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Dearest On-Line Family and Friends: Greetings to all of you!

Oftentimes I wonder in awe why time is flying by so fast!  Is it because I/we are getting older, or is it because we are having so much fun? [Hence the old saying "time flies when you're having fun"].  Truly it seems to have passed "in a blink of an eye", and I'm wondering is it just me, or are any of you experiencing the same thing.   Look at the date already, ½ (half) the year has gone by and we are almost at the end of the 7th month (July).  What's up with this? 

As I look back over the years, I fondly remember how anxious we were to turn 18 (the joy of graduating, driving our own vehicle and being able to drink legally), then to reaching the age of 26 (the year we were supposed to have accomplished some very important goals).  However, from 26 to now it seems as if life passed by in a flash.  I am so thankful that I have a habit of jotting things down, because if I didn’t many important things that have transpired in my life would have zoomed by without me recognizing them, and most importantly remembering them.  I would love to expand on this issue, but I want YOU to let me know if you are experiencing the same thing, and why you think this is happening.  

Ha...Ha...Ha...LOL, it is so darn funny that the question I asked above "Am I getting older" seems to be extremely thought provoking to me.  It has me really examining some significant issues that are transpiring around me and with me that I find quite odd, and that has obviously brought this question to the forefront. 

For instance: I've noticed a lot of CHANGES occurring, nothing really physical; but just things!  (1) In my writings for no apparent reason it seem to have become very serious and conscious instead of the fun, entertainment stuff we have written about for years (the entertainment stuff my husband Todd and I  sleep, dream. eat, breathe, and deal with [in some form or another] daily).  It’s certainly not a bad thing, but it leaves me wondering if old age is creeping up…LOL???  On a serious note, I think I should quickly apologize to the many of you (who miss this) for the temporary CHANGE; please know that we recognize it and intend to mix it up and balance out things in the near future!!!

(2) A genre of music we adore (dancehall) has changed quite drastically.  To us it is so computerized (no more niceness one would get from the sound of the real musicians that had always been used in the creating and through the production process of creating this [once] very nice music (dancehall).  Actually, the vibes are gone…truly gone!  Todd and I lately; in fact for the past few years have noticed the music has become a very fast annoying "pinging" (very little drum and bass as before).  The lyrics too marvels us [Oh lard] it has become so crazy and off the wall.  It's all about gangs, gully, gaza, gun, gal, this, that etc…etc…etc!  So very weird, but I wonder if again it's me…Is old age creeping up? LOL!!!

(3) Another important thing I've noticed that definitely has me asking the dreaded question is: PATIENCE.  Be mindful that I do still have a lot of patience, but lately I find I especially have very little with silly and unprofessional / unbusinesslike people; nor dealing with silly, petty, childish issues.  Just deal with me sensibly and businesslike!  I’ve gotten to a point after explaining a few things when dealing with this issue (always with utmost respect though), my final response usually is "Yeah…Yeah…Yeah…Whatever, it's all about business, nothing is ever personal."  

Finally, (4) while engaged in interesting conversations I find myself saying quite often "Remember When" or "I Remember" or "Do You Remember"; wow...oh dear, those two or 3 words are really scary, and is a sure sign of getting older. 

I beg you to help…people please help with this issue.  Am I simply getting old, or maybe I am finally growing up, or could it be just normal???  I do look forward to your responses.

Since this weekend is full of exciting events, I will move directly to sharing with you a few of them.  

T&TWWCHaitiFundraiser-7.24.2010.JPG (102963 bytes) I am pleased to inform/remind you about an important event taking place this weekend.  It is the Trinidad and Tobago Working Women's Committee in Association with the Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago Fundraiser "As She Will Rise Again" for The Haiti Micah Project (An Orphanage that provides a home for Haiti's Street Children).  [You must have seen their flyer listed among our "Featured Events" over the past few weeks.]  This event will take place this Saturday, July 24, 2010 at the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy, 1708 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC.  from 6pm to Midnight.

The Working Women Committee is one that I am very proud of, mainly because it consist of some wonderful hardworking women who are committed, organized, meticulous, and who are dedicated to their culture and community.  The members of this Committee: Deanne Samuels-Chairperson; Annette Achille-Vice Chair; Patricia Phillip-Secretary; Karen Amour-Treasurer; Patricia St. Hill; request your support, and would really love for you to attend their benefit fundraiser; so that funds can be raise for the Haiti Micah Project.

The Trinidad & Tobago Working Women’s Committee (WWC) was founded in June 2004 to address the socio-economic issues facing Caribbean people living in the Washington-metropolitan area and to become proactive citizens in our community.  Some of WWC's exceptional  works are as follows: 

  • They have recognized the contribution of 25 individuals by awarding them Community Service Awards for their work and their tireless contribution to programs that improve the community in which they live
  • Provided gifts to approximately 100 seniors living in nursing facilities (Christmas With the Seniors).
  • Instrumental in awarding scholarship to the Students of Caribbean Heritage  
  • Contributed to the Cyril Ross Nursery in Trinidad & Tobago (a home for children living with HIV/AIDS)
  • Contributed to the Just Because Foundation, a program that provides a therapeutic and supportive environment to children in the Caribbean who are diagnosed with cancer]
  • Contributed to the Haiti Micah Project-an orphanage in Haiti dedicated to providing the street children of Haiti with a home, food, an education and clothing 
  • Contributed to the Bishop Walker School for underprivileged boys in Anacostia, Washington, DC
  • Sponsored Kids- Horton Kids, a program that provides comprehensive services to children of Ward 8, Washington, DC
  • Adopted a Family-- Valley Place Family Transitional Apartment Program for homeless families, Washington, DC 

This event last year was fantastic and I  am certain this years' will be incredible.  Therefore, I urge you to join these lovely, hardworking ladies as they raise funds for Haiti's Orphanage for Street Children "The Micah Project".  You can reach any of these ladies via the following phone numbers, or call any of them to donate whatever you can if you are unable to make it to the fundraiser on Saturday.  Deanne Samuels, Chairperson (301) 792-2019); Annette Achille, Vice Chair - (301) 879-8449 ; Patricia Phillip, Secretary - (301) 439-9107;  Karen Amour, Treasurer - (301) 322-7129; Patricia St. Hill - (301) 574-2253.


Additionally, keep in mind that the 4th Annual Miss Caribbean Metro (USA) Pageant will also be taking place this Saturday, July 24th; and you are cordially invited to experience the crowning of the 2010 Miss Caribbean Metro (USA).   Indeed, go out and  support the lovely ladies who will be taking part in this pageant.  We had an opportunity to see all of them last weekend and they are very beautiful young ladies.  Part proceeds from this years' event will be donated to the Haitian Embassy to provide ongoing relief and support for our neighboring families.


image002.jpg (25773 bytes)The 4th Annual Miss Caribbean Metro (USA) pageant will be held on Saturday, July 24, 2010 at the Charles Herbert Performing Arts Center located at 10001 Ardwick Ardmore Road, Springdale, Maryland, 20774. 
  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS ON THE PAGEANT AND ITS COMMITTEE!  For more details and/or ticket purchase contact Sheryl Gordon at 240-643-3605 or Hope Bulling Rose at 240-508-4864. 

The Seu Jorge show is taking place this Tuesday, July 27th at the 9:30 Club @ 815 V Street, N.W., Washington DC.  Please note it is an early show, therefore doors open at 6:00 pm. Tickets are $25.00. www.930.com.

CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners of our ticket give-a-way trivia contest.  Please know that your tickets are secured and you will be among the many who will be having fun enjoying Seu on Tuesday.  You should have received the e-mail congratulating you and instructions regarding your winning ticket/s.  One winner in particular, who really wanted to attend was gracious enough to let us know that something came up and they are unable to do so.  Mr. Harris, we thank you for letting us know, and be assured you will be remembered for our other ticket give-a-ways.  Again, thanks to the many who participated, and for being a part of our on-line family.  Below you will find details on Seu Jorge courtesy of www.last.fm. 

Seu Jorge (born June 8, 1970) is a Brazilian musician, singer, songwriter and actor. Born Jorge Mário da Silva, he was raised in a favela in the city of Belford Roxo in the Baixada Fluminense region of Rio de Janeiro state. He is considered by his fans to be a renewer of Brazilian pop samba. Seu Jorge cites the samba school Estação Primeira de Mangueira, composers Nelson Cavaquinho, Zeca Pagodinho, and American soul singer Stevie Wonder as major musical influences. He is also a fan of footballer Romário.

As a singer, Seu Jorge was part of the band Farofa Carioca, writing most of the songs of their 1998 debut album Moro no Brasil. In 2001 he released Samba Esporte Fino, a pop album influenced by musicians Jorge Ben Jor, Gilberto Gil, and Milton Nascimento. It was released outside Brazil under the name Carolina in 2003. His second album, the critically acclaimed Cru (“Raw”), was released in 2005. Seu Jorge also recorded the live duo album “Ana & Jorge” with Brazilian singer Ana Carolina, released in Brazil in 2005.

Seu Jorge has gained exposure through his work as an actor and soundtrack composer. He appeared in the critically acclaimed film City of God as Mané Galinha, and then played Pelé Dos Santos in Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, for which he provided much of the soundtrack in the form of Portuguese language cover versions of David Bowie classics.

In June 2006, he performed at Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee and at the Festival Sudoeste TMN in Portugal. He has also performed in 2006 at the Bluesfest in Ottawa and at Harbourfront in Toronto. Jorge’s performances are known for their excitement and getting the crowd moving.

Jorge has three young daughters, Flor de Maria, Maria Aimee, and Luz Bella. Flor and Luz live in São Paulo, Brazil with Jorge and his wife Mariana. Maria Aimee lives in California, USA with ex-wife Fernanda and her new husband. He also made incursions into political movements, especially when he took part of the Cansei movement, a 2007 manifestation critical of the Brazilian government.

His new album ‘América Brasil’ had a limited Brazilian release in 2007 under his label Cafuné Gravadora, distributed in the UK by Proper Music

Mr. Hollis "Flash" Lashley is so kind to share with us his motivating "FlashPoint" this week again, and we are very thankful to him.  Here are a few words from "Flash" (below), as well as his inspiring and motivating "Flashpoint".  To purchase a copy of Mr. Hollis Lashley motivating book of poetry entitled "Gifts From The Heart" log on to: http://www.xlibris.com or http://www.holislashley.com.    

"It is amazing how this life unfolds. We often do not see the miracles because we focus on those who do not believe. We often ignore the good as we listen to the doubters. We try to kill the Messiahs as we listen to the voices of the serpents of ignorance. But, my friends, there is Love which conquers all, and Light from which the darkness must flee. This column is dedicated to two giants: our outgoing Ambassador, The Honorable Glenda Morean Phillip, and the Mighty Sparrow, The Calypso King of the World. From the book "Gifts From the Heart", and  through this selection, I  touch the Spirit of your passion, and salute the Light of your convictions.                                               One Love. Hollis [Flash] Lashley

Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  


There is a Faith which brooks no fear,
 A Faith beyond the reach of doubt.
A kind of Faith which would not quit,
Managing always to reach out.
When Life looks dim and at its worst,
When seemingly this is the end;
There is a faith which still believes
That good is all which can portend.
In spite of darkness hovering,
In spite of those who will not see,
In spite of seeming evidence;
I know that this faith burns in me.
To be knocked down repeatedly,
To rise again and face your foe;
To know that life lived Faithfully,
Must yield its bounty, fast or slow.
There is a Faith which overcomes
All obstacles of any kind;
A Faith I know you can possess
Through God, the One Infinite Mind.
Hollis Lashley,(c) 2010.

With this being said by Hollis, we feel it's the appropriate time for us at Arious Entertainment Group to wish Ambassador, The Honorable Glenda Morean Phillip all the best.  "We bid you farewell, after these years of serving as the Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador of the US stationed here in Washington DC.  Your commitment to our community and to our country was tremendous.  We have witnessed your kindness and helpfulness to so many individual people, businesses, and to lots of organizations in and around the Diaspora.  You are indeed a pioneer in what you do, and we truly respect you.   We know many of us will miss you.   Again, we bid you farewell, and we wish that whatever you do - you do it well, you do it safely and in peace.  Best wishes and best of luck to you!!!!"

Before we bring this week's E-Newsletter to a close, we must share with you our thoughts of the Jamaica Day Reggae Outdoor Festival that took place in Crownsville, Maryland last Sunday (7/18/2010.)  Despite my concerns about being in the heat, we decided to stop in and check the festival for a bit (being that the location was minutes from our home).  

Positively, it was truly a fantastic event!  The setting was extremely nice, because of the many large trees on the property that allowed some great shading.  (This is very unusual for outdoor concerts in our area).  Enough vendors so that each would have definitely made money.  

As for the show, in our opinion it seem to have run very smoothly, all the artist were in attendance and they didWINE.FOOD-FEST_6x8_front[1].JPG (142174 bytes) immensely well, and were very entertaining.  The attendance too, seemed quite wonderful.  We can only hope it was so that the organizers Jamaica Promotional Company [JPC] raised enough funds for their foundation, and to cover all their expenses.

We are absolutely looking forward to the next JPC's event - The 1st Annual Caribbean Food and Wine Festival!!!

Congratulations to the Jamaica Promotional Company for producing an awesome show.  Absolutely very well done!  

We were able to capture some photos of this event, so go ahead and CLICK HERE to view them.  [Please note the photo slide show is courtesy of www.mycaribbean.us.  Therefore, you will have to be a part of the network to view, and to do so you will have to sign in.  If you are not then go ahead and join, it is easy and will be completed in just a few clicks!!]

The Jamaica Promotional Company (JPC) is proud of their Jamaica Day Reggae Festival which was initiated four (4) years ago to support the building of a leadership training Institute for Kids that live in the Garrisons of Jamaica (poor youths).  There are no facilities that cater to that need.  JPC created a non-profit, Jamaica education for the poor foundation to facilitate that end.  The recent episode in Jamaica is a result of the non-existence of that kind of training [says JPC].  We encourage you to join JPC at their "Jamaica Day Reggae Outdoor Festival”, because all proceeds from the concert will specifically go to establishing the Center, and for you to enjoy the fantastic and "therapeutic Reggae Music". 

Kindly check out the events we have spotlighted below under our "Featured Events" section .  Actually, check out all the events including all the upcoming events by logging on to our Events Page here.  

Have an enjoyable and fantastic weekend, and we will certainly vibe some more with you next week.

We welcome your input, so if you have any comment or feedback on the commentary or events - please feel free to send an e-mail to me Susan Mangatal at my e-mail address: susan@ariousentertainment.us or you can also reach me at ariousentertainment@earthlink.net.



Featured Events: For all our events please visit our "Events" Page.



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July 24, 2010

Norfolk, Virginia

July 24, 2010

Washington, DC

July 24, 2010

Baltimore, Maryland

July 27, 2010

Washington, DC

Sue Jorge and Almaz

Performing LIVE at the 9:30 Club

815 V Street, N.W., Washington DC


6pm Doors - Early Show

Ticket: $25.00  Buy Tix

Look above for the trivia questions for the Ticket Give-A-way!!!!

To Learn More about Seu Jorge CLICK HERE!

August 6-7, 2010

Norfolk, Virginia


There are a lot more exciting events that you must check out.  Therefore we invite you to visit our "Events" Page.


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