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  Susan Mangatal -   susan@ariousentertainment.us 

Greetings On-Line Family:

Last weekend and this past week we all were saddened, delighted and distressed, by all that have taken place in the news.

The Sadness:

Young 50 year old legend Bernie Mac “Bernard Jeffery McCullogh” moved on to another place over this past weekend, he succumbed to his battle with  pneumonia, (actually they are reporting sarcoidosis - a chronic tissue inflammatory disease).  Bernie Mac was a true pioneer in the comedy industry and of course an extremely talented comedian.  He was an excellent actor, as well as a dedicated and loving husband, father and grand-father. 

  Bernie Mac was indeed one of the preeminent comedians of our generation, who was very funny and was “on top of his game.”  The "Original Kings of Comedy” feature film and tour he starred and headlined in was the first of its kind and really opened up a lot of doors for comedians.  We will never forget his weekly Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominated TV comedy series “The Bernie Mac Show” which featured him raising his ever loving  “TV nephew and nieces” especially the many issues he had with his oldest niece Vanessa (Nessa as he called her – played by Camille Winbush).  We sat in our living rooms and many of us were able to relate to numerous issues his series dealt with, and laughed all the way through the 1/2 hour show that ran for 4 season until 2006.  Check your local listing for re-runs.

Oh dear, his movies…his many, many movies!  To me he was excellent in every one of them - “Ocean’s 11” and its sequels; “Charlie’s Angels”, “Full Truttle”, “Mr. 3000”, “Guess Who”, “Transformers”, and many, many more.  Look out for his most recent movie “Soul Men” which is in post production and is scheduled to be released in the fall.

  We will certainly miss this excellent comedian and actor, and our thoughts and sincere condolences go out his family (wife of 30 years Rhonda, daughter Je'Niece and Grand daughter).  Bernie Mac’s funeral has been scheduled for Friday, August 16, 2008

Along with the shock of losing Bernie, we get news of another legend who “passed on” this weekend, and ironically both of these gentleman will be appearing in an up-coming movie together “Soul Men” (scheduled to be released in November). 

Now, tell me how many of you remember growing up and wanting to be Shaft “that bad mother %&*#&!%” (Shut your mouth)?  I’m sure many of you do.  This past weekend we lost the person behind this popular phrase, legend Soul singer, musician, and producer Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr.!   

  This dark handsome man who mesmerized me and many of you with his relaxing, sultry, and very sexy voice on albums such as “Hot Buttered Soul”, Black Moses” and “Shaft”.  The Oscar and Grammy winner will be remembered best for his classic and irresistible theme from “Shaft” (which won the Academy Award in 1971) and for the voice of the Chef on the animated TV show "South Park."  Additionally, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

The 65 year old was found unresponsive at his home in Tennessee near a treadmill, and on Wednesday (8/13/08) it was reported he died of a stroke.  Visit Isaac Hayes, Jr. Official site by CLICKING HERE!

I received a nice message from Isaac Hayes, III aka "Ike Dirty" about how he is dealing with the loss of his Father 'Remembering My Father Isaac Hayes".  CLICK HERE to read his message, and to leave your thoughts.

These 2 gentlemen were phenomenal in their crafts, they were excellent entertainers, good men, and their passing leaves a void in the Entertainment industry.  Both will surly be missed dearly by many!!!  Our thoughts and sincere condolences go out their families and friends. 

Check out the following tribute to the entertainers (See below.)

"You Will Be Remembered" by: Slapp Yo Selph Films (1:52). Powered by You Tube.  Click on the picture below to launch the video.

Check out CNN's Larry King tribute to Bernie Mac, which was done earlier this week.  Click on the below picture to view. (9:56)



The Summer Olympics began in Beijing, China, and the games are well on its way.  Sad news though from China - an American couple were attacked.  

     The husband Todd Bachman (pictured) was killed by a knife-wielding stranger, who stabbed him numerous times, and his wife Barbara was severely injured from the knife attack as well.  Mrs. Bachman (pictured above) is currently in stable condition after undergoing 8 hours of surgery for life-threatening multiple lacerations and stab wounds, she is finally able to speak with relatives.  Mr. and Mrs. Bachman are parents of former women's volleyball Olympian Elisabeth Bachman who is married to Hugh McCutchean, the coach of the U.S. men's volleyball team.  The attacker leapt out of window to his death.  No funeral arrangements have been made for Mr. Bachman yet.  

Obviously, these attacks and fatality shocked the athletic community and completely embarrassed Chinese leaders.  However, Chinese officials still insists the security is tight and they intent to strengthen their security measures substantially.


The Delight:

   United States of America has been doing excellent as they compete in the various categories at the Beijing Summer Olympics.  Actually, they are currently in the lead with the amount of medals won: 14 gold, 12 silver, and 17 bronze - totaling 43 medals.  China is close behind with: 22 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze - totaling 36 medals; and next is Australia with: 5 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze - totaling 19; and Korea is close behind with 6 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze - totaling 16.

AFP-Olympics-US-swimmer-Michael-Phelps-gold-medal-190_1.jpg (6469 bytes)  Baltimore Maryland's own 23 year old Swimmer Michael Phelps is shooting to break the record for the most decorated gold medal winner.  So far he has won 6 gold medals (straight) within record times, and He intends to break the world record of the most gold medal wins by a single athlete "the winningest Olympian in history".  The record is 7 gold medals currently held by Mark Spitz - who holds seven gold medals in one Olympic, so Michael continues on with his quest for an unprecedented eight gold medal at a single Olympics.  We wish him all the best with obtaining his goal of 8 gold medal wins.  (Picture courtesy of AFP Image).

I understand 30 athletes from Trinidad and Tobago will be competing in the Olympic games: 25 track and field representatives, 3 swimmers, 1 competing in shooting and 1 competing in table tennis.  Actually, Roger Daniel competed in the men's 10 meter air pistol competition some days ago and shot a total of 571 points finishing 37th out of 48 competitors.   CLICK HERE TO READ and learn more about the Trinidad and Tobago 2008 Olympic Games Team.  Find out their names and the sport category they will be competing in at the Beijing China Summer Olympics Series.

CLICK HERE to log on and launch the Beijing 2008 Official Olympic Games Website, you will find lots of information there, as well as the schedules.


The Distressed:

By now many of you must have heard that Senator Hillary Clinton stated she is looking for a strategy for her delegates to have their voices heard and respected at the Democratic National Convention at the end of the month, and she did not rule out the possibility of having her name placed into nomination for President of the United States at the Convention alongside Senator Barack Obama's name. 

Honestly, I'm not surprised; only a little concerned.  My husband Todd and I had an opportunity to discuss this with some of our friends over this past weekend, and the outcome of our discussions were a bit distressing.  The gentlemen we spoke with felt Hillary Clinton will cause major havoc at this convention (to put it lightly).  The many descriptions we received about what will take place regarding Hillary's fight to be nominated as President was scary.  Tell me what you think!  Check out the article courtesy of ABC News by CLICKING HERE!  Click the picture below to launch a video of Senator Clinton addressing some of her supporters on this issue.

Actually, today (8/14/08) CNN has been reporting that Senator Clinton's camp and Senator Obama's camp have released a joint statement informing the world that Senator Clinton's name will indeed be placed into nomination for President at the Convention.  Hum....it seems Senator Obama has completely lost his mind, why would he agree to this...to any distraction that would impede his strong possibility of becoming President of the United States????

Senator Hilary Clinton Addressing her supporters at a Fundraiser recently!

Click on the picture to launch video (Powered by You Tube)


Special Birthday

  August 17th is the birth date of Marcus "Mossiah" Garvey and all around the globe many are celebrating Mr. Garvey's birthday, with celebrations filled with lectures, poetry and music.  Many of us are unfamiliar with Mr. Garvey and his works, therefore I have briefly described some important facts about Mr. Garvey and about his works via an article I wrote last year CLICK HERE TO READ!!!  This article was published in "Caribbean-American Weekly" Paper in New York in 2007.  You can also scroll down to "This Week in History" to learn more about Marcus Garvey.



10000bookbaglogo.jpg (13056 bytes)  "10,000 Back-To-School Book Bag Giveaways" will take place this Saturday, August 16, 2008.   This special program is sponsored by Jay Cameron of Urban Change and actor/author Hill Harper.  This program recognizes every year, thousands of children start a new school year without the proper tools for success.  At-Rick children of all races and ethnic backgrounds face a variety of challenges that are often ignored and misunderstood.  Therefore, this program helps these kids by giving back in an extraordinary way, they are giving out 10,000 book bags to school kids.  Join them this Saturday August 16, 2008, in the Washington and Maryland areas at "Life Day" (a community outreach event sponsored by Urban Change) as they distribute these book bags.  "Life Day" is an event full of activities and performances for the kids with special guest celebrities.   The location of  "Life Day" is 5610 Linda Lane in Camp Springs, Maryland at the Life Center Church.  The event will last all day - from 10:00 a. m to 4:00 pm.  Another located that is set up for distribution of the book bags on the same day is at the DC Armory, 200 East Capital Street, Washington DC from 12:00 Noon to 4:00 p.m.  To learn more about this program and to see the list of things that is being asked for donation to place in these book bags, log onto www.10000bookbags.com



  Don't forget "Read Across Jamaica Literacy Project" will be accepting donations of Children's books and school supplies at an event being held at The Mayorga Coffee Factory in Silver Spring Maryland this Friday, August 15th, 2008, entitled "A Tribute to the Honorable Marcus Garvey".  Kindly bring your books and school supplies between the hours of 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm to Mayorga Coffee Factory.  Please note: the dress is business casual, and you are allowed to bring your kids along for this educational and uplifting event.  "There is culture and knowledge everywhere".  Click onto the below flyer to find other Drop-Off Locations in the Washington and Maryland areas, as well as at an upcoming event in Philadelphia.  For more details log on to the Read Across Jamaica Foundation, Inc at www.readacrossja.com.  I believe this event has a small entrance fee, but double check with Read Across Jamaica for all the details.


This Week In History

This week in History - August 14th-August 20th:  Knowledge is power!!!  Notice below I have listed several interesting facts and historic issues that took place during this week during the period of the 1800s through the 1900s.  Please take the time to read and become educated, because  education is the key to pretty much everything in life, and surly what is needed to fulfill your purpose.  Remember knowledge is power!!!  Click on to the titles (underlined) listed below to learn everything about these important issues and check out the additional information on each issue.  

  1841 - August 11th: Frederick Douglass gave his 1st speech against slavery in Nantucket, MAFrederick Douglass delivered a riveting, heartfelt anti-slavery speech in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where he spoke out on the issue of violence against slaves  CLICK HERE TO READ!  For more on Frederick Douglass CLICK HERE to read about his life!

  1887 - August 17th: Marcus Mossiah Garvey, Jr. was born!   Marcus Garvey  CLICK HERE TO READ!  For more on Marcus Garvey  CLICK HERE to log on to his official site!

  1908 - August 14th-19th: The Race Riot in Springfield, Illinois.  (Courtesy of Illinois State Library for the Illinois Periodicals Online (IPO )  The Illinois Race Riots arose when white mobs demanded that police release to them a recently arrested suspect from the city jail, so that they would kill the suspect - due to reports that the suspect (a black man) had sexually assaulted a white woman.    CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS !

  1964 August 20th: President Lyndon Johnson signs the Economic Opportunity Act, initiating the federally sponsored War on Poverty.  CLICK HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT THIS WAR ON POVERTY.

  1965 - August 11th-16th: The Watts Uprising/Rebellion or referred to as The Watts Riots.  (Courtesy of Black Past.org Remembered and Reclaimed).  A Five-day disturbance in the South Central section of Los Angeles was the first of several eruptions in American cities in the 1960s.  The conflict was between local police and an African-American motorist that escalated from an altercation involving police reinforcements and members of the black community.  The day was fueled by anger at police abuses, frustration and disgust with discrimination and  poverty.  Approx. 10,000 took to the streets, and property damage were in the millions.  Approx. 34 people were killed, 1000 injured and 4000 arrested.  There is a very detailed piece on the riots for it's 40th Anniversary in 2005 - CLICK HERE TO READ!  (Courtesy of The Socialism and Liberation Magazine)

  1969 - August 15th:-18th:  Woodstock began in a field near Yasgur's Farm at Bethel, New York.  A three-day concert which featured 24 bands and drew a crowd of more than 300,000 young people.  This event came to symbolized the counter-culture movement of the 60's. (Courtesy History.com).



*   One of my on-line family sent me an interesting article last week which was published in the New York Times on August 6, 2008.  It is entitled "Is Obama The End of Black Politics?"  Very interesting it was indeed!!  CLICK HERE to check it out, and send me your thoughts.  

*   Senator John Edwards admitted to ABC News that he has had an extramarital affair with a campaign employee.  He really "screwed" up with his sexual affair.  If by chance you were not able to view his interview with "Nightline" entitled "Edwards Admits Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate, Click HERE to read, and/or to view the Nightline interview, click onto the below picture to launch the video (courtesy ABC News).

"Edwards Admits Sexual Affair" on Nightline! 

(11 min. & 25 sec.)

*   Reverend Rick Warren, the Pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California interviews Senator Barack Obama and Senator McCain on Saturday, August 16, 2008.   The leadership and compassion forum will be live for 2 hours on CNN "Bringing Candidates Together" .  Check your local listing to see exactly what time this forum begins on the 16th

*  Keep in mind that the National Democratic Convention begins on August 25th and ends on August 28th, 2008.  This is when the Democratic Party officially nominates its candidates for President and Vice President of the United States.  Senator Obama (who is the winner of the primary elections and of the delegates and super delegates) will officially accept the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States.  This year though, the traditional acceptance will be broken, and what normally takes place at the convention, will be done differently.  Senator Obama will accept and address the American people at Denver's INVESCO Field at Mile High in Denver Colorado (a field that can accommodate more than 75,000 people.)

The General Elections are just a few months away - approximately 96 days from today, so to make sure your voice is heard and to be a part of the nations most exciting elections, you must register to vote NOW.  Log on HERE to see the voter registration date deadline for each state, and proceed with registering to vote by logging on HERE, and filling out the registration form at "Rock The Vote.com"(To access the form, click the "Register To Vote" Button from the menu at the top of the page)

Thanks to the many who have sent me e-mails in response to my past E-Newsletters and lots of important information to use for our future E-Newsletters.  Most importantly, I thank you for your encouraging words!  So until next week... please enjoy this Weekend and the upcoming week!!

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To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us, so thanks very much for your support and One Love!


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August 16, 2008 

Camp Springs, Maryland

Every year, thousands of children start a new school year without the proper tools for success. At-Risk children of all races and ethnic backgrounds face a variety of challenges that are often ignored and misunderstood. On Saturday, August 16, 2008, The Urban Change Movement gives back to these children and the greater Washington, DC community in an extraordinary way by sponsoring “The 10,000 Back-To-School Book Bag Giveaways”.  This major contribution to the community is a part of “Life Day”, a community outreach event sponsored by Urban Change. Life Day will include activities for the entire family along with attendance by Special Guest Celebrities.  Join Jay Cameron of Urban Change and actor and author, Hill Harper for “10,000  at Life Day!


Life Day

at 5610 Linda Lane in Camp Springs, Md.

Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

Other Pick Up Locations: Pick up Locations (1) Life Center Church, 5610 Linda Lane in Camp Springs, Md.  Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; (2) DC Armory, 2001 East Capital St Washington D.C. 20003.  Time: 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.


August 16, 2008 

Alexandria, VA

August 17, 2008

Baltimore, Maryland

4:30 pm:  Independence Church Service taking place at Baltimore Central Church of God, 4820 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21215.  


August 24, 2008

Brooklyn, New York


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