Pan Masters Steel Orchestra

DC Calypso Monarch Finals & After-Show Jam 


Taking place this Friday, June 20, 2008


  Come out and enjoy this exciting Show - which is Washington DC's version of the famous "Calypso Tents" in Trinidad & Tobago.


   Come  out and experience the full range and performances of the contestants: 

(1) “D-Culture”; (2) Mervyn Carter - “Dr Witty”; (3) Henry Bideshi - “Henry B”; (4) Wilson LeGendre - “Super Rod”; (5) Anthony Hoyte - “Algee”; (6) Joan St. Johm - “Lady Tantalizer”; (7) Nolan Daniel - “Poison Dart"; as well as the 2007 Monarch Winner: Selwyn Demming - “Bro Marvin”  


  Stay after the competition and enjoy the exciting sounds of:

Dexter Keane & DK 21 - featuring Terra B 

Taking Place    De Panyard

4559 Rhode Island Avenue, North Brentwood, Maryland  20722

For Further Information Call - (301) 864-2610



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