.  Keep in mind Mr. Lashley recently published his motivating book of poetry entitled "Gifts From The Heart".  To purchase a copy of Mr. Hollis Lashley book log on to: http://www.xlibris.com or http://www.holislashley.com.    

Hello Friends, and I hope all is well with you. For the past few weeks, I was involved in some activities, including the supplying of "Gifts From The Heart" to people desiring to have a copy or in some cases, copies. A number of activities are planned to promote "Gifts" including an interview on VoiceAmerica Internet Radios 7th Wave Network on Friday July 23, starting at 3pm. The program is Spirituality 101, hosted by Reverend Norma. Do tune in if you can.

I was also motivated to create this piece entitled "Giving and Having

Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  

"Giving and Having"

It may seem very obvious

Something we all should know,

That only what lies within us

We can demonstrate and show.

We all can use words of Wisdom,

While our actions are in conflict

With the same principles we're speaking

And the hurting we all inflict.

We only can give what we possess,

And not anything we do not,

So beware of messages you send out,

The universe always knows what

Lies at the Heart of your message,

And what is the truth of your word,

So seek to fill yourself with Wisdom

Let Peace be the message that's heard.

If only we can utilize courage

To change what we harbor within,

If we love ourselves, and serve others

Then miracles emerge from the din.

Come let us put Love in our actions,

Let us be the change which we seek,

All mankind is Brother and Sister,

Let earth be possessed by the Meek.

Hollis [Flash] Lashley - copyright (c) 2010


As I bring this week's E-Newsletter to a close, I must share with you information about a group of individuals who are doing some great things here in the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia areas, and who are committed to promoting the Caribbean culture, international cultural awareness and community significance.  In the next week, this admirable group/committee will be presenting their superb event - "The 4th Annual Miss Caribbean Metro (USA) Pageant",  and they cordially invite you to experience this fantastic event and come out and support the lovely ladies who will be taking part in this pageant.  Below you will find all the details!  Please keep in mind part proceeds from this years' event will be donated to the Haitian Embassy to provide ongoing relief and support for our neighboring families.  .  


image002.jpg (25773 bytes)The 4th Annual Miss Caribbean Metro (USA) pageant will be held on Saturday, July 24, 2010 at the Charles Herbert Performing Arts Center located at 10001 Ardwick Ardmore Road, Springdale, Maryland, 20774. 

The reigning Queen, Miss Chardelle Moore who represents the beautiful island of Dominica will crown her successor at the end of the event. 12 contestants representing various Caribbean countries such as but not limited to Jamaica, Barbados, Cayman Island, Guyana, and Trinidad are expected to compete. These girls will showcase true Caribbean beauty, intelligence and talent making the show an even more memorable and exciting one than previous years. The pageant was conceptualized as a result of a young woman’s love for pageantry. 

As a former queen, she produced the event as a means of empowering and enlightening young Caribbean women to become ambassadors and role models for the Caribbean community with the rare opportunity to show their cultural pride and leadership in a culturally blended society.  According to the President/Founder, Ms. Sheryl Gordon, “our mission, is to strive to publicly recognize and celebrate the accomplishment of these women who have obtained personal, professional and community achievements through various Caribbean communities within the Washington Metropolitan areas.” 

In highlighting the different segments for the show, Ms. Gordon revealed that an unforgettable Opening Act will "set the night on fire" as contestants unwind and prepare the audience for what will follow. The most anticipated and sought after segment -- the swim suit competition, will follow and contestants will show off their well-toned and lean physiques. The talent segment, which stimulates the audience and demonstrates unique talents of the contestants will follow shortly, and the evening wear segment and interview will cap the event. 

The organizers are dedicated to promoting the Caribbean culture, international cultural awareness and community significance and have always given to a charitable organization. This year, part proceeds from the event will be donated to the Haitian Embassy to provide ongoing relief and support for our neighboring families. Committee members and Miss Caribbean Metro USA® express their profound sorrow and hope for recovery to the people of Haiti and their Diaspora as they cope with the tragedy of epic proportions. Please join us as we celebrate “Beauty on Purpose” of these fantastic young ladies on Saturday, July 24. For more ticket purchase contact Sheryl Gordon at 240-643-3605 or Hope Bulling Rose at 240-508-4864. 


  SeuJorgeF[1]M.JPG (66257 bytes)As we promised last week, below you will find some trivia questions for our Ticket Give-A-Way to see Seu Jorge at the 9:30 Club on July 27th.   Please send your answers to tickets@ariousentertainment.us.   Good Luck!!!!  

If you are not lucky enough to be a winner, please make plans on attending this awesome Brazilian Superstar show - "Seu Jorge" (musician, singer, songwriter and actor,) as he performs at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC on July 27th.  Click the flyer to the right for all the details or scroll down to our "Featured Events" section. 

  1. What was Seu Jorge's character's name in the movie City of God?

  2. In 2005, Seu Jorge released a live duo album with what Brazilian singer?

  3. What was the name of Seu Jorge's band before he went solo?

  4. Seu Jorge grew up in the city of ________ in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

  5. What is Seu Jorge's full name?


Kindly check out the events we have spotlighted below under our "Featured Events" section .  Actually, check out all the events including all the upcoming events by logging on to our Events Page here.  

Have an enjoyable and fantastic weekend, and we will certainly vibe some more with you next week.

We welcome your input, so if you have any comment or feedback on the commentary or events - please feel free to send an e-mail to me Susan Mangatal at my e-mail address: susan@ariousentertainment.us or you can also reach me at ariousentertainment@earthlink.net.



Featured Events: For all our events please visit our "Events" Page.



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July 18, 2010

Baltimore, Maryland


July 24, 2010

Washington, DC


July 24, 2010

Baltimore, Maryland

July 27, 2010

Washington, DC

Sue Jorge and Almaz

Performing LIVE at the 9:30 Club

815 V Street, N.W., Washington DC


6pm Doors - Early Show

Ticket: $25.00  Buy Tix

Look above for the trivia questions for the Ticket Give-A-way!!!!

To Learn More about Seu Jorge CLICK HERE!

August 6-7, 2010

Norfolk, Virginia


There are a lot more exciting events that you must check out.  Therefore we invite you to visit our "Events" Page.


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