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We at Arious Entertainment's "Arious Creative Concepts" is an entertainment marketing company specializing in grass roots marketing, upscale web design, and weekly direct e-mail campaigns.  We can assist in marketing to over 35,000 upscale professionals, music industry executives, consumers interested in music & entertainment, and business owners.  From feedback about our e-mails, everyone including upscale professionals and music consumers worldwide, are excited to receive our e-mails, they look forward to getting the information about industry events, promotions, new artists/models, PSAs, and our Commentary, etc.  


Advertise your event, your product/s, your business, your service or even yourself on Arious Weekly E-Newsletter


Let Arious Entertainment's "Arious Creative Concepts" assist you with your marketing needs.  Let us promote your next event or business via our e-mail advertising to over 35,000 people.


If you would like to sponsor our weekly e-newsletter or if you have a business, product or service, you would like to expose to our On-Line Family/Community  E-mail us for our Rates.  


Contact us to find out the details, or 410-761-3797

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Our weekly e-mails reach over 35,000 people per mailing, mainly with interest in entertainment and music.  Additionally, a large number are interested in Caribbean Events and entertainment.

Web Hosting

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We work with various charities and other events in town and specialize in event-based promotions and marketing.

We design websites to enhance your business image and presence on the worldwide web. 

We have a major presence at events in the Washington area and surrounding areas!


Marketing of Singers, bands, models, poets, comedians, etc.

If you would like to promote yourself and gain name recognition among other things inexpensively we have a plan for you.

  3-Month Marketing Campaigns

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You can be the next big star of tomorrow!

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