2 Big Fetes - 2 Big Nights in Washington DC and Maryland

Friday - February 1st & Saturday -  February 2nd

Come Celebrate T & T Carnival with 


His Partners

This Friday 2/1/08 - T&T Carnival Friday

Basement Knok'ers & SekouFlex Entertainment




This Saturday 2/2/08 - T&T Carnival Saturday

Indigo Concepts & Sekou Flex Entertainment


@ Crossroads Entertainment Complex inside the Lounge - 4103 Baltimore Avenue, Bladensburg, Maryland

Please remember everyone is admitted for only 1.00 (one dollar) before 11:30 pm

Admission at Door $20.00

Sekou Degourville, President/CEO of S. D. Visual Improvements,  202-607-1901

For additional details about Pressure - Call: Jason @ 240-731-0034 & e-mail evants@basementknokers.com or Sekou @ 202-608-1901 & e-mail: sekouflex@yahoo.com.  For additional details about Dollar Wine call: 202-607-1901 or  202-640-2030.  

E-mail: sekouflex@yahoo.com  *  www.myspace.com/sekouflex * www.hi5.com/sekouflex  * www.facebook.com/sekouflex 

Admission at Door $20.00

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