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Dearest On-Line Family and Friends: Greetings to all of you and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Parades, explosions of mesmerizing fireworks in the skies, a variety of music, an abundance of food for every taste (particularly Barbecue) as well as drinks, voices of chatter and laughter, and the little feet of children running and playing all sorts of games - - are all what we will be experiencing this weekend; because it's the 4th of July - - The Independence of the United States of America.  Hooray to the USA on its 234th birthday.  

Happy Independence The United States of America!!

4thofJulysign1.JPG (8173 bytes)Yes, this Independence day celebrates the 234th birthday of the United States of America.  Founded July 4th, 1776, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Here in the U.S., this annual holiday commemorates the formal adoption by the Continental Congress of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia. Although the signing of the Declaration was not completed until August, the Fourth of July holiday has been accepted as the official anniversary of U.S. independence and is celebrated in all states and territories.  There are a lot more to read on the history of America's Independence, so I urge you to PLEASE CLICK HERE for more and to also Read The Declaration Of Independence!!!

We at the Arious Entertainment Group [AEG] know Independence means many different things to so many of you, but the overall meaning is freedom; freedom from persecution, from hunger, oppression, even financial freedom and most importantly freedom from within (freedom of negative thoughts, and freedom from hatred and intolerance).  For us, among all the things we are seeking; the most important is financial freedom and we are thrilled because we are well on our way to accomplishing this goal.  On a very serious note though, we say to many of you please continue trying to attain the freedom of whatever you are seeking to be rid of, or accomplish!"

We at AEG wish you our on-line family (those who were born in the US and to the many who have made the US your home) the best 4th of July...actually a very happy and safe Independence day holiday!!!!!




King of Pop The Legendary Michael Jackson (1958-2009) - Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten 

Last Friday (6/25/2010) was a very important day for just about everyone around the world, because it marked the 1st Anniversary of the sad and devastating loss of a major super star - Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson (MJJ).  

1 (one) year ago I recall during a very busy day my husband Todd calling me and telling me MJJ was hospitalized.  I remember saying to Todd, and tried convincing myself - - Michael will be just fine ... maybe it's just another publicity stunt or something.  Sadly though, it was not; and we lost our King of Pop, our Legend, our musical icon, and a man we all will never...ever forget.

We will certainly never forget the lovely little boy with his brothers singing their hearts out.  We watched them grow up while singing hit after hit; and most importantly, watched them became stars.  However, all of our eyes remained on the remarkable and talented Michael; and we followed his career and his every move, and witnessed him become a mega star.  

[Smiling] Will you ever forget the night of Motown's 25th Anniversary, when he "moon-walked" across the stage?  I certainly WILL NOT, because it was an incredible night for him; and for us...he left us in a state of euphoria.  Although he was always scrutinized, and on a few occasions persecuted he lived an awesome life, and was an amazing brother, son, uncle, friend, etc.; and most importantly, he was an amazing father. (Per the words from one of our family member who knew him quite well.)

Here it is 1 year later, and it's still an awful feeling losing such a superb individual.  We will always miss Michael Joseph Jackson.  I know I can go on and on about MJJ, but I will stop here and leave you with a tribute by Chris Brown on the BET Awards that took place on 6/27/2010.  I did not get to see the Award show, but after viewing this video I was touched by the performance...it was truly moving.  [Note: Unfortunately, the actual BET Video Clip has been removed.  Therefore, I was able to find another.  However, the quality is nothing compared to BET's.  Anyway, once you launch the video, check out some of the others on the page, you will certainly see why there has been so much talk about Chris Brown's performance - he was quite emotional.] Courtesy of Trenell Brown and Powered by YouTube!

May Michael rest in peace!!!!




CAHMLogo2009.jpg (105194 bytes)In my last week's E-Newsletter, I stated it has been a wonderful and intriguing month of June celebrating Caribbean-American Heritage (CAHM).   Indeed we celebrated to the fullest with forums, briefings, lectures, discussions, and events.  The dialogues were truly fascinating, and my mind and soul were stimulated...I absolutely learned a lot!

At this point, I must say thanks to many of you among our on-line family around the globe for writing us and letting us know you appreciated me sharing my experiences with you during this CAHM month.  Truly, we are thankful that you took the time to send us such kind words.  

Within the month, a great video was sent to us from a cherished on-line family member and friend, and we will like to share that video with you.  It shows how West Indian People contributed to the effort during World War II when much of the Caribbean was under the British Rule.  It is entitled "West Indies Calling", check it out; I think you will like it.  Click the picture below on the left to launch the video (Courtesy of BF Films and Powered by YouTube - 13 mins. 55 secs.)

The picture to the right is the Proclamation issued by President Barack H. Obama with his signature, which I was fortunate enough to receive.  Unfortunately, the words are not clear (simply not captured by my camera); however, if you wish to read the Proclamation PLEASE CLICK HERE!



June26.2010-DCCarnival 041.jpg (123971 bytes)  The spectacular Carnival fondly known as "The Greatest Show On Earth" has come and gone here in Washington DC, and the little time we spent checking it out was pretty cool!  As for the reports we received, it seems everyone had a different point of view or comment; and as you can imagine there were lots of criticisms and complaints.  However overall though, many were pleased and stated it was electrifying and awesome.  What we experienced about the Carnival was nothing out of the ordinary; the music, the mas and masqueraders, the steel pan bands, and the spectators, were all fine.  For us though, we made it a point to get there at a reasonable time, but still we did not see the bands in their full splendor.  Actually, we entered the parade route about 1 or 2 blocks before the end of the route, and I understand the first band we saw was the 2nd full band after the DC Political leaders (council members, mayor, etc.); yet the bands were not in formation and the spectators were blended in with the masqueraders, which was unfortunate.  We proceeded to walk several miles to the back of the parade, and this lack of organization was consistent throughout all the bands.  Simply NO kind of uniformity or formation, just masqueraders and spectators intermingling within the bands.  It also baffles me that the Steel Pan Bands are placed in the back of the parade; don't you think something as fascinating, unique, cultural and special as the Steel Pan should be exposed early and throughout the parade?  Anyway, it was so awful for us that Todd decided to stop video taping the goings on.  I however captured some pictures which you will see I have shared with you below.  

As for the park, the bands got to the end of parade route so late that there were very little time for folks to enter and enjoy the park and entertainers before the festivities were shut down.  As a result of this problem, [obviously] the organizers made very little money on this Carnival Saturday, and the vendors suffered greatly.   

Clearly, something must be done to solve this problem in 2011.   

Actually, Todd and I thought it might be good for the organizers to obtain the use and proper permits for the entire street along the parade route; and place the vendors along the route (such as how it's done in New York). LOL...To heck with it all - - just place a stage or two somewhere along the route and have a great big street party.  This way, the vendors would be very happy!   Of course, the organizers may lose some money due to the elimination of an entrance fee; but surly more sponsors would come aboard, and certainly more vendors would participate (which will offset the lost of the entrance fee.)  Additionally, the judges should be placed at the end of the parade route, which will encourage the masqueraders to stay in formation.  LOL...Just a thought folks...what do you think????

As for the entire weekend and the events, it was full of parties...concerts...and more parties; and we did attend a few.  The one concert/party that we thought was awesome was the one that featured the Soca Band Traffic, with Road March Winners JW and Blade, the Soca Queen Alison Hinds, along with Soca artists: Rikki Jai, Talpree, Buffy and the Jigger TC in Bladensburg Maryland, which was real good.  Particularly the Soca band Traffic was excellent and very entertaining; they certainly are a great show band.

In closing, we would like to congratulate Pan Masters Steel Orchestra, Jackie and Associates and Shortmus Productions on their fantastic mas bands; as well as Roots and Culture Promotions and The Blue Tantrum Band.  Additionally, we would like to congratulate the Carnival Bandleaders Association of Washington DC for fully working with us, and for their dedication to their culture and Carnival .  Finally and most importantly, we would like to especially congratulate the Carnival Committee (DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc.) on having a very nice event and for their hard work, and their commitment to their culture.

We hope you enjoy the photos, and for all the Results log on to:   www.dccaribbeancarnival.org.

If for some reason you cannot view the photos directly below and you are a member of www.mycaribbean.us; CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK TO SEE THE PICTURES: http://mycaribbean.ning.com/photo/photo/slideshow?albumId=2594695:Album:33698   

Additionally, you can click the link at the top of the page in order for you to view this e-newsletter directly from our site.  (Surly you will be able to see the pictures this way, if you cannot below!)


GregoryFront[1]m.JPG (65111 bytes)This Weekend is a special one in Washington DC, since Gregory Isaacs will be in town performing on Saturday, July 3, 2010; Most importantly included in this show is a special salute to Tony Carr (WPFW 89.3 FM Radio Station.)  All of this will be taking place at Zanzibar on the Waterfront, 700 Water Street, S.W., Washington DC.  Below is a special message from the producer of this show "Kokolo Entertainment Group".

"Susan&Todd&Carr&Moe2009.jpg (165191 bytes)Kololo Entertainment Group present a special salute to Tony Carr of WPFW..89.3 F.M for serving the Caribbean/International Community for over 30 years. Mr. Carr is from Jamaica and currently the host of " This is Reggae Music " heard every Sunday night from 12 midnight - 2 am on Pacifica Radio WPFW 89.3 FM.

Over the thirty years he has interviewed every major Reggae Artists and introduced the music of such artist's as Maxi Priest, Steele Pulse and the late Lucky Dube's to the Washington D.C. area. He started his radio career with WHFS 102.3 FM in mid December 1979 and moved to WPFW 89.3 FM in April of 1980. He spent about three years in the mid eighties at WOL 1450 and also worked in the background with John Blake's "Caribbean Experience" at WHUR 96.3 FM. He recently spearheaded a group that organized a successful fund raiser for the victims in Haiti.

The salute will feature the legendary Gregory Isaacs who has enjoyed an impressive career spanning over three decades that include a staggering amount of hits. He has remained one of the most popular performers in Jamaica and is one of the most revered voices in reggae. Also appearing will be the ever popular Image Band and rising Sierra Leonean reggae artist Jay Arr. The program will be hosted by John Blake of WHUR and music by Bobby's Music Machine."


  SeuJorgeF[1]M.JPG (66257 bytes)In a few weeks, actually July 27th, Brazilian Superstar Seu Jorge (musician, singer, songwriter and actor.)   Will be performing in our area at the 930 Club in Washington DC.  As we announced last week, we will be giving away some tickets to his show.  Below are 3 trivia questions regarding Mr. Jorge.  Please send your answers to us at tickets@ariousentertainment.us.

1. Who does Seu Jorge consider to be a major musical influence in his life?
2. Seu Jorge played _______ in a Brazilian army band while he served in the military.

3. Seu Jorge spent three years teaching himself how to play what instrument?



We would like to take this opportunity to wish our Shana Mangatal a very Happy Birthday!  

Additionally, we would like to extend special birthday greetings to Matthew, Tijuana, and Bishop Myrtle.



Kindly check out the events we have spotlighted below under our "Featured Events" section .  Actually, check out all the events including all the upcoming events by logging on to our Events Page here.  

Have an enjoyable and fantastic weekend, and we will certainly vibe some more with you next week.

We welcome your input, so if you have any comment or feedback on the commentary or events - please feel free to send an e-mail to me Susan Mangatal at my e-mail address: susan@ariousentertainment.us or you can also reach me at ariousentertainment@earthlink.net.



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July 3, 2010

Washington, DC

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July 9, 2010

Baltimore, Maryland


July 9-11, 2010

Baltimore, Maryland

July 24, 2010

Washington, DC

July 27, 2010

Washington, DC

Sue Jorge and Almaz

Performing LIVE at the 9:30 Club

815 V Street, N.W., Washington DC


6pm Doors - Early Show

Ticket: $25.00  Buy Tix

We will be giving away tickets to this show beginning next week!!!!

To Learn More about Seu Jorge CLICK HERE!

August 6-7, 2010

Norfolk, Virginia


There are a lot more exciting events that you must check out.  Therefore we invite you to visit our "Events" Page.


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